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Authors: April Andrews

Tags: #bondage, #anal sex, #mm, #anal play, #forced seduction

Bargain With the Beast (8 page)

But you said I could
leave. If I pleased you…you said…”

I am making an exception
for you.” The Beast took another step forward. “You are too
beautiful to do otherwise. And I trust you not to speak of your
experience, for who would believe you? Who would even listen,
especially when you explain that you fucked me for your

…he was right, Tobias realized. How on Earth could he go to
the police and tell them about this experience? They would laugh
him out of the station.

So I fuck you and then I
leave?” Tobias asked.

The Beast shook his head.
“No, Tobias,” he said. “
fuck you.”

I…” Tobias swallowed
nervously, unable to finish whatever he had planned to say, though
in truth he had no idea what that was. He had never talked about
fucking someone before. The few experiences he’d had were from
drunken nights out, the sex naturally following on from that. But
this? To sit and discuss how and when he was going to be fucked? It
was all new to him, and he wasn’t sure how to handle it, or even
what he was supposed to do now. So he froze, and he waited, and
then the Beast spoke.

And we start right now,”
he said. “Come here.”


The Beast sighed, shot him almost an
exasperated look, and pulled him into his arms. A moment later, and
before Tobias could say a single word, he kissed him.

Tobias had been kissed before, several
times, but this kiss? It was nothing like he had ever experienced
before. There was no tentative touch, no careful exploration. The
Beast leaned in, took Tobias’ lips, and practically consumed him.
His lips covered Tobias’ in full, his tongue danced around the
edge, and his teeth nibbled along the edge of Tobias’ bottom

It was constant.


Tobias could do nothing but reach up
and clutch the Beast’s bare shoulders to keep his balance. As he
did so, as their skin made contact, he felt a fizzle run through
him, almost like a spark. His head spun, sensations shot from his
lips to his pulsing cock. It was like the Beast’s lips held a drug,
and the moment Tobias touched them it entered his

The Beast gave a low groan and pulled
him close. Tobias felt surrounded by him. He was so big, the heat
coming off him warming Tobias in a weird way—he hadn’t even been

Tobias had no idea how long they
kissed for, but his cock was so hard, he was so turned on, and any
thoughts he’d had about refusing this, about refusing the Beast,
were gone. The kiss swept them all away. In that moment Tobias had
never wanted anyone as bad as he wanted the Beast.

He had never been so

Right or wrong, and
wrong in
so many ways, Tobias wanted this, was unable to refuse

The Beast wrenched his lips from him,
and then he was pulling at Tobias’ top, dragging his pants down,
his long fingers creating shivers that raced across Tobias’ skin.
Next thing Tobias knew he was bare, and he wasn’t self-conscious
about that at all, wasn’t even thinking about how everything was
happening so damn fast. In fact, it pleased him immensely when the
Beast let out a ragged sigh.

You are so beautiful,” he
whispered. “I knew you would be.”

He ran a finger along Tobias’ abs,
tracing their contours.

And here,” he said, and
then he wrapped his hand around Tobias’ cock. Tobias let out a
hiss, the contact enough to make him tingle all over.

Your cock is gorgeous,”
the Beast said. “I want to taste it.”


He did not have a chance to say
anything else. The Beast dropped to his knees and as Tobias
watched—heart in his mouth—he wrapped his lips around Tobias’

Oh God…” Tobias

The Beast smiled around him, his
painfully attractive face filling Tobias’ view, before darting out
his tongue, and languidly licking along Tobias’s slit. A moment
later and he suckled Tobias into his mouth, surrounding him in
warm, wet heat.

It felt amazing. Pleasure ran along
every single inch of Tobias’ length. The Beast’s tongue was moist
and hot, and it made Tobias ache with need. He arched his hips,
pushing himself further into the Beast’s mouth. The Beast took it
all, even encouraged more, growling his approval as Tobias placed
his hands on the Beast’s tawny head and pumped in and

When the Beast opened his throat so
that Tobias’ could slip in another inch he let out a strangled cry.
His cock hit the back of the Beast’s throat, the Beast’s tongue was
everywhere and his hands…oh God…he was fondling Tobias’ balls,
tickling down to his pucker.

It was too much.

An orgasm—so long denied—began to

Tobias pumped himself in and out of
the Beast’s mouth furiously. His mind fixed on one goal. That was
all that mattered now. When the Beast slipped a finger into his
asshole, that goal began to seem closer than ever.

Yes,” he whispered.

He needed this so bad! Wanted it so
much. He was so close…

But then the Beast was pulling back,
his finger stilling, his tongue no longer caressing Tobias’ length.
He looked up and he smiled, his lips wet from Tobias’ pre

Please,” Tobias gasped.

Not yet,” the Beast said.
“Not yet.”


Chapter Nine


The Beast steered him over to the
cabinet with the saddle attached and as he did so Tobias realized
exactly what it was meant for. His stomach clenched, his heart
raced, and it felt like liquid excitement was running through his

He was so aroused. So close to coming.
It wouldn’t take much at all, Tobias knew that. So when the Beast
bent him over the saddle—and Tobias’ body seemed to fit into it
perfectly—it was a wonder his cock didn’t spurt there and then,
covering the leather with his seed.

But the Beast had primed him right. He
had stopped just short of Tobias’ orgasm and Tobias knew why. The
Beast wanted to fuck a climax out of him. He wanted it to come from
Tobias’ ass, because it would be all the more powerful then, Tobias
would have absolutely no control over it.

That’s right,” the Beast
whispered. “Bend over for me.” He palmed Tobias’ ass and let out a
growl of approval. “So fucking beautiful,” he added. “And so

Tobias shivered as he spread himself
over the saddle. It was the perfect height, and it took all of his
weight. He need do nothing but wait to be fucked. Behind him he
heard the sound of a zipper, and then the Beast’s jeans hitting the
floor. A moment later something warm squirted on his

Tobias moaned softly. He was so
sensitized even that was pleasurable.

Let’s get you nice and
ready,” he said.

A finger went back in and Tobias
groaned as the Beast finger fucked his pucker. Before long a second
entered. Tobias arched his hips, pushing against the penetration.
It had been so long! He had forgotten how good it felt!

The Beast finger fucked him over and
over. His other hand found Tobias’ back and he kneaded and rubbed
the flesh. The two sensations were so different, and yet they
complimented each other perfectly. His ass was being pleasured, his
muscles relaxed, and it was enough that Tobias moaned over and
over, the sounds almost in time with the Beast’s

I love that,” Tobias

I know,” the Beast
whispered. “You’ve got me so fucking hard.”

He pushed his fingers apart,
stretching Tobias’ ass from the inside in a scissor motion. He did
it several times, priming Tobias for his cock, growling his
approval as he did so. “You’re ready now,” he said, his fingers
stilling. “Hold on to the handles.”

Hold on?” Tobias

Yes,” the Beast said.
“Because what did I tell you?”

Tobias shivered. “That you had to fuck
me hard.”

Exactly,” the Beast said.
“And that is what is going to happen now.”

Will it hurt?” Tobias

Yes,” the Beast said.
“But it will be a pleasurable pain, and before long you will beg me
for more.”

Tobias found the handles on the saddle
and gripped them. As he did so he took shallow breaths, trying to
relax himself…and then he felt the Beast’s cock-head against him.
It was wide, blunt, and it was demanding entry.

Despite his desire, despite craving
it, Tobias couldn’t help but tense up.

The Beast swatted him on the


No,” he said. “You must

You’re so big,” Tobias
whispered. “I can feel it.”

to feel it,” the
Beast said, and then before Tobias could allow his body to tense
back up the Beast thrust inside of him.

Tobias let out a strangled
cry, the force of the Beast’s invasion shocking him out of his
lust-filled state.
! He was huge. Tobias’ ass was
being stretched in a way it never had been before. He wiggled on
the saddle, tried to pull away, but the Beast would not allow

I’m fucking you,” he
growled. “Accept it. There is no escape.”

You’re too big!” Tobias

Accept it!”

The Beast punctuated his words by
pulling out and thrusting back in. The lube aided him, his cock
slick from it. Tobias clenched his jaw and held on to the saddle,
grateful beyond words that the handles were there for him to grip
on to.

In and out the Beast went. With each
thrust Tobias cried out.

You’re so tight,” the
Beast growled. “I love how you feel.”

It hurts,” Tobias

The Beast responded to that by placing
a hand on Tobias’ lower back and bowing his body. At first Tobias
didn’t realize what he was doing, but a moment later the saddle
began to vibrate…right where his cock was.

Oh God…”

Tobias gripped the handles even
harder. The saddle massaged his cock in time with the Beast’s
thrusts. The pleasure on his dick fought against the pain in his
ass. Bent over the saddle, body prone, Tobias could do nothing but
fight between them.

In the end the pleasure won

In the end he began to accept the
Beast’s thickness.

In the end he began to love

That’s right,” the Beast
said. “Take it all, my perfect, little human.”

He slammed into Tobias, their skin
slapping against one another. Slammed again, plumbing Tobias’ ass
with a measured precision. His hands held Tobias’ hips, guiding
himself perfectly into his hole.

Tobias finally relaxed. He had no
choice. He let his body be taken and he took the pleasure that the
taking gave. Inch after inch went into him—the thickness of the
Beast’s cock massaging his channel with each thrust. Tobias’ balls
throbbed, his cock-head tingled. Sensations raced across his skin.
He had never been fucked so well. Never been pounded with such
unadulterated abandon.

When his orgasm came it did so out of
nowhere. One moment Tobias was prone, sensations flooding him, the
next he was screaming as his dick jerked on the saddle and shot out
wave after wave of cum. It was so unexpected and it was so
powerful. Tobias clenched the handles, screamed his satisfaction,
begged for more.

The Beast gave it.

He continued to plumb Tobias’ ass as
the waves flooded him, as the tingles raced along his skin, and he
continued to do so as his own orgasm hit. He filled Tobias’ with
his cum, shooting deep into his body, and groaning how much he
loved it, how good it felt.

To Tobias nothing had ever come

Nothing had felt like this.

To know that the Beast was deep inside
him. Taking his pleasure from Tobias’ body. It was

The Beast’s thrusts slowed. He wrapped
an arm around Tobias’ body and lifted him up. With his body still
trembling, with the Beast still hard and slick inside of him,
Tobias felt something on his neck. He roused himself—and it was not
easy, because he was so replete, so utterly satisfied—at the exact
same moment that the Beast bit into his neck.

It was not a gentle bite,
but the pain was nowhere close to how it had felt when the Beast
had thrust into his ass that first time. And so, Tobias let out a
low cry, dropped his head forward, and let the Beast do it. He had
no idea
Beast was doing it, no idea what significance it held, but he did
not care. He had just come harder than he ever had in his life. He
was full of cock, full of cum…and for the first time that he could
remember in a very long time…and odd as it was, because here he
was, kidnapped and being fucked by his captor…but Tobias was

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