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for the


Poetry by

Christina Leigh Pritchard

Author of the C I N Series



For the Psycho in Him & in You.


© Copyright 2009-2012 Christina Leigh Pritchard. All Rights Reserved.


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Pink Sherbet



Like Fizz

Like fizz

my emotions bubble up from my tummy
Making my heart pound
I am such a dummy
For my heart is about

to be tossed to the ground
And I will have to stare down at it
Regretting my deepest feelings
And running after you I must quit
For if I do not
You’ll entrap me
And leave me in your web caught
Waiting to die
When you drain me of my blood
For what I feel is just a lie
That lingers in my mind
Since what I really want
I cannot seem to find



One moment I want you
The next I’m just happy with what we have
I am not sure which feeling is true
Sometimes it is so intense
And I don’t know what to do
But then other days it is just comfortable
It doesn’t make any sense
There is a barrier
That is tall and dense
Blocking me from the truth
And once removed
It will be too late to know
What I really feel
And you will just go
While I stay behind
And continue searching
For what I am unable to find


The Fact

Don’t talk about the past
all I want to believe

is already in my head
these feelings won’t last
and I’ll move on instead
never doubting how fast
history fades when certain of
the fact

that there is no love




you claim I’ll never see pleasure
so this means in your heart I am not
how many times I measure
the things I feel
but deep inside I know,
I’ll never be able to deal
Without you

please just go
So that I am not reminded
That this is a lie



Stop messing with my emotions
You’re going to tear out my heart
And leave me screaming my confessions
Cause my motor you try to start
Then drift away
I get nervous and aroused
But you just continue to stay
Not ever knowing what it is you are doing
Stop messing with my head
Cause I can’t stop thinking about you
When I’m lying in bed
Thinking of all the things we could do
Stop messing with my mind
For if you do not
I will be left in an unfixable bind.




you come near
but leave without emotion
your motives are not clear
and my feelings drift further away through this ocean
cause I can’t wait till you know
what it is you want
so please decide before I go
cause my boat is almost lost in the sea
my oars already gone
Please explain to me
What it is you feel

so that my electricity

I may turn on
But till then

I shall refrain from you
Cause if not,

you’ll cause me much pain.



Too Close

you are getting too close to me
I can’t breathe right
You will leave eventually
And it will take all my might
To not run from you
Cause it hurts to know
That soon you’ll just go
And leave my heart out
Displayed for all to see
And the pain will make me shout
But no one will hear me
I can’t run from you
I should
I want to
But don’t think I could
You are my heart
And into misery I shall fall
Cause if I was smart
I never would’ve let you get this close at all.




you wrote a song
made my heart melt
thought about it all night long
wishing I could tell you how I felt
but don't know myself
wouldn't matter anyway
so I'll leave my heart upon a shelf
and hope this feeling doesn't stay
twisting in my stomach knots
it hurts more than you'll ever know
cause I love you lots
but am certain you'd just

go away

if you knew
the things I really feel
but there isn't anything I can do
except hide from what is real
and keep my emotions bottled up
so that things will not change
and so my feelings won't erupt
and my life rearrange.


I saw you in a new light
your smile grabbed me
and now I must fight
to not lose it completely



i ignore the feeling
and try hard to pretend it's nothing
probably it is for you
but I keep fighting
to keep it that way for myself
I don't want to feel the way I do
cause it is not wise
to put my heart upon the shelf
and wait
for one person
who has no feelings for me
my heart is not bait
for you
to use as practice





That Look

that look you give me
makes my heart ache
cause this feeling just cannot be
and a relationship we're unable to make
but I still shiver at your touch
and try to push back butterflies
and pretend it doesn't bother me as much
as it does
but am afraid it all may be lies
to myself
so I must keep away from you
so that any harm I may cause
won't come true




Why can’t you just go away?
Why don’t you just leave me alone?
Please don’t stay
Cause my heart you don’t own
Nor will you ever
If things do not change
I’ll be enslaved to you
And my life disarranged
And my freedoms will be few
For your look captures me
But your games break my heart constantly.






Nothing you say
Could make me stay
Here with you
Nothing you do
Could get me to change my mind
Cause my heart you’ll never find
Nor will you want to
Cause I am too afraid of loving you
I’ll fight it till the end
And on you I’d never depend
For I am not made to be a kept woman.






Many times I’ve tried
To get you to notice me
But to myself I’ve lied
Thinking it was not meant to be
& now realize all the tears I’ve cried
Are invalid
For this whole time you did
Love me
But I was too afraid to accept it


I tried
BOOK: Broken
9.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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