Billion Bear (Billionaire Werebear Shifter Paranormal Romance Standalone)

BOOK: Billion Bear (Billionaire Werebear Shifter Paranormal Romance Standalone)







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Billion Bear

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Warning: This book
contains graphic depictions of consenting adults engaging in explicit sexual
activities, and is only intended for mature readers over the age of 18.

“You fucking


Andrea Barret
heard her words echo over the grunts and moans of Jacob and the skinny bitch he
was balls-deep inside.


She had been
frozen in the doorway to the bedroom they shared, watching in disbelief as his
thick cock slammed into the tiny woman. They were oblivious to their audience
until she’d shouted.


The woman
grabbed a blanket -
her blanket,
Andrea thought – and tried to cover her
nakedness. Jacob spun around to face the irate woman.


“Baby, its


“Shut your
lying fucking mouth” Andrea screamed. “What? It was an accident? You just
happened to find this skinny, naked, woman in
bed? And then you
tripped, right? Because your pants fell down. And her cunt was just so loose
you couldn’t help but land with your dick in her?”


tripped as he tugged his pants up one leg and fell face first onto the floor.
He rushed to his feet, his pants still only half up and scurried over to the
furious woman.


Andrea eyed
his rapidly deflating cock, still wet with the woman’s juices.


“No fucking
condom?” She yelled.


“Did you not
learn your fucking lesson?” She said pointing to her belly. Andrea winced; in
the heat of the moment, she’d almost forgotten the pain of the miscarriage just
a week before.


Jacob reached
out to her and took hold of her shoulder. She reeled back and punched; her fist
connected with his face and tripped backwards and crashed to the floor. Blood
spouted from his nose, and Andrea continued her tirade.


“Do you want
a baby you can’t fucking afford?” She looked to the woman, who scrambled to
find her clothing.


“And who the
fuck knows where that skanky bitch has been? How fucking long has this been
going on? Is this what you do while I’m at work all day?”


Jacob was
still laid out on the floor, struggling to staunch the flow of blood gushing
from his nose.


“I’ve had
enough of your bullshit, Jacob! We’re fucking done.”


stepped forward and kicked him square in the balls. The last thing she heard
from her former boyfriend was his cries of pain as she turned and walked out
the door.




Andrea sat
quietly in the bus seat a stranger had given up for her when she boarded. She
was strong and self reliant; she hadn’t planned on having a baby this early in
her life, but it’s not like she was one of those poor girls who got knocked up
in high school. She’d had a good career, and she thought she’d had a good man.
Andrea decided to keep the baby, and she was confident she’d be able to provide
for her family even if Jacob was out of work.


arose with the pregnancy, and she’d needed to take an extensive break from
work. Eventually, they’d had to let her go. She lost her health insurance along
with the job, and she’d quickly burned through her savings with doctor’s
appointments and tests.


Then she
miscarried and Andrea was devastated, she’d given up everything to have this
child and now the doctors said she’d never be able to get pregnant again.  She
was now stuck working part time for minimum wage. After walking out on Jacob,
she had nowhere to stay. She had no family and had been too career driven to
make any close friends.


The only person
she felt she could ask for help was an old friend from high school, but they’d
hardly spoken in years. Jake was a scrawny boy with a quick wit and a penchant
for trouble. By the time they’d graduated, they had become close friends, but
then she’d gone to college and he’d enlisted with the marines. They wrote each
other now and then, but they hadn’t really spoken since school.


From his
letters, she knew that he had saved up all the money he’d made while deployed
and invested it wisely. He was now running his own environmental consulting
company, and had become a self made billionaire.


Andrea hated
to ask for help, but knew she had no other options. She had called Jake and
asked to meet with him, now she was on a bus to the airport. She had spent the
last of her saving on a plane ticket, and she desperately hoped Jake wouldn’t
turn her away.




Andrea disembarked the plane and collected her luggage;
the handful of possessions she’d thought important enough to take with her from
her old apartment were all packed into a single bag.


At the baggage claim, a man in a suit held up a sign
with her name on it. She’d seen such things in movies, but never thought she’d
be important enough to warrant something like that. Normal people just pick
each other up from the airport; in fact, it was almost a test of friendship.
She wondered if she should be flattered that he sent a driver just for her, or
insulted that he didn’t come himself.


She introduced herself to the driver; he took her
luggage and beckoned her to follow him. Andrea was a little worried about how
far Jake might live from the airport; she was generally a quiet person and
wasn’t looking forward to a long drive with a stranger.


Once outside, the driver led her to a limousine and
placed her bag in the trunk. Andrea had never ridden in one before; her friends
had rented one to take to the Prom, but she’d thought it was much too expensive
and insisted on saving the money for college instead.


The driver held her door open for her, and rather than
feeling like an invalid, she felt like royalty. The inside was luxuriously
furnished with black leather seats and wood trim. An ice bucket held a bottle
of champagne, and two glasses were secured next to it. With regret, she tore
her eyes from the bottle – she could really use a drink right now.
I’m not
pregnant anymore
, she painfully reminded herself. She popped the bottle
open and poured herself a drink.


She was relieved when the driver took his seat and left
the partition up as he drove off. She was grateful for not having to make small
talk with the man. She didn’t want to talk about herself at all; hell, she
didn’t even want to think about her life right now.


Instead, Andrea tried to figure out the best way to
plead her case to Jake.  She was terribly uncomfortable with the situation; in
the past, she’d never been one to ask for charity. She had paid her own way
through college, hell, even when she was a kid she never liked borrowing money
from her parents. Now she had to ask a man she hadn’t seen in years for more
help than she’s ever needed in her life. Andrea had always been so careful to
avoid debt, but when you’re pregnant and need medical attention the bills pile
up real fast. There was no way she’d ever be able to pay them off now that she
was out of a job.


All too soon, gravel crunched beneath the tires, as the
limousine slowed to a stop outside a surprisingly modest country house. Andrea
had been so occupied running line after line through her head, that she hadn’t
even noticed when the car had left the city. The asphalt and skyscrapers had
given way to mountains and forests, and the car had pulled off onto an unmarked


The house was by no means tiny, but it was a still a
great deal smaller than what Andrea had been expecting. It bore no resemblance
at all to the stately mansion she had envisioned, and she couldn’t decide if
she was disappointed or charmed.


It looked to be a normal, well kept country home. The
siding was wood, painted white, and the windows were adorned by ornamental blue
shutters. Flowers blossomed in beds all along the front of the house, and they
were alive with butterflies and hummingbirds.


Not a moment after the vehicle had arrived, the large
front door had opened and Jake was standing on the rustic porch. Andrea’s
breath caught in her throat. The awkward looking, scrawny boy she had grown up
with had turned into quite a man. His time as a marine was evident; he appeared
impeccably neat with closely cropped hair, just barely long enough to part to
one side. He was casually dressed in just a pair of blue jeans and a T shirt,
but she could easily imagine him filling out a finely tailored suit. His biceps
bulged from the sleeves of his shirt, which was stretched taught across his
muscled chest.


Andrea was grateful for the minute she had to compose
herself before the driver came around to open her door. She got over her initial
shock at seeing the gorgeous man her childhood friend had grown into.
thought, before pushing it from her mind. She realized that beneath the anxiety
she’d been suffering from for the better part of the day, she was actually more
than a little excited to be there.


Jake was one of the only things left from her
childhood, and seeing him again filled her with a sense of belonging. As she
stepped from the limo, he smiled at her. It was the same smile he’d had as a
boy, and she’d seen it a million times. Usually right before he got her into
some kind of trouble. His eyes were the same too, though as he looked her up
and down, she sensed something new in his gaze.


He glanced back up and met her eyes, and knew he’d been
caught giving her the once-over. Instead of blushing, he only smiled wider.
Jake offered her his arm as she approached the porch steps.


“I can’t believe you’re really here,” he said. “It’s
been ages since I’ve seen you.”


Smiling, Andrea took his arm and climbed the steps onto
the porch. Instead of annoyance at being offered assistance for such a simple
task, she was glad for the excuse to touch him. Her body filled with warmth as
she felt the firm muscle beneath her fingers. With some regret, she reached the
porch and had to let him go.


Instantly, the regret vanished as he wrapped her body
in his powerful arms. His muscled torso pressed against her, and she loved the
way he held her tight. It had been ages since she’d felt a proper embrace, even
her boyfriend (
, she reminded herself) had hardly touched
her once she began to show. People were always cautious about hurting the baby,
so they tended to keep her at arm’s length, and maybe give her a peck on the
cheek. It was strange how lonely you could feel, even with someone you loved,
without their touch. Despite the uncomfortable situation she was in, and the
desperate circumstances that drove her here, this was the most normal she’d
felt in months.


The embrace eventually came to an end, and Andrea was
suddenly aware of her heart pounding in her chest.
God, it feels so good to
be touched
, she thought before returning her focus to the man who stood
before her.


“I’m so glad you had time for me to visit.” She forced
herself to say something, to take her mind of the way his body had felt pressed
against her. “You must be so busy these-”


“Actually, most of the day to day oversight has been
delegated out to various department heads.” He interrupted.


“Most days, there’s only a thing or two that needs my
attention. I work from home now, more often than not.”


He smiled at her and gestured to the house. “I’ve been
living out here at my country house all spring, and I’ve hardly seen a soul.
I’ll be glad for the company.”


His head turned slightly, and he looked past her to the
driver. “Peter” he said, “please take the lady’s luggage into the guest room.”


Jake took her by the hand and led her through the open
door. Inside, the house had a beautiful rustic look with exposed beams and a
vaulted ceiling. A large stone fireplace dominated one wall of the living room,
and an array of comfy looking chairs and couches formed a half circle around
it. The dining area was filled by a large table made of dark, gleaming wood. It
was only separated from the kitchen by a high counter, lined with tall stools
on this side. Everything appeared clean and orderly.


He led her through a hall off to the left, and into the
guest suite. The room was largely empty, the only furniture being a king sized
canopy bed, a single nightstand, and a dresser. There was a door off in one


“You’ve had a long day of traveling, why don’t you soak
awhile while I prepare dinner.” He pointed toward the far door. “Then we’ll
catch up.”

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