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Bold Lust



Second in the Wild Alaska series


Kate Baker came to Alaska on the arm of the man she thought
she would marry, only to be abandoned in the little town of Ketchikan—a ruined
woman and afraid to face her family. She knows she should try to find the
independence her roommates have, so Kate turns down Carter’s offers to take
care of her. When he wants to tie her up and use her body she knows she
shouldn’t let him but every touch from Carter breaks down her resistance. Soon
Kate finds herself submitting to Carter’s every desire and melting under his
expert touch.


Inside Scoop:
Contains light BDSM elements.


historical erotic romance
from Ellora’s Cave


Bold Lust
Sky Robinson


Chapter One


“I don’t want you to leave.” The thought of staying here, in
the little town of Ketchikan, Alaska, where she knew no one, suddenly scared
the heck out of Kate Baker. When they were at home planning this adventure, it
sounded fun. But not now. Right now reality was smacking her hard in the face.

She sat on the edge of the bed and grasped nervously at the
quilt, trying desperately to find some sort of comfort. Sean set her suitcases
in the corner of the room. It was a desolate little room in a desolate little

Part of her still didn’t want to believe this was really
happening. She wasn’t going to be staying in a stranger’s house, in a town that
felt like it belonged on another planet. Her whole life, she’d lived in the
city with her family. It was where she was comfortable, where she loved to be.

Why had she gone along with Sean’s plan? She didn’t have any
interest in the adventure. Kate had everything she needed at home. Sean had
looked so excited when he told her of his big plan to go and explore the world together
and to make a fortune finding gold. She didn’t have the heart to tell him no
when he said he didn’t want to go without her. Kate
have said no
but she hadn’t. Instead she’d said, “Sure, honey, whatever you want, honey.” It
was all pretty pathetic. At least it looked that way to her now.

“I don’t want to leave you either, but it’s too dangerous
for you to go into the wild with me. I couldn’t live with myself if something
bad happened to you.” Sean took Kate’s hands in his and pulled her up to him.
His lips pressed gently against her forehead.

She didn’t want to go into the mountains with him, she
wanted to go home. Back to the places and people she knew. Back where she was
comfortable, safe. Right now she should be in Seattle with her cousin like she
had told her family. They would probably disown her if they knew she had come
here with Sean. It wasn’t appropriate for an unmarried woman. But it felt good
to be with him, at least she thought it was going to. Now she wasn’t so sure of
any of it.

“I know I can’t be with you. It’s…it’s just that I don’t
know anyone here.”

He smiled and squeezed both of her hands. “I’m sure you’ll
make friends fast. Who wouldn’t want to be around an amazing girl like you?”

She didn’t want him worrying about her so she said the thing
she knew would give him some ease. “I’m sure everything will be fine.” Kate
said the words but had a hard time believing in them.

She had never been this far away from her family, from the
people she loved, but Kate didn’t want Sean to think she was a weak woman. He
wanted adventure, and they would be settling down for good soon enough. The
wedding was already planned for this fall. She needed to let him get this out
of his system before they started having babies and he would need to take a
bigger part in his father’s business. His chance for adventure would soon end.

Sean’s hands moved slowly up from her waist, brushing the
sides of her breasts, shooting warm surges to her core. Part of her wondered if
the only reason he wanted her along on this trip was because he couldn’t go
very long without getting his dick wet.

“I’m going to miss you.” His lips brushed hers as his hands
worked to unbutton her dress.

Stupid piece of clothing anyway, with so many annoying
buttons and parts. Whoever designed dresses obviously didn’t enjoy men much. She
might have to try out pants, like the ones Emma wore. They looked more
comfortable, warmer and definitely more convenient, but they weren’t exactly
attractive on a woman. What would Sean think if he saw her wearing them? He
probably wouldn’t like it.

Sean finally worked through all the buttons of her dress,
and the layers of cloth fell off her shoulders. His mouth moved to the crook of
her shoulder bone, then to her neck. Warm pulses surged between her legs.

His hands continued to work at releasing her from the
clothing, slowly, gently. That’s how it always was with him. He didn’t rush
into anything, never too aggressive with her. Sean O’Riley was a caring,
considerate lover and he was going to make a good husband. Just ask her mother
and sisters. According to them, he was perfect.

His hands cupped her butt and pulled her against him. His
cock strained against his pants and pressed into her belly.

Kate moaned and rubbed herself against him.

In a few months, she would be Mrs. Sean O’Riley. The thought
of it didn’t thrill her nearly as much as it should, but he was a good man.

What else could she ask for?

ask for a man who could make her toes curl
with just his touch, like the men in the dirty books her friend Jenna let her
borrow, the books she hid from her mother. But she didn’t know if men like that
really existed, and wishing for one wasn’t sensible. She had a man who loved
her right here, a man who could please her, a man who came from a good family,
a wealthy family. She shouldn’t be dreaming about anything else.

Kate tugged at his pants, urging him to take them off. She
wanted to feel him inside her one last time before he left her alone in this
town for weeks, possibly even months. She needed to be close to him, needed the
satisfaction that only a man could provide before he left.

“You are a sweet woman,” he whispered into her ear. “I’m
going to miss you.” He took off his pants and shirt so they were both
completely naked standing at the foot of what was going to be her bed for the

“I’m going to miss you too.” She inhaled sharply as his
finger made its way through the curls covering her quim, touching the hot flesh
underneath. She was going to miss this. He was the only man she had ever let
touch her. Kate knew she shouldn’t be doing this now. They weren’t married, but
once she felt his touch, felt the pleasure a man could bring to a woman, she
didn’t want to go back to being without it. They were going to be married soon
enough, so it wasn’t completely inappropriate.

Sean moved his finger gently along the edges of her opening,
teasing her swollen woman parts. Then he inserted his finger into her wetness.
She clenched around it.

“You’re so wet.” His words were growled.

“You know I’m always ready for you, always ready for this.”
Kate purred, knowing that soon her body would be satisfied.

Sean lifted her up like she weighed nothing and set her down
gently on her back in the center of the bed. This was how it always was. He
liked to have relations the same way every time. It always brought her
pleasure, so she never argued, but sometimes she wished he would try something

Sean poised his body above her, kissing her neck, her belly,
teasing her womanhood with his tongue until she couldn’t take anymore.

“Now, please, Sean,” she begged.

He did as she asked, pressed his cock to her opening and
then inside her slowly, but she needed more. Kate arched upward, searching for

“Slow down, baby.” He grinned at her. “This is going to have
to last you for a while.”

“I don’t want to think about that.” She just wanted to feel
his love right now, needed to feel the pleasure.

Sean quickened his pace, his cock thrusting in and out of
her wetness. The bed creaked beneath them but Kate didn’t care. The only thing
she cared about was the pleasure, increasing in intensity, about to bring her over
the edge where she needed to be.

Kate moved her fingers up the warm skin of his arm. The
muscles flexed, holding his body up solidly as Sean pounded into her again and
again and again. Filling her and bringing her higher levels of pleasure.

Beads of perspiration formed at Sean’s forehead and his
breathing was speeding up to match hers.

As he thrust into her over and over again, the room, the
strange surroundings, it all started to disappear—leaving only the pleasure
about to overtake her body.

Sean slammed into her, deep and hard, and that was all it

“Ohhhh Sean,” Kate moaned as her walls clenched around his

Sean shuddered with his own release, his timing perfect this

He held his cock deep inside as he emptied his seed into
her, didn’t move for a minute, let her have a moment to embrace the feelings of
pleasure still flooding through her. Then he pulled out, leaving her empty and
her mind rushing back to reality.

Kate buried herself under the covers, pulling them up to her
chin and expecting Sean to join her, but he got up from the bed and started

“You’re not even going to cuddle with me?” She was pouting,
but he was being inconsiderate. She’d made the journey all the way to middle of
nowhere Alaska with him, and this was the goodbye she got?

“I would love to stay here all day but I have to go. The
gold is waiting.” He grinned, having no idea the impact his words were having
on her.

Sean’s actions cut deep. He didn’t have to fuck and run.

“I’m sorry, honey.” He came over to the bed and gave her a
kiss on the cheek before finishing the buttons on his shirt. “But the sooner I
get started, the sooner I’ll be coming back down the mountain with our gold,
and the sooner we can start our life together.”

Sean grabbed his hat off the dresser and plopped it on his
head before he walked to the door. “I’ll be back in a month—if I can stay away
from you that long.”

Sean blew her a kiss and then walked out the door.

“Be safe.” She blew a kiss back to him even though she knew
he wouldn’t see it. Her hand shook as she pressed the fingertips back against
her lips. “Hurry back,” she whispered.

Kate closed her eyes, holding back the tears that
threatened. For the first time in her life, she was completely alone.

Her stomach churned. What had she gotten herself into?

Chapter Two


An hour later Kate hadn’t moved. She stared up at the plain,
white ceiling of her new room. At least the bed was comfortable. This suddenly
became very important, with the possibility of her spending all her time here
alone. But lying in bed feeling sorry for herself wasn’t where she wanted to be
all summer. She was going to try to find some fun in this town, starting today.
Kate dragged herself from the soft comfort of the bed, and started dressing.

When she got all the layers of clothing on and buttoned, she
set to the task of unpacking. Whether she liked it or not, this was going to be
her home for the next three months, she might as well get comfortable.

The furniture in the room was sparse, one small dresser, one
wooden chair, and the bed. The dresser wasn’t even large enough to hold all the
clothing she’d brought, so some had to stay packed away in her suitcases. She
probably wouldn’t have anywhere to wear it anyway.

Kate sat down on the foot of the bed. She could make this
room look nice with a rug and some paintings but she wasn’t going to be here
long enough for that to matter.

Traveling back home was going to be enough of an obstacle
with just the things she already had, and hopefully the many, many bags full of
gold that Sean would be bringing back.

He was always working on some get-rich-quick scheme, even
though he didn’t need to. His family had plenty of money and just wanted him to
take some responsibility in the business.

Kate walked out of the room, shut the door gently behind her
and ran her hand along the wooden railing as she wandered down the stairs.
Might as well go and see what this town had to offer.

Emma was sitting in a stuffed chair reading and didn’t look
up as Kate approached.

“I was thinking about walking through town to get my
bearings. Would you like to join me?”

Emma seemed friendly, but serious. She was the only person there,
so Kate invited her along. It seemed like the polite thing to do.

“I try to avoid being in town at all costs and I was already
there once today.” Emma looked up from her book and the serious expression was
quickly replaced by a smile. “Go ahead without me, though, and have a good time.
I’ll have some supper made in a couple hours if you want to join me. We can
celebrate your first night here.”

“I would like that.” Kate nodded and then stepped out the
doorway and into her new world.

It was pretty here. Different, but very pretty. Mountains
that rose straight out of the sea were something she’d only read about before. The
smell of the ocean was interesting. The closest she had been to a body of water
even comparable was the lake where her family would spend summer days
picnicking on the rocky shoreline. This year they would be doing that without
her, and a little bitterness bit at her throat.

Kate moved slowly down the boardwalk, taking in everything
around her as she walked. The paths around the town were wooden walkways,
helpful for keeping a person from having to travel on the wet, muddy ground of
the hillside. There were several tents and small buildings down by the docks
being used as houses and makeshift stores. Those were the few businesses the
town had to offer. She definitely wasn’t going to be able to pass her time here

The smell of lumber being cut for the new buildings was
better than the fishy ocean smell, and there was construction going on
everywhere on the hillside.

People moved all around the town. The docks were the
busiest, with men unloading the ships and carrying the materials up to town. Several
of the men glanced her way, but she didn’t hold eye contact with any of them.
It wouldn’t be appropriate.

Kate walked down toward the docks to where most of the activity

A woman wearing a pink, flowered dress and matching bonnet
approached her while keeping direct eye contact, letting Kate know in no
uncertain terms that she intended on speaking with her. “Hello there,” the
woman said in a loud, nasal voice.

“Hi,” Kate replied softly, not sure she wanted to start a
conversation with this intense-looking woman but not wanting to be rude.

The woman was quite aggressive and seemed to be very
determined to talk with her. She stood right in front of Kate, not giving her
the opportunity to say hello and keep walking.

“You must be new in town. I’m Betsy Donovan and my husband
is the pastor here.” She paused for a second and looked over Kate. “You aren’t
a prostitute, are you?”

“No.” Kate felt her eyes get big, and she shook her head
vigorously. Why would the woman think she was a prostitute? And why would she
have the nerve to ask such an inappropriate question? It was definitely not

“I didn’t think you looked like one of
.” Betsy
practically hissed the last word. “But I wanted to make sure. There aren’t many
women in this town, and most of them are prostitutes. I just wanted to be
certain you weren’t one of the unholy before I invited you to services on


It seemed hypocritical of Betsy to not invite everyone to
celebrate her religion. Weren’t they in the business of saving souls?

“Yes. I hope you’ll be able to make it.” Betsy stood with
her hands on her hips and nose in the air. She was practically daring Kate to
say no, probably so she could delve into a well-practiced speech on the values
of a strong belief in a higher power. Kate would save her the trouble.

“I will certainly join you,” she said in a voice that
sounded more optimistic than she felt about the whole situation.

Kate wasn’t sure she wanted to take part in Betsy’s faith
and hoped it wasn’t as obnoxious as she was. But going to church on Sunday
would give Kate the chance to socialize, to do something other than sit around
the house. It was her first step at trying to become a part of this town.

“Well, fantastic.” Betsy smiled. “I’ll see you on Sunday
then. Services are held in the white house there at eight in the morning.” Betsy
pointed to a large building halfway up the hill.

“I look forward to seeing you then.” Kate nodded politely. It
would be interesting to see what kind of church they had in that little white

Betsy scurried up the hill searching for her next soul to
save, while Kate continued her journey down toward the docks.

The town behind her ended abruptly in a thick forest near
the top of the hill. A few tall totem poles carved in the shapes of eagles and
bears and frogs dotted the area between houses. They were interesting, and the
frog one was kind of scary. He looked like he could come to life and eat someone.

One of the houses had an Open for Business sign. It was
handwritten on cardboard giving no indication of what type of business it was,
so Kate peeked in the front window.

The main area of the building was filled with ropes and
hammers and saws and a complete lack of organization. A stove and refrigerator
sat at the perimeter of the room but were partially covered in hardware as

Kate pushed the door open and walked in to explore. A man
sat awkwardly hunched over a table heaped with papers. His long, muscular body
was way too massive for the little wooden table and chair. When he looked up
from his work, blue eyes pierced into her soul. Her breath caught in her chest.
The man looked like he could be a Norwegian god. His hair was dark blond, a
little unkempt, but that only added to his appeal. She’d never seen a man so
beautiful, but it wasn’t in the cherub-type way she usually found attractive in
a man. This man had an aura of danger. And for some reason she found it very

A smile teased at the corners of his lips and he looked at
her in a way that screamed inappropriate, but she couldn’t break away from the
eye contact. He was mesmerizing.

“What can I do for you?” The offer had more than business
attached to it. She might be a little naive, but Kate was experienced enough to
look on a man.

“I’m just looking around.” She touched a soft piece of white
rope and then looked back up at him. Oh, who the hell was she trying to fool.
She had no need for anything he had in this store.

“Well, I hope I can help you find what you’re searching for.”
His eyes narrowed intently on her.

“I’m…I’m not really searching for anything. I’m just new in
town and trying to get my bearings.” She was rambling.

“If you want, I could take you on a tour,” he offered with
words that were low and smooth and sent a shiver down her spine.

Kate sucked in a breath and wanted to say yes. He was the
most beautiful man she had ever seen, and his aura of excitement made her wary
and intrigued at the same time.

“No, I shouldn’t. I’m engaged.” Kate was rushing away from
him, heading for the door. She had to get out of there, away from temptation. She
didn’t know why she felt the need to tell him she was engaged, but it didn’t
matter. She
engaged and she couldn’t let herself be attracted to
another man.

“Stop in again sometime.” His voice was deep, making her
want to stand there and just listen to him for hours, but that definitely
wouldn’t be appropriate.

She could feel his eyes following her as she walked to the door.

“I…I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Kate turned to look at
him one more time before she walked out and let the door slam behind her.

Her feet thumped against the wooden walkway almost as fast
as her heart thumped in her chest. Kate popped into the next little shop she
saw, not sure why she had such a strong desire to hide, and no idea what she
was hiding from.

She must be losing her mind.

This shop had swaths of material everywhere and a little man
bent over patching a hole in a dirty pair of pants.

She fingered some gorgeous shimmery silver material as the
man looked up from his work. “You have good taste, my dear. Would you like me
to make you something special out of that?”

Kate turned quickly as the door behind her squeaked open and
closed. The same man she had just seen was walking into the tailor’s shop. Was
he following her?

“You’re going to have to start taking care of your own
orders pretty soon here,” the tall Adonis said gruffly to the little man, who
never stopped grinning at her.

“Yeah, yeah.” The man finally glanced at the man from the
hardware store. “As soon as I get some credit I’ll do that.”

This town was giving her the creeps. Everyone she had run
into so far had been…interesting.

“Thank you, Carter.” The little man walked over and took the
crate from his hands but quickly returned to where Kate was standing, the
silver material still in her hand like she was frozen.

“So ma’am, would you like me to make you a beautiful dress
out of this?”

“No thank you, I was just looking around.” Kate blushed and
hurried out of the shop, past Carter without looking at him and then up the
boardwalk toward Emma’s house.

She felt like she should go take a bath after seeing Carter
again. He had to have some kind of extraordinary powers to make her feel so
wanton. She was not the wanton type.

Kate let out a breath of relief when she made it back to
Emma’s house, not even sure exactly what she was relieved about.

Spending the rest of the evening in her own room seemed
suddenly desirable. Kate had put in an adequate amount of time exploring the
town, and between Better-Than-Thou Betsy and the temptations of the devil
himself, she had seen enough for one day. Ketchikan, Alaska, was definitely a
different kind of place.

When she got back to the house Emma was working on her
promise of a celebratory dinner together. She was just starting to pull out
plates and silverware from shelves and cupboards when Kate came over to help
set them on the table.

Opal, the other woman renting a room in this house, was just
coming down the stairs as well. “Something smells delicious.”

“Come, sit down and eat,” Emma offered.

“Thank you.” Opal smiled gracefully and Kate wondered why a
woman as beautiful as Opal would be in Ketchikan, Alaska. She was older than
Kate and definitely should have been married to a wealthy man before now.

Emma dished up plates full of food for each of the women and
raised a glass of water toward the middle of the table before they started

“To successful adventures in Alaska, whatever those
adventures may be, and however you define success.”

Kate clanked her glass against the glasses of the other two
women and then took a sip of her water.

“What do you know about the people who run the shops down by
the docks?” Kate couldn’t stop her curiosity.

Emma swallowed the bite of food in her mouth before she
answered. “I know that the tailor is a little strange, but he does good work.
And the man who runs the hardware store is very good-looking but every girl
who’s tried to catch his attention has been turned down. He doesn’t visit the
prostitutes.” Emma turned a quick glance in Opal’s direction and Kate wondered
why. “There are a lot of rumors swirling around town about him, but I don’t
like to believe rumors,” Emma said and then took another big bite of food, letting
Kate know she was done with the conversation, and Kate wasn’t going to press

BOOK: BoldLust
10.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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