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Leaning toward her, Christian drew one hand down the side of her face. The wound on his arm was nearly healed already, but drops of blood still lingered on his mouth. He leaned down to kiss her again, but she stopped him with a hand to his chest.

“Christian, I…I don’t want to be a scab.” She released a stuttering breath as the hand moving down her face traveled over her throat and down into the valley between her breasts. He paused there, as if feeling her heartbeat.

“I had no intention of letting that happen,” he answered, and kissed her again. Those words were all it took for Lana to come alive beneath him. Her hands were everywhere, fingernails scoring the skin of his back before swinging around to tug at the button on his jeans. She writhed beneath him as he pulled loose the clasp of her bra and pushed his hand underneath. She moaned as his fingertip grazed the taut flesh of her nipple and she arched into him. The small sliver of rationality left in her brain told her to slow down, to back off and enjoy the last few moments of her life.

But her hormones quickly silenced her last rational thought. If she was supposed to enjoy the rest of her life, what better way to do so than in Christian’s arms?

Chapter Six


He was so hungry and so needy… the way she moved beneath him told him that she was too. If she continued to do what she was doing, to look up at him through those smoky, green eyes, Christian feared he might not be able to keep the promise he had made. He didn’t want to hurt her, but he was so far gone that he couldn’t be sure he wouldn’t.

Having worked the zipper down, Lana snaked her hand inside his jeans and with a gasp of surprise, closed her fingers around his cock. Her touch was like a bolt of electricity to his body, and the pulsing member leaped in her hand. Returning the favor, Christian grazed his thumb across her breast, centering on her nipple and stroking it with growing pressure. She mewled and twisted, pressing her body up against his and twining her legs around his hips.

He could never remember wanting a woman more as he stretched back, gingerly removing her hands from his jeans before kicking off the offending article and laying her bare to his view. He peeled her pants away to reveal a pair of white silk panties, the same material from which her bra was made. She stretched her arms over his head as he looked at her, her eyes glazed and already turning slightly milky. He hesitated a moment, wondering whether he should continue this game, or turn her first and then have his way with her.

Lana effectively silenced that train of thought as she reached for him, her fingertips just grazing the tip of his cock. Frustrated, she sat up and closed her hand around it, then kissed his lips and shoved him backward. Christian toppled to the mattress with a grunt, and before he could think again, she was on him, stroking him to the absolute limit before taking his aching head between her lips. His eyes widened and he gasped in surprise. Her hair fell around her face, and he reached down to push it to one side. He didn’t want to miss a second of this.

She drew her lips up along his length as her fingers tightened around the base of his cock, stroking in time with the wet heat of her mouth. The delicious friction was almost too much to take. When she released him with a sucking pop to slide her tongue along the ridge down the underside, his hips involuntarily lifted, as if controlled completely by his cock instead of his brain. Lana batted her eyes at him and smiled, and in half a second he had her pinned to the bed under him. He straddled her thighs, holding her in place by the throat while he ripped away her underwear.

The time for gentleness was gone; he wanted her too badly. He was too hungry. And she had teased him too much. Lana reached for him again, but be batted her hand away—there was absolutely no way he would last if she touched him again.

“Christian…” Lana gasped, twisting and turning beneath him, straining to reach him.

“Steady, love,” he whispered, using his knees to move hers apart. She stretched her arms over her head, clutching at the edge of the mattress as he drew her legs up over his hips. Uninhibited, Lana slithered atop the rumpled sheets, squirming closer. Christian laid one hand against her belly, and with the other parted her slick folds. She whimpered and bit her bottom lip, raising her hips in welcome as he slid one finger down her cleft and inside. She moaned, her body pumping in time with his hand, urging him deeper into her slick channel. The obscenity that passed his lips was nearly unintelligible as he added a second finger, pushing deep inside her. Curling his fingers upward, he stroked her inner walls, relishing the whimpers and moans that escaped her clenched teeth. He pushed her higher and higher, continuing a steady pace until she was shivering with need under his hands. She chanted his name over and over, a quiet plea for more.

Far be it from me to deny her
, he thought, pulling his hands away. Christian was rewarded with a harsh cry of frustration. He peered up at her and smiled at the snarl twisting her face. Even furious, she was beautiful.

Taking her by the hips, Christian pulled her forward, sliding in to the hilt with one smooth thrust. Lana screamed as her body seized around him. Tucking his hands under her waist as she continued to spasm, he lifted her to straddle his lap, angling high and deep as he began to thrust. She twined her arms around his neck as low, keening sobs issued from her open mouth, her body still pulsing and squeezing with each frantic beat of her heart. His fangs throbbed to the point of pain.

As her orgasm subsided, Lana moved against him, rocking her hips up and down his length in time with his thrusts, deepening each sensation. She let her eyes drift closed as she searched out his bloody lips and kissed him again, her tongue pushing into his mouth with each pass of her hips. Christian clutched at her, groaning in satisfaction as she broke the kiss, her tongue tickling along his jaw.

Then she paused, and laid her hands on his shoulders. Fixing him with a strong look, Lana leaned close to him. Christian leaned back, matching her gaze, and stilled under her. For one flawless moment, the rest of the world seemed to fall away. There was nothing left but the two of them, locked together in this intimate embrace. Her eyes, already milky, still spoke of her strength—she was fighting it—even as she tilted her head back and exposed her throat.

“Do it,” she said, and a delicate shiver ran down her spine, clenching her sex around him again. Christian looked at her, a goddess in his arms, then closed his hands around her waist, thrust hard, and sank his teeth into her throat.

Hot, sweet blood hit the back of his throat and he groaned. Her fingers tightened on his shoulders as he drank from her; her body trembled in his arms, her sex tightening around his cock with each hard, deep thrust. He could easily fuck her forever, if he didn’t drain her dry first.

It took every shred of self-control he possessed, but Christian broke away from her throat and lay her back against the bed. Thin rivulets of blood ran down her chest, staining her skin as they curled around her right nipple. As he continued his brutal assault, he bent and licked the red liquid from her body, his tongue playing around her nipple for a moment, flattening and passing across to take in the taste of skin and blood. He drew his done over her breast then up her throat to catch the last drops of congealing blood from the wound at her throat.

She looked so pale, so fragile, even as her body continued to suck greedily at him, to pull him deeper and deeper. He lifted a hand to his chest and, using one sharp fingernail, sliced through his skin. Her eyes fixed on that spot and in half a second he reversed their positions so that she was lying atop him, his cock still buried deeply inside her. Lana sought out that wound with lips and tongue, latching on with a ferocity he never would have imagined. She began suckling at his chest, her body rising in falling in perfect time with her heartbeat—rapid, shallow movements that brought her quickly back to a trembling mess. The feeling of her mouth sucking at him, her tight, little body holding his dick captive, and the rush of his blood leaving his vein left him light-headed. She broke away from his chest, her back arching, and she screamed as she shattered. Christian’s eyes rolled back into his head, and with one final upward thrust, he crushed her body down against his and came hard.

They lay that way for a long time afterward, their bodies connected as hers began to cool. Her head rested against his chest, and from there he could see the marks on her neck already starting to knit. Her breathing was deep and even. It would be the last time that she would sleep, and he was reluctant to wake her, even as the sun started to rise outside. The curtains were still drawn, and he vaguely heard the sound of Harlan coming in.

The old vampire went downstairs without a word, for which Christian was thankful. It would do none of them any good to have to explain such a compromising position. Yes, he’d just bitten the woman he’d sworn to protect. Yes, he’d all but fucked her into oblivion. And damn it, he already wanted to do it again.

When Lana finally stirred, she made soft, sleepy noises before sliding off of him and curling into his side. He immediately mourned the loss of her body heat, and the feel of her sex still wrapped tightly around his cock.

He held her close, watching her face until it turned toward his and her eyes fluttered open. The orbs, which had once been green, were now an icy blue, flecked with bits of red and green. She reminded him a bit of a Christmas tree.

“Welcome back,” he said with a smile, and leaned to kiss her forehead. She smiled in return and stretched her arm across him.

“I was going to ask you if I dreamed all of that.” Lana yawned and gave a shivering, catlike stretch up his side.

“Feel any different?”

“A little,” she said, stretching again as if testing her muscles. She smiled up at him, the tips of her canine teeth long and sharp. “More limber…clearer…and not the least bit tired.”


“A little.”

“Then we should probably have dinner.”

Her eyes sparkled as she sat up. He looked down her nude body with great appreciation. It would be so easy to pull her under him and have his way with her again, but there wasn’t time.

“What’s for dinner?” she asked as he sat up and reached for his jeans.

“Long pig,” he replied, glancing over his shoulder just in time to watch her face wrinkle up in distaste. “I know, it isn’t the most appetizing of dinner ideas, but you need the fortification.” Christian pulled his jeans up over his hips. He refused to turn around again; if he did, there was no telling when he would let Lana out of the house.

She rose and walked past him, completely nude, down the hallway. A moment later he heard the zipper on her duffel bag, and when she returned to the room, she was covered in a long, slinky dress, the same color blue as her new eyes.

Following her lead, he rushed to get dressed, and in a moment they were moving out the door into the cold night. He took her hand, and with a smile, began to run. She kept up with him effortlessly, and while he was proud of her immediate leap into her new existence, he mourned the loss of her warm arms wrapped around him as he ran.

He led her to a small tavern just inside the Salem town limits. Christian pulled her to a stop just outside the door and tugged her around back of the building.

“The first thing you need to know,” he said quietly—so quietly that he knew humans would not hear him clearly, “is that you do not have to take a life to feed. Keep track of the heartbeat—when it slows, let go.”

“Christian, I can’t do this.”

“You can,” he urged. “Not that you have much choice.” He laid a hand against her back. “Women are typically more trusting. Convince one to help you, and she will be easy to take down.”

“You talk like I’m stalking wild game or something.”

“You sort of are,” he reminded her. “You are a hunter now. Let’s get you something to eat.”

Christian took Lana’s hand and led her around to the front of the building. It was nearly empty, and the two waitresses stood next to the bar, more interested in watching television than waiting on the few patrons. The little, blonde one looked like she would be easy, so with a last bit of advice on the perfect takedown, he sent Lana in.

Christian watched from the window as she ordered a drink, struck up a conversation with the girl, and ultimately led her out the door. They started toward him and he shrank back against the building, out of sight of the girl. As they passed, Lana winked at him, then followed the girl into the darkened parking lot. A moment later, he heard a strangled cry, and then the blonde stumbled back toward the building, a dazed and contented look on her face.

Once the door was sufficiently closed, he stalked over, smirking as he found Lana sitting on the tailgate of a battered, old pickup truck, licking the girl’s blood from her hands. Christian walked up to her, took her hand in his, and sucked her index finger clean. Then, taking her by the throat, he tugged her forward and licked the trail of blood from her chin to her mouth. When he kissed her, she tasted of the blonde.

“Beautiful job, sweetheart,” he said against her lips as they parted. “Are you ready to hear the next part of the plan?”

Chapter Seven


Lana slid off the tailgate and landed soundlessly on her feet. This new… what was she supposed to call it? Not life, necessarily, but whatever it was… it was fantastic. The speed, the movement, and the near-euphoric feeling of tapping directly into a human vein were all so amazing. And the way Christian made her feel when he touched her or kissed her…

It was all so hard to take in, yet her concentration seemed more focused than ever. All the while in the back of her mind she wondered what would happen when Sarah saw her.

“Lana?” Christian asked, waving his hand in front of her face, “you still with me?”

“I’m here,” she said, batting at his arm. He chuckled and tugged her against his side.

“So, about getting back into the club…”

“It shouldn’t be a problem now that I’m like you, should it?”

BOOK: Blood Doll
5.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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