Baby Makes Five (A Multiple Birth Book 1)

BOOK: Baby Makes Five (A Multiple Birth Book 1)
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This is the first book in the three-part series of A Multiple Birth .  Follow Miah, Azolah and Davina as these three women from different walks of life embrace unexpected motherhood as they find themselves falling in love with the men of their dreams.

I’ll like to thank my own Prince Charming for all his support and for sweeping me off my feet and giving the most precious gifts, our two boys. I love you .




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Preview of Book Two: The Blind Man’s Wife







2016 Nicole Peters.

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner including internet usage without the written permission of the author.


This book is a work of fiction. All names and characters in this book is the work of the authour’s imagination and are not intended to refer to a specific person living or dead. Any resemblance to actual names, people, organizations, events, or places is entirely coincidental.












A week ago

Miah was having trouble coming up with the perfect recipe. She had spent all morning in the kitchen tweaking one recipe after the other but still wasn’t satisfied with the four cakes she made. She was on her fifth, when her best friend and roommate Amanda came rushing in. Face flushed as if she had run up the four flights of stairs to their apartment.

“Miah guess what, you won!” Amanda squeals with delight waving the envelope in her hand.

Distracted from mixing the batter, Miah asked, “won what?”

“The trip, of course,” her roommate replies.

“What trip?” she asked as she sifted flour into the bowl and began to mix the cake batter half listening to Amanda.

Amanda came and stood in front of her, taking away the bowl, forcing Miah to look at her. “You are not even paying attention to me.

“Of course, I am. Now if you don’t mind—"

“I do mind Miah. I just told you, you’ve won a weeklong; all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas, and you are acting as if it’s not a big deal.”

“The Bahamas?” she asked, with genuine interest.

“Yes, remember that trip, I signed you up for last month? Well, the radio station finally picked the winner. You.”

“Really? I thought that was over long ago, and they had already picked someone.”

Amanda sighed heavily, “honestly Miah, as much as I love your cooking if you keep pining away here tweaking your recipes you are never going to have a social life. Summer break starts in a week. You can’t just work all summer until we go back to school.”

“Sure I can, if you care so much about the trip why don’t you go?” Miah took the bowl from her friend and continued mixing the batter.

“I can’t. The ticket is in your name, and you deserve this. I know it’s been a hard year for you with your mom gone, and I made her a promised that I’ll look after you.”

“I appreciate your concern, but I have my job at Marks. I can’t take a trip now.”

“That’s just an excuse. Mark has been telling you to take a vacation for the past two months. It’s just for a week, what’s the worst that could happen? Go and enjoy yourself do something spontaneous for once. Do it for your mom.”

“There’s no need to guilt-trip me Amanda by bringing my mother into this. That was a low blow.”

“I’m sorry Miah, but I hate seeing you like this, and I do it because I care about you.”

“I know you do. Let me see the ticket.” Miah concedes.

“Thank you. You won’t regret this. Who doesn’t want a free trip to the Caribbean? Maybe you can even get them to let you meet their chef. You can check out their food and see if they are looking to hire culinary students. Better yet, meet some hot, sexy guy and enjoy him.”

Miah scoffed “no to the guy, and I still have a year before I get my culinary diploma so it wouldn’t matter. This trip is going to cost me more than I am willing to spend isn’t it?” she asked, thinking about the little money she saved for the rest of the school year. Her bank balance was currently $5500. If it wasn’t for the $10,000, her mother had left her from her life insurance and her scholarship, she would be in the red with student loans.

“Not really, you can borrow some of my clothes, and you’ve never had a chance to wear that new bathing suit you bought last year. I have the perfect dress in mind for you.”

“What’s the worst that can happen
?” that innocent question would come back to haunt her.


From the moment she entered the dining room of the King Hotel Bahamas; she knew she was in trouble. The fact that she felt like a fraud didn’t help matters. Amanda had coerced into wearing the damn blue dress; Amanda picked out for her. She was uncomfortable with the way the neckline plunged just stopping an inch beneath her breasts leaving nothing to the imagination.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if the V design in the back wasn’t so low. It ended a few inches above her buttocks. It was the first time since she started wearing a bra she went out in public without one.

An empire style dress would have been her preference if she had a choice or something that covered more of her body. She felt uncomfortable in her skin, but she always kept her promises. Here she was, keeping the promise she made to her friend to be more spontaneous and get out of her comfort zone.

How women wore these designs was beyond her comprehension. The last time she wore a dress was on her sixteenth birthday when her mother had taken her out to dinner. She felt like a different person as she change for dinner that evening, finishing her makeup as per Amanda’s instruction.  She wished it had ended there.

She glanced casually around the room and locked eyes with him. The moment her eyes connected with his from across the room, the electricity that zapped through her body didn’t stop when eye contact ended. The aftermath of his intense gaze left her body vibrating.

With his hot searing eyes on her, she tried to keep her balance on the ridiculously high heels to her table. She almost fell when the Maitre d’ held her chair because she was so flustered. She took a deep breath, trying to clear her head and figure out what she wanted for dinner when she felt a presence behind her.

She knew it was him. She slowly looked up and almost choked as her gaze connected with smoldering sapphires. The menu slipped through her fingers and fell to the floor. They both reached for it at the same time and bumped heads.

“Sorry,” they both said in unison and smiled.

“I should be the one apologizing for startling you,” his brilliant white teeth gleamed a contrast to his tanned skin. His voice was as smooth as silk, a cool caress on a hot summer’s night. 

“That’s alright, thank you,” she replied, trying to calm the nerves that were churning in her stomach.  He was tall, around six feet two inches, with unruly wavy thick brown hair, which looks as if it’s passed time for a trim. Somehow it made him sexier. His lips were full and sensual as if they were made for kissing.

The twinkle in his eyes reminded her of a little boy. One who knew that if he were bad, he could get away with anything. Somehow she had a feeling that the man in front of her could too. He had an athletic body hard and well toned. The small scar over his left eye gave him a sense of mystique. 

“May I join you for dinner or are you waiting for someone?” he asked looking at the empty chair.

“No. Yes. I mean no, I am not waiting for someone and yes. You may join me.” She said flustered.

“Thank you,” he took the seat across from her.

She looked back at her menu with such concentration the words seemed to leap out at her. Her hands tightened on the menu, and she tried to breathe. Her body was buzzing to whatever music he was playing. She could feel his heated gaze on her and knew he was smiling without even looking at him. It was her last day on holiday. She wouldn’t be seeing him again in her boring life back home in Canada. Here she could be anyone she wanted to be, and tonight she was Lucy. Lucy didn’t have any baggage, nor was she still grieving for her dead mother who passed away ten months ago.

No Lucy was bold, sexy and flirtatious. She was a confident, take charge type of woman who knew what she wanted and went for it. She didn’t care what others thought of her or worry about money and keeping a roof over her head. She defied logic and anyone who gets in the way of what she wanted. Spontaneity was her name. Tonight she was Lucy, who didn’t care if she was wearing underwear or not.

There was no room for the shy, awkward Miah. She was going to be someone her roommate would be proud of. Tonight she was going to get her first kiss, and if she was lucky maybe more.

She carefully put her menu down and smiled at her companion, “forgive my manners. My name is Lucy,” she said, hand outstretch.

“Ash,” he said, engulfing her smaller hand in his. Miah pulled her hand away after the brief contact putting them in her lap. She tried not to focus on the amount of electrical energy that was between them. She felt as if she was in a power plant. 

“I haven’t seen you around before, is this your first night here?” she asked curiously tilting her head to the side. She would have noticed him before tonight.

“You could say that” he replied vaguely. “And yourself?”

“It’s my last day. I’ll be going home tomorrow.”

“Where is home?”


“I hope you enjoyed your stay,” he said politely looking at her intently as if making up his mind about something.

“Oh yes, I did. It’s such a beautiful island, and this hotel is more than I could ask for. Everyone here is very nice and helpful. I had a wonderful time, thank you. Can’t you tell from my tan?” she asked flirtatiously.

“Yes, I am glad you had fun, maybe next time you’ll come back with your boyfriend perhaps?”

She laughed. She didn’t know why, maybe it was the thought of her having a boyfriend, then she remembered who she was supposed to be. “Perhaps,” she said vaguely.

He looked as if he were about to say something, but didn’t get the chance when the waiter appeared at their table with the water she had requested.

“Thank you,” she said, picking up the menu again.

“Did you decide on what you would like to order, ma’am?”

“I’m sorry. I still can’t decide on the salmon or shrimp, what would you recommend?” she asked the waiter.

“If I may, maybe I could recommend a few things from the menu that you might enjoy?” Ash interrupted.

She nodded and took a sip of the water while he ordered an array of appetizers. She wasn’t sure if she could afford everything he was ordering but didn’t want to make it known. She could always put it on her credit card if it came to that. The card was for emergencies only, but she would make an exception tonight.

“I ordered some seafood since it seemed you were going that way. Wine?” He asked, holding up a bottle she hadn’t seen before.

“No thank you. I don’t drink,” she regretted her answer instantly. She was supposed to be someone else tonight not plain boring Miah. “On second thought, I’ll love

some thank you.”

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Definitely. So tell me, Ash, are you here with anyone, a girlfriend perhaps?” she asked boldly after taking a sip of the delicious wine.

“No, I can’t say I am,” he replied with a half smile.

“That’s good to know, very good to know,” she murmured.

The rest of the evening went well. He was funny and charming. He had a way of making her laugh, something she rarely did these past few months. It was the most stimulating and intellectual conversation she has ever had. Half way through their equally scrumptious dinner, she realized that she didn’t want the evening to end.

Of course, it could be the wine talking as it has a relaxing effect on her. Which seemed to make her Lucy persona flourish.

When the bill came she felt at a loss; she didn’t want to sever the connection. She thought about the book on the bed she was reading. She was planning on finishing tonight but sighed inwardly. It wasn’t as interesting anymore as this man was. She reached for her purse to get her wallet when she felt his hand on hers. There it was again, that feeling of being hit by high voltage. He heightened every nerve and cell within her body.

“Dinner is on me. It’s the least I can do for such a captivating dinner companion.”

She knew Lucy wouldn’t blush, but this was something Miah couldn’t control. Her fair complexion and her bright-red hair couldn’t disguise her blushes.

“Do excuse me, I need to use the ladies’ room,” she said standing.

He stood and nodded as she walked in the wretched four-inch heels to the ladies’ room. The first thing she did was wash her face. She felt as if she was ablaze.  She rinsed her mouth out, checked her breath, and then tidied herself before reapplying her lip gloss. She was Lucy, what would be Lucy’s next step? Ask him up to her room? Most likely. She walked back into the dining room trying to think of a way to invite him up to her room without sounding presumptuous or easy.


Ash looked at the beautiful woman crossing the room who was an enigma to him.

From the moment, he’d set eyes on her; he'd felt a pull in his groin area. There was something about her that made him want to protect her, and yet at the same time make sweet love to her. Maybe it was because, at first, glance, she looked as if she was in another person’s skin and wanted to bolt from the room. What compelled him to talk to her was the way she had straightened her shoulders, and charged forward. He liked that she didn’t quit or back down from anything.

The fact that she was the most attractive woman he had seen for a long time helped. Her vibrant red curly hair was held together by a clip and looked as if at any moment, it would fall into an unruly mess around her oval face. He wondered if it was her natural colour, or if it came from a bottle. How would it feel to run his fingers through those silken curls?

Her skin was pale had reminded him of peaches and cream. He could see the spatter of freckles around her small nose, and her bow lips were surprisingly sensual and plump. He had wondered all through dinner what it would be like to kiss them. She had a slender body that curved in the right places, not making it too boyish.  He liked his women a little taller and more voluptuous, but she was perfect the way she was.What kept him captivated were the brilliance of her emerald eyes. He could lose himself in them making love to her. He shifted uncomfortably at the growing evidence in his pants.

BOOK: Baby Makes Five (A Multiple Birth Book 1)
11.95Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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