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“Who do you think is behind this, son?” Charles asked Tom, concern on his face.

“Thought it was the brother of a criminal she treated at the hospital. He got taken with her, and it seemed inappropriate. I actually want it to be him, ’cause I’d be able to get my hands on him. Gotta admit, she has a slimy ex-boyfriend from years ago that her parents keep pushing on her even now. Don’t trust that slick piece of shit. But got nothin’ to even go lookin’ at him right now, and I don’t know that he’d risk his cushy career.”

By this time, the women had returned to the barn looking for the men, who quickly changed the subject. Hugs, thank you’s, and goodbyes were said all around. Rob and Laurie were going to stay for a while with Bernie and Mac, and Tom’s parents were heading back to his house.

Nancy turned to Carol as they were walking toward their cars. “I hope you will come over as well. I really want more time to get to know you.”

“I don’t want to intrude, Nancy. You don’t get to see Tom very much anymore, and I want you to have plenty of time with him,” Carol answered.

“Oh my dear, we will have plenty of time with Tom. I know you are now a very important person in his life, and I want us all to have time together. Please say you’ll come back to the house with us,” Nancy pleaded. “Plus you’ll be doing me a huge favor. You’ll give me someone to talk to while the men pile up on the couch and watch football all afternoon!”

Laughing, Carol agreed, “I would love to.” Glancing behind her, she saw Tom walking with his dad a few feet back. Catching his grin, she returned his smile. In two strides, Tom caught up to her, grabbing her hand, linking their fingers.

“We’ll meet you back at the house, mom,” he assured. Getting Carol settled into his truck, he leaned in before closing her door. “You okay with all this, angel? I want you to be comfortable.”

Carol placed her hands on either side of Tom’s face, feeling his stubble beneath her fingertips. Pulling him in for a kiss, she confessed, “I’ve never had a day like this ever. I’ve never been with such a huge crowd of people who all genuinely liked each other. Even last year, Sofia had me to her house for Thanksgiving so I wouldn’t be alone, but her siblings all hate each other, so it was awful. But this, Tom. This was the most amazing meal I’ve ever had. And your parents are…everything I could have ever hoped they would be. You’re very lucky you know.”

With that, she pulled him in for a kiss, molding her lips to his. Starting out soft and slow, she quickly felt when Tom’s desire took over.

He slid his tongue inside, dancing with her tongue, exploring the mouth that he knew so well. Sucking on her tongue, he captured her moan in his mouth, feeling his dick swelling uncomfortably in his jeans. Pulling back, he stared into her eyes.
Yep, time to make this official.

“Let’s go back to my place and visit with my parents for a while, angel. Then we’ll head to your apartment. Rob and Laurie will be at his place tonight.” He leaned back in for a chaste kiss. “So tonight, we’ll continue this. And you will feel all of me, angel, buried deep in you. That’s a promise.”

Carol felt the loss immediately as he pulled back again and closed the truck door. She noticed him discreetly adjusting his dick in his jeans as he rounded the front of the truck. Smiling to herself, she leaned back, ready for the day to continue at Tom’s house with his parents.


Tom and his father did watch football, until they both fell asleep on the couch, while she and Nancy continued to get to know each other. After a while, Nancy also drifted off to sleep in the easy chair. Carol, not feeling sleepy, stepped out onto the front porch and sat on the swing. The late November day was still sunny, but cool. The warmth from the afternoon sun fell on the porch, so she was very comfortable with her sweater and using her foot, she pushed herself gently in the swing, allowing her thoughts to wander.

Thinking back to the lessons learned in her many counseling sessions, she thought about the day and began to put it in perspective. She knew that she had never had true acceptance from her parents, simply because she did not fit the image of the daughter that they wanted. And that colored everything she thought about herself.
Never good enough. Never pretty enough. Never clever enough. Never thin enough. Not the right career. Not the right path.

In comparison, she thought about the events of the day.
Friends who accepted her. Friends who enjoyed being with her. Tom’s parents accepting her. Tom’s love.
Smiling, she brought her legs up on the swing and wrapped her arms around them. Leaning her head back so that the fall sun fell directly on her face, she felt its warmth seep into the crevices that she tried to hide. The cracks that never seemed filled.
I’m really okay. Who I am and what I am, is really okay,
she admitted to herself.

Tom had risen from his nap on the sofa and went in search of Carol. Hearing the porch swing creak, he looked out of the window at her. Beautiful face turned up toward the afternoon sun, eyes closed, a smile on her face. The sunlight on her blonde hair created a halo effect as he stood staring at this tiny beauty that he loved. He saw everything.
Beauty. Fragility. Strength.

Tom walked through the front door, the sound had her opening her eyes as she turned her face toward his. Her smile grew wider, and its warmth penetrated his soul more than the afternoon sun. He sat down on the swing, pulling her back into his chest, wrapping his arms tightly around her in a cocoon of protection.

Twisting her head, she looked up into his face. Blue eyes gazing at blue eyes. Tom touched his mouth to hers. Keeping it light this time, the kiss was more of a promise between two souls.

Pulling away, she leaned her face against his chest, as the sun continued its path down toward the trees across the road. “I hear your heartbeat,” she whispered.

“It beats for you,” was the familiar reply.

Chapter 19

om and Carol arrived at her apartment late that evening, having spent more time with Tom’s parents. Charles and Nancy were leaving the next day, but since Carol was working, she said her goodbyes when they left.

Barely making it in, Tom rounded on her pushing her gently up against the door. Sealing his mouth over hers, he took command of the kiss. Not gentle. Not soft. This kiss was demanding and unyielding. His tongue invaded her mouth, searching every crevice, tangling with her tongue, dueling for dominance. He leaned his large body in, touching every inch of the front of hers, chest to knees.

Sliding his hand under her sweater, it continued its upward path, coming to rest on her breast. Using his other hand under her ass, he lifted her easily and she wrapped her legs around his waist. His swollen cock, which had been pressing into her stomach, was now deliciously pressing into her aching folds.

Capturing her moans in his mouths, he continued to devour her lips. Pressing her back against the door and lifting his leg slightly so that she was seated on him, he continued to fondle her breasts then pulled her sweater up and over her head. Lifting her arms only long enough to have the sweater pass, she immediately reached back to him, clutching his shoulders as though she were hanging on for her life.

Tom pulled the tops of her bra cups down, freeing her breasts. He hoisted her a little higher so that her breasts were at his face level, and he continued his assault on them with his mouth. Sucking first one nipple in and then moving to the other, he felt her begin to move her crotch against his leg, trying to create the friction that she needed.

Lowering his leg, he settled her feet back down on the floor so that he could divest himself of his shirt. Jerking it off, he leaned back, in pressing her against the door once more, recapturing her mouth with his. This time, flesh against flesh, breasts against chest.
Jesus, she feels so good.

His hands went to the top of her jeans, but her hands were already there. She broke the kiss long enough to slide her pants down and pull her boots off. Before moving in for another kiss, he stopped for a moment just to stare at the naked beauty presented in front of him. He had seen many naked women’s bodies over the years, but none of them came to mind. He could not recall their features, their faces, their shapes. All he could see in his mind was the angelic perfection that was standing in front of him, staring at him with her big blue eyes. Eyes that were not just shining with lust, but with love.

Her hands moved quickly to the button of his jeans. Chuckling, he allowed her to slide the zipper down over his impressive cock. “In a hurry, angel?”

Carol’s sparkling eyes looked up to his. “Yeah,” she whispered. “Aren’t you?”

Shoving his jeans and boots off quickly, he stood in front of her just as naked, his cock jutting out toward her. He saw her look down and watched as she sucked her lips in momentarily before licking them. His cock twitched as though anxious to be seated in her. Seeing her eyes come back up to his, he laughed. “It’s got a mind of its own, angel. And right now, it knows what it wants.”

Picking her back up, she wrapped her legs around his waist again, this time her pussy directly on his dick. Wanting to make sure she was ready, he slid his finger in her wet folds, moving it deeper and deeper, looking for just the right spot to make her scream. “So damn tight, angel. So goddamn wet.”

Carol could feel the pressure building, knowing that she was close. She knew she could have come just dry humping his jean clad leg, but the feel of his fingers deep inside of her, tweaking just the right spot was making her crazy. She felt him suck her nipple into his mouth, biting down just enough to give a quick pain then smoothing it with his tongue. That was all it took as she felt her inner muscles clamping down on his fingers as the orgasm washed over her.

Tom looked at the beauty in his arms. Head thrown back against the door in ecstasy, eyes tightly shut, and that smile.
Jesus, I’d walk through hell to see that smile every day.

Placing his aching cock at her entrance he rasped, “Ready, angel?” A nod was all the answer he received and all the answer he needed. Her pussy impaled on his cock, balls deep, he began thrusting. One hand under her ass for support, the other hand pressed against the door next to her head. Thrust after thrust, he slid in and out of her wet pussy, the friction nearly taking him over the edge quickly. Forcing his mind to hold back, he wanted her to come again.

Growling, “Mouth, angel,” Tom sealed his lips over hers when she brought her mouth back to his. Deep. Demanding. His tongue mimicking the movements of his cock.

Carol felt the pressure building again. The feeling of trying to reach the finish line of a race, knowing that crossing the end would bring the most incredible euphoria. Closer and closer she came. Feeling Tom’s hand move between them and tweak her clit was all it took. She finished the race with the feeling of shattering into a million pieces. Shouting out his name, she threw her head back against the door as her pussy walls grabbed at his cock.

The feeling of his cock being milked by her pussy was all it took for Tom to lose control. His head reared back too as he powered through his orgasm. Neck muscles straining, face red and tight, he felt himself empty into her waiting body.
Fuck, never. Never. Never have I come that hard.

As his lust-filled mind began to clear, he lowered her body to the ground, allowing her legs to steady underneath her. Keeping his large hands on her tiny waist, he leaned over looking into her eyes. “Are you okay, angel? I didn’t hurt you did I?” Guilt at the pounding his large body gave to her small one filled him now that his lust was sated.

Smiling up at him, she reached up to cup his face. “I’m fine, Tom. Better than fine, in fact. I’m great.”

Pulling back, he reached down to scoop her up in his arms. “Let me take care of you, babe. I’ll run the shower.”

Just then, her cell phone chimed, showing a message coming through. “You start the shower honey, and I’ll check my phone. It might be Laurie, and I don’t want any surprises if she has decided to come back here tonight.”

Setting her back down on her feet, he gave her a quick kiss before heading back to the bathroom.

Carol walked over to her purse and pulled her phone out. Not recognizing the number, she opened the text.

There, next to a grainy picture of Tom with her against the door of her apartment, was a message.

He has you now, but you should be mine. You will be mine.

Carol screamed for Tom as she dropped to the floor to get out of sight from the window. Tom came running back into the room to hear her scream, “Get down, get down. He’s out there.”

Tom had no idea what she was talking about, but he stooped down to gather her shaking form in his arms. “Angel, what the hell is happenin’? Who’s out there?”

She shoved the phone in his hands and watched as he looked at the picture and text. The change in his face was frightening. The fury began to pour off of him as he stood and quickly crossed to the door. Throwing on his jeans, he grabbed his cell from his pocket.

BOOK: Carol's Image
11.1Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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