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BOOK: Betrayed by the Incubus
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 Philip whispered into Rachel's ear, mixing his words with her desires. "Despite your promise to always have your husband present, if this is the last time—you want Lance to yourself. Trevor must leave."

Rachel let the deep purple silk cover-up slide off her shoulders to reveal creamy skin covered by a short, gossamer, pink negligee. She walked around Lance to stand in between the two men. Her hand slid under the back of Lance's shirt, touching his bare skin.

Philip smiled as the ties only he could see tightened, irrevocably linking the two.

Lance swallowed hard. His gaze never wavered from the nearly naked woman beside him. "I don't know, Trevor." His voice trembled and everyone in the room knew he would stay.

"You can do this. Give Rachel this last child."

"You can have me alone," Rachel cajoled.

Trevor stared at his wife, a silent battle of wills occurred. Eventually, the human hung his head. "Do this for us, and I'll leave you alone with her." His dead tone conveyed his reluctance.

Rachel sauntered over to Trevor and ran her hands over his bare chest while wiggling her tight ass at Lance. "Thank you, honey."

Her eagerness to be alone with another man thinned the bond between husband and wife. She didn't realize it, but her happy life would not survive the night.

Trevor escaped from the room and all the love and affection drifted away with him. Phillip reveled in the essence of lust and selfish greed that permeated the room.

Using the inherent bond between incubus and succubus, he telepathically called to his daughter, "
Cassandra, I want you to seduce the human."

My pleasure
," she purred.

Not even his wife would satisfy Trevor after Cassandra enthralled him.

Rachel sank to her knees in front of Lance. She unbuckled his belt, undid the button, and slid his shorts down his legs. Reddish brown painted nails trailed through a swatch of dark hair from Lance's belly button to below the band of his briefs. While maintaining eye contact with her lover, she rubbed her hand over his erection, the flesh straining against the cotton underwear.

When Rachel used her mouth to trace the outline of Lance's hardened shaft, Phillip drank in the aphrodisiac essence their foreplay produced. Tonight he'd indulge his beast, watching and influencing the couple for his own ends.

Lance groaned as she released him from the bonds of clothing. His hands grasped her head as he guided her to take his engorged rod in her mouth. Waves of energy pulsed off the couple as Lance pumped in and out. Until in a frenzied rush, he shoved into her mouth, arched his back and poured his seed down her throat.

Rachel smiled and licked her lips as she stood.

"Thank you," Lance said.

"Is Fi still refusing to do that for you?"

"You know she doesn't like that name."

"You didn't answer the question. Has Fiona sucked on you yet?"

Lance clenched his jaw. "No. She still believes it's indecent."

Philip absorbed this information. Swallowing a man's seed was the first step in Harmonian reproduction. He hadn't considered that Fiona wouldn't be willing. Bad enough he had to impersonate Lance, but now he'd have to trick her into the first stage of conceiving.

 Lance shed his shirt and ripped the negligee from Rachel's body. The uncontrollable need to complete the fertilization ritual controlled their actions, pushing them to full completion.

Rachel pushed Lance onto the bed. Then she climbed on top. Her breasts bounced as she rode the man. Philip focused on collecting the lilac energy Lance produced. He could copy the signature and use it against Fiona.

Despite emptying himself into Rachel's mouth a few moments ago, Lance grasped Rachel's hips and drove into her over and over until he spurted his seed into her waiting uterus. They fell asleep in exhaustion.

Philip watched their sleeping bodies until a luminous glow emanated from her, the first sign of pregnancy. A Harmonian woman became voracious with the need for sex during the early stages. One night wouldn't satisfy Rachel.

With Lance occupied for the foreseeable future, Phillip concentrated on his plans for Fiona. Her moral code prohibited him from outright seduction. He had no choice but to assume Lance's identity. Fiona's genetics carried the potential to produce a magical child strong enough to wrest control of Harmonia from the Council. They would pay for ripping out his heart and sending his soul mate away with another man.

A manic chuckle filled the room rousing the couple on the bed. Dissolving into mist, he drifted on air currents toward the house where Fiona waited.

Chapter Three



Philip hid in the shadows of the bedroom corner. Fiona stood across the room, transfixed by the storm raging outside. Rain pelted the windows but didn't dampen the sound of waves crashing against the cliff-face. A part of him wanted to comfort her as she wrapped her arms around herself, but he couldn't give into that urge. During every storm she paced, but tonight the elemental fury disturbed her more than usual. It presented a perfect opportunity for him to take advantage of the estrangement Lance's affair had created.

He dissolved and rematerialized down the hall in the image of Lance. It irritated him that he could not be himself for this seduction, but the craving for revenge overcame the hit to his ego. The drain against his power would be great but he'd consumed enough emotional discharge to trick Fiona and establish a bond he could influence her through. All his years of waiting came down to this night.

His footsteps echoed throughout the hall as he imitated Lance's heavy tread. He stopped inside the doorway as Fiona turned.

"Lance," she cried, before racing across the room and strangling him with a hug.

He caged her within his arms, "I couldn't stay away any longer." He took her lips in a hard, demanding kiss. His tongue slid against hers, eliciting a groan.

She shoved him against the wall, demanding more. Unbeknownst to her, toxins in his saliva enhanced her sex drive and forged an irrevocable bond between them. Only the house burning down would prevent him from impregnating her tonight.

She laid her head above his heart; her heavy breathing brushed her breasts against his chest. "I can't believe you're here." Shivers wracked her body.

An image of Miranda superimposed itself over her face when he met Fiona's eyes. "I had to come home. I had to be with you."

The ghost-image frowned and then dissipated. Fiona stared at him with love and innocent trust. It could've been a memory or Miranda's spirit warning him. Either way, he'd made his decision a long time ago.

He slid his hands under her shirt and lifted it over her head. She wore no bra under the soft cotton night clothes. Light danced across her breasts from the flickering gas lamp. He cupped her breast with one hand and grabbed her ass with the other, pulling their bodies together.

Intent on a fast coupling, he guided her backward with distracting kisses until they reached the bed. Her eyes widened as he tipped her onto the bedspread. He lay on top of her, his erection firmly between her legs. He brushed away the hair blocking her eyes. "Hi, honey."

She laughed. The sound tinkled like bells above the pounding rain. "Hi back. I've missed you. Missed this."

He pushed himself upright. "Let's see if I can't remind you why you wait around for me." He yanked on her shorts, the material sliding easily against her skin. She lay naked before him, an inner glow emanated from her skin.

"Someone appears to be over dressed," Fiona said, sitting up.

"Want me to strip for you?" he asked, even if it was out of character for the real Lance.

Lightning flashed and thunder shook the house. Fiona pulled her knees up and rocked with her arms around them.

Pale skin showed all the warmth had leeched from her body. He wrapped her within his arms, despite his frustration at the sudden delay. "Shhh. It'll be all right."

"I know it's a silly fear," she mumbled.

He lifted her head with his fingers. "It isn't silly. Fear is an instinctive emotion. It's meant to keep you alive. To give you the chance to escape danger, to survive." And an instinctive part of her might've recognized him as a greater threat than the storm.

He kissed her gently, weaving tiny threads of tranquility between them. The invisible cords sunk into her skin. While passion opened the door, the connection created in lust dispersed quickly. But the bonds crafted from the softer, sweeter moments lasted forever.

More thunder crashed around them. The storm reached its peak as lightning flashed in a strobe effect.

She whimpered and clung to him.

"Shhh," he whispered. "Nothing will get you. I'm here."

"Distract me." Her voice quivered.

He stood and brought her up with him. "Will you do whatever I ask? Even if you don't think you'll like it."

His inner beast shoved against the restraints he imposed. Impatient to drink her essence, it wanted to force her submission. "
Patience. She'll taste sweeter when she comes of her own volition.

Windows rattled and the attic creaked as the wind blew harder. She bit her lower lip and nodded.

"Say it. I want you to acknowledge who's in control."

"I'll do whatever you ask," she stammered, a not-so-sure look on her face.

To ease her anxiety, he toed off his shoes and commanded, "Remove my shirt."

Her hand trembled as she bunched the bottom of his t-shirt and lifted it. She stretched to pull it over his head but she couldn't resist tracing the outline of his muscled abs with one hand. And nearly choked him as she awkwardly twisted and yanked the t-shirt off. She refused to meet his eyes. He wanted to engage the aggressive woman she'd been earlier.

"Good girl." He kissed her lips and reveled in her radiant smile. Her breasts thrust forward as she stood straighter. He cupped her face with both hands. "Tonight I want you to forget about the storm. Forget about everything but pleasing me."

His thumbs traced her plump lips. "I want your entire focus on me. Can you do this?" He held her gaze and willed her to accept him. "For me?"

Determination replaced the last trace of fear in her eyes. "I can do this. For you."

"Perfect." He removed the last of his clothes, revealing his hard cock. He pulled her close and kissed her, this time gently sucking on her tongue. Her head fell back when he broke the kiss and trailed tiny kisses down the column of her neck.

Until he reached the center of her throat and licked the taste of airy, vanilla spun-sugar from her skin. Her moan of desire caused his incubus soul to purr in satisfaction.

"On your knees," he ordered.

Her head snapped up, and for a second he thought she would balk. They stared at each other, but slowly her knees bent and she sank to the floor. His cock twitched as she looked at it with child-like innocence.

"Wrap your hand around it."

She hesitantly touched his cock. He wrapped his long fingers about her hand and showed her how to pump a man. Next he taught her to grab his balls, not something he'd thought he'd ever need to teach a woman.

He gasped as her fingers traced his cock head.

"You liked that."

"Very much." He petted her head. "Now, take me into your mouth."

"I don't thi…"

"You promised." His voice was a harsh rasp. "Anything I asked."

She nodded and wrapped her hand around the base of his cock. Her tentative touch enflamed his driving need to possess her. He couldn't bear sweet right now. He grabbed his cock and then pressed the tip against her mouth. She licked off the drop of moisture, and he wanted to shove all the way into her mouth. But he restrained himself and let her set the pace.

 She sucked him into her warm mouth, and he became lightheaded. Her teeth scraped his skin, and he hardened even more. A bit of pain added to the excitement. Wrapping both hands around her head, he guided her back and forth, increasing the tempo until he exploded into her mouth.

"Swallow it all, darling." His knees buckled and he dropped to the floor drained of all energy, as if she'd sucked what remained of his soul from his body. He wrapped her in his arms and rested his chin on top of her head.

Yet the dark spirit within him gloried in the knowledge his semen would activate her Harmonian breeding instinct.

He helped her climb onto the bed and they lay side by side, her head nestled upon his shoulder. He portrayed the loving husband, but impatience seared his blood.

 With his eyes closed, the thumping of his heart beat to quickly and time stretched until minutes passed like hours. Patience, derived from centuries of searching, provided him the control necessary to wait for her to take the lead.

She rolled onto her side and traced the length of his cock. It jerked in response and he rested his hand on her ass.

"Think you can handle round two?" she asked, her eyes glazed behind half-lidded eyes.

"Why don't you climb aboard and find out?"

She held back a moment before straddling his chest, her hands gliding across his well-toned abs. A self-satisfied smile lit her face as she regarded him.

He savored the sugary waves of lust emanating from her, a rich, caramel flavor indicative of those corrupted from the purest light. Even better that she didn't realize what was about to happen.

He twirled a finger around one rosy nipple. "Would you like me to suck on this, my lady?"

"You may," she answered in a haughty tone.

"Then lean down here."

Her head leaned back and she laughed. "Make me."

He placed his hands on her back and, with steady pressure, urged her forward. Her full mounds swung in the air until he captured one in his mouth. His tongue swirled around the hardened peak while his incisors lengthened into sharp, tiny, dagger-like points.

He bit down, breaking the flesh on either side of the nipple. Her cry of pain changed to ecstasy as he sucked on the wound, ingesting small droplets of blood. Her body quivered in completion and bands of carnal desire wrapped around them so tight only a mating bond could separate her from him.

BOOK: Betrayed by the Incubus
6.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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