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Authors: Jesse Flynn

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All Kinds of Sluts - My Filthy Sluts: Volumes 1-3

BOOK: All Kinds of Sluts - My Filthy Sluts: Volumes 1-3
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Jesse Flynn

Copyright 2014 Jesse Flynn




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I’m a traveling man. Not quite in the
old-school sense of the word, necessarily, but in the spirit of it,
at least. My job takes me around the country, keeping me
continually on the move; two weeks on the West Coast, a day in the
Midwest, a weekend the South, then on to the East Coast for a week
before heading back west. We have companies in almost half of the
states of the US, and I’m constantly putting out fires in every
single one of them.

Needless to say this precludes me from
having a traditional relationship. It simply wouldn’t be fair to be
gone from my family at all times; not to me or to them. But that’s
okay. I’ve never been much for the traditional lifestyle anyway. I
prefer to do things my own way.

Luckily for me I’m a pretty good looking
dude, a tall and dark-haired 27-year old with a body honed from
years of playing sports and working out. I’m extremely comfortable
in my own skin and have a pitch-black, self-deprecating sense of
humor. Which is a long-winded way of saying that I’ve never really
had any trouble with women.

That last part has made things pretty easy
for me while I’m on the road. Over the years I’ve cultivated a
number of relationships, leaving me with one woman for each of the
cities I visit on a regular basis. They’re not girlfriends in the
traditional sense but they’re more than just fuck-buddies. Each
women is someone I spend the majority of my non-working time with
when I come into town, sort of like a short-lived, temporary
relationship, minus all the hassles. We party, we go to dinner, we
hang out, and we fuck. Then we both move on until the next time I’m
in town.

There are, of course, occasional issues that
flare-up in this kind of set-up, but for the most part, it works
wonderfully. I’m certainly happy about my life. The way I see it I
get the best of both worlds; a bevy of hot, awesome,
sexually-active companions without the hassles and pitfalls of a
long-term relationship. I couldn’t ask for anything more.




I arrived in St. Louis at 6PM, got into my
rental car, and made my way towards Melanie’s apartment. I had four
days in the city, most of which were going to spent working, but
tonight I had the evening to do with what I pleased. So I’d made
plans to take Melanie to dinner before settling down for the

Melanie was a 23-year old graduate student
at the University of Missouri, where she was studying to be a
biochemist. I’d met her a couple years back when she was working
part-time at one of our sister companies, helping make ends

At a shade under 5’4” and barely more than
100 pounds, Melanie was a tiny young woman with long brown hair and
a rocking body. She was one of those lucky girls that could go
either way; she could play down her looks and be the
girl-next-door, cute as a button, all innocent and wholesome
looking, or she could sex things up and pull off the filthy, slutty
look with ease.

Most of the time, I preferred the latter.
Luckily for me, on this night, that was what I got.

It was just after 7PM when I knocked on her

Come on in,” I heard
Melanie call out. “I’m in the bedroom.”

I opened the door and walked in, then closed
and locked it behind me. I made my way into the bedroom, an excited
little smile playing on my lips. I loved these first nights with
one of my girls. It was like Christmas morning every single

I pushed Melanie’s bedroom door open and
peeked inside her room. She was standing in front of a full-length
mirror attached to the wall next to the bed, putting the finishing
touches on her bright-red lipstick, which combined with the
generous portion of black mascara around her eyes and the
teased-up, slightly ruffled hair to give her that ultra-slutty look
that I loved so much.

Her outfit played it up too, consisting of a
long-sleeve white blouse that showed off her small but firm and
perfect tits while leaving her flat midriff exposed and a tiny jean
skirt that barely covered her ass and left her black g-string
panties visible. And just to top things off she was wearing a pair
of black knee-high boots with heels that added four inches to her
frame, making her almost my height.  

Melanie caught my eye in the mirror and
flashed me a smile. “What do you think?” she asked, spinning in

I think I’m already hard
just from looking at you.”

You like it that much,

Like it? Hell, it’s all I
can do to not cream my pants right now.”

Melanie laughed and went back to finishing
up her lipstick. It was a totally unnecessary move, meant only to
taunt me with her puckered up lips. And it worked. I just couldn’t

I came up behind her and pressed my body up
against hers. My already hard cock was pressing against my pants,
poking her in the lower back, right above her ass. She caught my
eyes in the mirror and smiled wickedly. I returned the gesture.

I thought we were going
to dinner?” Melanie said, acting all innocent.

We are,” I replied. “Just
not until after I ravage you.”

I don’t know,” she said,
pretending to play hard-to-get, a ruse that was undermined by her
wry smile and the tone of her voice, not to mention her body, which
was rubbing up against mine with deliberate intentions. “It took me
half an hour to get made up like this. I don’t know if I want to go
through that again.”

Please,” I said, drawing
the word out to play up my mock disgust. “You know this is exactly
why you got all dolled up. You wanted to make it impossible for me
to keep my hands off you.”

I must admit, I was
hoping it would have that effect.”

Then stop your whining
and let me do what I’m good at,” I said as I ran my hand up the
side of her body, slipped my hand under her shirt and cupped her
right breast. I pinched her nipple and felt it harden beneath my
fingers almost immediately. She let out a low moan as I rubbed her
nipple between my fingertips.

Oh, okay. Fine,” Melanie
said in an exaggeratedly resigned tone. “If you can’t keep your
hands off me, then I guess I’ll just have to let you do your
worst.” She began rubbing her ass up and down against me, her
breathing rate growing more and more rapid with every

I leaned over and nibbled on her earlobe
while I switched my hand over to her right nipple and gave it the
same treatment as the left one. Once both were hard enough to be
poking through the material of her shirt, I slid my hand out from
under her shirt and continued running it up her body until it was
wrapped loosely around her throat.

Our eyes were still locked together via the
mirror while I lifted her chin slightly and licked and sucked at
her exposed neck. Her hands came up to her tits and she grabbed
ahold of them over the material and played with them.

Melanie’s breath continued to grow shallower
and quicker as I ran my other hand down under her ass and curled my
fingers and start playing with her pussy, rubbing it over her
panties, causing them to soak through almost immediately.

She tilted her head up and back, kissing my
lips as I slid her g-string to the side, giving me access to her
pussy proper. I slipped two fingers inside her pussy and started
banging her with them. One of her hands dropped to my crotch and
began rubbing my cock through my pants.

I stuck my tongue deeper into her mouth and
explored more aggressively, matching the intensity of my fingers,
which were now slamming in and out of her pussy with more vigor.
Melanie turned it up a notch on her end too, unzipping my fly and
sticking her hand into my pants to get a better grip on my

Our lips were still locked together as I
added another finger to the fray, making it three inside of her
pussy. She countered by pulling my cock out of my pants and
starting to jerk me off.

Suddenly I pulled my head back, breaking off
our kiss. I slipped my fingers out of her pussy and stuck them in
her mouth. She sucked on them greedily, licking her juices from my
fingers, cleaning them off one by one while she looked at my
reflection in the mirror.

When she was done, I ran my free hand back
down towards her ass and gave it an upwards slap. She yelped in
surprise and pleasure. I did it again. She made the same noise and
starting jerking me off more aggressively while she groped at her
tits with her other hand, slapping and smacking them and pinching
her nipple. She was obviously enjoying herself. As was I. And
things were about to get even better.

I grabbed ahold of my cock and slid it
inside her pussy and slowly started moving my hips back and forth.
It wasn’t long before I was giving her every inch of my

God damn,” Melanie said.
“That feels so fucking good. I’ve missed you so much.”

I wrapped one arm around her upper body and
grabbed her opposite shoulder and pulled her closer to me until our
heads were just inches apart. My other hand slid up her waist and
grabbed ahold of her breast and squeezed as I laid into her with
everything I had.

Melanie spread her legs further apart,
allowing me to get in under her body, giving me a better angle to
work with. I ran my hand down her stomach and between her legs and
began rubbing her clit as I continued fucking her from behind.

Holy shit,” she said
between deep, shuddering breaths. “Give it to me, baby. Give me
that hard cock of yours.”

We were both breathing hard and grunting
softly, filling the room with the sounds of sex. Melanie’s pussy
was so wet it was difficult to keep my cock inside her, it
threatened to slide all the way out of her every time I pulled back
it was so slippery.   

A short time later, gasping for breath and
needing a break, I leaned over, my stomach pressing against
Melanie’s back and my chin resting on her shoulder.

Melanie turned her face so she was looking
over her shoulder at me. Her breath was ragged, her eyes intense,
her hair everywhere.

Not a bad start to the
evening,” she said, smiling at me.

Not bad at all,” I

Giggling, she turned so she was facing me.
and dropped to her knees. “Do you mind if we mix things up a little
bit?” she asked.

Not at all,” I

I want to lick my pussy
juices off your hard cock,” she added, making me shiver in

Be my guest,” I said, my
cock harder than ever.

Melanie flashed me a grin and dropped to her
knees. She grabbed ahold of my cock with her hand and then ran her
tongue up and down and all around it, cleaning my cock of her pussy
juices, her eyes turned up to me the whole time.

Fuckin-A,” I said,
laughing under my breath as I stared down at her. She was one hell
of a filthy slut. But in a good way, of course.

After my cock was cleaned off, Melanie put
her hands on my ass, then wrapped her lips around my cock and
started pushing her head forward, taking my cock into her mouth one
inch at a time, not slowing down and not stopping until the whole
thing was in her mouth, eliciting a soft, wordless sigh from

BOOK: All Kinds of Sluts - My Filthy Sluts: Volumes 1-3
4.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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