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Authors: Gwendolyn Bridges

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Carrying the Billionaire's Baby, Book 2: The Billionaire's Gift (4 page)

BOOK: Carrying the Billionaire's Baby, Book 2: The Billionaire's Gift
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I felt his lips against
the nape of my neck, peppering me with soft kisses. The intensity
of the situation was almost intoxicating. I didn’t dare open my
eyes, but the feeling of his touch, our bodies pressed together and
the crispness of the night air brought an extreme arousal. I wanted

As if reading my mind, he
kept one hand on my breast and let another drift down the curve of
my stomach. His pushed past the waistband of my panties and with a
gasp I felt his soft touch against my wetness. He let his hand
linger there, just lightly brushing against my clit, as he tweaked
my nipple with his other hand. I moaned softly into the night,
pushing my ass back against the hardness in his pants.

Finally, he let a finger
slip inside me. The penetration sent a jolt of pleasure through me,
so strong that I felt my knees buckle. I opened my eyes and cried
out — a mix of pleasure and terror, fearful that I might fall. But
Alexander’s strong arms gripped me tight around my

“I got you,” he said
quietly, his face close to mine.

And I knew he was

“Fuck me,” I said pushing
back into him, eyes open wide now, my knuckles white from their
tight grip on the metal railing.

He wasted no time. He
stepped away from me and I heard the rustle of his suit jacket
sliding off his shoulders and hitting the ground. Then his belt
buckle and the zip of his pants coming undone. His clothes probably
cost more than I made in a year, but he didn’t care — tossing them
all aside and coming back to me, his bare skin now feeling hot to
the touch as it pressed against min.

His hands caressed my ass
and the gripped the waistband of my panties. He pulled them down my
legs slowly, so that all of me was now exposed to the night.
Without a thought, I kicked them off towards the edge of the
building, and watched again as they fluttered down to the street. I
wouldn’t need them again tonight.

“Spread your legs,” he
said. I opened up to him, letting my arms reach wide across the
railing and gripping it tight again. He put his hands on top of
mine and I could feel his cock against my bare skin, throbbing and
hot and slick with his precum. He drew it against my wet lips and
held it there before finally — slowly — pushing himself inside of

I moaned instantly, and he
responded in turn. His cock fit so perfectly in my pussy — filling
me up with his thickness, the fit so tight that each and every
throb reverberated through our bodies. When he was inside of me, it
was like we were one person. Every little surge of pleasure was
shared between us as he held himself inside of me.

I knew I couldn’t look
down, so I looked up at the night sky, my breasts hanging over the
railing. The stars weren’t normally visible in the city, but up
here — above it all — I could see just a few of them twinkling,
distinct from the planes crisscrossing the blackness because the
stars didn’t move. I hadn’t even noticed the moon before, it was
faint and partially obscured but gave off a nice soft
crescent-shaped glow. A new moon, I think they called

Alexander kept his hands
on top of mine on the railing and started to thrust into me. He
built up slowly — a little bit faster and a then a little bit
harder. His face pressed against the back of my neck, his lips
brushing against my skin as he increased his speed and moaned
against me. I moaned too, as I pushed back against him, matching
his rhythm, trying to will his throbbing cock deeper into

I wanted him cum. I wasn’t
ashamed of that anymore. One of the best things about this
arrangement I had entered into with Mr. Atherstone is that — for
the first time in my life — I could truly enjoy the feeling of a
man’s seed inside me. It didn’t come with worry or heartache. Its
warmth matched my own warmth — my own hope.

I couldn’t get enough of
it. Every move I made on that rooftop was driven by a desire for
Alexander’s hot cum. I wanted him to explode in me, and so I moaned
and met his every thrust, willing him to go faster and to fuck me
harder. His body grew even warmer with his every effort, his hands
burning against mine, but he didn’t let up. I knew he wanted it

“Give it to me,” I
whispered into the night. “Come inside me.”

He pulled out, almost to
the hilt, then again thrust deep into me. He did that once, then
again, then one more time, and then I heard him cry out — his voice
of pleasure so loud it seemed to echo across the city. His manhood
pulsated wildly inside of me. I did all I could to hold him inside,
feeling the first few jets of his hot cum erupt into me. I moaned
again — the sensation so intense — an orgasm building within

He collapsed against my
back, his hands still keeping me secure high atop the building he
owned, as his thick cock continued to shoot his seed into my
waiting and willing cunt.

I kept my eyes on the moon
as his spent cock finally slipped out of me. He stood behind me,
arms wrapped around my waist, our naked and tired bodies pressed
together. I kept my eyes on the moon and the soft glow it gave off
in the darkness of night.

A new moon. I was pretty
sure that was what they called it.



Alexander wasn’t finished
with me, of course. He scooped me up in his arms, my legs still
aching from the way I had held them stiff when he fucked me against
the railing. He lifted me effortlessly and carried me through the
trees on the terrace. He brought me to a double-size recliner kept
next to an outdoor swimming pool.

We lay down together, our
naked bodies nestled like spoons. It was a bitter cold night — too
cold, really, for this kind of thing — but we kept each other warm.
I kept my hips angled up, feeling the thick cum inside

We dozed together in the
soft light, listening to the faint sounds of the city and the
calmness of the water in the pool. Midway through the night, his
hand started to trace the contour of my breast again, and I
stirred, still half in a dream. I could feel his cock hardening
against me one more, and I knew I didn’t want it to go to

He must have been thinking
the same thing, because I felt his hand lightly turn me over so
that I was laying on my back. He lay himself on top of me,
positioning his cock against my pussy, still slick from my arousal
and his cum, and pushed his way inside me.

We gasped again at the
feeling of the two of us becoming one — fitting together so
perfectly. He fucked me slowly this time, our bodies wracked with
exhaustion. I could have told you it was all a dream, if not for
the oh-so-real feeling of his lips finding mine. He kissed me
tenderly as he thrust his cock into me, and after our lips broke I
opened my eyes and saw him staring at me in the soft

He flashed me a
half-smile. I let my eyes trace the scar on his face.

I thrust back harder,
willing my hips up to meet every stroke of his hard

He kissed me again as he
came, his body trembling and shuddering as the orgasm rolled
through him like a wave. The feeling of his cum inside me again set
me off, and my own orgasm rolled through me, my lips straining
against his.

We must have fallen asleep
again nestled together like that, his cock still pressed against my
cunt. I didn’t wake again until the first few beams of sunlight
started to crest over the horizon and the air became full with the
sounds of a city coming to life again.

Alexander slept next to
me, his normally clean-shaven face now covered with soft stubble.
He looked so peaceful in the morning light. I let my eyes draw down
his body, across his strong chest and down to his

Why not Round Three?
I thought, a bit mischievously.

He had rolled over on his
back in the night, so I climbed on top of him. I let my nipples
brush against his chest, enjoying the sensation, then used my mouth
to kiss down his stomach.

His cock twitched as I let
my tongue draw closer. I looked up to see if he had awakened, but
his eyes were still closed — his breathing soft and

, I thought, my tongue finding the head of his semi-hard
cock. I licked around his shaft, enjoying the feeling of his
manhood growing harder and harder against my lips. He stirred in
his sleep, moaning a little, as I sucked his shaft into my mouth.
His cock was still slick with his cum and my arousal. The taste
drove me wild.

I touched myself as I
sucked his cock, setting myself on all fours so I could rub a
finger across my clit with one hand while I used the other to
stroke his shaft, licking around the head of his cock. He groaned
and I looked up again, his cock still deep inside my mouth, to see
his eyes flutter open. He looked confused for a second, but then
his face broke into that strange but perfect half-smile of

“Hey,” he

, I thought, letting my lips slide
down the shaft of his cock while fingering myself. After the
night’s lovemaking, my pussy was so perfectly sensitive — every
touch sent shocks of electric pleasure through me.

He moaned louder, his cock
starting to throb. I knew he was ready.

I pulled my body up on top
of him, straddling him so that my wet cunt was positioned just
above his rock hard manhood. I looked at him in the new sunlight of
the day and we locked eyes with a simmering intensity.

We didn’t even need to
talk. I pulled my body down, impaling myself on his cock, pushing
as much of him inside of me as I could. If he had any cum left, I
wanted it. I needed it inside me.

I rode him hard, our tired
and sweaty bodies feeling raw against one another, his hands
holding my breasts. We were exhausted, but that didn’t stop

Instead, Alexander moaned
and pulled himself up into a sitting position, so that my chest was
pressed against his. Hands on my hips, he used his strong arms to
lift me up and down on his cock, thrusting into me as I thrust down
at him. He let his hands caress my back, running up my neck and
into my tangle of hair.

We moaned again together,
our bodies in almost perfect sync, feeling another orgasm building
— another chance for him to shoot his seed inside of me. His hands
cupped the sides of my face and we kissed again with all the
passion we had left.

And then he let go, his
body trembling into mine as he came again. His orgasm wasn’t as
powerful, but it was no less intense. His eyes locked with mine as
his throbbing cock let loose, and his cum shot inside of

We kissed again as he lay
back on the pool recliner. I nestled on top of him, pressed against
his chest, holding his hot cum inside my pussy, only keeping my
eyes open long enough to take on more look at the sun, inching its
way up to light the sky.



That was the night we
conceived. I wouldn’t know it for certain until days afterwards,
but I could feel it almost immediately — I felt changed. Still, I
didn’t allow myself to really acknowledge it until the doctor
finally looked at me and gave me the smile I had been waiting

“It happened,” she said,
matter-of-factly, pushing her glasses up on the bridge of her nose.
I practically leapt off the exam table to hug her. She didn’t seem
to appreciate that.

I didn’t care. I was
happy. Alexander’s baby was inside me. It had taken longer than I
thought it would, and it hadn’t come without some obstacles. But it
was here. I could give him what he wanted.

But my happiness in the
hours after I learned the news were tempered by small moments of
doubt. Moments where I wondered whether I was really strong enough
to do this — to carry another man’s baby and then hand it to him,
with no recourse.

I was able to keep myself
from despair, though, by thinking back to that night on the rooftop
and the story Alexander had shared. He didn’t know it yet, but he
had given me two gifts that night. One was the baby I now carried
inside me. The other was his truth.

I respected him so much
for that.

Standing in my apartment
as I got ready to head over to Atherstone Tower and share the news,
I let a hand drift over my stomach. I didn’t really feel anything
yet. But I knew everything would be different now.

Would he still want me?
Would he still hold me?

, I reminded myself. That wasn’t what this was about. This
was about the gifts he had given me. His truth and his

I breathed in deep and
stepped out the door of my apartment. It was time to tell him about
what I could now gift to him. It was time to tell Alexander
Atherstone that he’d soon be a father.



BOOK: Carrying the Billionaire's Baby, Book 2: The Billionaire's Gift
4.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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