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Always (Family Justice Book 1)

BOOK: Always (Family Justice Book 1)
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I dedicate this book to my readers
with love
; I appreciate and thank you for allowing the Justice Brothers to be a part of your lives. Your enthusiasm and support has been phenomenal.

Writing the Justice Brothers series was an endeavor of the heart and I was sad to see the stories come to an end. Funny thing was,
kept asking for more!

—this is for you dear readers!

BLINDING SUNSHINE AND THE DRY desert climate of a glorious autumn day greeted Stephanie Bennett as the front hatch opened and the steps to exit the aircraft were deployed. It certainly had been a pleasure and a half to have the entire Gulfstream to herself as she flew from her home in Atlanta to southwest Arizona.

Stooping to grab a new Vuitton travel bag, she couldn’t help her crooked grin and gleeful snicker. It was taking some getting used to—this display of wealth—that apparently came along with being a St. John. Or at least that was how her clever daughter, the new Mrs. Draegyn St. John, explained away the private jet, the lavish gifts, and the first class, white glove treatment she’d been enjoying on this trip.

Anxious to see Tori and assess for herself just exactly what in blue blazes was going on, Stephanie hurried to the exit where she saw the co-pilot patiently standing by to help her disembark.

“Ms. Bennett,” he said smiling broadly. “I hope you had a pleasant flight. Here, let me help you with that,” he added hurriedly as he reached out and politely took control of the carry-all and the cashmere wrap she was traveling with, leaving her with nothing but a small purse. “Captain Sawyer is at the foot of the stairs, ma’am,” he muttered as she navigated the steps.

Pushing a pair of sunglasses on, she took a second before descending to admire the beautiful scenery. Atlanta was a bustling, vibrant city that she’d been calling home for twenty plus years. She enjoyed the Southern charms of her Georgia lifestyle, but there was no denying the desert Southwest was a sight to behold. It wasn’t a surprise that Tori rambled on and on about the place.

“Why, Stephanie Bennett,” she heard a deep, highly amused male voice bark. “Looking spectacular, as ever.”

Alexander Marquez.
Oh, my heavens
. That man was a looker. Even though she’d spent many an anxious hour with him knee-deep in talks about security services for the pageants she coordinated, it was always a shock to the system when she saw him in the flesh. Skipping the rest of the way down the steps, she took the hand he extended and leaned in for an affectionate hug with the big man.

“Alex! I’m surprised to see you,” she drawled with all the Southern belle charm she could muster.

“I hope a good surprised and not an
oh, my God, what’s he doing here
surprised,” he chuckled.

She tossed her head back and laughed with delight. Stephanie adored Alex Marquez. He was a straight shooter with steely integrity and a badass reputation that would make a lady of any age sit up and take notice. Why, if he were just fifteen years older, she’d be turning the Bennett flirtation meter to medium high. As it was, though, she owed the man a serious personal debt of gratitude. It was Alex who offered Tori a chance to start over when her daughter desperately needed a course correction. Come to think of it, she snorted, it was Alex’s damn fault that her sensible only child got swept off her feet by a sexy secret agent, ended up married, and had a baby on the way.

“I was expecting my son-in-law but will settle for you, Major,” she cooed teasingly. “Until you’re officially married, you’re still fair game.”

Putting her hand through Alex’s arm, she turned a wide smile on Captain Sawyer, who’d been quietly motioning behind them to the crew unloading the baggage.

“Thank you for a wonderful flight, Captain,” she complimented the impeccably uniformed officer with a heartfelt smile.

“Was my pleasure, ma’am,” he saluted. Turning to Alex, he nodded and said, “Mr. Marquez. I’m going to go close the flight plan now, sir. My crew will see to Ms. Bennett’s baggage.”

“Thanks, Captain. Ms. Bennett and I will wait in the car. Oh and Sawyer? Give my best to your wife.”

“Will do, sir.” Touching his cap politely, the captain smiled warmly at Stephanie, “Ma’am,” then ambled slowly away with the co-pilot in tow. The co-pilot managed to look over his shoulder at her twice with an appreciative gleam in his eye.

She heard Alex’s soft chuckle as he pulled on her arm to get her moving in the direction of the waiting car. “Ms. Bennett,” he drawled, “on the trouble scale, your feisty daughter doesn’t even come close to the amount of drooling fuckery your presence at the Villa is going to cause!”

Stephanie laughed. He was so right. She’d learned a long time ago to put that Southern belle charm out ahead of her at all times. Not only was it endlessly amusing to watch the males she directed her good ol’ beauty queen charms on stumble and get tongue-tied, it covered a lot, too. Like the fact that she was frustrated, restless, and maybe even a tiny bit bored.

In a few months, she’d be rounding up on the big five-oh. The number didn’t bother her as much as it freaked others out. Sweet Lord, what was the big deal anyway? You couldn’t stay young forever, and after all, who’d want to? She liked who she was. Felt comfortable in her skin. That her one true experience with romance and lasting love had ended tragically, when she was only thirty-two made her somewhat of a sad figure, but there were bright spots, too.

She’d risen from the emotionally overwhelming ashes of a fairy-tale marriage, after losing her beloved Daniel to a horrifying illness. She single-handedly raised their daughter Victoria, while managing to forge a career in the rock ‘em sock ‘em world of beauty pageants. She was damn good at what she did, too. Next to college football titles, churning out beauty queens was what the South did best. With her organizing skills and panache for the flamboyant, Stephanie had risen to the top of her field.

Life was good. She owned her home, had a retirement account, and even took one or two nice vacations every year. Now that Tori was married, there was the added bonus of a grandchild on the way. Fifty was going to be a very good year. She should be happy and fulfilled, but she wasn’t. In a nutshell, she, Stephanie Bennett, was fricking lonely.

Hugging Alex’s arm close, she playfully teased, “I can’t help it, Major Marquez, if men are simpletons when it comes to women.”

Opening the car door, he shooed her into the cool, dark interior and boomed with laughter. “Simpletons, hmm
? I don’t suppose those killer heels you’re wearing have anything at all to do with that.”

“Oh, shush now, Major. Shoes are a smart woman’s best weapon. Don’t tell me you’d rather everyone be walking around in sneakers or flip-flops all the time? I seem to recall a certain fiancée of yours being rather fond of the um… ladylike qualities of some leg and a pair of heels.”

Alex snickered at her description of his beautiful bride-to-be. Stephanie had met her briefly when they’d been introduced at the Cameron baby’s christening last month. She’d been in Texas for a particularly stressful pageant and decided on a moment’s notice to visit Victoria and Draegyn for a few days. The christening had been a lovely, quaint family affair. Tori seemed blissfully happy at the time. Alex’s fiancée stuck out because she was suddenly thrust into the role of hostess for the Villa by virtue of her relationship to the hunky Major. Meghan O’Brien came across as a serious force to be reckoned with. Alex Marquez was a handful on his best day, so it hadn’t come as much of a surprise to see he’d found someone quite special to take him on.

“How is your beautiful bride-in-waiting? Tori seems awfully keen on the wedding you’re planning. March, is it?”

BOOK: Always (Family Justice Book 1)
3.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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