Bound by Lies (God's Reapers MC Book 3) (9 page)

BOOK: Bound by Lies (God's Reapers MC Book 3)
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It took her a moment to regain her strength. David was still inside of her, and she could feel his pounding heart begin to quiet and calm down, as his hands traced patterns over her back and arms. Finally, Olivia pulled herself off of him and rolled over onto her back so she was lying next to him. Together, they looked up at the stars.


“I can see how you could like this,” Olivia said, as she snuggled closer to David. He wrapped his arm around her and kissed her forehead, as the fire crackled next to them and the stars loomed above.








Olivia smoothed her white dress over her stomach and looked into the full-length mirror, facing first this way and then that way as she looked at her strange reflection staring back at her. The woman in the mirror wasn’t Olivia Waters, the tough police officer. She was the soon-to-be Olivia Creely.
Olivia Creely
. Every time she thought of it, Olivia felt the butterflies in her stomach flutter, and a smile would creep over her face. She wondered when—exactly—she had turned into a giggling schoolgirl, considering she had never been one before.


The dress was floor length and silk. It clung to her bust and then flowed, covering her legs and shimmering when she moved. There were thin straps over her shoulder, and her mother was wiping away a tear as she came into the dressing room with the veil.


“You just look so lovely,” her mother said between sobs. “What happened to my little tomboy who swore she would never ever marry a gross, dirty boy?”


“Keep it together, Mom,” Olivia said. “If you keep crying, then I’m gonna start crying and we’re really going to ruin our makeup.” She looked at her mother in the mirror; she was a shorter version of Olivia, only her mother preferred makeup and long hair to Olivia’s more relaxed style. “Wait to put the veil on. I want to see how everything looks out there,” Olivia said, as she stepped off the platform. Lifting her skirt to keep it clean, she walked over to the balcony and peered down into the crowd. It was an odd sight for sure.


One side was filled with police officers wearing their dress blues and decked out for the occasion. Down below, Olivia could see Detective Farraday sitting next to her captain and her lieutenant. There were her old friends from Olivia’s days at the academy and her trainee, Ted, who had really come into his own in the last year. They had ridden together one last time only a few days ago; Olivia would begin her training as a detective once she and David came back from their honeymoon.


The other side of the church was something else indeed. The bikers had fancied up in their own ways. They were all wearing suits or pressed shirts, but their long hair and their beards gave them away. Well, that and the long line of gleaming motorcycles that were lined up outside of the church. A strange sight indeed, a sea of motorcycles and police cruisers baking in the parking lot.


“Get back here!” her mother scolded gently. “You can’t see the groom before the altar, and he can’t see you. Everything down there is fine.” However, Mrs. Waters couldn't help but give a nervous glance to the men beneath her, it was unusual that was for sure.


Olivia looked at the clock on the wall as she felt her stomach churn. This was happening; it was really happening. They had joked about going to the Little Blue Chapel in Vegas; they had seriously considered just going to City Hall and signing all the necessary paperwork. Yet, in the end, they realized that they had done nothing wrong, so why shouldn’t they get married in a church?


“Are you ready?” Mrs. Waters said.


“Is he out there?” Olivia asked.


“He’s at the altar, looking rather nervous, but also very handsome. Let’s not keep him waiting any longer.” Olivia reached for her mother’s outstretched hand, and with her bouquet in the other, they walked together towards the chapel. They waited in the wings and watched as Olivia’s cousins and nieces acted as flower girls and bridesmaids. Each one of them waited on the sideline, and then their cue came on and they took a step down the aisle and out of Olivia’s view.


Olivia Waters had taken on bikers and drug dealers and murderers, but she had never felt as nervous as she felt at that moment. She held tightly to her mother’s hand as the last bridesmaid began her walk, and then the processional music began. Olivia could hear the sound of throats clearing and fabric moving, as people out in the chapel stood up to watch her walk down the aisle.


The music was playing as Olivia took a deep breath and then took her first step and emerged in the church. She could hear people sighing sweetly and whispering to each other. On every face she saw, whether biker or cop, there was only happiness and love. Finally, Olivia looked up at the aisle and there was David, wearing a perfectly-fitted suit and tie. His hands were crossed in front of him and a smile spread across his face, as his eyes finally met with Olivia’s.


At the end of the aisle, Olivia kissed her mother on her cheek and watched as her mother hugged David. Then, she put Olivia’s hand in David’s and took her seat. Olivia looked up at the handsome man before her, her soon-to-be husband. In mere minutes, they would be married, bonded for their entire lives. In his eyes, she saw moonlight bike rides and passionate love; she saw them walking hand-in-hand down the street with nowhere in particular to go. She saw her whole life with David Creely stretched out in front of her, and she smiled, as the priest began to speak.



BOOK: Bound by Lies (God's Reapers MC Book 3)
9.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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