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Caught Off Guard

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Caught Off Guard

Book 2 in the Caught Series

C.M. Steele

Copyrighted © 2015 by C.M. Steele

All Rights Reserved.


Milo, Duke and I opened MDM Secure just a year ago in Boston. Being former service men and government agents we had no problem making a strong business out of our skills. We’re making a name for ourselves, but still had a long way to go when Jackson Blake gave me a call.  When needed, we’d done side projects for him and his law firm, so we had no problem handling a big job for him. He needed some help setting up a new satellite office and hiring their personal building security in Seattle. I thought it was going to be an easy job and that it would boost our business, but it turned out he ended up needing us for more personal protection.

We’d just finished setting up the office when Jackson got involved in a case that had all the earmarks of a setup. His client, Lacey Homan was up for murder charges in the suspicious disappearance of her husband.

“Mike, I know that you have set up the office and the security equipment, but I need you and the guys to do me a solid.”

“Sure, you know that we got you. What do you need?”

“Caleb and I just picked up the Homan case and it doesn’t seem right to me. I want you three to look into it and to be with me when I meet with her.” Jackson said seriously.

“Sure no problem. What is giving you trouble about it?”

“Well the DA is going hard on this case, but there is no real evidence against the wife, Lacey. It doesn’t seem like an open and shut case at all and yet they are acting like it is a slam dunk. Hell they have no proof the guy is dead.”

“If you’ve got the feeling that something is up then maybe there is. I’ll go with you to the meeting. Milo and Duke will go and do some research, just give them what they need. I have to contact the office in Boston and get Milo to fly out here today.”

“Thanks Mike.” I could see Jackson’s shoulders drop in relief. We headed out that day to meet with Mrs. Homan and he was right. I felt it from the moment I’d seen her. She didn’t look like an innocent chick on trial for her husband’s murder. She acted like a slutty whore looking for her next hook up.

It was that same day, right after the meeting that Jackson noticed a really young hot girl, who turned out to be his client’s stepdaughter, Elizabeth. Jackson fell instantly in love with her and moved quickly to claim her. During their rapid courtship we learned that Homan was up to something big and had allies helping her. It turns out that Lacey intentionally hired Jackson to represent her in order to get him and Caleb caught in some sort of sex scandal and have them pay their way out of it. Jackson falling hard for Elizabeth had put a wrench in their plans and had made it so that we needed to intervene for their safety. Jackson married Elizabeth down in Vegas with me and Milo as witnesses.

Now, we are on our way back to the east coast and to his family home for his sister’s birthday party. We had some suspicions that the trouble was here, too. We just didn’t know who was in on it.

“Milo, once we land I’ll get the car and you start the unloading. Then we’ll escort them to the car.” I laid out the plan to my older brother, since I was the lead on the assignment. I didn’t know who could be trusted, besides his family, so I decided we needed to take extra precautions.

“Sounds like a plan, Mike. This has been some fucked up shit. I wonder who else is involved in this shit. We have to stay alert. I’m not trusting no one.” Milo hasn’t trusted anyone since his partner had turned rogue on the agency, and had been involved in setting up Milo and his other FBI agents in a deadly situation.

“I know Milo, but I’m not worried about the family. They have nothing to gain from hurting Jackson, and they barely know about Elizabeth. Doesn’t he have another partner running this office, while James is holding down the fort in Seattle?” I asked. Milo and our other partner, Duke, have been doing the digging into Jackson and Elizabeth’s backgrounds, while I have been doing the actual physical protection of Jackson and his young wife.

“Yeah he does. I want to look into this guy. I know that it’s only your blood you can trust.” I shook my head. He’s got some serious issues.

Chapter 1

The Blake family was extremely wealthy, and well known in these parts, so a gated entry was a must. We pulled up to the mansion and through the security station check point. We didn’t think anything would actually go down at the mansion, but we weren’t going to take any chances. We had to get them into the house and secure the area right away. But just like the best laid plans, mine all went to shit. The moment I saw the little beauty on the steps of the main house, I couldn’t think.

Fuck me; that cannot be Jackson’s baby sister. That picture he has in his wallet must be five years old or more. She was the hottest little thing I have ever seen. The moment I watched her bounce up and down on the steps, as she waited impatiently to meet her new sister-in-law, Elizabeth, I was done for. I jumped out of the car and helped Milo get the luggage out of the trunk.

“Damn,” I said just under my breath as I looked up at the porch.

“What’s up bro?” Milo asked. I guess he heard me. I must be throw completely off my game, and that’s not a good thing.

“Nothing it’s just that we didn’t walk them up there.”

“There is no threat inside the compound with at least ten security guards patrolling the area. Plus, I doubt that anyone would attack during the day.” Milo shut the trunk, and we walked to the front of the house.

I looked towards the house when I picked up the bags, and little Zoey Blake was staring right at me. However, the moment I made eye contact with her she turned back to her brother. She was rolling her eyes, but I couldn’t hear what she was saying.

They walked away before we were introduced. I wasn’t sure if it was because they were anxious to get to know each other, or she saw me gawking at her like an eager puppy.

“Hey dad these are two of my trusted friends, Mike and Milo Mancini. They have decided to help me find out who is behind the scam.” Jackson trailed off into a whisper. Then we walked into the house, and Jackson showed us to our rooms. I could hear her laughing in the other room, which turned me on. I tried to hide my instant reaction, but I think I was caught in the act. Milo had eyed me several times. I was afraid it was that damn obvious that I was lusting after Jackson’s sister.

We walked into the kitchen to meet the female Blakes, and there she was. My eyes locked on as she lifted a slice of cucumber to her pretty pink lips. I watched it slide between them as her perfect teeth bit down. My cock was jumping at attention. I was glad it had already been down against my leg, making it less noticeable.

“Mom, Zoey these are my guys, Mike and Milo Mancini. They are here to make sure that Elizabeth is safe.” Jackson looked at his sister like she’d cause some trouble. She turned and gave me an angry look. Zoey was something else, according to what I Jackson had told me. I had a feeling there was big chance she might be trouble.

“Milo, Mike this is my sister Zoey and my mother Claire.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you ladies,” Milo said with a charm that had me ready to kick him up his ass. I was instantly feeling possessive. I was never possessive. My brother spoke to her first. It shouldn’t be a big deal, but all I could think of was if he wants her, he is going to have to fight me for her.

“So you are my brother’s lackeys. Like I told Jackson, don’t ruin my party tomorrow. I want to have fun. I don’t want a bunch of goons glaring at my male guests and ogling the female ones.” she said, with a prissy attitude. The damn princess didn’t care for us much.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, as well, your highness. My job isn’t to protect you, it’s to protect his wife.” I pointed over to Elizabeth then gave her a nasty look in return. “You, on the other hand, seem very capable of defending yourself. By the way, I don’t ogle little girls. I prefer my women sophisticated.”

“Yeah right. Whatever, you big gorilla. Just keep away from my friends.” She glared at me, so I let her little ass have it.

“Sweetheart, I don’t have to answer to you when it comes to anything, especially who I’m interested in fucking, so don’t worry your pretty little head about my behavior. Jackson if you need me I’ll be in the guest bedroom. Milo, are you coming?” I turned out of the room thanking her in my head. She helped cure that fucking ache I had for her. I was determined to get back to work. I wasn’t going to think about a spoiled beautiful young girl with an attitude problem.

“Zoey Jackson’s sister is adorable. Didn’t you like her?” Milo asked sarcastically

“You don’t want to know what I think of that little girl.” I snarled. What pissed me off was that I still wanted to slam her against the nearest surface and fuck that attitude out of her.

“She was nice.” Milo said as he shrugged his shoulders and laughed.

Growling I said, “She is just a spoiled princess.”

“Yeah, that is why you couldn’t keep your eyes of her.”

“Fuck me; she is hot, but off limits. I’m not going to be like Jackson, and go fucking stupid over a barely legal girl with huge breasts. Milo shook his head, and I glared at him. I only want to fuck her. I wasn’t going to be like Jackson.

We were invited to dinner, but declined. Despite being hungry and eager to see her again, I had a lot of shit to do still. While Milo looked at the records Duke sent over, I walked out of the house to speak with the security staff. I just walked down the stairs and towards the front door when Jackson came out of the kitchen. I owed him and his parents an apology for snapping on Zoey, but I wasn’t up to doing it right this minute.

“Where are you going?” Jackson asked.

“To walk the perimeter. We need to make sure everything is safe. Excuse me.”

“I’m sorry about Zoey, I don’t know what has gotten into her. She is usually never this rude. I think she has some special guy, a new boyfriend, coming tomorrow and wants it to be perfect.” Jackson tried to justify her rude behavior.

“That’s fine, I need to go and check the area and it is best to do it as early as possible.”  I don’t know if he bought my urgency, but I don’t care, I needed air. I stepped out and breathed in a deep breath and blew it out before walking around the Blake compound. I spent the next hour speaking with the security staff that worked for the Blakes.

There had been no instances that gave them pause, so I had a feeling that we were good for now. I made some changes to the security set up since there was a party tomorrow. It was the lovely Miss Blake’s birthday and she would be eighteen, still twelve years younger than me.

I needed to stop thinking about her and I’d found my distraction. The newest and youngest security guard had just arrived for her shift. I walked up to the beautiful red head in a tight security uniform. While looking at her body, I was instantly on alert. Something is telling me she is hiding something, I could tell that she moved uncomfortably as she looked around. She seemed too young to be working in a security job for a high profile family.

“Excuse me Miss, I’m Mike Mancini, head of personal security for Jackson Blake. You are?” She seemed composed, but something about her seemed off. I couldn’t tell what it was, but there was something nagging me about her.

“I’m a part of the household security. My name is April Monroe. I just started here last month.” She was very straight forward, but she kept looking toward the house. I didn’t like that at all.

“Is there something interesting at the house that your eyes keep turning that way?” I asked accusingly trying to discomfort her.

“Yes actually it is my job to look on the house and its perimeter, so I’m trying to do my job, if you don’t mind.” she said, as she looked at me like I’m an asshole.

“That’s good red. Now do me a favor and try not to do anything stupid while I’m here or there will be hell to pay.” I gave her a warning to see her reaction.

“Really!? You do your job and I’ll do mine. I don’t need some overgrown muscle bound bodyguard getting in my way.” she huffed, as she tried to look tough. I almost laughed out loud when she squeezed my bicep. I don’t know who she was trying to fool, or who she fooled to get this job, but she wasn’t tough at all. She was strong, I’ll give her that. However, I didn’t see the same conviction in her eyes to match the words out of her big mouth. I’m going to have to keep an eye on her.

Milo needed to be told about her. Whoever was working with Homan may have infiltrated the house staff. We needed to get to the bottom of this, the soon the better, because as soon as we did that I would be able to get away from the jailbait, in the house, who was off limits.

When I returned, I went looking for Milo. He was in his room reading a book about building trust. For two big guys like us, with guns and short tempers we are book nerds. Always needing to better himself and get rid of his flaws, he was seeking ways to fix them. Trust had now become his biggest flaw; he was working hard on rebuilding the ability to trust again. It worked until we started this case. When we proved that Elizabeth’s family couldn’t be trusted, Milo’s doubts grew.

“Hey Milo, there is a new security guard here, a petite redhead. She just arrived after I finished making my rounds; something about her doesn’t seem right. She has been here only about a month, so she could be here as a liaison for Homan. Do me a favor, meet her and give me your assessment.” I knew he would be able to find out what she was hiding. Since the betrayal he has been so damn skeptical, it wouldn’t be long before we knew if she was involved.

I called Duke to see what he had gotten, but he had very little to add. I contacted the agency that hired Miss Monroe and asked for her file, which they emailed it over.  What they had on her, which wasn’t much, seemed off. I had this gut feeling and called Duke back. “Since you are being a lazy prick over there could you look up a name for me and run a background check. Her name is April Monroe.” I sent him the information I had gotten from the agency via email then attempted to go to bed.

All night Zoey, the little trouble maker, had been on my mind. My dreams had been filled with her; which was fucked up because normally the only dreams I had were of battle or of faceless women. This had to have been the nastiest dream I could ever remember having in my adult life. She was wearing a sexy little dress and told me that she wanted me to come to her and help her because her little boyfriend was not a very good lover. My cock jumped when she pulled down my boxers, revealing the meaty fat beast that I planned to fill her with. “Oh Mike, it is, so big, my man has nothing on you. Will you satisfy me?” she said, as she stripped for me.

“Always,” was all I said before she got down on her knees, and licked her lips. Just when I was going to get to the good part, I felt the tendrils of sunlight peeking through. Waking up horny as fuck, for a now eighteen year old girl, who looked at me with disgust, was not a good thing right now.  I wasn’t in the mood when I woke up and filled more thoughts of her naked and on her knees. By the time the party would be getting started I’m sure I would be ready to fight or fuck. Considering she had a boyfriend I’m betting it will be the former.

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