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American Gangster

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American Gangster

A Bad Boy Stepbrother Romance


Tiffany Lordes

Copyright © 2015 Tiffany Lordes

All Rights Reserved

Table of Contents

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Chapter 2

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Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 1



“Fuck that pussy big boy and make me cum.” Huh, little girl playing grown up. I let her talk her shit, while keeping up a nice slow stroke into her pussy. I was in no hurry to cum and she wasn’t that good anyway.

She squeezed her overused pussy around my covered cock, fuck yeah I had my boy wrapped up, I wasn’t about to fuck that without it.

I held her ass cheek in one hand and my nine in the other, that’s how you roll in enemy territory. As much as she wasn’t doing shit for me, her pussy never stopped cumming.

That’s what eleven inches of pure hard steel will do to you. I was bored as fuck by the sixth or seventh time she came and pulled out and slipped into her ass. Not much better but it had a little tightness to it.

I off loaded and hopped off; took the condom off and headed for the bathroom while she shook and moaned all over the bed. Fuck this place, if this asshole thought he was going to catch me with this third-rate snatch and his big talk he was outta his fucking mind, this shit was small time, I didn’t have time for this.

“Where’s your boy?” I flushed the condom and watched it disappear before flushing again. She was still lolling around on the bed like she thought this was the Ritz and we were in love or some shit. “What’s your rush baby, come back to bed.”

“I would if there was something worth coming back to now where the fuck is he?” She looked hurt as fuck; yeah I care. I wasn’t there when she decided to fuck her life down the drain with this shit I’m not responsible. I give a fuck.

She flounced off the bed and got into her clothes. At one point she was probably a nice looking chick, I guess that’s why her owner had sent her. Too bad for him pussy didn’t sway me; the shit was too easy to come by.

“He said I should bring you by when we were done.” What the fuck? Who told this hump I needed to unwind as soon as I got into town? I like to get shit done and be out as soon as possible, preferably before the sun goes down.

The fact that he was procrastinating told me that he was up to no fucking good. If that was the case I hope he knew what the fuck he was doing. I’d come prepared for any contention, a man in my business better be on that shit if he wanted to survive.

I cleaned off my dick and shoved my shit back into my Trues. I wasn’t dressed to impress, that’s not my game, so it was jeans a tank and Tims.

I had my tats on full display and the stud in my ear was gleaming. I had the look down, no one would ever guess at the silver spoon background that had been wrenched away when daddy found younger pussy and left mommy and me high and dry. Motherfucking hump.

I couldn’t be mad at the chick; she was just doing what she had to do to survive, same as me. Life had fucked me sideways when I wasn’t looking and I was lived to pay that shit forward.

“Let’s bounce, time’s a wasting and I’ve got shit to do.” She seemed nervous as fuck all of a sudden but I wasn’t worried. I had a good idea what the fuck was up. Her boy had made certain promises and now couldn’t come through. Same story different asshole!

Instead of manning the fuck up and coming clean, he had decided to make an end run around me it seemed like. Fine, we’ll see how that shit plays.

I did a sweep of the area as soon as we hit the streets. Miss. Thing had picked me up at the airport and brought me directly to this place, which I’m guessing was two steps up from a flop.

The street wasn’t the best but it wasn’t the worse either. There were winos and junkies hanging around looking like rejects from a third world country instead of denizens of one of the major cities of the good ole U.S of fucking A.

She put a lot more wiggle in her ass than was necessary as she led me out to the car. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she was wasting her time, neither was I interested in making her feel good about herself.

I didn’t see or feel any danger so I’m guessing the shit was supposed to go down at the next destination. I wondered on the way there how he was gonna play it. Would he come at me head on? Nah, if he had the balls he would’ve met me at the airport himself.

No he’d loosened me up with the pussy, next was probably some good Kush, most likely laced with some shit that it didn’t need but was guaranteed to fuck me up.

Let me see, after I’m nice and fucked he’d make his play. He’s probably gonna have a couple of his goons there to make himself look good.

Mind you, I’m the victim here; I’m the one who’s been wronged. But none of that will matter as he justifies taking my life because he stole from me and couldn’t repay.

The dumb fuck won’t stop to ask himself why the fuck I would come all the way here alone. Why I hadn’t brought not even one of my boys with me.

Hmm, either he thought I was real fucking stupid to believe his bullshit lies, or he was as fucking stupid as I had come to believe. I’m inclined to think it’s the latter.

“So, how long are you planning to stay?” She lit a cigarette with a trembling hand as she looked around at anything but me. I guess it was hard to look at someone you were taking to their death.

I wonder how many men had had to suffer her washed up cunt before their demise, what a fucking insult. The least the fuck could do is find some better strange, the fuck, that’s cold.

“Don’t talk.” The tone was stone cold, the face like marble. It was her first glimpse at the real me. Good let her get nervous, let her start to worry.

We pulled into a nice looking middle class community. I could tell the neighbors must hate this guy. Muscle cars parked up and down the street with muscle bound derelicts hanging out on the lawn while the houses on both sides of him looked like cookie cutter paradise.

There was the prerequisite pit bull and men in roped chains with their hats on backwards and their pants hanging off their ass. What a fucking stereotype.

When I get home I’m putting my foot in my second in command’s ass. This asshole was his girl’s cousin’s cousin or some fuck and we were doing him a solid. That’s what happens when you mix business with friendship, somebody always gets stupid.

Chapter 2





I stood for the pat down and accepted the ‘you know I have to take this brother’ from the ex-con at the door. I took in the room in one fell swoop. Two inside one on the door and the big man himself.

He came towards me with his hand outstretched; I saw a knife in the other, though metaphorically speaking. “My man you made it, I hope Juanita took good care of you.” Decision time, do I play the ignorant white boy new to the game, or do I show him my teeth straight out the gate?

“Hey Carlos, yeah, everything’s good.” I accepted the hand and kept mine loose and soft. Of course he came hard and tried to break my fucking arm with his shit. What a fucking joke.

I used my senses to keep track of the one behind me standing guard. Juanita had moved over to the goodies table to do a line. I knew she was a junkie bitch, shit I shoulda doubled up, but I needed to play the game.

Fucking her was like someone on a diet eating wasted calories, your one cheat day and instead of the chocolate cake you went for the stale ass Danish.

The two inside were keeping their eye out the window as Carlos the asshole tried to distract me with small talk. “So, my cousin tells me that you’re the man, the one I should talk to. I didn’t know my friend, I thought I was dealing with the man in charge.”

He gave me what I guess he thought was a conciliatory grin. I stayed in character even though I wanted to smash his face in for thinking I was stupid.

“It’s all the same, Tommy’s my guy you deal with him you’re dealing with me. So what happened the smoke just wasn’t selling? I thought for sure there was a market now that the government had eased up on the shit.”

“That’s just it brother, their let’s all join hands and have a hippie party kinda killed the biz. Now everything is structured, conglomerated. Weed is no longer a street drug no matter how good it is. They’ve forced us out.”

“I see.” I looked behind me without giving away that that’s what I was doing and shifted my body a little. This little powwow wasn’t gonna last too long and something was gonna have to jump off to bring it to a head.

I was about to make my move when I caught movement out the side of my eye. I took the blow standing and not even by a twitch of an eyelash did I let on that I’d been affected.

I looked dead at her and she didn’t even recognize me, why should she? She’d only seen me once and that was over fifteen years ago. We were both too young to remember, at least she was, but I never forgot.

She had the same head of shiny blonde curls as she did back them, and those eyes, the blue of the Caribbean Sea. I wasn’t sure I could pinpoint any one emotion out of the many that coursed through me, and won’t even try.

“What are you doing out here chica?” Fuck me tell me she isn’t with him. I felt my body seize with a rage that far outweighed the situation. Before she walked into the room he was just a nuisance that I needed to get rid of, but now. If he’d had her as it appeared he had, they were both fucked.

“I needed a smoke do you mind?” She didn’t look like a junkie but her words were off a little as she moved towards Juanita.

It was obvious that there was no love lost between the two women if the look that passed between the two of them was anything to go by. “Puta.” Alright I guess I called that one.

Juanita glared at the much prettier girl as she gathered the shit for a smoke. At least she wasn’t doing lines and she didn’t look like she was worn the fuck out.

Finding her here had changed shit up a bit though, now I had to change my play. “You mind if I use your rest room, it was a long flight and uh, Juanita here didn’t exactly give me time if you know what I mean?” He seemed suspicious for all of ten seconds before the presence of his men restored his confidence.

I was pretty sure that the bathroom was closer to the back of the house, and I was also betting that this genius hadn’t thought to put men around back.

No, he would most likely think that I was an easy mark seeing as how I’d come all this way on my own. Oh, well, at least the fool will get to live a few more hours.

In the bathroom I made quick work of the window. The place was one story so all that was needed was the lifting of the window and shimmying out. I had to time shit accordingly, so I flushed the toilet with my foot to cover any sound the window might make, while turning on the tap full blast.

I was up and through the window in less than two minutes. Just as I thought there was no one back there. It was an easy thing to scale the wall of the house next door. I don’t think the hot little number sunbathing next to her pool was expecting company, but the finger to my lips and the gun the idiots next door hadn’t found next to my balls kept her mouth shut.

Always bank on tough guys not going anywhere near your nuts, they don’t wanna come off as queer. Fuck that, I’d strip search my own mother if it came to that.

I didn’t stay around long enough to hear the alarm sound or the outcry when they realized I was gone. Now I had to deal with two things, one, he knew I wasn’t a complete ass, and two, he was going to be on the lookout. Whatever, I was on a plane outta here tomorrow evening and she was coming with me. Speaking of which I’d better take care of that.

I pulled my phone and called the airline. “I need a flight tomorrow same time as mine for an Amber Stevenson. Yeah she’s my sister.” Or sort of anyway!

Chapter 3





When dad left it was the hardest fucking thing I’d had to face up to that point. Until then I’d lived a life of privilege. Never knew a moment’s want, never even knew what the shit meant.

Everything was fine one day, and the next everything went to shit. I came home one day to find a mother broken and a father gone. I didn’t understand that shit for weeks, kept thinking he was gonna come back.

I treated it like one of his many business trips. That was until they came and kicked us out of the house because my stay at home mom couldn’t afford the mortgage on the mansion she’d lived in all her married life.

The hate grew in me that day and the boy I was disappeared. What showed up in his place was the me you see now only a lot less hard.

We’d moved in with my grandparents who all things considered did their best. They didn’t have much themselves, two elderly people who were living off their pensions.

You see the money came from my dad’s side. Mom was just the dumb young chick he’d sweet-talked into his bed when it was convenient for him. But then she did what people do; she aged.

BOOK: American Gangster
10.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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