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Alphas Unleashed 4

BOOK: Alphas Unleashed 4
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Alphas Unleashed: Part Four


Cora Wolf









Copyright © 2014 Cora Wolf

All rights reserved.

Table of Contents

Sara forced Connor and Marcus to push their boundaries and overcome the rift that had formed between them. But now they’re pushing her boundaries, and she’s not sure she can handle two alpha werewolves at once. Though she’s certainly willing to try.

But while Sara, Connor and Marcus are trying to fix their werewolf pack of three, Fiona has been slowly sliding in to a more and more feral state. Sara is worried, and tries to take Fiona under her wing. But Fiona is a ticking time bomb. The three of them thought they found Fiona, but it turns out she found them, and she has plans of her own.


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Chapter One

I made a half-hearted attempt to talk Marcus and Connor out of the idea of them both being inside of me at the same time, what Marcus called a triad ceremony, but the truth was that I didn't really want to be talked out of it. It wasn't the kind of thing that I would have ever initiated on my own, it was the kind of thing that scared me a little, but if my two alpha wolves were going to insist, if they thought it was the only way to save the little pack that we were trying to build... well I wasn't going to complain too loudly about it.

Still, I asked them to give me some time, because I felt like I needed to wrap my head around it. The way Marcus had described it to me it sounded like the ceremony would bind us together forever. Maybe it was the werewolf pack version of a marriage, I wasn't sure, but it felt like that, or at least what I imagined marriage felt like.

But then the two of them were at my door one night and they didn't need to say anything. The looks on their faces told me that it was time. I had been delaying and putting them off, but I could tell they weren't going to take any more excuses. It was then or never. So I smiled and went to them and together the three of us went to Marcus' room, none of us saying a word.

"I know you haven't been taking this decision lightly," Marcus said as he trailed a hand through my hair and around to the back of my neck, "but your mating heat is almost here. We can smell it coming. If we don't do this now it may never happen."

My mating heat. Could they really smell it? It was indeed that time of the year, but I wasn't feeling anything yet. Just the thought of it though, it gave me one more thing to worry about in that moment. What would it be like, to be going through my mating heat with two hot alpha wolves clawing my clothes off? I had always sequestered myself away from men during my time of the year, and especially from werewolves. Giving myself to them during that time would be yet another, deeper level of surrender to my wolf that I wasn't entirely sure I was ready for.

Connor approached me from behind so that I was the filling in a towering alpha werewolf sandwich. He seemed to sense my trepidation and knew just how to touch me to calm me right down. I closed my eyes and relaxed beneath their fingers and lips. I was allowed to surrender myself to these two. I trusted them. I just needed to keep reminding myself of it.

And then, slowly at first but with a need that aroused me more than any broad chest or steamy look, they undressed me and roamed my body with their hands. Two sets of lips, four hands and a great many fingers, all drinking in my body. It was spell binding, to be wanted like that. It made me feel complete in a way that almost made me want to cry.

Then they led me to the bed and it was like a dream. I seemed to float along, my eyes heavy and lidded, more focused on the ways they were touching my body and the musky odors of strong wolves.

Then, before I really knew what was happening, the two of them seemed to reach some unspoken agreement. They began to arrange themselves on the bed, Marcus behind me and Connor in front, both of them facing me in the middle. They made themselves as close as possible, so that I really was sandwiched between them, and had two big cocks pressed against me.

I knew, by the same unspoken look, that it was my turn now. I propped myself up on my knees and put my arms around Connor's big shoulders and neck. Marcus went first, making his cock wet by rubbing it along my moist lips, and then easing, very slowly, in to my ass, pulling me gently back down on to him, and I couldn't help but gasp at the strangeness of it. It wasn't bad, good in fact, better than I had expected, but it was also my first time, and it took me a minute to really relax and let Marcus slide his cock further inside of me.

Eventually though he was all the way in, and I could tell that Connor's patience was only holding on by a thread. He was looking at me like he wanted to do all kinds of naughty things to me, so I leaned back, against Marcus' chest, and opened my legs up to Connor, and he didn't waste any time, thrusting the head of his cock deep up inside of my pussy, and I really did let out a long, high gasp at that.

Having them both inside me, all the way in, it felt stunning to have them filling me like that, with not one but two cocks, and it tickled some need deep within my brain that I'd never even realized I'd had. I had wanted this, and in a bad way, without ever having realized it. My two alpha wolves, they were both mine now, and would be forever.

But we weren't done apparently. Just as I was getting used to the feeling of them both filling me up at the same time, if I
ever get used to such a feeling, they began to slowly rock back and forth, their hands holding me steady as they both thrust in and out of me, one and then the other, and almost instantly I was near orgasm, the feeling of them both sliding in and out of me almost too much pleasure, if there was such a thing. A pleasure overload.

Slowly, they began to pick up steam, and I didn't even bother telling them I was about to come, I just did it, my body arching and shuddering as my orgasm swept over me, but it only seemed to urge the two of them on. They both leaned in to me, their hands roaming up and down my body, and both of them took one side of my neck, sucking and biting at the most sensitive spot near my collar bone, both growling softly under their breath as their own pleasure built more and more.

I came a second time then, losing my breath in my ecstasy, and I knew that I couldn't take much more of having them both inside of me. It was fulfilling like I couldn't possibly describe, but almost too much, like they had found some automatic orgasm button deep inside of me, and were just hitting it with their cocks over and over again.

"Hurry," I whispered between short, ragged breaths, "I cant take much more of this."

They both sped up at that, pressing against me, pushing their cocks deep inside of me, rocking me back and forth, and I got in to the motion a bit too, helping them along, rocking my hips back and forth.

Then, finally, I felt Connor thrust hard and deep, coming inside of me, and a moment later, seemingly by some unseen signal, Marcus did the same behind me, coming inside of me with a few long, final thrusts. And I was rocked by one last orgasm too, not so much from the pleasure of them both thrusting inside of me but from the feeling of both of them depositing their seed inside of me at the same time. It felt so amazingly right. It made me feel complete, and joined to them by a bond so deep and strong that it would never be broken.

We stayed like that for a long while too, the three of us pressed together, strong abs and chests pressed against my front and back, wrapped up by big, bulging arms on either side. It felt blissfully wonderful, to be held and protected and supported like that. I never wanted the feeling to go away.

"Is it done then?" I finally said, when the two of them had both gone soft and we weren't having sex so much as just spooning.

"It is," Marcus said, kissing me softly on the neck. "We are a triad now. You belong to me, and Connor, and no one else."

"Forever," Connor added, kissing the other side of my neck.

I liked the sound of that.


When the three of us had finally come out of the post-sex daze, we went to have a talk with Fiona. Now that we had sorted out the dynamics of our own little pack of three and bonded ourselves together, we needed to work on getting Fiona to open up, and to figure out how she would fit in with us.

When she had initially arrived she had seemed shy and withdrawn, but not to an unexpected degree. But rather than getting better, she seemed to be getting worse. She said almost nothing at that point, and refused to interact with any of us. We were all worried.

"She has to start to trust us," Marcus said as we all three went to Fiona's room. "It wont be easy at first, or pretty, but we need to push through that if we hope to get to a place where she is a functioning member of this pack."

It all sounded a little like an intervention, but Marcus knew what he was doing, and in something like this I trusted him to know what was best.

We got to Fiona's door and Marcus knocked, but didn't wait for a reply. He pushed the door open and stepped in. Fiona was on the bed, curled up, but she sat up immediately when the three of us came in.

"We want to talk to you for a bit," Marcus said, in a gentle but firm voice.

I went around to the side of the bed and sat down nearby Fiona, still giving her some space but I hoped also providing some female support. I knew Marcus and Connor, who was hanging back by the door, had the best intentions, but neither of them could ever really understand what it was like for a female werewolf to be alone out in the world. I wanted Fiona to know that I was with her, and that I understood, even if all I could do to express that was sit on the bed beside her.

"From everything that Sara has told me," Marcus said, glancing in my direction for a moment, "it is very... difficult to be a female werewolf without a pack."

Fiona didn't say anything, just sat on the bed hugging her legs. I wanted badly to reach over to her and hold her hand, do something to help reassure her that she was in a safe place, but I didn't want to freak her out either.

"But we want you to know that this is a safe place for you," Marcus continued, "and we think that the sooner you open up to us, and begin to tell us a bit about yourself, the sooner you will begin to heal. At first it's going to be painful and uncomfortable, I know, but we want you to try."

But Fiona still didn't say anything, gave no outward sign of a reaction at all.

Marcus came more in to the room then, coming around to the other side of the bed from me and sitting down on it. "You need to do this Fiona. Why don't you tell us about where you were going when Connor found you. Or where you were coming from."

I reached out to Fiona then, to reassure her, and laid a hand on her knee, but as soon as I put my hand there she came alive, snarling, actually snarling, at me, and lunging across the bed like a rabid dog even as I lurched back, off of the bed and away from her to the other side of the room.

Connor was there in an instant by my side, shielding me with his body from Fiona and her sudden attack, and her anger seemed to wilt under the look that Connor was giving her, that I couldn't see but could imagine wasn't too friendly.

I was so shocked that I didn't know what to say, but before I could get a word out to Fiona, to tell her it was okay or to berate her or something, Connor pulled me from the room out to the hallway, and Marcus followed close behind. He shut the door firmly and was immediately at my side as well.

"Are you okay?" he asked, sounding worried.

"I'm fine," I said, a little exasperated by the way the two of them were hovering over me, like I was some delicate flower that needed constant protection and monitoring. If that was what being mated in a triad was going to be like then I was going to have to lay down some new rules. I could take care of myself, and I resented the implication that I couldn't.

Still, it had been frightening the way Fiona had reacted, I couldn't deny that. At least I had an answer as to how she had survived so long on the streets by herself. She was feral, as much animal as she was human. She had hid it well up until then, but the way I'd touched her must have set something off, and she had lost it. Or at least that was my working theory of what happened.

"Her werewolf instincts are all right at the surface," Marcus said, "she's not so different from the way Connor was when I first found him. Much less dangerous though, thankfully."

Marcus put a protective hand on my shoulder, and I let him this time, because I hadn't thought about it like that. If she hadn't been so small and frail, she might have been able to do some real damage. Maybe having two big alpha wolves looking out for me wasn't the worst thing in the world.

BOOK: Alphas Unleashed 4
2.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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