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Black Magic Shadows (26 page)

BOOK: Black Magic Shadows

Not that it'd been on my list, but I had more than a few items I'd added and instantly crossed off.

After turning Excalibur this way and that to watch it gleam in the light, I returned it to the cushion. With a final pat to the guard, I said, "It was nice to meet you, and thanks for the vote of confidence."

"You don't wish to keep the sword?"

"Who, me?" I turned, surprise widening my eyes. "What, like a trade? Mirror for sword?"

"You were allowed to lift it, thus Excalibur deems you worthy of bearing it."

My head turned and I touched the flat of the blade. "I appreciate the compliment, but I don't know how to use a sword. You'd end up in the top of my closet, to keep anyone from trying to steal you."

The dragon chuffed, smoke puffing from his nostrils. "Excalibur can't be stolen. Thieves won't be able to move it."

"Oh, right. Duh." I pulled my fingers away and shook my head. "I'd better not. It's not the sort of thing you display as a conversation piece, and I'd look silly carrying it around everywhere."

He inclined his head. "As you wish. Though, should you find a need for it, come to see me. As long as Excalibur deems you worthy, you may use it."

Me, chosen by possibly the most famous sword in the world. My brain couldn't handle that much awesome. I fell back on the courtesies Mom had drilled into me. "Thank you."

"Come now."

I followed Lord Kadon out of the room, and all the way back to the cave. Didn't step on his tail again, despite trying to peek into the other dark openings along our way.

If he had Excalibur, there was no telling what else he had. Maybe the wardrobe that led to Narnia or the rabbit hole Alice had fallen down. A unicorn? My mind was bouncing all over the place.

When the dragon sat, I walked around to the entrance tunnel, but turned to ask, "Do you ever give tours of your treasure trove?"


"Oh. Okay. Well, thank you for letting me visit, and for agreeing to take the mirror." I hesitated. "I told him I'd visit, if I could. Would that be okay? I mean, not every week or anything like that..."

"Why would you wish to visit such a troublesome object?"

"So he won't get too lonely. He's a person."

"The spirit of a once-living person," he corrected.

"Okay, sure, but he's still kind of alive. It's mean to just lock him away."

"Very well, you may visit ... him." His eyes twinkled, probably an effect of the torchlight. "And perhaps I will allow you to see more of my collection."

"That would be fantastic. Thank you. I guess I'd better go. Need to get ready for my date."

"You're welcome." Sunlight spilled around me. Before I turned to leave, the dragon added, "Tell your young man hello for me."

"I will. Bye." With a smile, I turned and walked down the entry tunnel, not having to duck my head this time. The entrance was gone when I looked over my shoulder to check after clearing it. "Cool."

I swiveled again to make sure nobody was there to witness me winking out to teleport home. The ant trundling across the toe of my boot seemed innocuous enough.

Things hadn’t turned out all that bad. I was free of my curse-caused Merriven delusions, Logan and I were finally dating, and I’d even gotten to scare the crap out of an elf.

Life was pretty damn good.

Taking a deep breath, I had to smile, and immediately grimaced at the taste of rotten meat.

Good, except for that. Ugh.

About the Author

About the Author

I write scifi as G. L. Drummond, urban fantasy and other things as Gayla Drummond.

Puppy rescuer and equine slave who loves visiting other worlds through reading and writing. I write whatever strikes my fancy, which is usually urban fantasy or scifi. I’m a big fan of weres/shifters, and will drool at the mention of my favorite X Man, Wolverine. I’m also mom to a couple of kids whom I haven’t embarrassed nearly enough yet.

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