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Of course I do. I'm a
vampire, after all.” He smiled and kissed me.

I love you, Dom.” I

And I, you.” His breath
was warm on my neck.


The rest of the evening was spent trying to
get me ready for the next day. I was frightened to go to a vampire
school. What if I was different and no one liked me? I know, it was
a stupid fear, but these were supposed to be my people- the ones I
might die for- and I really wanted them to like me. I got out my
messenger bag that I used in high school- it would serve me well
again. I pulled out some blood red fishnets, my black combat boots,
one of the black skirts, the vest, and my favorite tee- cautioning
those around me that I bite, even if they couldn't read it. I
packed up some paper and pens, but left the rest of my bag empty
except for my wallet. The night seemed to fly by, and soon I was
back in my bed for the night. I stared at the ceiling until the
blackness took me.


When the alarm went off at
seven in the morning, I knew I hadn't set it. The annoying beeping
bounced off the stone walls of my room, making my ears ring like
bats in a belfry.
Why is that on?
My desperate attempt to turn it off was useless-
especially when I ended up toppling out of my bed. The soft fuzzy
texture of my fluffy rug tickled my face.

Ugh! Damn you, stupid
alarm clock! Turn off!” I was just reaching for my boot when my
door opened.

Good, it woke you.” Dom
came in full of smiles, sunshine, a cup of coffee, and didn't ask
why I was crawling on the floor holding my shoe.

You! You set that beast of
a machine!” I snarled at his cheeriness.

Si, cara
. Today we go early to school,
remember?” He looked at me quizzically.

It's a
school, isn't it at night?”
I pleaded.

Emma, you know we're not
like Dracula. We live in the human world. Besides, most classes
don't start until at least noon.” He smiled.

But!” That was my best

He handed me the coffee, pointed to my
clothes, and left.

Grr!” I shouted at the
closed door.

I grabbed my clothes and headed into the
bathroom. I took a quick shower- longing to just relax in the
perfect water. My clothes felt new, like I was trying on a new me.
Even though I would've bought something similar to this, it still
felt foreign. I brushed my straight hair and expertly pulled it
into two braids that fell on either side of my head. I lightly did
my normal black eyeliner. The red shimmer eyeshadow was a bit
dramatic for the first day, but I figured I couldn't tone down all
of me. I briefly wondered if everyone walked around with their
fangs elongated all the time at school as I applied the deep red

Once I was put together, I slipped my
messenger bag over my shoulder. I checked to make sure my little
bat pin was still attached before I headed downstairs.

Dom looked very handsome, and seriously
toned down. His usually spiked hair was gelled back. He wore black
slacks, a heather gray version of my vest, and a crimson button-up.
I couldn't see one tattoo. I did notice that he wore bright red

I giggled as he held the door for me.

What?” He looked at

Nothing. Why is your vest
gray?” I changed the subject.

It's what separates the
students from the faculty. Although I'm the youngest professor
there- I don't look the youngest.” He smiled at me and I felt my
cheeks pinken.

So, am I your student?”
The question had been burning inside me since I found out he'd be
teaching there.

Probably not,
mia bella
. I think I get
the older students only. I don't think they'd let me teach you
anyways- you know, with favoritism and all. But once you're settled
with your classes, and you still want to learn from my travels,
I'll teach you.” He closed the door behind him.

Yes! Of course!” I nearly
shouted at the top of my lungs, but managed to tone it

We will see.” He gestured
for me to turn, I did.

Parked right in front of the house was my
beautiful new black Jeep Wrangler with green flames- my second
black beauty. I still missed my first one, but the accident on the
bridge that had completed my change into a vampire, had taken my
beautiful car along with my favorite black furry slippers. I ran to
the car that I hadn't seen since I packed it up for travel.

When did it get here?” I
asked as soon as I touched it.

While you were gone. I put
the boxes inside the closet across from your room.” His eyes
twinkled at my happiness over my beloved car.

With everything that has
been happening, I forgot all about this. It was supposed to arrive
right after I did.” The memory made me grumpy at how late it

Things sometimes take
longer than expected in international travel, love.” He tried to
calm me.

That's stupid. But I'm
glad it's here.” I lovingly stroked my car.

So, shall we head out
then?” He pulled a black newsboy hat down on his head.

Yes, sir.” I laughed as I
saluted him.


The top was off and the cool sea air felt
fresh against my skin. Dom sat with his eyes closed as he hummed
along to the Portishead CD I was playing. The morning was overcast,
the sun was playing peek-a-boo behind the clouds. As we drove, I
got to see more of the small towns that I loved with their
terracotta tile roofs. The further spread out the homes were, the
closer we got to the school. Many of them looked similar to my
grandparents' villa.

Once we passed through the
very large impressive cast-iron gates with the word
above them, I knew there was no turning back.

We are almost there. Just
follow the road up to the main building. Someone there will take
the car from us.” He said with his eyes still shut.

I did as I was told. The road curved through
a good deal of woods- or was it a forest? At the end of a long
looping driveway stood a huge castle. It easily topped Hogwarts in
my mind. The most amazing part was how well preserved it looked. It
had several keeps, three towers, a moat and drawbridge, and a
bailey. I mean, it was something that could've easily been here
since its original use, which had to be a thousand years ago. The
stones were a cool gray, and the slightest green moss clung to the
lower stones that touched the surrounding grass before it dropped
off into the moat.

I wonder if there are
gators or something scary in it?
I inched
toward the moat.

Absolutely nothing.” Dom
laughed at me.

Curiosity. So now what?” I
turned to him.

Now we go to the office
and get your schedule. I'll show you around for a bit, then I'm off
because I've a class to teach at noon. Oh, which reminds me, your
professors are to be called 'Master' or 'Mistress'. Nothing else,
okay?” His tone was so serious.

Ok, Master Dominic.” I
stuck my tongue out at him.

Actually, I'd be Master
DeDominico.” He winked.

Anything else? What
happens if you or I finish before the other?” I was afraid to be
completely alone with nothing to do.

I think you'll figure
everything out as you go. If that happens, I've a course to outline
and lessons to plan, and you'll make friends.” His smile was
encouraging, but I was still so frightened.

Ok, do we talk only in our
minds here? Should I take my bag?” I asked as we climbed out of the

It depends on the class.
The instructors will inform you. When you're walking around, we
speak aloud- less strange that way. Yes, you should take your bag.
Although once you learn your way, you'll be able to find your car,
but until then I think that you should keep it with you. On we go.”
He took my hand.

The well worn wood of the drawbridge was
beautiful. Our feet made muffled thuds as we crossed under the
defense line. I was worried that things might be dropped down from
the holes above, like in the old movies. Once inside the courtyard,
Dominic escorted me to the office which was the first door on the
right. Inside you would've never guessed it was inside a castle.
The walls were white- except for the brightly colored notices that
were scattered throughout. The women sitting at the various desks
behind the tall counter looked like they could be in any high

Ah, Master DeDominico, I'm
glad you came in this morning. Here's your newest student list, the
contents of your inbox, and an invitation to the first faculty
dinner.” The cheery redhead with dreamy eyes for Dom, handed him a
pile of papers.

Eh, does she not realize
how obvious she is?
I had put up my blocks
the moment I walked into the office, so I sent Dom a private

I doubt it,
mia bella
His words were humored.

Miss Taraneh, this is Emma
Mary Hutchinson, my betrothed. She's starting classes and there
were last minute changes to her schedule. We are here to pick up a
copy of it now.” His smile was formal.

Oh, um, let me get that
for you, Master DeDominico.” She flushed a deep red as she scooted
off toward her computer.

Was that necessary? Look
how she reacted.
I felt for the

She's a human, Emma. She is
in fact a secretary here. I can't have her thinking that there is
any chance. Although we don't look down on human-vampire
relationships, we don't allow them on school grounds. Too many
questions could be raised. I had to make things perfectly clear
that I was taken.
The words were so cold
and formal that I felt like I was receiving a lecture for doing

Okay! Jeeze!
I sent him.

I'm sorry,
cara mia
, this place
sends me into teacher mode.
He was

Here we go, Miss
Hutchinson. Such advanced classes for a fresh student?
Congratulations, or good luck.” Taraneh smiled, but I could see the
female predatory eyes glint at me over Dominic.

Thank you, Miss Taraneh.
hope you
have a nice day.” I smiled as sweetly as I could, took Dom's hand
and pulled him out the door.

Can you say territorial
Dominic laughed.

Did you not see her
My anger flared into my

Anyways, what classes are
you in, my love? There should be 4 to 6.” He changed the subject on

Um, Advanced Healing 4,
Mental Training 4, History of Our People 1, Learning Our Ways 1,
Tracking 1. Bloody hell! They are everyday! What is tracking?” I
felt grumpy.

Wow, that's some list.
Well, tracking is one of our vampire skills- we can track people.
The other two level one classes are basic entry classes. One is to
teach you about the people that you come from, and the other is
meant to help you learn about your own gifts and skills as a
vampire- something you should know. Perhaps you had to take that
class. And you have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off, my love.” He
patted my arm.

That just means that
instead of suffering through one class a day, one day I suffer
through two!” I whined.

I think you'll enjoy your
classes. And in fact, you have each class each day- much like high
school.” Dom was suddenly interested in his shoes.

What!” I

It isn't so bad. At least
you know that we both have the same amount of days here.” I could
tell he was grasping for something positive.

I took a deep breath and let it out.

It won't be as bad as you
think, I promise.” He held my hand tightly.

So let's see this place
before I've to go to a class that I doubt I belong in because of
how advanced it is.” I sighed.

Okay, well this is
obviously a castle. It's the main building, it houses the main
classes. So your level one and level two classes will probably be
here for the most basic courses, sometimes there are more advanced
ones here. Your healing class will be held out in the greenhouses,
which are in the gardens- they're out back, can't miss them. Your
mental class will be held out in the empty field. Everything around
the building has been removed, kind of strange if you ask me. And
your tracking class will be held in those woods we passed coming
in. There is a hunters' lodge out there. I'll show it all to you,
but we must move quickly.” He walked us out the back of the castle
and over another bridge.

We walked faster than a human's quick walk,
he showed me the hunters' lodge first. It looked just like I
imagined it would- all wood, lots of angles, and dead things
attached to it. I hated it. Next we moved onto the empty field and
plain beige circle building. There was one door and many windows
just below the flat roof. It seemed really strange. The garden was
beautiful, mapped out with flowers and plants of a huge variety.
The greenhouse was a huge building of well crafted blue glass. I
wanted to go inside, but Dominic wanted to make sure that I ended
up in the castle.

BOOK: Bella Vita
6.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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