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As he held her there, and caressed her back, and petted her thick kinky hair, she could feel the bulge between his legs grow stiff.  She gasped and tried to back away, but was pinned in his grasp.

She squealed and pushed harder, at which point he released her and looked down into her face. His eyes blazed yellow with an inner fire she didn’t understand.

“Lexi Garcia, my fated bride. I am so pleased to finally meet you after all this time.” She watched his eyes fill with lust and she was astonished to feel desire of her own in response.

“Right back at you,” she croaked, her voice still not her own.

“It is a blessed day for us, my beloved bride. The first day of the rest of our lives,” he said, putting his hands to his heart as he bellowed his proclamation.

Lexi looked at him sideways. This was not exactly what she had expected. Lexi didn’t follow all of the gossip media about the Draconian brides, like so many other young women her age. Practically every young woman she knew was signed up for the lottery, hoping to land one of the big boys.

“Right, the first day of the rest of our lives,” she said, finally finding something that sounded similar to her own voice.

Nash threw his head back and laughed, a full-bodied, hearty sound that made Lexi smile in spite of herself. He patted her on the back, slightly too hard. “Indeed, my bride,” he said, wrapping his arm around her waist and starting to walk.

He was so tall and she was so short, that he had to bend over to even reach her waist. After a few feet of slouching, he instead picked her up and carried her the rest of the way through the transportation bay. Lexi looked up at him with confusion, her eyes narrow, her lips pursed.

“What are you doing?” she asked, crossing her arms with irritation.

“I’m carrying you. You are so small and delicate. I assume that the trek across the transportation bay would be too much for you.”

“I walk all the way across Seattle every single day. I think I can manage to walk across the garage.”

“Ha ha ha,” he laughed. “My bride is full of strength and spirit. I should’ve known that the female mated with me would be a force to be reckoned with.” He seemed to be genuinely happy about that prospect. Lexi heaved a sigh. He was kind of funny, and making it extremely difficult to hate his guts.

“Where are you taking me?” she asked.

“To my chamber. To mate with you, claim you, and make you mine forever. I will plant young in your womb, and we will propagate the next generation of proud Draconians.”

So it was gonna be like that?
Mating and claiming, the first second she arrived? She should’ve known. Nash’s charming personality was just a front for what he really wanted from her. She started to shiver in his arms, and he looked down at her with concern.

They passed through the outer door of the vast warehouse room, and into the hallway of the spaceship. “Why do you shake, my bride?” he asked.

“I’m not shaking,” she said, her teeth rattling and giving her away.

“I have studied human anatomy. I know that when a human shakes like this, it means they are either cold, or they are in fear. As the temperature of these hallways is suitable for your biological necessities, I assume that you shake out of fear.”

At the end of the hallway, he came to another sliding door. He set her down inside, and she looked around, taking in the room. It looked like a luxuriously furnished apartment in some upscale high-rise in Manhattan.

“Wow, I had no idea Draconians had such good taste.”
This might not be so bad.
Immediately, she felt like she’d betrayed her family…and herself.

“I’ve had the apartment furnished for you, my beloved bride. I am pleased it is to your liking.”

She stepped further into the apartment, examining the luxurious couches and tables, and the decor that made the space beautiful. At the far end of the room was a vast window that looked out onto space, and Earth below. She went to the window and gazed out at her planet. Placing her hand on the glass, she made a silent vow that she would return and make sure her sister was being taken care of.

She felt big hands on her waist, and they pulled her back against the hardness of the man who was to be her husband. She clenched her teeth and turned around, placing her hands on his broad chest. He looked down at her with the cutest grin—she had a hard time staying angry with the guy.

“Look,” she started. “There’s something that you need to understand before we go any further. My father forged my signature to sign me up for the mating lottery. He did this against my will. And, I only accepted the mating because there was no way of getting out of it. My father owes a great deal of money to a criminal who wants to make my sister a prostitute. The Draconian dowry was the only way to save my sister from that fate. I am here for that reason alone, not because I wish to be mated with a male of the species who has brought poverty and destruction to my planet.”

Nash’s face went shocked for an instant, but his expression changed immediately to one of thoughtful outrage. He pulled back, rubbing his chin while his other hand rested on his hip.

“Your father is involved with a criminal who is threatening to make your little sister into a prostitute? Why haven’t you gone to the authorities?”

“Because my father is a dumbass, and took out a loan from a loan shark. If we go to the police it will land my father in jail, and then there would be no way to support my little sister,” she said, her voice filled with disgust.

“But, you are my beloved fated bride,” Nash said, the surprise and disbelief evident in his voice.

“Just because we’re a genetic match doesn’t mean we’re fated,” Lexi offered. She hoped her rationality about the situation would rub off on him, and he would come to see the error of his ways. But, that’s not what happened.

“But, we are fated to be together. The computer system has matched us. We are a one hundred percent match. There is no possibility that you will not mate with me,” he said this as if it was the final word on the subject

Lexi sighed and turned away, going to sit on one of the big, plush couches that faced the galactic window.

“Whatever you say, bro,” she said, crossing her arms and putting her feet up on the expensive looking coffee table. “Doesn’t mean it’s right. And, it doesn’t mean it’s true.” She ignored the faint stirring inside of her at the thought of ‘mating’ with him.

“But my body has already prepared itself for claiming my bride. Once the process has begun it cannot be stopped. You are my mate. You will mate with me. I will make you see that it is proper and right. Now, go take your clothes off and lie down in the bed through that door.”

“Dude, you’ve got to be kidding me.” She growled and stood up, knowing that this would be her fate for the rest of eternity—she would be repeatedly raped by a dragon shifting freak with a monster cock.

She stomped into the bedroom and began peeling off her clothes. Naked, she threw herself on the bed with an angry growl and laid there, limp. Nash came into the room, hit some switch on his skintight uniform, and was immediately naked. She only saw him out of the corner of her eye because she refused to look at him directly. She refused to look at his massive dick before he pushed it inside her.

“Look at me,” he said in a gruff voice.

Lexi rose up on her elbow and stared at him with her most fearsome bitch face; the same one she used to walk down the streets of her city. He had his huge cock gripped in his hand, and he slowly stroked it up and down.

“What the hell are you doing?” she barked. It was even worse than she’d thought. It was impossibly long and wide. She bit her lip and crinkled up her forehead. There was no way that thing was going inside her.

“I’m preparing myself for you,” he said in a husky voice.

“You don’t seriously think you’re going to get that inside me right now, do you?”

He stepped forward, continuing to stroke up and down in a steady rhythm. The sight and sound of it made Lexi tingle between her legs. She growled and lay limply on the bed. Nash drew even closer, standing above her. It was impossible not to look at him, unless she closed her eyes.

“The curves of your body are quite appealing,” he grunted.

Lexi didn’t respond. She just continued to lay there rigid and stiff, preparing herself mentally to be impaled. She wondered if he would literally impale her, and if she would survive it.

“Don’t you want to touch me?” he said in a whisper, the sound of his hand slapping against his flesh filling her ears. She shot up to sitting and stared him right in the eye.

“What the fuck do you even think you’re doing right now?” she asked him.

“I’m going to spill my seed on your breasts,” he groaned.

“What is that going to accomplish?”
Oh god, why did his words cause my body to flush?

“You will see. I will not hurt you. Now lie back.”

She lay down and closed her eyes. A second later she felt the hot jet of sticky semen pump onto her breasts. Nash groaned as he climaxed. Lexi kept her eyes tightly shut, feeling his come drip over her breasts. There was something enticing about the smell of it. And before she opened her eyes, she could feel his hands rubbing it into her skin.

He gripped her breasts and rubbed the semen all over her chest as if he were giving her some kind of massage. As disgusting as it should have been, something about it was extremely arousing. She felt her body pulse as if she had been touching herself. She let out a little whimpering moan with the slight climax that throbbed between her legs.

When she opened her eyes again, Nash was standing above her with his clothes back on. Her core clenched, and the feeling of his seed over her skin was warm and inviting.

“What the hell was that all about?” She was determined to keep her hard shell, and not let him see he was starting to affect her.

“My semen on your skin will help you come to me. If you object to it, I will not do it again. This one time is the only catalyst that you will need to come to know your love for me.”

“You don’t know very much about human women, do you?”

“I know a great deal about human women. I also know what will make a female more receptive. There are chemical compounds in my semen that will do that for you. And only for you, because you are my fated mate.”

“Dude, you are all kinds of messed up.”

“Lexi Garcia, I am not
all kinds of messed up
. I am Commander of the Draconian Armada. I come from a long line of starship captains. I know my way around a female. I have studied long and hard in preparation for this trip. I apologize if it has offended you—but considering the circumstances of our engagement, I realized that dramatic measures were necessary. You will come to see, soon I’m sure, that I was right in this. But I will not come to you again, if you are unwilling. The semen will do its work. I have trust in the process, even if you do not. Now, let me show you around the apartment before I have to be back on the command deck.”

Lexi pulled her jacket back on and followed Nash around the apartment, as he showed her through the rooms and explained how everything worked. The kitchen and bathroom were both designed for humans, in a style that she understood, although they were fancier and nicer than anything she had ever seen before.

There were some controls near the front door that she was unfamiliar with, but Nash showed her how to use them to get in and out of the apartment. He also showed her how to use the voice commands to turn on and off the lights. Then, he explained how to communicate with him anywhere onboard the ship.

When he was done giving her the tour, he bent down, kissed her hard on the cheek, and left. Lexi groaned and sat down in the couch. She used the voice command to turn the window into a television, and used it again to turn the channel to one of her favorite shows. As long as she was in the lap of luxury aboard a starship, she might as well use it.







Lexi stayed up late into the night watching television. She hadn’t watched television in months, since her Dad sold the family’s TV to a pawnshop to pay for his drugs. The clock below the TV said it was one in the morning her time, and she was getting tired.

Nash still hadn’t returned, so Lexi made her way into the bedroom, took off her pants, and crawled under the blankets. The bed was so comfortable she moaned as she lay down. She hadn’t noticed when she’d been on it before—she’d been too distracted by Nash. But now that she was alone in the bed, and fatigue was itching her eyes, she realized just how comfortable it was.

She fell asleep in a matter of moments. She didn’t awaken until the next morning, when artificial lights mimicking sunshine slowly brightened the corners of the room. When she opened her eyes, she rolled over and found Nash sleeping peacefully beside her. She leaned up on her elbow with a sigh, and stared at the big alien beside her.

The masculine planes of his face were undoubtedly attractive.  He looked like a cross between a young Laurence Olivier and Brad Pitt from way back in the day. In his relaxed state, he really was dreamy looking, and she couldn’t help swooning just a little bit.

He groaned and stretched beside her, blinking the sleep out of his eyes. She quickly looked away, not wanting him to know that she was gazing at him, or that his Draconian attractiveness was having an effect on her.

“Did you sleep well, my beloved bride?” he asked her, leaning in to kiss her on the cheek. The feeling of his full lips on her skin made her heart flutter, reminding her of the clenching of her nether regions when he came on her chest.

The memory both revolted and aroused her, causing a tangle of confusion in her mind so tight she didn’t think that she would ever be able to think straight again.

“I slept great. That bed is super comfortable. I’ve never slept in a bed so comfortable.”

“You were you not accustomed to fine things in life on your planet Earth?”

“No. My family has been poor all my life. I only got into college because I was on a scholarship.” The mention of college made her melancholy and sad. Knowing that she would never complete her life’s work, or use her talents and abilities, was a big loss for her.

“You are studying the human sciences in your university, correct?”

“Yep. I was a chemistry student. The top of my class. But, that’s all over now.” Saying it out loud made her even sadder, and she needed to get away from him.

Lexi rose from the bed and went into the bathroom to take a shower in the magnificent tiled behemoth of a shower. She got in and stood under the stream. No matter how long she stayed in there, it seemed the hot water never ran out. When she was beginning to prune she turned off the faucet, and stepped out of the shower into the steamy bathroom. A fluffy bathrobe was waiting for her on a hook on the wall, and she wrapped it around her shoulders, tying it around her waist.

The long, hot shower made her feel much better. She realized that she had only one set of clothes. She frowned as she looked at the pile on the floor.

With a bundle of dirty laundry, she walked back out into the bedroom to ask Nash where she could wash her things. When walked into the bedroom, she found a door open to a huge walk-in closet full of clothes.

Lexi blinked and leaned back in surprise. After overcoming her shock, she tiptoed across the room in her bare feet, circled around the bed, and went into the closet.

The latest fashions hung in her size all around her. She reached up and ran her hand over the fabric of a plush dragon scale print coat she’d seen on the covers of magazines.

Purses, scarves, accessories, and lingerie all had their own spots. Lexi had been wearing the same thrift store clothes for two years. Even as a scholar, she was impressed by the possibilities.

She stood there admiring the rich colors and textures, and didn’t notice Nash standing beside her until he put his hand around her waist. She looked up at him with surprise. The expression in his eyes made her heart flutter, as a smile broke over his lips.

“I hope these are suitable to you, my beloved mate,” he said.

“They’re great. Actually, I like them a lot,” she said meekly, having to admit to herself that there were some fringe benefits to this arrangement.

“Good! We did not think it appropriate for our human wives to wear Draconian navy garments. I hired a human stylist and a closet organizer to have this installed.”

“You went to a lot of trouble for my wardrobe,” she said, feeling a little taken aback.

“Nonsense. We all do this. I have a bit of extra means, considering I’m Commander of this armada. But, it has become our custom aboard the fleet. Now, get dressed and meet me in the dining room for our meal. We will share it together as mates.”

“Super,” she muttered, as he turned out of the room.

Lexi turned back to the closet and picked out a casual dress, tights, knee high boots, and a stylish jacket. She paired her outfit with a light silk scarf and gold earrings. After she did her hair and makeup from the supplies she found in the bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror. It was like a whole new girl looked back at her.

She pursed her lips, and turned back and forth in the mirror. The sleek newness of the wardrobe showed off her sexy full hips and breasts in the best possible way. She was freaking hot.

She winked at herself in the mirror, suddenly feeling a little frisky. Nash stepped behind her. She turned to him and took in his massive size, his muscled form—the utter presence of him. It made her wet.

“Our meal is prepared. You look lovely, my beloved. You take my breath away with your presence.”

“Wow,” she said, under her breath. “I was just thinking the same thing about you.”

“What?” He looked surprised and then pleased.

“Nothing,” she said quickly, brushing it aside as she walked out the door. “Let’s eat!”

They walked through the living room into the dining room, and sat at a table laden down with the best dishes from every cuisine on Earth.

“Oh my God!” she said, putting her hands over her mouth. Her stomach lurched—she hadn’t eaten hardly anything in days.

Her eyes darted to a bubbling dish of lasagna, to a platter of battered fish, a bowl of Caesar salad—and a bunch of stuff she didn’t recognize, but it all made her mouth water, nonetheless.

“Sit,” Nash said, sitting himself.

She slid into the high-backed chair beside him and stared at everything for a moment. Nash scooped a ladle full of mashed potatoes onto her plate. “Eat,” he said. Coming out of her shock, she began throwing everything on her plate. At first, she tasted bites of each thing slowly. She looked up at Nash and found him watching her with an amused smile. Eyeing the enormous feast, she just went at each dish with her fork, sampling all the different flavors.

When she found something particularly delicious, like the battered fish and chips, she dished more on her plate, and savored it.

“I can’t believe this,” she said, wiping her mouth. She took a long drink of water, and a deep breath. “Wow. I was so hungry. You can’t imagine how long it’s been since I had a good meal. We live out of the convenience store most of the time. I’m talking about M&Ms for breakfast, twinkies for lunch, that kind of thing.”

“Hmm, I believe I understand.”

“Thanks for this,” she said. “And, the clothes.”

“Do not mention it, beloved. Now, tell me about yourself, Lexi Garcia. I want to know all there is to know about my fated mate!”

She shook her head at the fated mate thing, and made a dismissive sound under her breath. “Well,” she said. “I grew up in south city Seattle. My Mom was a nurse and my Dad was an HVAC installer. My Mom died of cancer the year before the Draconians came. My Dad had been out of work for a while already, when my Mom was sick. Things were tough. I worked really hard in school and got a scholarship. My Dad took out some loans for new Draconian computers that would allow him to work as a data miner in the dark Internet. Then, he started taking these new Draconian drugs that allowed him to tap into the computers more, and stay hyper focused. His debts grew, and then this mafia asshole named Mario Rici started threatening the family. He’s got a thing for my little sister. She’s a real beauty—super sweet and sensitive. He wanted to take her away. So anyway, I decided to leave school to pay the debts. My Dad had other ideas, and that’s how I ended up here.”
There, it’s all out now

“What a minute, where are these drugs coming from?”

“I don’t know. It’s all underground, illegal shit. The mafia runs it. I think my Dad’s job is even illegal. It’s a total mess.”

“That isn’t right. We never approved such technologies for the human populace.”

“Whether you approved it or not, it’s there. The world has gone to hell since you arrived. Haven’t you noticed?” She couldn’t believe that his incredibly intelligent alien race couldn’t see what was happening right in front of them.

“It isn’t within our mission to oversee the human populace.”

Nash looked downcast. Her world was changing too fast. It was falling apart. People couldn’t handle it. There was too much corruption. The Draconian invasion had become a nightmare.

“It was never our intention for that to happen. We didn’t know the civilization had progressed so quickly. It is uncommon for a people to change so fast. When we were here five thousand years ago, you were far different. We were Gods to you, then. Females came to us willingly, and in great numbers. We hadn’t expected to give the humans new technology. It was part of a last ditch effort to avoid nuclear war and the loss of your gene pool, to propagate our race.”

“I get it,” Lexi said, putting her palm up in front of her and shrugging. “But, you have a responsibility to us now. You can’t just have our genes and have no further interest. What about the next time you come back? What if we end up blowing ourselves up because you interfered?”

“This concerns me a great deal. The illegal technology concerns me even more. The government back on Draconia must be notified about this immediately.”

He hit the table with his fist and stood. Lexi blinked up at him. She hadn’t expected him to be so angry about it. He seemed determined to do something.

“You should do that,” she said, eyeing a piece of chocolate cake. She scooped it onto a clean plate and took a bite. “This is really good,” she said, pointing at it with her fork.

After she’d eaten about five bites, she stopped and leaned back in her chair, gazing at Nash.

“Do you think it’s going to help get men like Mario off the streets?”

“I can only hope.”




BOOK: Alien Commander's Bride
8.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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