Angel's Touch [PUP Squad Alpha 7] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting) (7 page)

BOOK: Angel's Touch [PUP Squad Alpha 7] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
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She glanced at Jed and saw him nod his approval. “Lilly, I think this skill is based in telekinesis. That means you can move stuff just by thinking about it. The other Oracle’s receptacles have the same skill. They just use it differently.” He placed a cup of cold coffee just out of reach on the table beside her. “Without moving, reach for the cup.”

She did as he asked and nothing happened. He frowned, lifted the cup, and peered at the stale coffee thoughtfully. “I have a theory,” he said as he headed into the kitchen. A minute later he came back in with a steaming cup of fresh coffee with cream and sugar just the way Lilly liked it.

“Now reach for the cup.” Again she did as he asked, but this time pulled back in surprise when the cup slid toward her hand.

Jed laughed and shook his head. “What the hell is it with you girls and coffee? Kali, Ava, and Hannah can move their coffee cups and occasionally their e-readers, but nothing else. It’s like it has to be something you really, really want, but even then it’s just little stuff. It’s only when Ava and Hannah were faced with pixie assassins that they were able to tap into the skill and do more damage.”

“Didn’t Hannah put Eric on his ass once?” Devlin asked.

“I forgot about that,” Jed said with a laugh. “I’m not sure who was more surprised. The five-hundred-pound bear-shifter or the woman who threw him clear across the yard with barely a look.”

“So it’s not really a voluntary skill?”

“We’re not really sure what it is, but when Ava and Hannah needed it, they had it.”

“But I wasn’t exactly in danger when I froze Dev.”

“I have a theory about that, too,” Jed said very seriously. He glanced at Devlin and then back at Lilly. “When you asked Devlin what he was, he tried to avoid the question. I’m betting it was the same way he avoided letting you get too close when you were dating.” Lilly didn’t look at Devlin when she bit her lip and nodded in agreement. “Devlin triggered your fight-or-flight response. You
didn’t want him to lie to you by omission, so you stopped him from answering altogether.”

“So every time I get scared I’m liable to freeze someone? I have no control over it?” Lilly asked, her heart starting to pound hard once more. How the hell did she end up a walking time bomb? The thought of killing someone accidentally with this new power was terrifying. Even if assassins were looking for her, she didn’t want this particular skill.

“Actually,” Jed said as Devlin held her close once more, “I think you have a really good chance of learning to control it. Devlin’s suggestion that you use him as a test subject is actually a very good idea. He wasn’t kidding. He’s more than capable of surviving long periods of time without breathing.”

“Which brings me back to my original question,” Lilly said, rubbing her forehead and refusing to look at either of them. “Jed said you’re an angel. Is that true?”

“Not in the strictest interpretation of the word,” Devlin said carefully. She kept her calm, breathing deeply and slowly as the usual irritation at his evasiveness curled through her. When she’d thought him a human Navy SEAL, she’d forgiven him because she understood the nature of his work and the secrecy required. But there was no reason now. She knew about the paranormal world, knew that it existed, and was essentially part of it now herself. He had no reason not to tell her. He must have sensed her internal conflict because he held her closer and finally started talking.

“My people are known as Anjo Keladi Envivs. Essentially it translates to ‘angels with hidden wings.’ That’s why most paranormals refer to us as angels. We’re not angels in the religious sense, but have on many occasions been mistaken for them.” He turned her around, lifting her chin so that he could see her eyes. “We don’t share any of the DNA traits common to species that developed on this planet, so it’s a fairly reasonable assumption that our ancestors were from a different planet.”

“You’re an alien? And you have wings?” she asked in wonder. She’d spent quite a bit of time exploring every inch of the man a few years back. It seemed rather strange that she could have missed a set of wings.

“Want to see them?” Devlin asked with a relieved grin. It seemed now that he’d finally said the words out loud he was quite happy to tell all. Had he been worried she would walk away once she knew the truth? He’d always seemed so confident, so well adjusted, so capable at just about everything that it hadn’t really occurred to her that he might have the same doubts and insecurities that she herself held.

“Of course,” she said with a smile. She leaned up to press a quick kiss to his lips and then scrambled off the sofa and stood back. He glanced around the room, seeming to judge the distance and space he had available, before giving her a typical Devlin-style wink.

His wings just appeared. They didn’t fade in, or grow, or morph like the werewolves had done. They just appeared. One moment they weren’t there and the next they were.

“Shit,” she said, shuffling backward just a little. Devlin’s wings were huge. They took up most of the space in the room, and if she wasn’t mistaken weren’t fully extended in the cramped area. The most surprising part was that they were covered in feathers. Feathers! She was sleeping with a guy with feathers.

The thought surprised a giggle from her mouth, and Devlin grinned wolfishly. “What’s the matter?” he said as his wings moved slowly to surround her. “Did I lose some of my macho points with the white feathers?”

She shook her head quickly, worried that she’d insulted him, but he merely gave her that confident smile once more. He leaned in, his arms wrapping around her waist as his wings enclosed them both. He kissed her softly, his lips playful and coaxing as his hands explored her all over.

“Okay, show-off,” Jed said with a laugh. “Get rid of the wings before you drop feathers all over the carpet.”

“I don’t drop feathers,” Devlin said with an exaggerated roll of his eyes. But in the blink of an eye, his wings were gone.

“Where do they go?” she asked, glancing around the room.

“It’s kind of hard to explain, but essentially they exist in another dimension. I have to bring them into this dimension to be able to use them, but as you saw it doesn’t take long to have them ready.”

“Anything else I should know about you?” she asked, feeling much calmer than she had before.

“Let’s see,” he said, holding up his fingers and counting off the points. “Wings? Check. Capable of flying high and fast? Check. Able to hold my breath for long periods of time? Check.” He turned to Jed. “Did I forget anything?”

“Only that you glow in the dark.”

“You do what?” Surely Jed was pulling her leg this time. But Devlin laughed and nodded in agreement.

“But like the wings, I can usually turn that particular skill on and off. The only time it happens involuntarily is if I’m really angry—and I mean really,
angry—or healing someone who’s been injured.”

“Healing?” She reached up and touched the blond hair that was just starting to curl at his temples. As a SEAL he’d always kept his hair very short, but it looked like it would be curly as it grew longer. “No wonder you guys got mistaken for angels. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen paintings of angels with long blonde curls, huge feathered wings, and an inner glow.”

“I’m sure you have,” Devlin said with a soft laugh, “but I can assure you I’m no angel.” He backed up his words by lifting her shirt over her head and dragging her bra away from her breast. “In fact, I think right now I want to be really, really bad. Want to come play with me, pretty lady?”

She gasped as his hands slid lower, unsnapped the button on her jeans, and dragged the material to her feet. His fingers skimmed over her pussy lips, two fingers pushing up into her pussy as his thumb made little circles around her clit. She could feel her juices coating his fingers, her instant arousal no longer surprising. Devlin had always been able to turn her on with a single look. The fact that Jed moved to press up against her naked back just made everything perfect.

“Any lube in that bag of tricks Brody sent you?” Devlin asked Jed.

Jed pressed a kiss to her shoulder, nibbling little bites up the side of her neck before answering.

“Lube and more. Much, much more,” he said in a voice that promised all sorts of amazing stuff was about to happen. “I’ll just get the all clear from our backup, and meet you in the bedroom.” He stepped away, opened the leather bag, and grabbed several items. “In the meantime…” He didn’t finish the sentence, just handed Devlin a bottle of lube, a butt plug still in its packaging, and a strange-looking toy that seemed to be a series of balls, each larger than the last, joined together to make a flexible-looking rod.

Devlin grinned wickedly. “This, my sweet Lilly, is an anal probe.” Her butt clenched just at the thought of what Devlin could do with it. He laughed as he lifted her into his arms and headed toward the bedroom. “Kind of appropriate when you think about it.”

She quirked an eyebrow in question.

“Well, I am considered an alien, you know.”


* * * *


Lilly rolled her eyes at the ridiculousness of it all, and if her asshole wasn’t clenching in excitement she might have even laughed at the pun. But all she could feel was her pussy pulsing rhythmically, and her juices dribbling onto her outer lips and thighs, as Devlin moved a pillow into the middle of the bed and placed her facedown over it.

“Just like the first time,” he said as his hands traveled up and down her spine in a soothing, hypnotic rhythm. He moved his massage lower, stopping only to unlace her shoes and then drag them and her jeans the rest of the way off her legs. “Relax, baby. Jed and I plan to take good care of you.”

Her breath caught when she heard the snap of the bottle cap. She gasped as the cold liquid dribbled between the cheeks of her ass, but warm fingers spread it gently, caressing the incredibly sensitive skin of her anus before pressing against her back hole and pushing inside. Slowly he caressed her tight muscle, making a sound of approval as she felt herself relax and her anus open up to his gentle invasion.

He replaced his fingers with the anal beads, the first little ball sliding into her back passage easily. The second and third made her shiver with arousal. The fourth hurt just a bit, the slight sting increasing her arousal until she found herself pushing back against the toy.

“Good girl,” Devlin said in approval. The fifth ball seemed much wider, but Devlin noticed her reaction, easing the ball away and squirting more lube between her cheeks. He slowly worked the toy into her dark passage, fucking her with it slowly until her body easily accepted its width.

“That is a beautiful sight,” Jed said from somewhere near the doorway. “We have four hours and several boxes of condoms. Any suggestions of what we could do with that much time and prophylactics?”

“For starters,” Devlin said with a hearty laugh, “you might consider lying on the bed so our woman can fuck you.”

“Now that sounds like a good idea,” Jed said as he came into the room. Lilly could hear the quick rustle of clothing being discarded a moment before Jed slid onto the bed beside her. Devlin eased the probe from her ass as Jed pressed a condom into Lilly’s hand. “Want to do the honors, sweet thing?”

She nodded, her ass still clenching, her pussy still pulsing, her arousal so high that her fingers shook as she ripped open the package. She rolled the condom into place carefully, making certain that it was on properly, and then quickly crawled over her lover.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, trying to lower herself onto his cock.

“My pleasure,” Jed said with a grin. He grabbed her waist, holding her firmly as he lifted his hips and thrust his cock deep inside her. She moaned at the invasion, the feeling of being full setting off swirling eddies of heat in her belly. He held her upright, watching her closely as he thrust violently into her pussy, holding her in his hard grip as he fucked her harder and harder and harder.

Devlin’s hands skimmed over her breasts, his fingers pinching her nipples as everything inside her tightened deliciously, dragging her orgasm ever closer, making her shake with anticipation. She was on the verge, ready to throw herself over, ready to claim the climax that beckoned, when they stopped.

She growled her frustration, tightening her muscles around Jed’s hard cock, trying to force him to continue. He closed his eyes and groaned, but it didn’t stop him from pulling her down and pressing her against his chest. Devlin placed a hand between her shoulder blades, keeping her there, trapping her between them.

The sound of the lube bottle squirting sent a needy shiver from head to toe.

“We’ll take it slowly,” Devlin said, apparently misinterpreting her body’s response to their domination.

“No,” she said. “Now. I want you both inside me now. Please, Dev.”

She gasped in delight when she felt the head of his cock against her anus. Devlin spread the lube with the tip of his cock before pressing harder against her dark hole and slipping inside. She panted, the tight fit slightly uncomfortable. Despite her earlier demand, he moved slowly, easing into her back passage a small amount at a time, holding still and letting her adjust before moving just a little deeper.

Jed held her immobile, his arms banded over her shoulders and lower back. He didn’t move, but his cock throbbed inside her, his arousal obviously as high as her own. Devlin finally pushed to the hilt, his cock impaling her, as her body adjusted to having both of the men she loved inside her.

BOOK: Angel's Touch [PUP Squad Alpha 7] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
2.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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