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Murder at Veranda House


Lovely young widow Annette Holcombe is forced to turn her Veranda House on Galveston Island into a B & B after the recent death of her husband, a man she'd known only a short time. Upon his untimely death, she learns that the only thing she really knew about him was that everything she knew about him was a lie!


And if being penniless wasn't bad enough, now Annette's got to contend with threatening letters, suspicious guests, fears for her daughter's safety, an impending hurricane—and murder! If only there was someone to trust. Someone like Dr. Grant Garrison, a personable, good-looking guest who's teaching at the island's medical school.


But Grant, too, isn't what he seems.

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A Cry in the Night


The child she gave up for adoption eight years ago is missing, and Ava Simpson is convinced his life is in danger. Only one person can help her find the boy: Blake Tranowski, the birth father of the child. If only she can forge the courage to tell him of the existence of their son. . .


The anger Blake felt toward Ava when she dumped him nine years ago can't touch the fury he experiences when she makes her shattering revelation. Even more shattering is Blake's discovery that the boy really has gone missing. Why hasn't the adoptive father contacted the police? How is the man involved with a Mexican drug cartel? Is their son even alive? As Blake and Ava race against the clock to find their son, others are intent on stopping them. Even if it means killing them.

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Capitol Offense


As speech writer to the Texas lieutenant governor, lovely Lacy Blair accidentally stumbles onto a high-level fraud involving state funds and masterminded by her boss. Since she can't risk snooping into the situation herself, she secretly consults with an FBI agent who agrees to help her investigate. Soon afterwards, she realizes she is being watched, and the FBI agent has been killed.


Terrified for her own safety and hungry for justice, she flees. But where can she turn? Who can she trust? Her former lover, Mike Talamino, is the only person she could ever count on. But will he agree to help her? Can she endanger him, too?

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A Summer to Remember


Award-winning, multi-published author Cheryl Bolen turns her attention away from the British Isles to craft three achingly romantic tales set in nineteenth-century America:



A Novella (23,000 words) 101 Pages

Originally published in mass market paperback in 2004 (Fourth of July Picnic anthology)

Heat index: Steamy


Norman Sterling, the wealthy mayor of Peace, Missouri, shocks himself at his town's Fourth of July picnic by proposing to the beautiful Mildred Gresham, a beauty he's worshipped from afar for more than six years. Equally as shocking is Mildred's quick acceptance. If only he were possessed of a silver tongue, if only he could tell her how truly he loves her.


Millie comes alive in Norman's arms, but her reticent husband never tells her he loves her. As he grows more distant she is tormented that he loves another. Will she ever be able to secure her husband's love?


---"Cheryl Bolen's Four-Leaf Clover is too adorable for words." Mrs. Giggles


* * *


A Novella (21,000 words) 80 Pages

Originally contracted by Zebra Books for the By the Beautiful Sea anthology

Heat index: Sweet-Sexy


Since seeing Jake Madison stride gloriously naked into the moonlit Galveston surf, Elyse Bonham, daughter of the island's wealthiest man, has lost her heart to the handsome island visitor. But how can she convince her overprotective father that Jake is worthy of her hand?


* * *


A Short Story (1,400 words)

Heat index: Sweet-Sexy


He had selected her to be his bride based solely upon the picture of her in her kimono, the picture taken back in her village before the long, miserable ocean voyage which would bring her to the man who would be her husband. . .


The Picture Bride is a prequel to Cheryl Bolen's beloved historical novel IT HAD TO BE YOU.

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It Had To Be You (A World War II Romance)


The kind of book that you think about afterward. . .They [hero/heroine] grip your heart and make you weep. –
In Print


It is definitely one for the keeper shelf. – Margaret Lawrence


I highly recommend It Had to Be You for an all-consuming and powerful love story. –
Romance Communications Reviews*


Best Mainstream Novel – Golden Triangle*

Runner-up Best Mainstream Novel – Book of Your Heart*

Runner-up Best Historical – Now and Then*

Runner-up Best Historical – Show Me More*


*under various previous titles


* * *

The time is 1937. Journalist Dianne Castle mixes with Hollywood's elite post-Prohibition hedonists at the popular Club Borneo, owned by handsome Japanese American, Johnny Honda. Amidst the threat of war and chants of Yellow Peril, Dianne and Johnny fall in love, but it's a love not to be.


How can Johnny let his beloved Dianne throw her life away on the likes of him?


Dianne stubbornly vows to follow him to the ends of the earth-even if it means entering an internment camp.

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A Duke Deceived (Harlequin Historical)


Notable New Author Award Winner

Holt Medallion Honorable Mention, Best First Book

Reissued by Harlequin Historical as eBook


Full of intrigue and excitement,
A Duke Deceived
is a tender love story that will capture the reader's heart from page one. Cheryl Bolen is sure to please those who enjoy historical romances set in Regency England." – Barbara Dawson Smith, bestselling author of


"The charm and grace of the regency period is present in this sweetly told debut novel. Regency fans will find the conflict traditional but enjoyable." –
Romantic Times


A Duke Deceived
is a gem. If you like a genuinely sensuous love story, pick up this first novel by Cheryl Bolen." –
Happily Ever After


* * *

At her mother's deathbed, Bonny Barbara Allan weds the Duke of Radcliff in what Bonny perceives as a totally unequal match. Though she adores Radcliff, Bonny is embarrassed over her dowryless state and inadequate pedigree to be his duchess. To make matters even worse, she believes her enigmatic husband has married her out of compassion toward her dying mother. Nothing could be further from the truth. Radcliff fell in love with the incomparable Bonny the first time he saw her, but how can he reveal his love when his bride is secretly meeting another man?

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Historical Jewels


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The Bride Wore Blue (Book 1, Regency historical Brides of Bath)
by Cheryl Bolen



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