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Caught on Camera: Part Two

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Caught on Camera: Part Two


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Totally Burning
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Lily Harlem




Part two in the Caught on Camera serial

With a solution to his money worries and an end to the dry spell in his sex life, it’s time for Reece to step up to the stage and prove he’s the hot new star of the show.

After agreeing to play one of the leading roles in
Slippery Slots
, Reece now has to shed his inhibitions, as well as his clothes.

But it’s okay, because Cade, his hunky co-star, has a knack for remembering lines, working the role and is skilled at achieving the required positions.

Soon the champagne is flowing, the petals on the bed scattering and the action is heating up. It really is an idyllic scene, the perfect moment for lovers, even if there is a cameraman zooming in on all the juicy, erotic details.

With twists in the plot and desire playing the leading role, Reece revels in his new career and throws himself into the part.

But can he forget about the camera and take what he wants from Cade? Is he allowed to bend the rules, and oh my, will he ever survive the torment of Cade’s super-talented, super-star mouth that pushes him to the very brink of ecstasy?



Trademarks Acknowledgement



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Calvin Klein: Calvin Klein, Inc.

Wonderland: Lewis Carroll


Chapter Six




Did Reece Carter want to be a rich man? Hell yeah, but what sort of question was that anyway?

Cade was mad to ask, because didn’t everyone? No,
was mad…at Cade. Mad for tricking him into making a porn movie in a client’s garden, even if it was only thirty seconds of filth.

Really fucking hot filth, but filth nonetheless.

He typed a text message back.


You really think I’m impressed by that stunt?


Within seconds he had a response.


No, I think you’re turned the hell on. I think you enjoyed seeing us fuck and now your cock is hard again. And why not enjoy it? We’re hot together, and I’d bet my last condom that the rest of the world would think so too.


Reece shook his head. Who the hell was this guy?


What are you on about Cade? Because right now you’re pissing me off. I should come over there and let my fist meet your mouth. And that’s exactly what will happen if anyone else sees this.


He balled his hands. He’d never hit Cade. He might be a fit bloke who liked his sex a bit rough around the edges, but he wasn’t into violence.


I’d rather you didn’t because then I’d have to thump you right back and mark your pretty face. And it ‘is’ for our eyes only. Like I said. But, think about it. Please.


Reece tutted.


Think about what exactly?


He hit send and stared out of the van window. Some kids were kicking a ball against a low brick wall and the repeated thumping was banging through his head. Fuck, what had he gotten himself into with Cade the gardener—no job too big or small?


Remember what we said? Wouldn’t it be fun if fucking was our job? Well it can be if you trust me.


The nerve of it.


Why would I trust you after this?


A message came back.


Because I am trustworthy, I just had to hook you. I’ll see you tomorrow Reece, but for now sleep tight and dream of me xxx


Reece clicked his phone locked, grabbed his backpack then stepped out of the car. The thudding of the ball intensified and he walked quickly to the entrance of his block of flats. There was some new graffiti on the communal door—
Sykes is a gay twat.

Reece let himself in and climbed the stairs to level six. The elevator was broken yet again and the stairwell smelled of piss.

He was glad to get into his home.

It wasn’t much but it was his. Neat and clean, it had his things in it—a huge flat screen TV with Sky Sports, a fridge full of beer and in the spare room, his running machine. One day he’d move out, get a house with a garden. Maybe have a lawn like the Henley-Smythes that he could fuck on to his heart’s content but until then, he was stuck in his small two-bedroom place.

After slipping out of his overalls and washing paint from his hands, he sat in just his boxers on the sofa with a beer.

He reached for his phone and within seconds was playing the video. He couldn’t help it—he was compelled to see it again.

There was no doubt about it, Cade was fucking gorgeous. This time rather than being shocked as he watched Cade walk naked to the pool and dive in, Reece admired the tapered dark hair that ran down the midline of his body to his erect cock. He’d have liked to spend some serious time exploring that hair, preferably with his tongue, rather than rushing to satisfaction with little time for indulging.

But they hadn’t had the luxury of time.

He watched Cade kissing him in the pool, holding his head possessively and at the perfect angle for the camera under the diving board to pick up the action.

Reece shifted on the sofa—he was getting hard. The memories were fresh and strong. He’d enjoyed watching Cade wank in the pool. It had been lazy, languid and completely unselfconscious. That bit wasn’t on the video, clearly Cade had needed to do some editing to send it by text, but the good bits were on it—the parts that showed the action.

Good bits? Action?

Fuck, now Reece was thinking of it as an actual movie, a short film with himself as one of the main characters.

And it wasn’t any old movie. It was a porn movie.

The video had moved on. He was on his knees sucking Cade’s cock now. His enthusiasm was obvious, as was how much Cade was enjoying receiving the blow job.

Cade’s head was tipped back and his buttocks had an adorable little dip in the side that clenched and unclenched as he thrust forwards and backwards into Reece’s mouth.

Reece slipped his hand down the waistband of his boxers and tugged his stiffening cock free.

Damn, he was insatiable today. He’d been fucked to the point he hardly knew his own name and certainly hadn’t noticed he was being filmed, yet here he was again, ready to go.

They were in the hot tub. Reece with a blissed out expression as Cade worked him to the edge. Cade was studying him, his gaze taking in all of Reece’s expressions and shifts and sighs. Cade was enjoying himself, enjoying touching him, and his shoulder muscles were bunching as he worked Reece up to a frenzy.

Reece swallowed, his mouth was a little dry. He’d had his eyes closed then and hadn’t realized just how much Cade was studying him.

“Ah yeah,” he said on a sigh. He copied what Cade was doing on the screen. Although his hand had been under the water, Reece knew exactly what pressure and speed he’d used. He replicated it now and groaned, the way he had in the hot tub.

“That’s it,” he whispered, as the screen switched to the grand finale.

His on-screen self was bent over the sunlounger, legs straight, arms braced, with Cade pounding into him. In reality there’d been some damn decent foreplay between hot tub and this moment—a delicious amount of finger-fucking and stretching and Cade easing Reece open and lubing him up. The video didn’t show any of that. It was pure bare-arsed fucking.

Reece sped up the attentions on his cock and watched his small face contort with pleasure.

During edits, Cade had perfectly caught the moment that Reece came.
Clever bastard.

Reece had never seen himself orgasm before. Never even thought about it. But now that he was seeing it, he was fascinated. He’d gritted his teeth, shut his eyes then, as the moment crested, he’d dropped his jaw, his face slackened and he’d grunted and cried out.

His whole body trembled and he yanked his erection harder, the visual memory of that orgasm meant another was searing toward him. He clenched his buttocks and imagined Cade’s big cock in his arse again. He could still feel the sting, a delicious residual ache from the pounding.

He watched Cade orgasm. The way he’d pulled at Reece’s hair was rough and had made Reece’s back and neck arch, angled his face to the camera.

Reece felt his abdominal muscles tighten. He was going to come again. Already. After just a few jerks of his cock it was there.

“Fucking hell,” he muttered, staring at the screen.

Several slaps of cum burst out of his cock and landed on his belly.

He grunted, resisted screwing his eyes up and kept his attention on the phone. The video had finished onto a frozen image of Cade buried deep in his arse. Cade was in the middle of coming, his mouth was open and his fingers digging into Reece’s hip and hair. Reece could remember the sounds he’d made.

Another gloop of pleasure shot from Reece’s dick. Reece wanted Cade again. There was no doubt about it. And as his body pulsed through the final spurt of release, he knew that watching himself have sex was something he’d do again.

BOOK: Caught on Camera: Part Two
3.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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