Boosted (In The Fast Lane) (3 page)

He then began to thrust away. His cock moved like a piston,
steady and hard in and out of her. She could feel herself beginning to sweat.
Her face flushed. She could hear herself moaning before she knew that she was
doing it.

All she could think about was his cock and the way it was
stretching her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his waist to bring herself
even closer to him. Her clothes rubbed up against his. She had never had sex
like this before. Never so sudden and spontaneous. Sometimes she even folded
her clothes before getting into bed with a man. The unfamiliarity of the
situation only added to her ecstasy.

His thrusts grew more intense now. She clawed savagely at
his back and gritted her teeth. She was so close, so so close. This had never
happened to her before. Well, it had. But not in these circumstances. It
usually took oral sex or her own fingers to achieve orgasm. But Brody’s cock,
his wonderful cock, was working a magic she never believed existed.

Brody leaned his head down, while still maintaining his
thrusts, and began to kiss the side of her neck. A shiver of pleasure ran
through her body. She felt her skin tighten. She was edging closer. He licked
up her neck until he reached her ear. Brody licked and kissed her ear lobe. She
could feel his hot breath against the thin flesh of her ear. He then licked
around this sensitive area and that was it...

Hannah’s orgasm rocked her body. She spasmed and twitched
and screamed. It was so intense she thought briefly that she was having a
seizure. Her eyes lost focus and her head began to swim. Her senses, so
recently heightened by the excitement of the moment, were now numb and dulled.
He was still fucking her but she could barely feel it. Instead she was floating
along, finally able to take stock of how the last hour of her life had come to
be. It still amazed her and now more than ever it felt like some beautiful
dream from which she would wake up at any minute. Then she realized what she
had to do next.

She pushed herself from Brody and grabbed the condom off his
dick. He seemed momentarily confused and then a bit surprised by her boldness.
Hannah knelt at the edge of the bed and took Brody’s cock into her mouth and
gave it a long, slow suck.

Like most of the events of this night, Hannah taking a cock
into her mouth without being asked to do so was a rare occurrence. But not only
was she doing it, she was quite enjoying it. He was too big for her to fully
handle, but with the help of her hand she was able to keep his whole cock
occupied. She sucked and licked the head until it began to quiver. She knew he
was growing close to his moment of climax. She tightened her grip on his shaft,
hoping to squeeze out everything he had.

After one final, forceful suck Hannah felt his load explode
into her mouth. She took it as best she could. She didn’t want a single drop to
escape her lips. She milked his cock with her hand to ensure that he would be
fully spent. She swallowed his cum in slurping gulps.

To add to her new experiences which this night had wrought,
this was the first time she had ever tried swallowing. She found the way that
his semen coated her throat as it went down to be a strange but not unwelcome
sensation. In between swallows she flicked her tongue against the head of his
cock to make sure that he was completely satisfied.

When he was finished, and Hannah gave it a few extra sucks
and licks just to make sure, they curled up next to each other on the bed.
Without a word, they drifted off to sleep.




A New Assignment


Sergei had given him a five hundred dollar bonus that
afternoon. Pretty good fuel for his mandatory “fun night out.” He’d only spent
about sixty of that before his time at the club was thankfully cut short.

Not a bad little windfall.

Especially since he managed to get laid in the process.
Brody turned his head and looked at her sleeping form. She seemed like a pretty
nice girl too. What was her name again? Haley? Hannah? Something with an H.

She was cute too. It went beyond her being simply attractive.
Plenty of girls at the club had been attractive. But this one, there was an
innocence, even a wholesomeness about her. She was the type of girl you could
settle down and have a life with. In other words, a girl who would want nothing
to do with him as soon as she found out that he was a career criminal.

Brody stealthily got up off the bed, careful not to disturb
her from her deep slumber. Luckily he didn’t have to do anything to dress
beyond zipping and buttoning his fly. It had been a long time since he’d done
that kind of thing. For such a seemingly nice girl she had a bit of a wild
streak after all. Yeah, she was something.

As he began to walk toward the door, Brody hesitated for a
moment. He looked back at where the girl slept. It was as if there were a
gravity or magnetism that was keeping him in the room. What if he stayed? What
if he just got back into bed with her so that they could wake up together in
the morning?

What if he just decided that he never wanted to leave her
side? He shook off these thoughts. It was impossible. He couldn’t ask her to do
that, to accept him as he was. He could barely even accept himself.

It would be selfish to stay. Better for both of them if she
woke up alone in the morning.

But then, he thought, maybe he should be selfish, if just
for once. It was his big night out. Why not take a risk? He looked around the
room for a pen and paper, still being careful to make the minimum amount of
noise. He scribbled his name and cell number down on a notebook which lay on
her desk.

There. Leave the ball in her court. If she wanted to make
something more of this, it would be her call. Satisfied with this solution,
Brody tiptoed out the door.

Brody fell asleep again as soon as his head hit the pillow
in his own bed. Even with his nap that afternoon the day had taken a lot out of
him. The whole thing had been a stark departure from his usual routine.

At ten grand a pop. he really only needed to steal six or
seven cars a year to give himself a comfortable living. In reality, he usually
wound up with ten or twelve. This gave him about three hundred fifty-three days
a year when he didn’t have to work.

He probably could have asked Sergei for more work if he ever
needed it. But he’d avoided the trappings of a luxurious lifestyle so far.
Perhaps more importantly he’d manage to stay away from the drug and alcohol
problems that plagued many of the other people who sought employment on this
side of the law. He lived simply but comfortably. He had all he needed and
could get whatever he wanted.

To fill his time he took up a number of hobbies. He was an
avid reader across genres and time periods, fiction and non-fiction. He took
trips to other cities and made attempts to meld in as a local as best he could.
In fact, that’s what he spent most of his time doing: blending into the

He didn’t want to be noticed. He just wanted to exist. The
only way in which he wanted to stand out was in his work. And even then he
didn’t want to do so in a flashy way. He was the best. That was enough for

But the price of being the best was having people know he
was the best. And because Sergei knew Brody was the best, he never hesitated to
call him.

So, for the second consecutive day, Brody was awakened by an
early morning phone call.

“Good morning, my friend.”

“Good morning,” Brody managed to mumble, though seeing as
how the sun wasn’t up yet he wasn’t one hundred percent sure that it was even
morning yet.

“You had a fun time last night, yes?”

“Yeah, Sergei. Just like you said.”

“I heard you went home with a girl.” The way he said it made
the whole night sound so lascivious.

Brody tried to dodge the question. “Oh yeah? Who told you
that?” He didn’t feel like talking about this particular girl with Sergei.

“I know a lot of people. They tell me a lot of things.”

“Don’t believe everything you read.”

“I didn’t read it.”

“Yeah, well...” Brody was finally starting to feel awake. He
wanted to get away from this topic of discussion as quickly as possible. “You
call me up to congratulate me? Or is this about business?”

“Can’t it be both? I do need to speak to you. Meet me for a
drink in half an hour.”


Sergei laughed. “Come on. You and me. We need to get a man’s
drink.” Sergei told him the place. It was an afterhours speakeasy with an unpronounceable
Russian name. “One half hour.” And then he hung up.

Fuck. He wouldn’t even have time to shower and wash the
sleep out of his eyes. He was also sure that he reeked of sex and was already
cringing over the comments that Sergei was sure to make about it. At least he
had the forethought to put on a new pair of pants and a new shirt.

He made his way to the meeting place through the lonely
morning roads. It seemed to be the only time that the freeways weren’t packed
beyond capacity with cars. He could drive fast and free. On mornings like this
he felt the way he did the first time he got behind the wheel of a car. He was
fifteen years old. It was someone else’s car.

Sergei was already on his second vodka when Brody arrived.
He’d probably been there when he called him in the first place. He cocked his
head in Brody’s direction and flashed him a crooked smile.

“Sit, sit.” Sergei patted the stool next to him. There were
a few other people in the speakeasy, all mafia types, all discussing their own
business in hushed tones.

“What’s this about?”

“Sit,” Sergei insisted. Brody obeyed. “Now,” Sergei
continued, “what will you have to drink, hmm? Vodka?” Brody couldn’t stand the
taste of straight vodka but it seemed like bad form to order anything else.
Asking for a mixer would only result in mockery. He didn’t even need to say
that he wanted it. Sergei was already pouring him a glass.

“So, what did--”

But Sergei wasn’t done with the preparations yet. “We must
toast!” Sergei raised his glass high. Brody held his up just enough to satisfy
his inebriated employer. “To success. To good times. And to your new woman.”
Sergei gulped down his whole drink while Brody only took a sip of his. Sergei
refilled his own glass. “Now! We talk about business.”

Brody nodded. He was more than ready to get this over with.

“I have another assignment for you.”

Okay. Fine. But Brody still wondered why this meeting had to
go down in person instead of on the phone. An early morning phone call, he was
used to that. But seven A.M. vodkas was a different thing altogether.

“Today I get a call. I thought it was to finalize the
shipment. Make sure that everything in is in order that someone will be there
to receive it on the other hand. The ship is supposed to leave next week. But
no. It is something else. A special request. A car. A very specific car.”

He’d caught Brody’s interest now. “What kind of car?”

“It’s a 1985 BMW Three Series.”

Brody laughed. It was involuntary. He knew Sergei wouldn’t
like it but he did anyway. “Is that all? You can buy one used for like two
grand. Shit, I’ll buy it for you. Give it to you as a gift.”

“You’re not understanding.” It was true. Brody had no idea
why he’d been called in for something as trivial as this. “I said that it’s a
very specific car. It is one car. The only one.”

“Why this one car?”

“Some personal bullshit. Guy over there knows a guy over
here and wants this car to fulfill some petty fucking vendetta.”

“Why not just send him some other car and tell him it’s the
one he wants?”

“That would be dishonest,” Sergei said with a Cheshire grin.
“Besides, he would know.”

“How would he know?”

“This car...oh this car. Supposedly there are inscriptions
on the inside.”


“Yes. Etched delicately into the metal. It’s the type of
workmanship that takes years. The car itself is nothing. But the inscriptions
and the value to the owner makes it priceless.”

“So where is it?”

“I will give you the address. Because this is a special case
I’m getting paid more. I get paid more, you get paid more.”

“How much more?”


Ho-ly shit. Brody didn’t mind using a little sleep for
triple the salary.

“I do not expect you to get this car in one day. You must be
careful. This man. He is a dangerous man.”

Brody nodded. Of course he was.

“The ship leaves in one week. I must have it by then.”

“Why me? Why not one of your other goons?”

Sergei shook his head. “No. I cannot trust them with this
responsibility. It can only be you.”

“And if I can’t get it in a week?”

Sergei smiled again. This time it wasn’t a smile of slyness
or a smile of joy. It was a smile with a threat behind it.

“You will get it.”



Another Call


It would be wrong to say that Hannah was surprised when she
woke up alone that morning. She hadn’t really expected him to be the type to
stick around and take her out for brunch. But she was still a little

It seemed that the night before had meant so much more to
her than it had to him. She felt the twinge of guilt that most people feel when
they realize that the “stand” they had the evening before would be of the “one
night” variety. Still, she didn’t regret it a bit.

It had been an incredibly spontaneous moment in her
otherwise dull existence. But now that he was gone it amounted to little more
than a dream.

She took a shower, washing away the adventure of the night
before. She now remembered all she had to do that weekend. All the studying,
all the errands, all the cleaning.

She checked her phone and found that she had dozens of text
messages waiting for her. Some were concerned, some catty. All wondered who
that guy was. Well, Hannah thought to herself, at least it had really happened.
She would have to endure their probing questions and snarky comments for
months, perhaps even years to come. But it was worth it. Oh boy, was it worth

She had to stop thinking about him though. There's too much
to do. She had all the time in the world to dwell upon what might have been if
he’d only stayed until morning.

Hannah decided to treat herself to a nice breakfast that
morning. She wouldn’t have time to sit down somewhere; she couldn’t allow
herself too much pampering and happiness in one twenty-four hour period, of

She went down to the cafe on the corner to get herself a
much-needed coffee, an egg white spinach breakfast burrito with a sprinkle of
feta, and honey almond scone to satisfy her sweet tooth. While walking back to
her apartment she took special care to enjoy the crisp morning air. Something
about this morning was different. she noticed the colors around her. For the
first time in a long time life seemed like more than just books and legal pads.

When Hannah returned home she sat down at her desk to get
started on her work. It took her a minute to see it. She’d already taken a sip
of her coffee and unwrapped her breakfast burrito. She looked down at her
notebook and there it was.

Brody’s name followed by a phone number. She stared at it
for a long time. She had no idea how long. She was practically in shock. She
wasn’t sure if her heart had stopped beating upon seeing it or was now beating
so fast that she could no longer sense its palpitations.

Did he really want her to call? Or was it just some way to
show that despite the stoic bearing and the tattoos he was capable of being
polite? Was it even a real number? She didn’t know what to do. She had little
experience with this kind of thing having focused most of her romantic time on
more conventional courtships.

She could ask her friends for advice. No, of course she
couldn’t do that. The less they knew about the whole thing the better. Besides,
it wasn’t like they were masters of their own love lives as it was. Better to
handle this herself. At least if she made the wrong decisions there would be no
one else involved in her business.

She started to dial the phone before she knew what she was
doing. It was already ringing by the time she realized that it was still only
eight-thirty in the morning. Should she hang up? She’d come this far already,
might as well stay on the line. But what if he was mad that she had awakened
him at such an early hour in the morning?

Before the debate raging in her head came to its conclusion,
someone had picked up on the other end.

“Hello,” said the tired, confused voice.

“Hi,” Hannah said, the word nearly catching in her throat.
“Is this Brody?”

“Yeah, he said after a bit of hesitation. “Who’s this?”

“This is, um, Hannah.” He didn’t immediately respond so she
felt the need to add, “The girl you met last night.”

“Oh, yeah, okay, hi. Is, um, is something the matter?”

“No,” she said, probably too quickly. “I just found your
number here and wanted to call.”


“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it was so early until after I

“That’s okay.”

Silence hung in the air. She was at a loss for what to say
next. Everything about the call now seemed like a bad decision. Might as well
fully dive in. She had nothing left to lose.

“Look, I know I’m not supposed to call the next day or
whatever. But I had a lot of fun with you last night. You seem, I don’t know,
different somehow. I'd definitely like to see you again.”

Another agonizing silence followed. Time slowed to a crawl.
She felt like kicking herself. She’d made the wrong move every step of the way
since she had found his number. But then...

“I’d like to see you again too.” He said.

Hannah let out a sigh of relief. “Great.”

“Damn, I have a really busy week coming up though.”

“Oh. Okay,” Hannah said. “Well, whenever you’re free I

“Well...I don’t want to wait a week to see you again.”

“I don’t want to wait that long either.”

“Good, I’ll be over in forty-five minutes,” he said before
hanging up.

Probably for the best as Hannah would have had no idea how
to respond anyway.

She tried to use the interim time to study but it was to no
avail. Her mind was focused on other things. She had the gambler’s high. Her
risk had paid off and now she had no idea what to do with her winnings. She attempted
to relax but that was a skill which she hadn’t put to use in a very long time.

Hannah couldn’t even calm herself enough to eat, throwing
away the breakfast burrito after only two bites. She eventually resorted to
simply pacing around the room and counting down the minutes. If only she could
fast forward until his arrival.


He did arrive though. Two minutes early, in fact.

Hannah opened the door before he had even finished knocking.
He stepped into the room and immediately fell upon her. Hannah was blown away
by the intensity of the kiss. He had probably been thinking about this moment
just as intently and obsessively as she had in the time since he’d hung up the

He held her tightly. She never wanted him to let her go. Her
lifted her tank top over her head and set to work unhooking her bra. For her
part, Hannah reached into Brody’s pants and took hold of his cock. He pulled
off her shorts, leaving her completely naked.

Brody then took hold of her waist and lifted her up onto the
edge of the desk. He took off his shirt and knelt down in front of her. He
positioned his head between her legs. Now that she knew his intention, Hannah
scooted herself right to the edge of the desk. Brody kissed the inside of each
thigh on his trek to her moistening pussy.

When he reached his target he gave her outer lips a long,
slow lick. He made sure that every bit of her labia felt his tongue. He probed
her pussy until he found her swollen clit at its peak. He let the flat of his
tongue roll across it before using the tip to trace small circles around her
swollen nub. While he focused his mouth on her clit, Brody slipped his finger
into her pussy, moving it in and out of her in rhythm with his licks an inch

Hannah laced her fingers into Brody’s short hair as best she
could. She couldn’t believe how quickly it was happening. Her legs locked
around the sides of Brody’s head. Her eyes snapped shut. She started to scream
those whimpering screams that come right before climax. A babble of
affirmations and blasphemies escaped her lips.

She was in the middle of the orgasm before she realized what
was happening. She lost all control of her body as her mind melted into a
puddle. Brody continued to slurp heartily at her pussy, causing another wave of
pleasure to wash over her. He kissed and licked her clit as her body collapsed
down on top of him.

Brody stood, grabbed a condom out of his pocket and quickly
dropped his pants and threw off his shirt. Hannah grabbed his cock, massaging
his raging hard-on before he slipped the condom on. He positioned his cock up
to her pussy, which was now practically dripping onto her law notebooks. Brody
slipped his cock inside her with ease and put his hands on the top of her ass
to hold her in place as he began to thrust into her slow and steady. The feel
of her tight, warm, sopping wet pussy enveloping his cock was like fucking
heaven, if with a condom on.

The desk shook on its wobbly legs as Brody’s thrusts came
harder and faster. Hannah wrapped her arms around his shoulders, grasping on to
him desperately, meeting him with every thrust, pulling him deeper inside. The
sweat on their naked skin began to mingle together. She panted heavily and moaned
uncontrollably, pressing her face into his firm chest.

Brody took his cock out of her and wrestled himself away
from her clutching limbs. He turned her around and bent her over the desk
before re-entering her from behind. He grabbed hold of her waist lifting her to
deepen the angle of penetration.

The slapping of his pelvis against her ass rang through the
room each time he pushed into her. Hannah’s nose was now buried in the crease
of one of her open law books. That’s exactly where she had expected it to be
all day, though definitely not under these circumstances.

Brody reached out and pulled her hair, lifting her head up
out of the book. He also increased the force of his thrusts. The cheap IKEA
desk now seemed like it was about to completely fall apart.

Hannah was now in a near constant state of orgasm. Every
thrust pushed her further and further away from reality. His fucking was
starting to become staccato and erratic. She could tell that he was close to
cumming as well.

He leaned over her so that his chest was pressed against her
back. She could feel his five o'clock shadow rubbing against the back of her
neck. He pushed his pelvis forward one last time as he came inside of her. His
body eased as he rested his weight briefly on top of her. Finally she was able
to catch her breath.

Once they had both recovered, they moved to the bed. They
lay next to each other, naked and exposed. He held her in his arms. She had
never felt more secure and at peace.

“I didn’t think you’d call,” Brody said.


“A guy like me,” he began, pausing to think of how to phrase
the next bit. “A guy like me doesn’t really work for most women past that first

“Why not?”

“It’s just never really worked out.” He seemed to want to
change the subject and did so before she could ask him another question. “Were
those law books on your desk?”

“Yeah,” Hannah said. “I’m in my second year of law school.”

“What do you want to do with that?”

She had to laugh a little before she answered. “I want to be
a lawyer.”

“Well, yeah, but what kind of lawyer?”

“Oh. I don’t know. I’m still thinking about it. Corporate
law, I guess.”

“Corporate law? No offense but that sounds boring, even for
a lawyer.”

“Is a boring job really so bad?”

Brody shrugged.

Hannah turned the focus back to him. “Why? What do you do
that’s so exciting?”

“Just some freelance stuff.”

She decided to press. “What kind of freelance stuff?”

“Odd jobs. It’s pretty slow most of the time.”

Hannah was tired of dancing around the subject. She decided
to ask him outright. “Are you a 'freelance' drug dealer?”

“No,” he said, sounding relieved and trying not to laugh,
“I’m not a drug dealer. Did you think that this whole time?”

“I dunno, I guess not, I hadn't really thought about it
until now. I just think you're really sexy.”

"I do freelance corporate consulting, I specialize in
acquisitions and logistics." He said with a smile. Not a

He held her tighter. Hannah snuggled herself closer to him,
satisfied by his vague but impressive-sounding answer.

Together they drifted off to sleep.

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