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Cyn blew out an impatient breath and rolled her eyes up in disgust.
So I made a few phone calls. I have resources, Raphael. When someone tries to kill you, I’m going to use them.”

“Resources that include Colin Murphy?”

“How did you—” She shrugged his hand away angrily and took a step back, trying again to put some distance between them, but he was too fast for her. He pulled her close, his hands gentle but uncompromising as they held her in place.

“Do you have my phone tapped?” she demanded.

“My sweet Cyn,” he chided her. “I don’t need to tap your phone. I know how your mind works. And I don’t like you calling Colin Murphy for anything.”

“You can’t tell me who—”

Raphael slammed his mouth over hers, yanking her up against his body and tightening his arm around her waist to hold her there. Cyn fought briefly, mostly for form, he thought, as the always burning attraction between them grabbed hold of her just as it did him. She softened almost immediately, her mouth opening beneath his, her arms going around his neck as she crushed her breasts against his chest.

Raphael slid his fingers under the edge of her sweater and wrenched it upward, releasing her long enough to tug it over her head and throw it aside. He bent his head to her breasts, their soft, golden mounds swelling out of the lace cups of her bra. He sucked fiercely on one of her nipples through the lace, biting down hard enough that Cyn hissed, her fingernails scraping his skull where she held his head in place, arching forward to offer herself to his mouth.

Raphael ripped the front clasp of her bra open, his hands coming up to cup her breasts, his thumbs thrumming her nipples into rigid peaks.

“Take this off,” Cyn rasped, ripping at his sweater before her hands dropped to the snap on his jeans. “These, too,” she demanded.

Raphael laughed, delighted at her response to him. No matter how angry she was, no matter how angry
this was always there.
This passion between them that threatened to burn them alive sometimes.
This was something she had with no other male. He would never permit it, even if she desired it. She was his, now and always, and he would prove that to her once again tonight.

Raphael tore his sweater over his head and tossed it to the floor, ripped open the button fly on his jeans and shoved them to his ankles, stepping out of them as he swept Cyn into his arms and carried her to the bed. She kissed him hungrily, not letting go of his mouth until he threw her onto the bed.

“Raphael!” she gasped,
wiggled her hips helpfully when he bent to the task of removing her snug-fitting pants. There were no catches or zippers, he simply rolled them down over her hips and stripped them from her legs, leaving her in nothing but a tiny piece of lace. He reached for it, the only thing between him and the wet heat between

“I’ll do it,” she said quickly. “I like these!” She hooked her thumbs in the narrow sides and slipped the panties down her hips, lifting her ass enticingly as she slid the panties under her body and down her legs. Raphael grabbed the underwear impatiently, yanking it down over her calves and feet and throwing it over his shoulder. He bent down over her naked body, his gaze skimming over every inch of her smooth skin, over the firm muscles of her calves and thighs to her perfectly smooth pussy. Raphael licked his lips,
raised his gaze to meet
. She was watching him through eyes fogged with desire, their usual sharp green turned mossy as she met his hungry gaze. Her chest rose and fell rapidly, her heartbeat a pulsing presence beneath her breast. Her nipples were engorged, ripe and dark, enticing treats begging for his bite.

Raphael smiled as he gripped her calves, then ran his hands up the inside of her thighs, spreading them wide until the swollen folds of her labia came into view—so pretty, so puffy with desire, just begging him to touch. He stroked his thumb over the crease of her sex, softly first, then harder, feeling the heat, the creamy moisture soaking her slit, waiting for him.

Cyn spread her legs wider, lifting herself in eager invitation. Raphael gripped her thighs, holding her in place as he used his thumbs to open her pussy wide. He bent his head and tasted her, a quick lick of her sweetness that had Cyn crying out, her strong fingers digging into his shoulders.

Raphael smiled in satisfaction and lowered his head again, his tongue caressing her, licking up every bit of cream,
her pussy, in and out like a small cock, tasting the silky heat that grew wetter with every stroke. Cyn was keening
, eyes closed, her head thrown back as she thrashed beneath his sensuous assault. His tongue traced an erotic line between her swollen folds and up to the pulsing bundle of nerves that was her clit. It too was engorged, looking like a ripe, juicy cherry waiting to be bitten. He growled hungrily and rasped his tongue roughly over its sensitive surface. Cyn gasped, her hips coming off the bed in response, as she cried his name, “Raphael!”

Raphael drew her clit into his mouth, sucking firmly as she bucked beneath him, as a small orgasm tightened the muscles of her belly. She shivered, her pussy clenching and unclenching as it sought a cock to fill it. Raphael stroked his tongue over her clit once more, then bit down, tasting the sweet nectar of
blood as she screamed in the throes of a second climax, much stronger than the first. Her body convulsed beneath him, her thighs closing around his shoulders, hands fisted in his hair, nails scraping against his scalp. Raphael released her clit, lifting his head and rasping his tongue over the bleeding nub a final time. Cyn moaned, her head thrashing back and forth, her hands cupping her own breasts, fingers twisting her nipples as she tried to find satisfaction.

Raphael watched up the length of her body as he inhaled the scent of her arousal and beneath that, the sweet undercurrent of her blood. He growled hungrily and raised himself on all fours, settling his hips between her thighs, his cock pressing against the satin cream of her sex.

Cyn lifted her legs around his back, crossing her ankles and trapping him there. Her eyes opened in satisfaction as her arms circled his neck, pulling him down for a kiss. Raphael could taste her sex on his lips and knew she
was tasting
herself, too. The thought made him grow even harder, his cock a constant ache of need as he reached down and nudged it into the wet heat between her legs.

tongue twisted with his as their lips met, their teeth clashing with the force of their kiss, her tongue a brand as it swept his mouth from side to side. She bit down on his lower lip, and his blood began to flow. She groaned at the taste of it, and then her entire body arched beneath him as his blood raced through her body, zinging along nerves and throwing her into yet another screaming climax. Raphael swallowed her scream, growling as he pushed himself into her silky, wet channel, feeling the demanding caress of her muscles closing around him, clenching as tight as a vise as the climax continued to roar through her body. He began to move, slowly at first, fighting the grasp of her sex as it rippled along his length, wanting to hold him in place, to milk him of his seed. He bent his head to her neck, licking her soft skin, tasting the salty sweetness of her sweat. He closed his teeth over the ridge of tendon between her neck and collar bone, biting to the very edge of pain before sucking the skin instead, leaving his mark.

Cyn gripped his head, crushing his face into her neck in blatant demand. Raphael grinned knowingly against her skin. His Cyn didn’t want tender bites and marks of ownership, she wanted his fangs sinking into her vein, wanted the rush of his bite that would send her screaming into an orgasm so intense even the taste of his blood paled in comparison. Raphael thought about the sweetness of her blood, about the ecstasy of having his Cyn quivering beneath him, around him, as she climaxed over and over again.

He began thrusting harder, driving himself between her long legs, relishing the slide of her sex against his shaft, the slap of his balls against her ass as she lifted herself to meet his onslaught, her muscles tensing with the effort, her ankles tight around his back.

His chest was pressed against hers, her nipples a stroke of velvet over marble. He ground himself against her breasts, and she groaned, arching her back and rubbing herself against him wantonly. Raphael lifted his head, watching her flushed face, the sheen of sweat along her brow. Her tongue came out to lick her upper lip, and he bent, quick as a snake, and sucked it into his mouth, turning the action into a kiss.

Their teeth clashed, his fangs scraping against her lip. Blood began to flow, and it was Raphael’s turn to groan. Her blood was intoxicating, swelling his cock until her body was forced to stretch around him, her muscles trembling with the effort.

He lowered his mouth to her neck, to the plush warmth of her jugular, hearing the rush of blood, scenting its sweet nectar.

“Raphael,” Cyn gasped,
shivered in anticipation.
“Now, now.”

His fangs plunged into her neck, through the velvet softness of her skin, the taut membrane of her vein. Her blood flowed in a rush of sensation, her heart racing from the adrenaline of their lovemaking. Raphael sucked it up, drank it down, feeling it flow like dark honey down his throat, filling his body with a heat that raced along his nerves and drove straight to his cock where it was buried deep inside her. His balls tightened as his climax built, as the pressure became almost unbearable before it roared through him like a storm, stealing his awareness of anything but Cyn—her scent, her taste, her body convulsing beneath him as she screamed, as his climax filled her womb, and they were both tossed over the edge where there was nothing but passion and ecstasy.

Raphael rolled to one side, taking Cyn with him, so she lay against his chest. He stroked his fingers down her naked back and rested his hand against her ass, cupping one round cheek possessively. Cyn shifted slightly, lifting her head to kiss his neck, her breath warm and moist. They lay that way until their breathing evened out and their hearts resumed a normal beat.

Cyn was drawing small circles on his chest with her fingers, occasionally stroking the muscles of his arm. She kissed his chest softly, her lips lingering as her tongue darted out to taste his skin.

“Do you trust Jared?” she asked softly.

“I do. He is mine.”

“Okay, I guess. I’ll try to be nice, then.”

Raphael chuckled. “Just be yourself,

“Are you suggesting
isn’t nice?” she demanded, although a tired yawn robbed the words of any real outrage.

Raphael rubbed her butt fondly. “Yourself is perfection, my Cyn,” he replied. “But yourself is for me alone,” he growled. “Don’t forget that.”

Cyn made a disgusted noise.
“As if I could.
As if I’d
to. You’re stuck with me, fang boy.
Which means you need to stay alive and well to meet my insatiable desire for your luscious

“I think I can handle it,” he said dryly, slipping his hand between her legs, his fingers dipping quickly into her soaking wet pussy. Cyn gasped, then arched into his touch, and he felt her sex pulse against his fingers.

“So sensitive, my Cyn, and so eager.”

“You cheat,” she said breathlessly.

Raphael laughed. “I don’t play by any rules but my own,
. You should know that by now.”

She sat up abruptly, straddling him and lowering her face to exchange a soft, lingering kiss.

“I love you,” she said, her eyes filling with tears. “I can’t lose you.”

Raphael looked up at her, puzzled. “And why would you lose me, my Cyn?”

“Someone tried to kill you tonight, and I’m going to find him. There can’t be too many snipers good enough to think they can take out a vampire at that distance.”

“But your sniper
take me out, so perhaps he’s not as good as he thinks he is.”

“Oh, like that matters,” she griped. Raphael raised his eyebrows. It certainly mattered to
. But Cyn ignored his expression to continue impatiently. “I mean, of course it matters that he didn’t succeed in killing you. But it doesn’t mean he’s not a first rate sniper. He’s just never taken on a vampire of your power before. You were already moving by the time I heard the rifle discharge, and even then it took me a few seconds to process what it was. But you knew it was coming before you even heard the sound.”

“I heard . .
. ”
Raphael shrugged one shoulder, “the wind of its passage.”

BOOK: Betrayed
2.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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