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The Moonpool
Cam [3]
P. T. Deutermann
From Publishers Weekly

At the start of Deutermann's exciting third suspense novel to feature Cameron Richter, a retired cop who runs Hide and Seek Investigations, a PI firm staffed by other ex-cops (after
Spider Mountain
), one of Cam's operatives, Allie Gardner, falls ill in Wilmington, N.C., while doing some philandering-husband divorce work. Soon she's dead on the floor of a gas station bathroom, burned from the inside out from having ingested a pint of highly radioactive water. When Cam looks into Allie's death, he winds up being hired by Aristotle Quartermain, chief of security at Helios, the local nuclear power station. Aiding Cam are the book's two most appealing characters, his German shepherds, Frick and Frack. Deutermann imparts much interesting scientific information on such things as the titular moonpool, where exhausted nuclear fuel is stored. Just as interesting, and far more chilling, is the author's depiction of how the Department of Homeland Security operates and why you never, ever want to get on their bad side. Thriller fans will look forward to further entries in this fine series. (_May)_
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From Booklist

With Spider Mountain (2007), Deutermann turned from Clancy-like military thrillers to a series starring North Carolina freelance investigator Cam Richter. This time a seemingly simple case turns ominous when one of Richter’s team dies of radiation poisoning, and the source appears to be the nearby Helios nuclear power plant. Even the power of the FBI and CIA can’t stop Richter from trying to discover the truth. Digging deeper, he uncovers a terrorist plot to release the water from the plant’s “moonpool,” the radioactive storage pond that cools the spent reactor fuel, thus creating a disaster similar to Chernobyl. Can Richter find the murderer and stop the catastrophe? The inner workings of a nuclear power plant are revealed in elaborate detail here, slowing down the pace dramatically, at the expense of both the characters and the story. Still, fans of the first Richter novel will want to stick with the series a little longer before pulling up stakes. --Jeff Ayers

Praise for P. T. Deutermann’s



“Fast-paced… imaginative plotting.”

—Publishers Weekly


“Another pulse-pounding thrill ride…An unnerving, tightly woven thriller.”

—Cincinnati Library


“The stuff of series heroes…a battle royal.”

—Kirkus Reviews


“Non-stop action.”


“One of the crime genre’s more original and memorable creations…a welcome change from the usual sort of thriller villain.”



Praise for



“Gripping…original and intense.”



“Full of surprises…keeps you reading past your bedtime.”

—Charlotte Observer


“A spellbinding novel of suspense…quite possibly his best.”

—Nelson DeMille




—Washington Post


“A first-class page-turner.”

—Atlanta Journal Constitution


“A deft thriller…impeccably authentic!”

—Library Journal


“A top-notch thriller from a top-notch writer.”

—Nelson DeMille


“Addictively enthralling…(wait till you get to the jaw-dropping ending!).”

—Entertainment Weekly



“Explosive tour de force….The author exceeds his near-perfect
Train Man
with this ripped-from-the-headlines plot pitting a middle-aged Rambo with a small but deadly arsenal of spy gadgets against spine-chilling villains, corrupt agency brass, and powerful political forces. Deutermann never sounds a wrong note in this nonstop page-turner.”

—Publishers Weekly
(starred review)


“You think you have read this before. Trust me. You haven’t. And you should…a great read.”

(Greensburg, PA)


“One of the lasting conventions in thriller writing involves putting the hero in a situation where the reader is forced to ask, ‘How can he possibly get out of that?’…Deutermann…exploits that convention to the hilt in
Hunting Season

—Houston Chronicle


“Enough techno and black ops to satisfy Clancy fans, enough double-dealing, back-pedaling internecine treachery to keep Carre fans reading, and enough plot turns and suspense to keep Crichton and Higgins Clark devotees guessing.”

—Florida Times-Union


“Deutermann’s previous novel,
Train Man
, was a marvelous, bang-up action novel…in
Hunting Season
he equals the thrills…Deutermann writes with authority and inventiveness. Add in top-secret gizmos, heroes meaner than villains…and you’ve got one of the best by one of the best at what he does.”

(Macon, GA)


“The tale is loaded with political and bureaucratic skullduggery, and there are plenty of well-banked curves and clever twists. A solid read from an author whose own tradecraft is every bit as good as that of his characters.”



“Deutermann has sold three novels to Hollywood already. They’re blind if they pass on this one.”

—Kirkus Reviews



“Gripping…thoroughly absorbing.”

—Publishers Weekly


“Deutermann…writes page-turners. And this one has a surprise ending—one that comes as a bombshell.”

—Houston Chronicle


“A dead-on sense of place and appealing characters in tight corners…satisfying.”

—Kirkus Reviews


“Deutermann has now published seven pounding-pulsers. For this book, he was back at Dahlgren and Mahan, updating his reef points.”

—Baltimore Sun



“Deutermann delivers his most accomplished thriller yet. Intelligent, expertly detailed, and highly suspenseful.”

—Publishers Weekly
(starred review)


“Another solid performance from Deutermann, this time about a train-hating, vengeance-hungry madman and the FBI agents seeking to derail him. Quality entertainment: the details convince, the people are real, the plot twists legitimate.”

—Kirkus Reviews


Books by




The Cam Richter Novels


The Cat Dancers


Spider Mountain


The Moonpool




The Firefly




Hunting Season


Train Man


Zero Option




Official Privilege


Navy Adventure Novels


The Edge of Honor


Scorpion in the Sea





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BOOK: Cam - 03 - The Moonpool
9.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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