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“By all means. There are many who would love this opportunity. I offered it to you first. I assumed you would appreciate it after everything he has done to you.”

I wasn’t an easy enough target to fall for that line, but I knew what he was trying to do. He thought he could get inside my head by going for my personal feelings. I was starting to feel that for everything Shya said, there was something he wasn’t saying.

“I might not be the right fit for this. It feels a little too close to home. But like I said, I’ll consider it.” That’s the best he was going to get out of me right then. It became hard to meet his eyes; a magnetic pull seemed to grow and pulse if I didn’t look away. It was hypnotizing and intimidating. I wanted him to leave so I could think clearly.

“The wolf’s loyalty, it’s a lovely attribute.” He winked, and though he hadn’t done or said anything else, I knew there was a veiled threat in those words. Shya stood abruptly, offering a hand. “We’ll speak soon. If you wish to reach me, speak with Lilah.”

I didn’t want to touch his hand; it almost pained me to do so. I felt the reptilian touch of a snake against my flesh, and I visibly shuddered. Shya was gone before I could fight my way out of the cloak of darkness swirling around him. I watched him disappear through the exit and gradually the suffocating sensation fell away.

Arys was right where I’d left him. With his arms crossed over his chest and a beautiful glare etched on his handsome face, he oozed fury. Shaz stood next to him, a worried frown creasing his brow.

“Got something you want to say to me?” I asked Arys, my tone accusatory.

In the same breath he said, “Please tell me you didn’t make any deals with him.”

“Of course not. Why didn’t you tell me you knew more about who I work for than I do? A little heads up on the big CIA-style demon action would have been nice.”

“How could you not have known? Sometimes I think you prefer to be in the dark.”

“Why did you turn them down?”

Shaz looked from me to Arys. Curiosity lurked in his jade gaze. As much as I loved Arys, sometimes he really drove me nuts with the secret keeping. It seemed to be a vampire trait, which I could understand to a degree. After several centuries I’d be set in my ways, too. But this was different.

“They approached me about six months ago, after you and I forged our bond. Anything that demon can promise isn’t worth what he’ll ask for in return, and personally, I want nothing to do with him.”

“I wish you had told me.”

“Be careful with the demons, Alexa, and you will be fine. You can hold your own. But, think things through before you do anything he asks. Maybe even reconsider what you do. Maybe it’s time to get out.”

I glanced around for the closest waitress. When I caught her eye, I held up two fingers. A double shot of whiskey couldn’t possibly arrive fast enough.

Shaz took the chance to jump in. “What’s the point of all this, the whole organized supernatural hit squad? Seems like there’s little rhyme or reason to their hit list.”

“I’ve always been under the impression that we avoid exposure by wiping out the bottom feeders and rabid newborns.” I shrugged and gave my hair a toss. “It’s becoming painfully clear that everything I think I know is something else entirely.”

Arys reached for my hand, and electricity crackled when our fingers touched. Shaz winced like he’d felt it, and I looked hard at him.

“The point is maintaining control of humanity by keeping them in the dark.” Arys said it with a casual tone that didn’t fit the subject. “The Western world prefers to turn a blind eye to most unsavory things. It’s easier here to keep a low profile than it is in many older countries where they won’t think twice about launching a witch hunt for anything and everything nonhuman. The real risk isn’t the newborn vamps and Weres on killing sprees; it’s the ones with serious power. Those are the ones that have the potential to blow the world as we know it wide open.”

Shaz beat me to it. Clearly we were thinking the same thing. He pinned Arys with a knowing look. “You and Alexa included. Right? You’re talking about those with the power to call demons, do magic, manipulate all forms of power. All of it.”

“Yes. Alexa and I included.” Arys wore that expression he got when Shaz or I came across as exceptionally naive and human.

“Powerful beings controlling others and destroying those that don’t play by the rules.” Shaz turned that over for a moment. “No different than human government. It makes sense though. I assume you’re talking big-time shit.”

“From witches who can read minds and vampires who glamour humans to demons and angels that know secrets pertaining to the end of the world itself.”

The waitress arrived with my whiskey, and I was so stunned by what Arys had just said that I almost forgot to tip her. I ordered two more. This was as good a time as any to enjoy the free drinks perk.

“Angels?” Shaz and I spoke in unison after the waitress left.

Arys looked amused. “This probably isn’t the best place to talk about it.”

That was too much for one night. I shot back the whiskey and waited for the satisfying burn that followed. No amount of alcohol could numb out my unease, but I was willing to try.

Shaz leaned in to press a warm kiss to my temple. “I’ll see you later. Let me know if you plan on hugging a bottle all night. I’ll drive you home.”

“Wait.” I grabbed his arm, and my wolf was instantly soothed by the contact. “Run with me later?”

His wolf responded strongly to me, making the jade green of his eyes start to bleed across the whites. “Definitely.”

He gave me a quick kiss and turned to head back to the front entry. I was almost itchy with the need to shed my skin and be wolf. Arys was watching me with a hungry expression.

“What?” I flashed him a playful smile.

“I want you. Right now. Here.” Fire smoldered in his eyes. Nobody could ever say Arys was predictable.

 “You’re kidding.” The waitress interrupted me; I noticed she had brought me double what I’d ordered, in a glass on the rocks. Was I gaining a bad reputation here or something?

No sooner had she left than Arys pulled me into the dark corner behind the bar. I protested, shrieking when he made me spill whiskey down my cleavage.

“Arys!” My protest turned into a laugh when he pulled me against him and kissed my neck. He tugged at the hem of my skirt, and I slapped his hands away.

“Nobody can see us here. Even if they could, I wouldn’t care.” He sucked hard at the vein in my neck, and my knees went weak. “I need to mark you.”

Heat rushed to my groin. His sudden need sparked my own, and I didn’t protest when he pulled my skirt up from behind and jerked my panties to the side. A chair at an empty table was the only thing I could hold for stability. I almost dropped my drink in my attempt to set it down.

I expected my inhibitions to surface when he bent me over the chair. The soft touch of Arys at my entrance stole my breath. He thrust into me forcefully, and I gasped. It hurt a little, and I loved it. With one hand on my hip he held tight to me. His thrusts were achingly slow but rough so that I felt the impact deep within. Every slick stroke left me more hungry than sated.

Surreally, the rest of the club operated as normal while we united in violent, physical passion in the shadows. Arys leaned down over me to whisper in my ear.

“It didn’t take much to convince you, did it little wolf?”

Finding that sweet spot on my neck, Arys bit deep. My cry was swallowed up by the loud music. I came almost immediately. Electricity surged in my veins as Arys pounded harder into me. Every delicious wave of bliss was just as good as the last. He sucked at the bloody punctures, and my stomach clenched.

His release was sudden and intense inside me. His soft moans in my ear sent a shiver down my spine. I couldn’t resist him, obviously. It was impossible to say no to him.

The touch of his tongue felt hot against my wounded flesh. He groaned and pulled away. It had all happened so fast. I was left feeling faint from the head spinning rush.

I tugged my skirt back into place and turned to face Arys. He easily concealed himself back inside his ass-hugging blue jeans. I stared at him, dumbfounded.

“What the hell was that?” It wasn’t a complaint. My hand shook when I retrieved my drink from the table. That had been an intense encounter.

“It was a spontaneous urge that I couldn’t ignore.” He grinned and licked my blood from his fangs and lips. “That was pretty hot for a quickie.”

Considering how badly my legs trembled, I had to agree. “That was a little tongue tying. But, let’s not make a habit of it. This is not the place for that.”

“What’s wrong? Don’t want the customers to catch you enjoying the place as much as they do?” Arys slipped his tongue into my mouth. Tasting my own blood on him was strangely intoxicating.

“How do I let you talk me into this stuff?” It had been so easy to give in to Arys’ whims. The man was the epitome of sex. The rush of having public sex, in The Wicked Kiss of all places, was dizzying and also more than a little risky. The wrong person could have caught us and created an awkward situation. To Arys, that was half the fun.

“There was no talking you into anything. It’s not like you protested.” He buried his face in my hair and inhaled my scent.

It stung when he ran his tongue over the bite mark. I sighed. “Why the mark? It’ll heal by morning.”

“Let’s call it a vampire thing. It’s this place. Too many vampires and any one of them could be one of our uninvited guests.”

“I’m pretty sure that every vampire here, welcome or not, knows I’m yours.”

Arys scanned the interior of the club, his gaze watchful and deadly. “Let’s hope so.”

“I hate that you’re expecting something to happen. I’m tired of looking over my shoulder all the time.” I emptied my whiskey glass, savoring the warmth that spread through my limbs.

“Better get used to it, sweetheart, especially now that you’re on a first name basis with your demon bossman.”

“That’s reassuring, Arys. Thanks.” I ignored his smirk. “I’m going to the restroom. Keep an eye on things, will you?”

Every step I took felt light and floaty, like I walked on a cloud. The energy riding me was intense. It felt like I could have spread my arms and taken flight. What a rush!

After retrieving my purse from behind the bar, I headed to the ladies’ room. I got halfway there before realizing I’d left my cell phone in the car. Instantly I felt naked. I continued to the restroom, a growing sense of technological addiction eating at me.

A petite brunette stood at the sink, holding a bloody paper towel to her neck. Panic shone in her eyes when she saw me.

“Are you alright?” I asked as the scent of her blood hit me like a slap in the face.

She met my gaze in the mirror and shook her head. “I don’t know. There’s a lot of blood.”

“Can I see?” She was right about the blood. It quickly soaked through the paper towel. I drew her hand away from the wound and cursed inwardly. It was an ugly bite. It looked like the vampire who had bit her didn’t know what the hell he was doing. If he was killing on the streets that wouldn’t matter much. Here in my club, it was unacceptable.

“I don’t feel so good.” She was pale and unsteady on her feet. “I’m scared.”

The bloodlust didn’t sneak up inside me - it burst forth with a ravenous hunger that had me all claws and fangs. She took one look at my eyes, all wolf, paired with my four massive fangs, and she started to shriek. I didn’t mean to snarl and snap at her. The scent of fear mingled with blood, and my control slipped.

“Help! Oh my God, somebody help me!” She fought hard, but her strength had already been sapped. Nobody would hear her cries.

“I don’t want to hurt you! Please, you’ve got to calm down!” Blood gushed from the ragged wound in her throat. My every instinct screamed for me to take her down and bury my face in the crimson nectar. I was restraining myself so hard my entire body shook. I couldn’t take the temptation. The need was bringing me to my knees.

She threw herself toward the door in a vain attempt to escape me. I reacted without thought, blocking her exit. The growl that echoed through the washroom sounded like someone else.

The struggle was brief. She didn’t have the strength. Loss of blood was her undoing, and she fell in a dead faint at my feet. My original intent had been to help her. Now all I wanted to do was taste her. I lost all sense of time and reality. Like a drunken blackout, I was going through the motions without conscious awareness. Her blood was on my hands and in my mouth. I would have killed her if Arys hadn’t felt me snap.

BOOK: Blonde and Blue
2.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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