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Be My Warlock Tonight

Renee Field


Book three in the
Lovers series.


Warlocks in Lance’s family have been cursed for generations. Revenge pumps in his veins along with his drive to succeed in the human corporate world. During a blind date with his coworker, he discovers she’s a witch belonging to the same family who cursed his.

Cindy fought to escape her gray
world to prove herself in the human realm with her business smarts. She dresses down, doesn’t use her magic and is a force to be reckoned with.

Ignoring the sizzling passion her demanding warlock lover evokes in her might prove to be the hardest challenge in her life. But enjoying being controlled in the bedroom doesn’t mean she has to give up all she’s fought for.


An Ellora’s Cave Romantica Publication




Be My Warlock Tonight


ISBN 9781419927799


Be My Warlock Tonight Copyright © 2010 Renee Field


Edited by Jaynie Ritchie

Cover art by Syneca


Electronic book publication September 2010


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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.

Be My Warlock Tonight

Renee Field



This series is dedicated to all the wild women out there looking for a night of fun. Enjoy!





To my wonderful editor, Jaynie Ritchie.

To the man I love more each day—love you always, Brian.
To my wonderful friends and writers, Lilly Cain and
Fox, for reading and then re-reading this series and for encouraging me to keep on writing.



Author Note


I’ve never been on a blind date but if I had, I would want one of these men. Everything in this series is fictional.



Trademarks Acknowledgement


The author acknowledges the trademarked status and trademark owners of the following
mentioned in this work of fiction:

Jacuzzi: Jacuzzi, Inc


Chapter One


Cindy could not believe her luck.
Damn. Double damn!
Of all the places to meet her blind date of the night it had to be none other than on the tallest building in the city. Forget that heights totally terrified her, but the tallest building…come on, what were the odds?
thought darkly to herself.

I shouldn’t have gone to that blasted charity auction. Just think
I could be home in bed now.
That was routine most nights anyway, which was even sadder. However, Cindy was pleased she’d allowed her friends, Nora and Tina, to talk her in to the evening. It had been a pleasantly fun night. In fact, if Cindy didn’t know any better she would have thought it had felt almost magical. It also pleased her to know that her hard-earned money went to support a worthwhile cause. The building of the theater’s playhouse, next door to the already refurbished cinema, would certainly go a long way to enhancing the downtown block. If she had to fork out a thousand dollars each night over the course of the three-day event it was the least she could do to help the area. Plus as an added bonus she got a date. Something she couldn’t seem to get on her own.
Another sad point in her life at the moment.

Abruptly Cindy silenced her negative thoughts. She had worked hard for this life and was damn well going to be happy in it.

I can do this. I will do this. Just ignore the fact that this is the tallest building in town and some weirdo had this crazy idea to create a restaurant outside and on the top floor. Sure, why not.

She looked way up at the fifty-plus-story building and fought the urge to flee. Her legs shook, and the belt to her white leather coat was cinched so tight it dug into her waist, but she was determined. If she could negotiate being allowed to live on her own instead of with her family who lived in the
world, Cindy could conquer her fear of heights and meet her blind date of the night all without the use of magic.

She stepped into the elevator and hit the top floor. When the door opened she awkwardly stepped out.

“May I help you?” The beautiful waitress with unreal long black hair that pooled down past her butt looked at Cindy as if she knew exactly how she felt.

“I don’t think I can do this,” she heard herself blurting out.

“Then let me help you.” The man’s voice rumbled with warmth and familiarity, tickling every nerve ending in her body.

Cindy pivoted and turned. She looked up to find the bluest eyes she’d ever seen. They almost glowed. His pupils were large, aware and there was something mystical…something knowing and telling in those Grecian sea-blue eyes that tightened a knot of dread and excitement in her.

Color was something she never got tired of cataloguing or looking at. Having spent her childhood in the
realm, which existed solely in shades of gray, black and white, Cindy thought Earth was more than she could ever have dreamt about or magically created. She didn’t know she had missed anything until she had spied her first red rose.

“And trust me, helping you will feel
so good,” drawled the man, forcing Cindy back to the moment at hand.

Cindy realized this was her date. He wore the Zorro-like mask to conceal his
adding to his allure and making him look sexy as hell in his black formal suit that clung to every chiseled feature on his tall, six-foot-six muscular frame.

Add a sword and he’d look like the perfect
Rivers of dark jet-black shiny hair fell unfashionably past his shoulders, adding to his mystique. The urge to reach out and run her fingers through his mane flashed hot and bright through her. Then he smiled a sexy, coy grin of knowing. She was instantly hit with his magical magnetism. Goose bumps of lust rose to the occasion and for the first time in her life Cindy was more terrified of the sexual magic this man wielded than her fear of heights.

Still unable to form a coherent word, she let him move closer.

“I will escort you.” He claimed her arm, touching her bare skin, and that one fleeting act of intimacy ignited a fire of heat in her pussy that said to hell with the meal, let’s just hit the sheets.

Heat rushed to Cindy’s cheeks. Her date turned those mystical Grecian-blue eyes to her, grinning devilishly.

“I love your line of thinking.”

“And that would be?” Was that
throaty voice teasing him? Straightening her spine, Cindy eased more into his frame, purposely brushing her body up against his, needing to feel his reaction.

The tingling zing, as if an electric current passed through her to him, caused his hair to rise in a gentle wave. He simply shook his head and unhooked his arm from hers to bring her hand into his large warm palm.

“Your place or mine?”

“Mine.” Cindy didn’t hesitate. She had no desire to set one more foot onto the clear see-through floor of Finn’s restaurant but she had lots of desire to peel this man layer by layer out of his clothes.

A second later she squeezed her eyes shut, trying to get orientated. One minute she had been on top of the tallest building in town and then in a blink she was standing inside her house with her blind date looking sexy, dangerous and damn-straight magical.

“Wait a second, you’re a magical being?”

“What?” he asked, clearly surprised by her question.

Pissed and angry at herself for not paying better attention to the man she’d picked as her blind date, Cindy sliced him a dirty look.

Placing both hands on her hips, she emphasized her point. “No magical beings.”

He sauntered forward, glaring at her. “Are you a witch?”

“Worse. I’m a corporate-climbing bitch with no time for creatures of magic. So…out, out, next time I’ll shout.” Her sing-song voice
enough magical power to zap her blind date back to where he came from.

* * * * *

The silky feel of the black tie Cindy willingly wound around her ankles, tying herself to her own bedposts, ignited a flare of excited goose bumps along her calf muscles.

“I must be crazy.” She vaguely felt as if she were missing some important aspect about the night but for the life of her she couldn’t think straight.

“No talking.”

The mystery man’s voice was deep and authoritative. This was a man used to giving orders that others obeyed. Cindy glanced up, catching the heated gaze from his baby-blue eyes. His eyes pierced through the Zorro-like mask, the black cloth serving only to highlight his refined cheekbones, plump full lips and startlingly clear eyes. The mask did its job, keeping her from being able to identify her mystery man. She knew she’d picked him from the charity auction and he was her date for the night, but there were pieces of the puzzle missing. How had she ended up on display for him in her bed?
I must have had more to drink than I thought.

Without a word he moved to the bed, hooked the silky scarf around her right ankle and appraised her. He trailed a tapered end of the scarf down her thigh to her calf, using it like a finger. Wisps of desire flowed from her leg to her pussy muscles, which clenched anxiously with desire and dread.

“This is what you want.”

The man yanked hard on both scarves to ensure she couldn’t wiggle her ankles or legs free. Leaning back on her elbows, she chuckled nervously. “Are you reading my mind?”

“You want this.”

It was a bold statement coming from a man who was fully clothed while she wasn’t. Cindy closed her eyes for a minute, hoping sanity would return.

“Open your eyes,” he commanded as he knelt between her spread legs.

“I’ve changed my mind.”

“Maybe, but your body hasn’t.”

A sexy grin revealed a dimple on his right cheek.

“You’re wet. That pussy of yours wants this.”

Man, did he ever get that right.
hated how out of control she felt. Her body squirmed with desire while her mind told her this was beyond insane. After all, she didn’t know this man. He could do anything to her.
Like tie you to your bed.
Another nervous giggle escaped.

The man walked around to the right side of her bed. Armed with another silk tie, Cindy knew what was coming. Still, her stomach muscles clenched uneasily while her traitorous nipples puckered more. She tried telling herself it was because her bedroom was cool but that was a bold-faced lie.

“Lie down.”

She did as instructed. A small moan escaped when he daringly trailed the silk scarf over her wrist, up her arm and down around both breasts. He teased the tips of her nipples with the tapered end, lightly pretending to buff them, causing her body to sway more into the silk. Then a hand clamped on her right wrist. He dragged her arm toward the bedpost to tenderly secure her wrist to the bed with the silk scarf.

There was something warrior-like in the way the man sauntered from the right side of her bed back to the bottom. He stood gazing at her spread-eagle legs.

“I love how your pussy juices are glistening on your curls.”

There was a roughness to his voice, a husky timbre that hadn’t been there before. The noted reaction of his voice broke through Cindy’s rational mind. Knowing he wasn’t immune to her allowed the butterflies to flit around in her
The idea that he wanted her pleased that thoroughly feminine part of her she kept hidden so well.

Cindy took pride in being the youngest woman to manage one of
corporations, and she did it all on her own, without using any of her inherent magical abilities she’d purposely disowned. She was the fastest woman, figuratively speaking, to climb up that elusive corporate ladder and it was all due to hard work. She’d gotten there on her business sense, not her looks or her magic, which she’d taken great pains to ignore or play down.

Black or blue knee-length business suits, blonde hair neatly tied up in a bun, and minimal makeup applied every morning. She rarely dated, hardly ever went out to party unless it was work-related, and most assuredly would never have even thought of going on a blind date two weeks ago.

But two things had happened to her recently. First, she’d turned thirty and secondly, her mother had informed her she planned to visit. That wasn’t good. Her mother, a member of the
-Roman Witches’ Coven, was why Cindy had moved to another world…and sometimes even that distance didn’t seem enough.

It had been her friend Tina who’d told her about the charity auction. And
, here she was—neatly tied up because she’d insisted all three go, have fun and enjoy a wild, wicked night. Cindy loved her friends but she wasn’t stupid enough to let them know she was a witch from another realm. That would get her locked up in an insane asylum within minutes of her confession. Plus they were humans so they could never discover the truth or else the
—the group of
who enforced the peace treaty with Earth—would hunt her down and in all likelihood kill her friends. She shivered with that thought. When the man’s hand came to rest on her
, Cindy almost bucked up off the bed.

“I’m not going to ask what you were thinking. But because I know you weren’t thinking about what I’m doing to you…”

He paused. Cindy watched him purposely wet his lips.

“I am going to make you pay for that infraction.” He lowered his still fully clothed body between her legs.

Like a man knowing exactly what he was looking for, he used his fingers to open her slick pussy lips and took his cursed time doing it. For a moment Cindy felt as if she were being examined but then the soft brush of his breath on her moist opened lips caused her nub to pebble to life.

“Nice and pink for me.”
He added another soft blow. The erotic tease ignited the flame lying dormant within her.

Oh my god, I’m on the verge of climaxing just from his words.

The man reached up, dragging the arm that wasn’t tied to the bedpost down over her belly. When Cindy realized his intent she attempted to pull her hand away. No go. He pulled her hand back down, forcing her fingers to feel her wet juices.

“Keep your lips open for me.” He didn’t take no for an answer.

“I can’t.”

“You will. And because you will obey I will treat you.”

His tongue plunged deep into her wet opening, the channel of her cunt loving the harsh feel of him. Expertly he pumped his curled tongue over and over into her cunt, giving long licks to the sides of her pussy each and every time he moved it. Gushes of desire slid out her opening, a pink flush of passion surfacing along her achy breasts and chest.

Just when she wanted more, the man moved off her cunt and off the bed.

“What?” she squeaked,
She wanted more.
Needed more.
She cursed him in her head when the cool air from her bedroom slid over her glistening skin.

“You are not doing what I asked. Now I will ask more of you. I will watch as you pleasure yourself with your fingers.”

Another bold statement.
He seemed to enjoy pushing her buttons. Something inside her sizzled, leaning toward a light. Cindy knew if she could reach that light she’d remember how all this came to be. Still though, with her body on fire for the feel of his mouth and tongue on her cunt it became a hard push. She wanted him. Wanted the passion her body was beginning to scale the tip of. She desperately yearned for what he would deliver.

If there was one thing Cindy prided herself on it was facing a challenge. Any challenge. This most assuredly was one she had to conquer and overcome. She swallowed her inhibitions and shyness, knowing the reward at the end would be blissful and magically sweet.

Coyly she half-closed her eyes, hoping he wouldn’t make her keep them wide open as she slid her free hand down to her mound. Mustering courage, she dipped a finger through the wet opening, feeling how swollen her nether lips had become from his ministrations. Then she plunged a finger deep, her hips instantly moving as she rhythmically fingered her cunt. Masturbating wasn’t new to Cindy. Heck, she did the act most nights to unwind in the privacy of her bed or bath. Doing it in front of a complete stranger was edgy and erotic and not something she would have thought she’d do in a million

BOOK: BeMyWarlockTonight
12.41Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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