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Keira remembered everything Kami
had ever told her and everything she had seen.

Always do what you

re told. Chances are,

re more
afraid of the situation than you are.

This guy wasn

t afraid.

This guy was big and mean.

The first thing he did was slap
Keira right across the face. That sent her flying into the kitchen counter. She
caught herself from falling. The guy was then behind her, a hand around her
stomach, pulling her close.


when Kami

s words came back
to her.


s the least of what they

ll do.

So, yeah, they weren

t going to torture Keira like
they would a man. They would touch her, go after her, use her body for whatever
they wanted.

But the guy didn

t do anything else like that.

He turned, threw Keira at the
table, and then commanded her to sit.

do you know?

the man


Keira asked.


the man said.
The gun was pointed at her.

me everything you know or I will kill you.

just fucking kill me,

Keira said.

I dare you.
Shoot me right now. You asshole.

The guy laughed.


re going to tell me. Or I

m going to get it out of you. Trust me, you don

t want that.

He stepped toward Keira. He put
a foot up on the chair. He thrust himself at her face.

Unless you do want it. We can play first and talk


Keira said.


s play then

Keira felt her heart jump. She
waited for a chance to try something, anything. Yeah, it was going against what
Kami had taught her, but this guy was obviously a pro.


s from the cartel.


t know a thing,

Keira said.

You blew us up, remember? You
attacked us. So now what do you want?

The guy chuckled.

So you know why I

m here. You know who I am. You
know a lot more than you give off by your appearance. I like that about you,

Shit. He knows my name.

Then the guy made a mistake. He
turned just a little and Keira went for her move. She lifted her leg and kicked
at the guy

s knee. It was a
good shot and it dropped the guy down a little. He definitely hadn

t expected the kick. Keira
jumped up and tried to go for the guy


Why not the gun?

The thought came a split second too

Yeah, she had scratched the guy

s face, but he was the one with
the gun still. He easily drove his shoulder forward and hit Keira in the jaw.
That sent her back to the chair. As the chair rocked, the gun was pointed at
her. Keira purposely threw herself back, falling out of the chair to dodge the
bullet in case the guy pulled the trigger.

He didn

t pull the trigger though. He simply just stood
over her, staring down.


ve pissed me off,

he said.

So I have no more reason to talk
to you, Keira. I

m going to
make the next few hours a living nightmare for you. You

ll wish you were dead

and then you

ll get your

Keira tried to kick again but the
guy was ready. He stomped down on her knee with his black boot, sending a jolt
of pain from her neck up to her back.

The guy then touched between his
legs. Keira felt her stomach rise up into her throat.

A second later, her apartment door
opened. The guy turned to see who it was. Keira propped herself up on her
elbows to do the same.

It was Jake.



Jake opened the door and couldn

t believe his eyes. He had about
two seconds to assess the situation. A man standing over Keira. That

s all he had and all he could
process. Maybe the guy was there for a reason. Maybe Keira was getting a little
fun at home without anyone knowing.

But it wasn

t going to work for Jake. He charged forward and
saw the guy turn with a gun in his hand. Jake had no choice but to throw his
keys at the guy. A hard throw sent the keys into the guy

s face. The guy dropped the gun and luckily it didn

t go off.

Jake wanted to tackle the guy, but
if he did that, the guy would have landed right on top of Keira. So Jake hugged
the guy and then threw him back with a suplex that sent the guy through the
air. He hit the floor with a thud and rolled.

you okay?

Jake asked


she whispered.

Just get him out of here.

That much Jake could do. He turned
and hurried to the guy. He dropped down and started to punch the guy. Over and
over, keeping him subdued. Jake then lifted the guy and sat him against the

the fuck are you?



the guy said.

You think you

re tough? You

re the new guy, huh? I

ve seen you

Jake threw his head forward,
smashing it off the guy

mouth. That brought on an explosion of blood.

He knows me? He

s got to go.

Jake stood and took the guy with
him. He dragged the guy out of the apartment and put him against the brick


t ever come here again,

Jake said.

Whatever war you

re trying to start, win, finish,
whatever, it

s done. It

s fucking done.


re not with them,

the guy said, blood leaking
from his mouth.

I know you

Jake turned and threw the guy over
the railing. The drop was only five feet. The guy scrambled to his feet and
hurried to his vehicle. A typical black car, sleek and silent, blending
perfectly into the night. The car started and sped away with the squeal of the
tires. Jake grabbed the railing and gritted his teeth.

Too close

This cartel shit was getting way
too close. They were coming after Rusted Devil MC hard. Taking Keira was a
smart move. If they got her, that would break Kami down. Take out the VP like
that and it would leave all the pressure on the President. Not to mention Kami
breathing down Apollo

neck to get Keira back. It would split the MC into pieces, leaving Kami off to
forge his own group while Apollo struggled to keep the focus straight. All the
while the cartel would be plotting their final stand.

None of it was supposed to matter
to Jake though. As long as this bullshit did not involve Back Down Devil MC, it

t fucking matter.

It doesn

t fucking matter.


t matter,

Jake whispered.

He turned and went into the
apartment. A decision had to be made once and for all now. He had to separate
himself from Keira and keep the bullshit with Rusted Devil MC as nothing but

When he saw Keira still on the
floor, he sighed. Crouching, he put a hand out and she quickly grabbed it.

he gone?


s gone.

was from the cartel.


Jake said.


re coming for me.

Jake nodded.


the hell are you here?

wanted me to check on you.

you for doing that,


I know you were



with that woman.

fuck, babe, don

t do that
to me. That was nothing. Never was going to be anything. Are you okay?

Keira shook her head.

He was going to hurt me. In a
lot of ways.


you stay here for a little while?

can do that,

Jake said.

Keira sat completely up and pushed
herself against the cabinet. Jake realized he was still holding her hand and he
quickly let her hand go. He then sat down on his ass, facing her.


re safe now,

Jake said.

should have killed him,

Keira said.

him go back and tell them what happened. If he went missing, they

d attack.


Easy, Jake. Don

t give away how much you
know about this shit.

I know the answer

but are
you really okay?


she said.

He tossed me around a little.

can see that,

Jake said.
He leaned forward and touched her face where it was red and swollen.

I should have killed him.

burns a little.


ll be fine,

Jake said.

He caught himself leaning in even
more. He tried to argue with his mind, but his body demanded something else.
Shit, even his heart demanded it. Jake let his hand slip from Keira

s face to the back of her head.
Next thing he knew he was gently pulling her forward and kissing her. Their
lips touched, flirted, and then it was wild.

But Jake quickly pulled back.

Meeting eyes with Keira was nothing
but the worst kind of temptation. He brought his lips up a little and gently
kissed her face. Right where that asshole had hit her.


she whispered so

She dripped with real innocence,
real life pain, and worst of all - fear. She was truly afraid. Jake didn

t need to ask her story to know
it. She was alone. She wanted to run. She had nowhere to go. So she stuck
around with her stepbrother and the MC.

Jake brought his lips back to 

s. He couldn

t tell her the truth of who he
was, but he could help her in other ways. Take away her worry and fear and pain
for a little while. And hell, in return, he

to get to relieve some of his own stress.

They kissed again.

Jake kept control, unable to get
enough of Keira. She didn

make matters any easier when she threw her hands around his neck and clawed at
him, pulling him closer, wanting more. Jake put his hands to her lower back and
started to stand, lifting Keira with ease. He turned, sitting her on the
kitchen table, still kissing her. His hands grabbed the bottom of her shirt,
wanting more. Wanting to touch, taste, devour all he could before either she
died or he did. There was no good ending to the story, and that end could come
at any second.

Jake had a hand up Keira

s shirt but he moved it around
to her back. His other hand grabbed the top of her jeans and he lifted her again.

Now he was on the move.

Right to the bedroom, where they
fucking belonged.

The apartment was small enough for
Jake to navigate without breaking the wild kiss he and Keira were sharing. He
found the bedroom door wide open and took Keira right to the bed. As he lowered
her down, the kiss broke. She pulled at his neck, bringing her mouth back to
his. His body touched hers; they were both on the bed.


when reality hit Jake hard. He made tight fists and put them to the bed. As he
lifted himself up, the regret was instant. He looked at Keira

s lips, red from kissing him so

He wanted it again.
So fucking



he whispered.

Not like this, babe.

like what?

Keira asked.



Jake got to his feet and tried to catch his

You should get
some sleep. I

m going to
check out the apartment and make sure everything is clear. I need Kami

s cell number so I can contact

Keira sat up. She grabbed at Jake

s wrist.


leave, Jake. Please.



They have nothing. You weren

there. You don

t get it,
Jake. How bad this is. I don

want to say too much and scare you away. This isn

just some motorcycle club bullshit. The explosion took a lot of the guys. Okay?
The rest are at the bar, drunk. You want them to get on their motorcycles and
try to ride here?

Jake gritted his teeth.


s right.


ll stay,

Jake said.

next to me.


I can

t be alone.

Jake saw the pain in her face. He
reluctantly gave a nod.

get in bed, okay?

Jake had to get out of the room. He
shut the door behind him. There was no point in checking anything, really.
There were three windows in the apartment, two were locked, the one in the
kitchen didn

t lock, but it
was shut. The door had a deadbolt and chain.

Jake felt naked without a gun, with
no real way to protect himself or Keira. All he had were his senses and his
fists. Not that either could compete with a weapon, but what choice did he

Sitting alone for a little bit,
Jake sat on the counter and thought about things. There was no real right or
wrong here with Rusted Devil MC. The truth was that he needed to go dig up his
cut and get back to Frelen. He could steal a car and be back there in no time.
Give Miller and Gaige all the intel and then move on with life. Or he could try
and convince Keira to come with him. But that would mean telling her who he was
and run the risk of not only chasing her away but having her tell Kami and

As Jake pushed from the counter he
knew he had to make a decision soon.

If he didn

t take off from Rusted Devil MC, then he

d have to face the
snake pit

Jake opened the bedroom door and
found Keira sleeping. She was facing him, completely on her side, one leg
sticking out from the blankets. If she was beautiful when awake, asleep added a
whole other level to it. She looked happy, peaceful, finally at ease. All
because of sleep. And tomorrow would come and bring back all the shit that
surrounded her.

Jake gently shut the door behind
him and locked it. It would do for now. The clock on the nightstand glowed an
evil red color. It was almost three in the morning. There was just enough time
to attempt to get a few hours of sleep before waking up and facing death again.
The old dance Jake had been doing for a long time.

The right thing would have been to
crash right there on the floor. But then Jake thought about it. He hadn

t slept next to a woman in a
long damn time. Just to hold a woman while she slept with no intention of
fucking her. That feeling

He got into the bed next to Keira
and put a hand to her shoulder.


m right here,

he whispered.


safe tonight.

Keira reached back and grabbed Jake

s hand. She pulled at him,
wanting him close to her.

So Jake nestled up against her. His
front to her back. His hand just under her tits, spread across her stomach,
over her shirt. The smell of her skin, her hair, the smell of her bed.
Suddenly, it felt all too real for Jake. Even when he and Becca were together,
he didn

t have a feeling
like this. A deep urge to protect. To care.

BOOK: BROKEN ROAD (A Back Down Devil MC Romance Novella)
3.1Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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