BROKEN ROAD (A Back Down Devil MC Romance Novella)

BOOK: BROKEN ROAD (A Back Down Devil MC Romance Novella)
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A romance novel by
London Casey


London Casey is
the pen name for bestselling romance author Karolyn James


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A Back Down Devil
MC novella


motorcycle club desperate to survive by any means

and a woman who will do anything to get out of it


Jake strips
himself of his Back Down Devil MC leather cut to go undercover. A rival MC has
been pushing into town and it

up to Jake to find out why and to make it stop. It means putting his life on
the line because there

an agreement with the club

they won

t come save
him if he gets caught.


Standing behind
the bar, Keira serves drink after drink to a group of men who are all but
decimated. After working a deal with the cartel, her stepbrother

s MC has been slowly wiped of
most its members. They

so desperate to collect and fight back that the President has decided to open
membership to anyone who can fight and who isn

t afraid to die.


From the second
Jake steps through the door at the Rusted Devil MC clubhouse, he notices two things.
One, the MC is in disarray. Two, the woman behind offering him a cold beer is
the exact kind of temptation he needs to avoid.


As the truth comes
forward through an earned trust with both the MC and Keira, Jake realizes who
the enemy really is

himself. Soon a quest for truth quickly escalates into a quest for survival.





Jake saw the first punch coming from
a mile away, but he miscalculated the second one. It rocked his jaw and sent
him back. Instinct kicked in and Jake opened his arms, wanting to keep balance.
By doing that, he opened himself to more punches.

That was sometimes the hardest part
- not just in fighting, but in life - which was to go against instinct. To go
against rules. To live on the truest edge as an outlaw. Maybe to that extreme
it had nothing to do with a punch to the jaw, but in a way, it all mattered.

Jake fell against the ropes and
then was sent forward. The prospect facing him kept his hands up, eyes intent,
ready to strike again. But the young fuck didn

strike again. It was hard for the prospects to go after patched in members. It
took balls because you never knew the reaction if a prospect would win.

Would the guy get killed? Would he
get cheered? Would he get his own cut and a full membership in Back Down Devil
MC? Or would he go back to scrubbing toilets and cooking food?

Sighing, Jake dropped his hands.

What the fuck?


the prospects asked.


m wide open,

Jake said.

You could have rocked me again
and again.

Jake felt a bump forming on his
chin where the prospect had gotten him. The kid had a great right hook.


m sorry, sir,

the prospect said.

your fucking hands down,

Jake ordered.

The prospect listened.

Jake threw a quick right, hitting
the prospect square in the nose. Blood sprayed everywhere and the young man
stumbled back and tripped over his own feet, falling to his ass.


Jake growled.

He climbed through the ropes and
jumped down. He grabbed his leather cut off the picnic table and threw it back
on. A second later he felt a vibration. When he took out his cell, he saw it
was a text from his ex, Becca.

Rule one, brother. Rule fucking
one. Never fall in love with a stripper. She

ll drain your bank account, your cock, your
mind, and your heart.

Someone had told Jake that a long
damn time ago.

He never listened.


text was pretty cut and clear.

Help. Again.


Jake whispered.

He looked over his shoulder. The
prospect was back to his feet, wiping the blood off his nose.


Jake yelled.

Dry your tears. We

re going for a ride.

Jake shouldn

t have been getting involved in outside, but it was
Becca. He had a soft spot for her and always would.

The MC was under a lot of heat
right now. The guys at the main table were scrambling to figure out who
attacked Nate and what was really happening with Coast Road MC and some drug
running shit. Not to mention, to Jake, he didn

trust the chief of police at all in town. Chief Jerry may have been a close
friend to the MC, but something about the guy had been changing for a while. He
seemed darker, sicker, like he was ready to explode and do something dangerous.

In other words, bothering Gaige,
Blaine, Nate, or anyone else with some petty ex-slash-stripper stuff

that wasn

t going to fly.

So Jake took to the road with the prospect
behind him.

He rode to the southeast side of
Frelen, right where all the action seemed to be. During the days the buildings
looked haggard and worn out - much like the people and women that worked the
area. But at night, with neon lights, good music, and the appearance of fun, it
was a different world.

Jake hated that Becca lived in a
shitty apartment, but it was her fault she took all her stripping money and
pissed it away. Booze, drugs, men. Yeah, women could lose theirs to men as fast
as men to women.

Riding around to the back of the
building, Jake saw Becca standing outside, her right arm hugging herself, her
left hand holding a cigarette to her lips. From the side, she looked fine. When
she turned to face Jake, he saw the cut, blood, and bruise on the left side of
her face.

Killing the engine on the
motorcycle, Jake looked back at the prospect.

your cell handy in case I need back up. Don

fuck around, kid.

Jake rushed to Becca and grabbed
her by the waist. Her tits were huge and the tight shirt she wore only helped
to make them look bigger. Not to mention she hated wearing a bra.


she whispered,
smoking creeping from her lips.

the fuck happened?



name Charlie.

the fuck is Charlie now?

Becca looked back at the crooked


s inside your place,

Jake said.

Looking for money.

owe it?


Jake reached up and touched the cut
on Becca

s eye. He shook
his head. Goddammit, how many times had he saved her? From the moment they met
all he did was save her. Her demons were deep and dark, but cut through them
and she was a beautiful woman.

But it would never work between
Jake and Becca.

That didn

t mean Jake didn

care though.


m not killing him,

Jake said.

I can

t. There

too much heat on the MC.


s a baseball bat in the trunk of
my car.


ll work,

Jake said with a sigh.

He got the baseball bat and went
into the apartment building. Dealing with lowlife pimps and drug pushers were
like dealing with bugs. Just crush them and walk the fuck away. The real wars
were on the streets and dealing with the big names and the interstate bullshit.
This was all small time stuff. A waste of freaking time.

Jake opened the apartment door and
saw the guy -
- standing with his back to him. He wore jeans
that hung too low with some kind of leather jacket. He had a phone to his ear
and ended the call as he turned.

Charlie did not expect to see Jake
rushing at him with a baseball bat.

Jake knew he could kill the guy
with a smack to the head. Or break his neck. Maybe the guy didn

t deserve to get hurt at all. He
was probably just doing his job, collecting a debt that Becca legitimately

It didn

t though.

Jake swung the back and hit Charlie
in the knee. Charlie

s leg
twisted the wrong way and he toppled down, screaming.

Jake put end of the bat to Charlie

s throat and pressed until the

s face turned red.


Charlie groaned.

hit her?

Charlie nodded.



t your old man ever teach you
not to hit a fucking woman?


guess not,

Jake said.

So let me pass that lesson to

Jake took the bat away and Charlie
rolled to his side, coughing. Jake grabbed for Charlie

s right hand and put it on a table. Jake noticed
the table had bottles of booze, beer, some razor blades, and white powder.


t move your fucking hand or I
will shoot you,

Jake said.


Charlie said.

Just wait, man

Jake brought the bat down as hard
as he could. He knew Charlie

hand would never be the same again. Even the best fucking surgeon in the world

t fix what the bat
did. Jake hit so hard, the table flipped over.

Charlie screamed until there was no
air left in his lungs.

Jake crouched down.


t ever hit a woman again. And don

t ever go near Becca again. Got

Crying, Charlie nodded.

Jake escorted him to the door and
tossed him out.

about the table and the blood,

Jake said.


Becca said.

Thank you.

Jake stood at the door and Becca
inched closer. She put a hand to his chest and bit her bottom lip. She pressed
her chest to Jake for a second and exhaled a breath to his neck. A second
later, her tight tank top was on the floor. Becca came in for a kiss and Jake
turned his head.

No. No kissing.


Becca whispered.


just have to use my mouth for something else.

Becca fell to her knees and Jake

t stop her.

Old habits

old fucking habits

BOOK: BROKEN ROAD (A Back Down Devil MC Romance Novella)
4.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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