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Submissive Beauty

BOOK: Submissive Beauty
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Submissive Beauty

By Eliza Gayle





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Submissive Beauty
Copyright © 2011 Eliza Gayle
Edited by Michele Paulin and Juli Simonson
Cover art by Kendra Egert,


Electronic format ISBN: 978-1-60735-336-2


Warning: All rights reserved. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.


Electronic Release: June 2011


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and occurrences are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, places or occurrences, is purely coincidental.







There are many great writers who suffered through this book with me. It’s not always easy to write a book and we rely on our friends and fellow writers to push us through when we need the extra motivation. I only hope I give enough back.

My special thanks go to Jessica Lee, Dee Carney and Lissa Matthews. They offer their ideas, critiques and extra support when I most need it.

Last and certainly not least I want to thank my editor. With her insightful comments and dedication to detail she makes my books much stronger.











Chapter One



Gabby turned in her chair to stand and bolt for the door when the room lights flickered out and the spotlights on the stage in front of her lit up. The sea of strangers chatting around her immediately ceased their conversations and sat riveted, waiting for the demonstration to begin. If she left now and hurried, she might still make it home before

Or she could stay and watch the show alone. Curiosity about the infamous Sanctuary got the best of her and kept her butt in the chair. What would a few more minutes matter anyway? Gabby tugged at the hem of her skirt for the umpteenth time since she’d arrived.

Before she could change her mind again, a platinum blonde, petite woman, scantily clad in a tight, red latex dress that left nothing to the imagination, ambled onto the stage in four-inch spike heels.

“Good evening, everyone. Welcome to tonight’s demonstration of the violet wand with our very own Master Thomas.” Light applause broke out among the crowd. “If you will please hold your comments or questions until the end, I’m certain all will enjoy what he has in store for us.”

With that she walked from the stage. For a long, silent moment, they all waited for more. Gabby swallowed hard. This was not the time to make a spectacle of herself and try to slip out.

“Welcome, everyone.”

Gabby heard the voice over the microphone before she ever saw the man. The dark, rumbling tone cascaded down her spine alongside an involuntary shiver. Goosebumps erupted along her arms and legs. Wouldn’t that be a voice to come home to every night?

A shadowy figure on stage caught her attention from the corner of her eye, and she strained in his direction to see what he looked like.

“For tonight’s demonstration, the lovely sub Linda has volunteered to be my subject.”

Lights flashed, the curtains parted and a lounging table appeared in a bluish spotlight. A curvaceous, dark-haired woman stood next to the table, dressed in a cute pair of ruffled panties and nothing else. She took her place on the table, lying still and compliant. The eerie glow of the lighting gave the scene an ethereal touch—mesmerizing actually. Any remnant thoughts of leaving dissipated at the sight of Master Thomas and his willing submissive. The lovely woman waited motionless for him to approach her from the opposite side of the stage. Gabby, on the other hand, fidgeted restlessly in her seat, fear and anticipation warring in her mind.

When he stepped into the blue spotlight, Gabby was struck by the sheer size of him. He towered over the scene laid out in front of him. The low lighting made it difficult to make out the details of his face, although it was obvious he had thick dark hair—the kind she longed to thread her fingers through. And the memory of his incredibly commanding voice still whispered across her exposed skin even while he wasn’t speaking.

As Master Thomas began to explain the technicalities and safety issues to consider when using a violet wand, Gabby watched the way he paced around the table, the little touches he gave the woman and the serious expression that never wavered from his face.

Beads of moisture trickled along the curve of Gabby’s neck as the demonstration proceeded. Her palms began to sweat. Had the temperature in the room ratcheted up, or was she the only one this affected? Although the arousal wetting her panties was a dead giveaway, her reaction had nothing to do with the room and everything to do with the man on stage. Curious and a little mortified by her body’s response, she tore her gaze from the scene and glanced around the room. To her relief, it was too dark to make out much more than silhouettes around her. If she couldn’t see them, then they couldn’t see her. Still, Gabby had chosen a seat in the back corner not far from the door, so she could leave quickly if she needed to.

A sudden buzzing noise filled the room, and a slight gasp among the club goers had her swinging back to Master Thomas and the girl lying next to him. In his hand was a black tube with a clear globe on the end that crackled with alternating zigzags of blue and purple light inside. It was like one of those electric toy spheres in the specialty stores she’d seen at the mall. Gabby had no inkling what that would feel like against her skin and, at the moment, wasn’t too keen on finding out. But with Master Thomas wielding the wicked little toy, the scene instantly took on a train wreck effect, and Gabby couldn’t look away now if she tried. She desperately wanted to see what happened next.

“The most important thing is to take it nice and slow when starting out and stay completely tuned into the sub you are playing with.” He squeezed the woman’s knee then, and she rewarded him with a shy smile.

A sharp stab of longing speared through Gabby, and her stomach clenched. What would it be like lying there at his instruction and waiting for him to give and take as he pleased? The all too familiar question she’d pondered over the years was brought sharply into focus by a single voice in a darkened room.

His hand moved, and the wand dipped to the sub’s shoulder—a quick testing tap that caught her off guard. Her body jerked in response. A few murmurs sounded in the crowd as he touched her again, this time stroking a few inches down her arm. Amazingly, she remained still, except for the closing of her eyes and the muscles of her face going slack as she relaxed into the experience.

“Depending on the level of voltage you’re using, each touch has the potential to bring a sharp jolt of pain.” Thomas turned the knob on the base device and touched the implement to Linda’s stomach. Her gasp shattered the quiet of the crowd. “Or a simple buzz of tingle.” He turned the dial once again and placed the device perilously close to her pussy. The resulting moan of pleasure sent a shiver across Gabby’s skin along with a fresh wave of heat building between her thighs. “It all depends on what you as the Dom prefer and what you know your submissive can tolerate. I’d suggest starting out very low.”

With little pause, he began stroking Linda everywhere from her arms to her legs to her belly and even a quick kiss to her thinly covered pussy. He covered every exposed inch of her flesh and then some. Her legs twitched, and her head swung from side to side with the most amazing expression of bliss curling at her lips. When she began to moan, Gabby noticed her own bra and panties suddenly drew tight, the sensitive tips of her nipples rubbing against fabric. The absolute need to strip out of her restrictive clothing clawed at her gut.

“Once you have your girl or boy ramped up and on the verge of begging, you can switch to this handy little attachment called the body contact.” Thomas pulled the wand from the base machine and set it aside. He replaced it with a small metal attachment that fit snugly in his palm. “With this in your hand, you effectively become the wand. Now when you touch her,
directly delivering the current the wand did.” He pinched one of Linda’s nipples, her back arched and a low, sultry wail filled the room.

Watching the sub and her reactions to the way Master Thomas teased and tempted her with an increasing pattern of more electricity affected Gabby more than she anticipated. The look of sheer pleasure on the other woman’s face cried out to her on a level she couldn’t suppress—the side of her that she’d kept hidden for ten years until her husband had walked out eight months ago.

Master Thomas grabbed the woman’s legs and pushed them gently apart. Gabby held her breath in anticipation, knowing that neither she nor the sub would be able to control their reactions. She leaned back in her chair and let her legs fall apart, the sudden desire flaming through her far more than she’d experienced in a very long time. Gabby wanted more. Grateful for the darkness of the room, she rubbed the inside of her thighs, inching closer to her now soaked cotton panties. She’d never before considered whether she was a voyeur, but judging by how wet she’d become, it would be hard to deny it now.

The moans from the sub were now constant and growing louder by the second as Master Thomas stroked her inner thighs and pussy almost nonstop. Her body twisted and thrashed around the table. Soft pleas fell from her mouth. Thomas whispered into her ear the entire time. Gabby could only assume it was reassurances or commands that heightened her pleasure.

“Please, Sir. Please may I come?” Linda begged.

On the verge herself, Gabby slid her fingers underneath the soft fabric of her underwear and pushed through the sopping folds of her pussy, straight to her throbbing clit.

Her eyes focused on Master Thomas. The sharp intensity in his gaze, even from this distance, told her he took great pleasure in seeing a girl twisted up and on the verge in front of him. Or maybe it was way he held his lips, slightly curved at the edges that clued her in to the enjoyment he derived from the scene. She wondered if Linda, the sub, belonged to him… Would he make her beg to come or had he already given her permission earlier.

Gabby flicked her swollen nub over and over with the tip of her finger as her own need for release teetered on the edge. In her mind’s eye, it was her not Linda on the table with Master Thomas driving her to the brink. Never in her wildest dreams had she thought she’d enjoy a public scene like this. Yet her fear of discovery dissolved a little more with each passing second. Her mind swirled with Thomas’ voice. Everything he asked she yearned to give.

The pressure behind her clit teetered on a painful edge.

Please. Oh God, please.

“Come for me, girl. Come for me now.”

Her pussy squeezed.

A ragged scream tore from the sub as she came in hard racking sobs. Light flashed in Gabby’s vision as his command triggered her, as well. She bit down on her lips to keep from crying out while her muscles clenched and spasmed in pleasure. Long minutes later, Gabby opened her eyes and sat there in a daze trying to figure out what exactly had happened. Her hand was between her legs, her lungs screamed for air and tears stained her cheeks.

BOOK: Submissive Beauty
2.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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