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Bella Vita

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Jesse Kimmel-Freeman

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This one is for Maman, you taught me

life is beautiful. I miss you.







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About the Author




Every author has their own mishaps and trials
that they've to overcome in writing a novel, for all those that
were there during mine- thank you. For my family that deals with me
typing away on the keyboard into the late hours. For the fans that
ask for more and encourage me every step of the way. And to all the
new writers that I've encountered along the way- you're amazing.
Thank you, everyone! And a HUGE thank you to my amazing editor, you
might not know this, but you truly are a miracle!










The sound of high heels
clattering away on the cold cobbled ground echoed in my
I'm not wearing heels, why do I hear
The clicking continued as I walked
down a chilled darken alley. Being a vampire took the fear out of
the dark, I was glad I was one now.
am I?
It's strange when you don't know
where you are, and you feel like you're searching for
But what?
I walked on.

That was when I saw them.
She was taller than me, blonde and thin, and he was tall and
Mike? No, he just makes the world
feel like Mike.
The inner light clicked
wasn't a question at this point. I couldn't see their faces, but I
knew she wasn't a wolf, I sent my mental probing out to her- she
was a vampire.
My thoughts swirled.
Why is she with him?

When I heard her voice, I
understood. It was Issy and her boyfriend. My childhood best friend
and her werewolf love.
But why am I

Issy, what's going on?” I
said out into the frosty night air.

They didn't respond. It was like I wasn't
there. They walked ahead of me and turned down another dark alley.
I realized we must be near a secret club or something, people just
didn't walk down alleys for the heck of it.

Her scream pierced the
night. I wanted to move faster, but it seemed like my feet were
stuck in place.
What was wrong? What
I really wished my internal
dialogue would shut up when things got freaky. I finally made it to
the corner.

The fine hairs that cover
my pale body stood at attention right away. Issy was covered in
blood- not just any blood, but his blood.
Oh crap.
I didn't know how I could
help. I merely watched as she shrieked over the body of her dead
love, covering herself in more and more of his blood. That was not
a good idea because werewolf blood makes us ill, but she didn't
seem to care.

I heard the footsteps and wanted to shout to
her to run, to get away from him. But I couldn't, I had no voice in
this realm or whatever it was. When they came, there were many of
them. Their voices grew from concern to anger once they found her.
I could see the violence behind their eyes.

Run Isabella! Run for you
damned life! GET UP, LET HIM GO!” I was shouting to deaf

I watched her stand with her hands turned
out, her face held defeat, and her eyes looked empty.

Don't just give up! You
didn't do it!” I knew it in my soul that this was not her

Then the crowd rushed her...



I woke with a start as
Why did I've to have a new dream to
destroy my sleep?
Dominic was in the room
as usual. Apparently, he heard my scream- yet again. I was crying
for my friend, but I didn't know what to do. He reached out and
held my hand as he wiped away the hot stinging tears.





I sat in the dark with Dominic holding me-
his attempt to force away my bad dreams, I still hadn't told him
that my latest haunting vision was about his twin sister. I also
hadn't emailed her. I mean, how do you tell someone something like
that? I couldn't.

Instead I would stop it from
Poor Jack.
I blinked back the tears and I tried to focus on something
else. I let my mind drift back to when I first had the dream- the
plane ride over to my new home in Italy.
That was a shocker.
I thought of how
my scream caused quite a commotion.
I shook my head at the memory of
it. Dom took it as a sign that I wasn't any better and held me
Dom is so good to me.
He was the first in, didn't ask me any questions-
only held me, and then quietly handed me a sheet of paper I had
fallen asleep reading- Mike's letter.
Mike's letter.

I closed my eyes. I could easily see his
distinct scrawl. It seemed as though the words would forever be
burned on to the backs of my eyelids.


Dearest Emma.

I don't know where you're going, I didn't
ask- I couldn't. I knew if I had known I'd find you. I'm sure you
think I'm letting you go without even a word, but surely you know
me better than that. I'll never really let you go. I love you no
matter what happens or who appears. I know I hurt you. Shit! I hurt
myself. I don't expect this to make it any better. It will probably
make it worse. I don't want it to. I just want you to know the

My time with you was the best I've ever had.
You are a part of me. I mean if it wasn't for you I'd be dead- both
inside and in real life. For that I'm forever indebted to you. Even
if you won't admit it. I wish I could be around you to pay you back
all the joy and happiness you gave me. But I can't turn my back on
my responsibilities, just as you can't. I've heard the stories now,
as I'm sure you've too, I know you're nothing like the vampires
from the old tales- I've seen it in so many of your actions. I just
want peace for our people, even if it means...

If you need me, you'll always be able to
find me. Look and you shall see. I know you're leaving, I'm gonna
miss ya Em! I don't really know what's next for me. I think my
parents want me to attend our kind's school, you probably have to
do the same thing. We apparently have a lot of them all over the
world. There's one in Ireland. Maybe I'll go end up there with my
family and Acacia's.

I really hope that all of this works out for
both of us and we don't end up as the prophecy says. But hey, if we
do, we can at least know that we'll be making a better world for
what we leave behind. Got to make light of it, right?

Anyways, I hope you get all you want and
that your new life is everything you could want.

Please take care of yourself. I'll miss you.
I'll always love you.





I blinked away the fresh
Evil bastard saying goodbye like
I hadn't even looked at our shared
journal, instead it sat on my desk glaring at me.

. It is all okay. The dream is gone.
Maybe if you talked about it you'd feel better.” His words hung
around me like a poisonous gas.

How do I tell you your
sister might die?
I looked at him with
pleading eyes.

His mental probe was like a gentle knock on my
well-barricaded mind.

I turned and looked at him. The tears
escaped from their prisons and slid down my cheeks.

His hand felt cool on my
cheek. Mia bella
, whatever it is- we can
deal with it. Surely, it can't be something we can't handle
He raised his blonde brow at

His words just brought on a
fresh round of tears.
Maybe I could talk
to Grandpa. They should be here within a day.
I sent my thoughts to him.

That's a wonderful idea
Emma! I'm sure your grandfather will be able to help.” He sounded
enthusiastic, I really hoped I hadn't hurt him.

BOOK: Bella Vita
6.41Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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