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Black Frost (26 page)

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For myself, I’ll be heading back over to
Fairie, to Ashley. There’s nothing left for me here and no one on
that planet, elves or dragons, is interested in letting my daughter
leave. I’ll have a chance to influence events as father of the new
dragon speaker and, of course, I’ll be there to protect her….as I
will do till my last breath.


End Blog






One of the fun parts about writing novels is
all the cool stuff you learn along the way. The internet has sure
helped with the research side of things but you still need smart
people to keep your facts straight.

On this book, Marty Munson filled that role
admirably, particularly on the topics of forging knives and
military hardware. He’s also a hell of a proof reader.

Bob Braun continues to be a major help in
telling me when I’m writing too many words and when I’m writing too

The town of Groton Falls is loosely based on
Ballston Spa, NY but otherwise fictitious. I couldn’t bear to
damage the real thing.

The Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland is,
on the other hand, entirely real and providing science with a true
shot at proving that the elusive Higgs particles are real. All
references to it are my own and therefore any mistakes belong at my
feet as well.

My brother Scott continues his support of my
writing habit, while helping control my

Finally, I have to thank my wife and
daughters for putting up with my odd thoughts and odder writing
habits. Dad’s not crazy girls, but it’s better for everyone if he
gets the stories out of his head and into written words.




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BOOK: Black Frost
2.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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