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Authors: Nicole Graysen

Tags: #erotic, #paranormal, #horror, #incubus, #Harmonian Betrayal

Betrayed by the Incubus (5 page)

BOOK: Betrayed by the Incubus
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He smiled before taking Christian's dick into his mouth. He loved a challenge. His hands roamed around the other man's hips to squeeze his bottom. Closing his eyes, Philip used their physical connection to send heat and seductive tendrils. Christian fisted his hands but couldn't stop the urge to shove his shaft further into Philip's mouth.

Slowly Philip pulled away from the hardened flesh leaving Christian gasping and so very hard. He walked to the windows and pulled the curtains closed, enclosing them in darkness but for the flames from the fireplace. The flames crackled, increasing in strength. Philip willed a tendril of flame into his hands. He absorbed its power and approached Christian again.

"Turn around," he ordered.

Midnight wings absorbed the light, glistening softly. Philip trailed a finger along the iridescent veins within the wings. Tiny flames danced in his wake then disappeared into the feathers, an erogenous zone few knew to take advantage of.

"Face forward," he commanded.

Falling to his knees again, Philip licked the length of Christian's fully extended member. Then lapped the drop of pre-cum from the head.

"Please," Christian pleaded.

"Will you do as I ask?"

Christian shook his head negatively.

Philip locked his jaw. Capitulation would be so much more after he worked for it.

He sucked Christian's dick into his mouth. Alternating fast and slow, he enjoyed the quiver in the other man's body as the heat built. Suddenly he gripped Christian's balls, a plaything he strummed even as the other man battled to resist.

Philip sucked the cock down his throat once, twice, and on the third time he was rewarded with the eruption of Christian's seed. He sucked it down. Fed on the other man's release, on his submission.

Philip checked the sandglass. Eight and half minutes had passed. Close but he'd won. He savored Christian's vanilla and nutmeg taste so close to Christoff's cinnamon flavor. Phillip stood and wiped imaginary dirt from his hands. "I want your brother's wings as proof of his demise." He glared. "Don't disappoint me."

"Yes, Master," Christian whispered, dejected.

"And remember. Fiona is not to be harmed."

Phillip turned back to the portrait as Christian took off. "I will do anything to see those who sent you away are punished. Your descendant shall not escape me the way you did, Miranda. Fiona shall pay the price of your betrayal…with the lives of her children."

The End

BOOK: Betrayed by the Incubus
6.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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