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Beneath the Honeysuckle Vine


Beneath the Honeysuckle Vine
by Marcia Lynn McClure


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A.K.A. Marcia Lynn McClure
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All character names and personalities in this work of fiction are entirely fictional,

created solely in the imagination of the author.

Any resemblance to any person living or dead is coincidental.


McClure, Marcia Lynn, 1965—

Beneath the Honeysuckle Vine
: a novel/by Marcia Lynn McClure.


ISBN:  978-0-9884276-7-9


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United States of America







To Debra


For true and everlasting friendship

are the rarest sort of treasure found on earth!






Vivianna stood next to Mrs. Turner—tried to ignore the bitter sting of hot tears brimming in her eyes.
She must be brave—or at least appear brave
than she had been months before when Samuel and Augustus left to enlist.
She had been too weak then
wildly sobbing with heartache at watching her dear brothers ride off to war.
She knew now her weakness and sobbing had made leaving all the more difficult for Sam and Augie—more difficult for her mother to remain poised and courageous in the face of sending her sons to battle—more difficult for her father to stay behind and watch them go.
So she would compose herself now
in this moment of further heartache—of near heartbreak.
She would keep her tears from streaming over her cheeks for as long as she was able.
Even when they did escape—and she knew they would—she would not sob.
Rather, she would weep genteel
the way Savannah Tu
ner now wept as her two elder sons embraced her.

Yet as a balmy breeze brushed her face—as the scent of autumn in Alabama caressed her tender senses—Vivianna Bartholomew thought of all that was
sorely missing all that had been.
Where were the hot, airless days of sun
when lingering under a tree to share its shade brought hours of stillness and tranquility of mind?
Where were the warm nights fragrant with honeysuckle and gardenia
sweet with the calming melody of bug
noises to gently sway a body to sleep on dreamy waves of contentment?
Were they lost forever to the worries and heartache
the pain and suffering of war?

What happy, carefree days Vivianna had known as a child!
In the company of her elder brothers and their friends the Turner boys, Vivianna had played, laughed, and lived a life of sweet joy and innocent satisfaction.
She closed her violet-blue eyes a moment and remembered the pollywogs in the pond not so many summers past—the summer before her brothers had gone.
She remembered sitting on the pond

s bank
slipping bare feet into the cool mud
giggling as the pollywogs playing in the shallow water darted back and forth, tickling her ankles as they frolicked and her brothers and the Turner boys fished
lazily basking in the sun
careless of their poles.

But the vision vanished as she opened her eyes
for there stood Caleb Turner—her beloved Caleb
. T
here he stood
embracing his weeping mother.
In a moment more, he would mount his horse and ride away—just as Sam had
just as Augie had.
Vivianna was grateful Caleb did not yet don a uniform.
She could not have borne it—the sight of him dressed for war.
Tears were filling her eyes in profusion as she glanced then to Justin.

As Caleb embraced their mother—whispered soothing words of assurance—Justin looked on
his brow puckered with worry
the corners of his usually smiling mouth downturned.
Vivianna had hoped to look to Justin and stay her own tears
. Y
et the sight of him only spurred more to gathering, and she could not hold them back.
As tears spilled over her cheeks, Caleb released his mother, dropping to one knee before his two younger brothers.
Vivianna brushed the tears from her face as she watched Caleb embrace first Nathaniel
then William.
Silently she offered a prayer of thanksgiving
grateful that Nate and Willy were only six and five
too young to go to war.
She knew the younger Turner boys would offer great comfort to their mother while Caleb and Justin were away.
Both small boys sniffled
angrily wiping at the tears on their cheeks with the backs of their small, grubby hands.

Now, you two take care of Mama,

Caleb told his sniffling siblings.

You hear?

Nate nodded and said,

Yes, sir,

and Willy sniffled.

And you take care of Viv for me too,

Caleb added.
He smiled and tousled the boys


You keep them Adder boys away from her.
I wouldn

t want one of them to steal her heart while I was away.


ll give them Adder boys a fit of fists and feet if

n they try, Caleb,

Nate promised.

Caleb chuckled and tousled their hair again.

Bye, Mama,

Justin said.

Vivianna brushed the tears from her cheeks as she watched Justin embrace his mother.

You be careful, my baby,

Savannah Turner said.
Her voice broke with restrained emotion
and Vivianna winced at her grimace of heartache as she hugged her son.

You come back to me.
Do you hear me, Justin?
You and your brother come back to your mama.

I will, Mama,

Justin said.

Try not to worry.
Caleb and me…we

ll be fine.

Savannah released her son—dabbed at the moisture on her cheeks with a linen handkerchief.

And you two be careful travelin

to Huntsville,

Savannah warned as Caleb stood and Justin hunkered down to say his own good-byes to his little brothers.

Do you hear me, Caleb Turner?
Just because you say north Alabama is full of Southern Unionists…well, it still doesn

t mean it

s safe for two southern boys travelin

on to enlist with the Yankees.


ll be fine, Mama,

Caleb told her.

And besides…Justin and me can lick anybody who fists up a hand in our direction.

t that right, Justin?

Justin nodded as he hugged Willy.


s right.
There ain

t nothin

to worry about, Mama.

The Maggee boys made it fine,

Caleb explained.


t they, Mama?
And you know me and Justin are better men than them.

Caleb shook his head.

I swear…I can

t even imagine Boy Maggee sittin

a horse with the Alabama

Justin shook his head as well.

I can better imagine Boy Maggee fightin

with the
better than I can his brother, Floydie.
Now that

s a sight I

m plain itchin

to see!

And you

ll write to me,

Savannah demanded, wagging a forefinger at her sons.

Every week!
I need a letter from each of you every week.
You hear me?

Caleb smiled and nodded.

Yes, Mama.

His attention turned to Vivianna then, and she thought she might die from the pain tearing her heart into pieces.
How she loved him!
Oh, how she loved Caleb Turner!
Vivianna had loved Caleb nearly as far back as she could remember
And what girl wouldn

Tall, broad-shouldered
and more handsome than any boy or man she

d ever seen, Caleb owned Vivianna Bartholomew

s full heart
Furthermore—though she had thought for years it never could be—she owned his!
At times, she still could not quite believe he loved her.
Yet he

d told her so often
especially in recent months.

d even talked of marriage—just the very night before.

Caleb had come over to call on Vivianna, and Vivianna

s daddy had allowed them to take a short walk together—alone!
What a wonderful night it had been!
A fragrant breeze cooled the air just enough to make it necessary for Caleb to place his arm around Vivianna

s slight shoulders in offering warmth
and she silently swore to herself she would never forget the feel of the tender kiss he

d placed on her lips before they had returned to the house.


re finally sixteen, Viv,

Caleb had said.


m plenty old enough now at twenty
. A
nd if I wasn

t about to be a soldier…I

d sure enough ask your daddy if we could get married.


s words echoed through her mind as she watched him approach.
The smile he

d forced for his mother

s sake had faded—his gaze intent upon her—his beautiful blue eyes misted with emotion.

In the next moment, she was in his arms!
She heard Mrs. Turner toss a slight scolding at him
but he didn

t mind it—just continued to hold her.


s tears poured over her cheeks as Caleb held her—as she held him.
She inhaled the scent of his shirt—of his skin—of his hair!
She pressed her cheek to his and vowed never to forget the sense of his skin against hers—the feel of being in his arms.

I love you!

she whispered
her lips pressed softly to his ear.

I love you,

he whispered in return.

He kissed her then—in front of his mother, his brothers
and all of Alabama!
Vivianna felt goose pimples race over her arms—held her breath as their lips lingered in shared affection for long moments.
She wondered if this would be the last kiss she ever shared with Caleb
So many local boys had been killed in the war—so many!
She feared for Caleb
yet reminded herself of his strength and determination.
The Turner boys were tougher than old leather
. I
t seemed nothing could lick them
and she held to the knowledge like some unseen talisman of hope.

His lips left hers
and Vivianna fancied she felt suddenly cold and alone—even for the fact he still held her against him.


ll be back, Viv,

Caleb said.

I promise.

He wiped the tears from her cheeks with the back of one hand.
She reached up, smoothing the soft dark hair at his temple.

I know,

she breathed.

He released her—stepped back as Justin approached.


s gaze met Justin

sending fresh tears streaming over her cheeks.

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