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Angela Castle


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Cover Artist: Willsin Rowe - Gemini Judson


Editor: Juanita Kees







Nancy, thank you for your dedication and support during the second half of this book.


Thanks to my group of Aussie erotic author friends, who have helped me out of a few tight spots, while endeavoring to finish this story.


Thank you to all my fans who have stuck by me through thick and thin. I hope you enjoy the second half.



Author’s Note

This is the second installment of Beast Planet, for best enjoyment, I highly recommend you read Beast Planet part 1.

Thank you, Angela Castle.



Chapter One


Trapped in a cage and huddled in the corner, fear pulsing through my veins, my whole body trembled uncontrollably. I glanced down at my naked pregnant stomach. ‘Soon’ a mechanical voice echoed in the darkness. My belly deflated painfully and the wail of a baby’s cry pierced the air. The Druel walked past my cage with my baby clutched upside down in his four thick fingers. I saw my son’s pale skin and clear blue eyes, just like his father’s. A warm wetness reached my feet, soaking in between my toes. I looked down and saw the floor coated in blood. My blood. 

Morrdrook stood with a sword clutched in his hand, behind the Druel, fighting a Fraxi.

“Save him! Morrdrook, you have to save him!” I screamed.

The bars were suddenly gone and Morrdrook clutched me tight. “Aunna, Aunna…”

My eyes flew open; Morrdrook was gently shaking my shoulders. “Aunna, you have bad dreams, wake up.”

I blinked against the artificial lights, focusing on his face. Tendrils of the nightmare still clung to my mind as the fog of sleep lifted. Morrdrook pulled me tight to his chest, running a soothing hand back and forth over my back.

It was a dream, just a dream.

I drew in a shaky breath. “I’m okay. I’m awake.” I rested my head against his chest, drawing strength from his warmth, trying to will the last remnants of the dream from my mind.

“Want to talk about it?” Morrdrook stroked my face. I sighed at his softly spoken question. “Tell me, who did I need to save? Your words—
save him

I swallowed, trying to gather more moisture in my mouth. Even though my pounding heart slowly started to calm, I couldn’t stop my body from trembling.

“I dreamed about our baby and the Druel. They came to take our son.”

He was silent for a long moment, so I listened to the steady rhythm of his heart. “I will not let that happen, my Aunna. We are almost home and will talk about it later.”

I nodded and glanced down the line of Zakiu, most of them held their women in a similar fashion; cradled close in their arms, waiting for the ship to reach our destination. True to Morrdrook’s words, it wasn’t long before the ship jolted to a stop and everyone clambered to their feet, making their way to the back of the ship’s holding area. The dream forgotten for the moment as anticipation vibrated through everyone, eager for freedom—even if it was temporary. I welcomed the sound of the electronic doors opening…I couldn’t wait to get out of this damn ship.

The sudden flood of bright light made me squint as the doors widened and a long platform lowered. No one waited for the order to disembark. Everyone was just as eager to get the hell away from the Druel.

Morrdrook held my hand tightly as we headed down the platform. Following everyone else, we did not stop until we were at least two hundred meters away from the ship. Once clear, everyone stood to watch as the ship’s blasters engaged and lifted from the barren, scorched area it had landed on.

We watched as the ship climbed higher into the atmosphere until it left only a white vapor trail against the blue sky.

“Oh yeah! Can you smell that?” Abby splayed her arms wide, her head tilted towards the warming rays of the Zakiu sun. The soft cooling breeze ruffled our hair and clothing.

“Smell what?” I inhaled—delighted by the freshness of the air, the warm kiss of sunshine on my skin balanced out the cooler breeze blowing around my body. So many different exotic floral scents hit me. But still, I had no idea which smell Abby was talking about.

“Freedom.” She lowered her head catching my gaze, before glancing up at Nular.

“Our freedom, my fire.” He smiled down at her.

“Only a few elders remain now, no more youth. We are the last of the younger generation. I wish to see who still lives.” Morrdrook tugged me forward. He’d hardly let go of me at all since boarding the Druel ship back on their planet—as if he couldn’t bear to be parted from me for a single second.

“I just realized how much better your English is getting,” I noted, hurrying to keep step with Morrdrook.

“Our bond is growing stronger. I learn and understand your language better and you also understand me better.”

“Oh okay, I guess that make sense.”
In a very alien way

Over and up a rolling hill, we reached the crest and came to a stop. I was filled with awe as my gaze swept over the landscape. Green fields tinged with rows of pink. I wondered if they were crops. Over in the distance I saw tall mountain ranges, bemused that they were white at the base while covered in what appeared to be pale blue snow. To my left, lush dark- looking jungles, stretched for miles. A vast lake sparkled with crystal blue waters, reminding me of color of Morrdrook’s eyes. Apart from the different color blends, the landscape looked very similar to Earth.

I had always been fond of the color blue. I just never knew it came in so many different shades, nor how beautiful it was blended like this.

“Wow, talk about your fifty shades of blue,” Joan quipped, showing off a surprising sense of humor.

Makkiu glanced down giving her a puzzled look. Joan shrugged.

“Come, still a walk to the village.” Makkiu lead her down the hill, following the line of others already making their way down. In the center of the majestic scenery, I saw rows of uniformed grassy mounds and a few larger black buildings, much like the ones I’d seen on the Druel planet. Tall black circular towers, stood out against the blue and white backdrop. I guessed they were about thirty feet high, reminding me of cell phone towers from Earth.

“That’s your village?” Surprise rolled through me. Somehow I’d expected something different.

“Druel gave us this. It has been here since my younger days. There are borders around this land to keep us contained.” Morrdrook pointed to where the meadow met the jungle. “From the Oakpa Forrest
Jungle to Pale Lake. We can go no further than the mountain base to where we stand now.”

“I don’t see any walls. How can they keep us contained? I thought this was your planet, yet you can’t go anywhere.”

“Druel have set up invisible walls we cannot go beyond. We are forced stay within our lands.”

My hands curled into fists, gripped by sudden rage. “We’re not free at all. Those bastards are keeping us penned like sheep.”

The heat of his body wrapped around mine, his hand sliding over my belly in a possessive, yet calming gesture.

“No have to fight beasts. This is our time of freedom,” Morrdrook rumbled.

“Yeah, just like a bloody summer holiday,” Abby griped.

I totally agreed. “So what the hell happens when they come back? Most of us will be in the late stages of pregnancy. Are they going to take us all, or just the fighters, to entertain them in the arena again?” Memories of the horrific battles in the roman-like arena, still fresh in my mind, made me shudder with dread.

“Not now, Aunna, you need rest. We will talk about escape later.” From Morrdrook’s firm tone, I knew arguing would get me nowhere. I did feel a little tired from all that tension on the ship, and I was newly pregnant.

“Not much freedom granted, but we can think about that later. Right now, I want to enjoy what we’ve got, rather than what we don’t.” Fire sparked in Abby’s eyes, matching her red hair, gleaming in the sunshine. She was right. There was time for planning later on.

The grass felt soft under my feet. After so much time being barefoot in the slave quarters on the Druel planet, I could hardly remember what it was like to have shoes.

I laughed, suddenly thinking that the Zakiu had the raw end of the deal. They had to put up with a bunch of hormonal pregnant women.

“What’s so funny,” asked Abby.

“Think about it, nineteen pregnant women and no chocolate anywhere in sight.” I chuckled.

Abby’s high-pitched laughter filled the air. What was funnier? Seeing the men’s perplexed expressions, of course.

* * * *

The group spread out, each finding their own home to claim. I followed Morrdrook down what seemed to be the main thoroughfare. The place appeared deserted, apart from a worn trail from some huts to the main building.


“That building holds the training equipment, but it has never been used. Not when I was growing up or during times of freedom. We prefer to train outside.” Morrdrook pointed to the main dominating building. “Beyond is food and the reproduction building, where we gather to have talks. Further behind is equipment and supply storage with fabric replicators.  The Druel come with supply ships before we arrived to make sure we are fully supplied.”

“They just won’t leave you alone, will they?” I stared at the buildings in disgust.

“We do what we have to do, use what we need in order to stay strong. It is the weak who die in the Druel battle games.”

It made sense, the survival of the fittest. If you didn’t fight, you died.

It was hard to believe the Zakiu had been slaves of the Druel
for three generations from what I could count. The species teetered on the brink of extinction; therefore they’d abducted all the human women. Fucking bastards! It was a bitter pill mixed with the pleasure of loving Morrdrook.

My heart was heavy wanting to do more to help the Zakiu than just give birth to a new generation. Our sons and daughters would still be slaves to the Druel, fresh fodder for their games. Something had to be done.

“Do you know anything about your ancestors—before the Druel?”

“Only stories of great cities, how we believed in the fates of the three moon gods. It is all a distant memory now. Our elders passed knowledge of our language and how we should always care for our females. You are precious. They teach us how to fight but Druel have been ruthless to wipe out traces of what we once were.” He swept his hand towards the mountains. “The older ones have passed down tales of the fight against the Druel machines.”

I gripped Morrdrook’s hand tighter. It tugged at my heart seeing the sadness in his eyes as he gazed towards the mountain ranges.

“I’m so sorry. You are so much more than what the Druel are trying to mold you into being.” My voice was tight with mixed emotions of anger and sorrow.

His smile didn’t reach his eyes, but I saw his love as he gazed back down at me. Slipping his arm around my middle, he pulled me against his side. “Forget Druel for now, our home is this way.”

The black buildings reminded me of transportable homes, each approximately the same size of my two-bedroom apartment back in Melbourne. With square windows, tall doors and everything in line, it stretched from one side of the village to the other. It seemed the Zakiu had hauled a ton of dirt against the back of each building where grass now grew over the mounds. I was reminded of the hobbit burrows from Tolkien’s novel.

BOOK: Beast Planet 2: Captive Salvation
11.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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