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Carl Weber’s Kingpins:
St. Louis
Keisha Ervin
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Carl Weber’s Kingpins: St. Louis
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Chapter 1
“I don’t do well with liars.” A chilling voice inaded the air. “You lied to me, Donovan.”
King David Mason sat behind a marble desk tapping his fingers together. Behind him on either side stood two big and bulky henchmen who were ready to pounce if given the word. Both were of African descent and wore black suits, with dark sunglasses sitting on their noses. On the opposite side of the desk sat Donovan Chambers, the man who was supposed to be in charge of all of David’s finances. He was a man whom David had once trusted with his life, but upon hearing the news that he was being robbed blind David knew he couldn’t have been more wrong.
“I . . . I don’t know what you are talking about, King,” Donovan stuttered, calling him what the streets had dubbed him. “I have done everything that you have asked of me since day one.”
Donovan felt his palms and armpits begin to sweat and he wished he hadn’t decided to wear the Ralph Lauren light blue button-up shirt that he had on. He blinked and hoped that the glasses on his nostrils wouldn’t slide because of the perspiration starting to form on his chocolate face. He licked his thin, dry lips and blinked his brown eyes before he cleared his throat.
“Yes,” King David agreed while nodding his head. “You have indeed done everything that I asked you to. You have kept my finances in order for years and kept record of every expense.”
Across the desk Donovan’s eyes darted from King David to the two men behind him, and back to King David. He tried to swallow, but his mouth was so dry the only thing that went down was air. “Then what have I lied about, sir?”
King David smirked at Donovan’s ignorance. He was positive that Donovan knew exactly why he was in the position he was in that second. Donovan was just trying to ride the wave just in case King David really did not know about his wrongdoings. The last thing any crook did was confess to his crimes before being proven guilty. Instead of answering his questions David opened one of the drawers of his desk and pulled from it a thick manila folder. When he tossed it forward it landed with a soft thud in front of Donovan, who reluctantly opened it.
“Wh . . . what is this?”
“You can’t read?”
“Yes, I can, King. I can see that these are the records of yours that I have kept up with for the past five years.”
“Do you see anything wrong?”
“Not that I can tell, no,” Donovan said. “I have precisely documented everything correctly. Nothing is out of place.”
King David tried to give Donovan one last chance to come clean, but he saw then that he was just going to stick to his story. If he had at least been honest King David would have honored him with a quick death; now, he was going to make him suffer.
“It saddens me that I ever trusted you. Do I not pay you well? Clearly not, since over the past five years you have managed to rob me of half a million dollars. You have been shaving a little extra off the top since the beginning and I would have never known had it not been for my son, David Jr., going over all of your records. Imagine my surprise when I was informed that so much money was unaccounted for.”
Donovan’s eyes were wide and his lips were moving as if trying to find the words to say. His breathing became rigid and when he saw King David make a motion with his hand to the men behind him he already knew what was about to happen. He jumped up from the chair and tried to run to the exit a little ways behind him. When he reached the tall wooden door he tried the doorknob but it was useless. The door was locked from the outside.
“No! King, I can explain. I was going to pay it all back. Please don’t do this to me. My wife . . . my wife she needs me, she doesn’t work. My daughter is in college. She won’t be able to afford her courses or her medicine. They won’t make it without me. Please!”
“You should have thought about them when you made the decision to rob the hand that fed you.” King David stood up and walked toward Donovan. His tall six foot four muscular frame was menacing. He fixed the collar on his suit and glared into Donovan’s eyes when he was inches away from him.
“I should have replaced you a long time ago. Now you will see firsthand what happens to those who cross me. I have no remorse for you or your family, just for the money of mine that you have spent,” King David said.
His henchman had made their way to Donovan and each gripped one of his arms. King David looked at them and nodded at his head of security, Mac. “Take him to the house in the woods. Make him scream. There is duct tape and a potato sack in the bottom drawer of my desk. I’ll have the van brought around to the front.”
With that he reached in his pocket for his keys and unlocked the door. He knew Mac would handle business accordingly. He was his oldest friend and somebody he would trust with his own life.
“No! Noooo! Nooooooo!” Donovan screamed hoping somebody would hear him.
“Remember, my office is at the top of the building. No one can hear you.” King David winked at his old friend before making his exit. “Have a good night, Donovan.”
He shut the door behind him and walked toward the elevator at the end of the long hallway. Before he reached it he felt the cell phone in the pocket of his suit vibrating and before he even looked he knew who it was. “Hello, honey,” he said into the receiver.
“Don’t ‘hello, honey’ me! It’s almost nine o’clock and the kids are already here for dinner. Where the hell are you, David?”
“I’m leaving the office as we speak,” he responded, not wanting to argue. “I stayed a little later tonight.”
“I thought that bosses didn’t have to work later than their employees.” Her icy tone almost cut through his thick outer core, but he didn’t let it.
King David sighed and stepped onto the elevator as soon as the doors opened. “I will be there,” he said and disconnected the call. He knew he would have to pay for that later but at that point in time he would have done anything to avoid another argument.
“Where is Daddy?”
Angela was too busy staring at the phone not believing that David had really just hung up on her to really hear what her daughter had just said. “What, Day?” she asked.
“Was that Daddy on the phone? Where he at?”
“Umm . . .” Angela cleared her throat before turning to face her daughter, who had snuck up behind her. She got her wits together and offered a fake smile. “Your father just had a late night at the office but he’ll be here in a little bit.”
Davita eyed her mother suspiciously but didn’t press the subject. She knew that her parents had disagreements sometimes, but somehow they always weathered the storm. So she stayed out of it. Davita was a daddy’s girl definitely and people often referred to her as his shadow. Most would think it was strange that she looked up to her father instead of her mother but she didn’t care; she wanted to be just like him. The only thing she didn’t agree with was her name. She hated the name Davita so she made everyone call her Day. She was a beautiful twenty-two-year-old woman with smooth golden brown skin. She had high cheekbones, full lips, and round brown eyes that pierced into whatever she gazed at. On the top of her head her long, curly hair sat in a messy bun, but she made sure her edges were slicked to perfection.
“Uh-huh.” She sucked her perfect white teeth and put her hand on her stomach. “Well, Ma, can I have
to eat? You had me come over here forever ago and I haven’t eaten a thing!”
She was upset because all of the food was already in place on the table in her parents’ dining room; however, her mother wouldn’t let her touch it. She never did until her dad got home and Day understood that, but if her mother couldn’t do anything else she knew how to throw down in the kitchen. The aroma floating around the kitchen smelled amazing and it was making her even more hungry.
Angela rolled her eyes at her daughter and walked across the large kitchen to the stainless steel refrigerator so that she could grab an orange out of it. “Here, girl,” she said to Day and tossed the fruit in her daughter’s direction.
Out of nowhere Day’s twin brother, David Jr., jumped in between her and the flying fruit.
“David Jr.!” Day exclaimed, grabbing her brother’s shoulder and trying to force him to give her the fruit. “Stop playin’ so damn much!”
David Jr. laughed and held the orange over his head knowing that his height would prevent her from getting to it. “Say I’m the king,” David Jr. taunted, grinning.
“You are out your damn mind,” Day said, giving up. “I’ma just go get another orange!”
“Nope,” David Jr. said, blocking his sister’s way so that she couldn’t pass.
“Move!” Day shouted but by then she was already laughing. Her brother really wouldn’t let her through no matter which way she tried to go. “You are so annoying, David Jr.!”
The two of them were fraternal twins. David Jr. was born at 11:55 p.m. on July twenty-second and Day was born on July twenty-third at 12:05 a.m. David Jr. was a Cancer while Day was a Leo and, although they were twins, the two were as different as day and night.
Finally David Jr. gave in and gave her the orange knowing that her grin could turn into a scowl in a quickness. “Here, crybaby,” he teased, calling her the name she hated as a child.
He turned to his mother and the smirk that had been planted on his face faded as soon as he saw hers. Although she smiled in their direction he saw the sadness in her eyes. In an instant his jaw clenched and he gritted his teeth before finally opening his mouth to speak again. “He’s going to be late again, huh?”
Before her son could get too worked up Angela wanted to try to calm him down. She walked along the kitchen’s marble floor toward him. When she was directly in front of him she forced another smile and gently placed a soft hand on his handsome face.
“It’s okay, baby,” she said, trying to make herself believe it. “You know your father often works past dinner.”
“No, Ma.” He brushed her hand off of his cheek. “That’s bullshit! The food has been done for hours. Where the hell is he at?”
Day sensed her brother’s frustration and immediately jumped to her father’s defense. “How are you going to get mad at Daddy for missing dinner, but you’re driving around in the Mercedes that he bought you? If he weren’t a businessman we wouldn’t have shit!”
“Watch your mouth!” Angela snapped, whipping her head toward her daughter.
Day smacked her lips and looked at her mother incredulously. “What you mean, watch my mouth? He just cursed too! You’re always playing favorites, Ma!”
“Both of you watch your mouths!”
“No! ’Cause y’all aren’t about to sit up here and talk down on my daddy!”
“He’s my dad too, and yeah, I like my Mercedes. But that doesn’t make up for him missing dinner with us. Wasn’t he the one who picked Friday nights for family dinners? His schedule should have been clear.”
Day started to argue back but she didn’t have any words to say to his statement. He was right and she was frustrated at herself because she didn’t have a response. Instead she rolled her eyes and turned to storm out of the kitchen.
“Day!” Angela called out.
“Nah, fuck this,” Day said, throwing a hand up as she walked away. “I just lost my appetite. Tell Daddy I will call him. I don’t want to be in this house anymore.”
“Day!” Angela called again, starting to go after her daughter.
“Let her go, man,” David said, shaking his head where he stood. “You know how she gets when anyone says anything negative about her father, who can do no wrong in her eyes.”
Angela sighed and walked to the dark marble island in the middle of the bright kitchen. She put her elbows on the marble and put her face in her hands not knowing what else to do. She never intended to play favorites but it was no secret that she and Day had never been close. She loved both of her children but David had always clung to her, and Day to her father. Things between them had gotten seemingly better when the twins turned twenty and moved out. Still sometimes they got into disagreements that left Angela feeling low. It was clear that Day’s loyalty would always be to her father, no matter how wrong he was.
“Go on in there and make you a plate to go, baby,” Angela said when she finally uncovered her face. “I’m about to clean up and head to bed.”
David stood there for a second not sure if he should really do as she said or stay there to comfort her. He could see the pain spelled out all over her face. He started to walk toward her and she swatted him away.
“Boy, if you don’t listen to me . . .” she said. “Hurry up so I can put all that shit away.”
“All right, Ma.” He kissed her forehead and went to do as he was told.
Angela sat in silence and listened to the clanking sounds of David helping himself to the fried chicken, black-eyed peas, and greens that she had prepared for dinner. She sighed again and shook her head. Sometimes she didn’t even know why she tried to please her husband anymore. He was cheating on her, not with another woman, with his love for dirty money. There was a point in time where the two were in love and inseparable; now they just coexisted. Whenever she brought up her unhappiness to King David he would always ask her the same question:
“What more do you want?”
To which she would always answer, “You!”
There weren’t enough words in the world to get him to understand what she meant. King David felt that as long as he came home every night then she had him. He didn’t take into consideration that he often came home at three o’clock in the morning when she was already in bed. They didn’t spend time together; and, despite the material things that he showered upon her, they would never make up for the fact that the man she fell in love with had gone missing. What was left of him was in the pictures lacing their lavish home. That night he promised that he wouldn’t be a ghost again like he had been the past two Fridays. She had even made his favorite meal and worn his favorite color: red. The long red dress that she wore draped over her slender body. She wore her hair pinned up and had even thrown on a little makeup. She had really gone overboard and he wasn’t even there to appreciate it. She didn’t get it and, at their age, she shouldn’t have had to.
BOOK: Carl Weber's Kingpins
12.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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