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Authors: Nancy Corrigan

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Chance on Love (Kagan Wolves)

BOOK: Chance on Love (Kagan Wolves)
6.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

Sometimes the only choice is to take a chance…and enjoy the consequences.

Kagan Wolves
, Book 0.5

Sean Reynolds is content wielding his dominant personality as the public face of Kagan Industries. Pack leadership—and all the responsibilities that go with it—don’t interest him. But when alpha-in-waiting Nic Kagan skips town, there’s no one to take on his aging father’s spirit wolf. No one but Sean.

Sean wants none of it, but with his wolf growling in eagerness to fill that void, he heads for the bar in an attempt to drink the beast into submission.

He’d like to ignore the sultry blonde shifter burning up the dance floor with moves that make him painfully aware of the full moon. But when she abruptly disappears, his wolf sends him in hot pursuit. Following the scent of a female he can see in his bed not for a single night, but for a lifetime…

Chance on Love

Nancy Corrigan


To my readers, welcome to the Kagan Wolves’ world. Times are changing for the hidden species living among us, and the rules that have guided them for centuries no longer fit the modern world. And for one dominant of the Kagan pack, the struggle to beat his primal side into submission will change his life forever.

Chapter One

Another loop around the Kagan Industries’ office, and Sean cursed. Pacing wasn’t helping. Nothing he’d tried since sundown had. He hurt, plain and simple. His skin itched, and his bones ached. The sensation of claws raking the inside of his chest made it worse, but it wasn’t the pain gripping him that left him angry. It was the obstinate wolf he housed. The separate entity he’d been born with had its own wants and goals. At the moment, they conflicted with Sean’s plans for the evening. Since he was ultimately in charge, the animal would just have to suck it up.

His wolf’s pissed-off snarl echoed within him. No doubt it disagreed. Not his problem. His wolf wasn’t the only stubborn one, and he refused to allow his primal side to rule him. He would not make the same mistake his friend Nic had.

Sean was too damn young to fall in love. Or in lust. Both could seal a shifter’s fate.

Hands fisted, he strode for the window. As much as he wanted to ignore the full moon, he needed the strength it offered. He shoved the lace curtain aside and stepped into the swatch of moonlight. Warmth infused him, and his wolf calmed. Momentarily, at least. Still, he’d take the brief reprieve. He had a long night ahead of him.

He leaned against the window frame and surveyed the little slice of West Virginia that had served as the Kagan pack’s home since the early seventeen hundreds. Stone paths wove through gardens and around the large, man-made pond. Beyond the still water, a fountain and a gazebo offered a place to sit and relax. Farther out, trees marked the separation of the humans’ town and their territory. Their communal land was beautiful. He loved every inch of it, but at the moment, he wanted to run as far and as fast as he could away from it.

“Greeting the full moon all alone again, huh?”

Noah’s voice cut through the silence of the night.

Sean peered over his shoulder at his cousin. Protective instincts flared. “What are you doing here? Tanner males aren’t allowed on Kagan pack lands.”

“Worried about me?”

“Yes.” As a member of their rival pack, Noah’s presence could be constituted as a threat depending on who saw him. Sean knew better. Noah would give his life if it meant saving one of them. Sean would do the same.

Noah shut the door behind him. With his dark blond hair in a short ponytail and a white T-shirt stretched over his muscled chest, he garnered the attention of males and females alike. One glance into his deadened green eyes, however, and most people steered clear of him. Guilt, anger and loneliness gave him a don’t-fuck-with-me vibe that was hard to miss. Losing a female days after mating her would do that to any male. It gave Sean yet another reason to avoid their women.

“Technically, I’m not on your pack’s lands. The Kagan office sits a few hundred feet inside the humans’ town. As for why I’m here?” Noah leaned against the opposite side of the window. “Your alpha asked me to try to talk some sense into you.”

About Sean’s refusal to shift. Everyone in their pack had been on his ass about it. Their lectures had gotten old. “You’re wasting your time. I’m fine. My wolf’s fine. End of discussion.”

“Is it?” Noah raised a brow. “You’re not getting edgy? Irritable? Or feel like you’re going to come out of your skin?”

If Noah considered insomnia and the new holes Sean had punched into his bedroom walls as fitting those criteria, then the answer would be yes. He shrugged. “Nothing I can’t handle.”

Noah made a noncommittal sound, then glanced out the window, scanning the property the way Sean had. “Any word on Nic? Is he coming home soon?”

“What? No warnings or long speeches about how I’ll go insane if I don’t let my wolf out?”

“Nope. You’re not stupid. You’re just an idiot.”

Sean laughed. “Yeah? What’s the difference?”

“You know the facts. You’re just choosing to ignore them.”

Noah had a point. Sean wouldn’t deny that. He grunted and turned his attention to the backyard. “I’m not shifting until I’m sure I have control over my instincts.”

“And when’s that going to be?”

“Soon.” Or not.

Silence descended in the room while his wolf’s growls reverberated within him, building the pressure behind his eyes. Finally, Noah sighed, breaking the tense moment. “Well?”

“Well, what?”

“Nic? Any word from him?”

“He called this morning.” Actually, Nic called every day with the same question—how’s Riley? The human female he’d fallen in love with and tried to mate had ruined him, but it wasn’t her fault or his that she’d been born the wrong species. Fate had screwed them both and guaranteed neither would be happy.

“Did he say when he’s coming home?”

“Not until it’s time for his dad to pass on our pack spirit. He wants to enjoy life before he has to pick a shifter female to mate. He’s in no rush to be saddled with a breeding partner.”

“Saddled? Well, that’s a shitty way to look at it. Being mated is a wonderful experience.”

“How would you know? Yours—” Sean groaned and dropped his head against the cool glass. “I’m sorry. That was uncalled for.”

“And completely out of character for you.” No anger darkened Noah’s voice, only understanding. He laid a comforting hand on Sean’s shoulder. “It’s going to get worse. You need to shift and accept what you are. Fighting it is only going to make all your moods stronger, from ones of aggression to passion.”

“You think I don’t know that? It’s why I’ve been fighting to get my wolf to obey me. Without Nic here…” He shook his head, disgusted by his instincts.

“Without Nic here to claim the spirit wolf from his aging father, you’re driven to secure your position in the pack, so you can take over as alpha.”

Noah voiced the truth that had plagued Sean since Nic took off six months prior. In Sean’s wolf’s eyes, Nic’s absence offered Sean the opportunity to seize the most revered role a shifter could hold. His wolf didn’t care that Sean had no desire to be alpha or that the official challenge would claim the life of Nic’s father. It wanted the power the top spot offered.

“I’m newly matured, and I’m horny. I know that’s normal, but every unmated female I come across stirs me. I don’t know if my interest is purely physical or if, subconsciously, I’m shopping for a mate.” Because without a mate to birth him an heir, he’d never be able to hold on to the spot.

Noah dropped his hand. “Stop fighting your wolf and trust yourself. That’s the best advice I can give. There’re no guarantees in life or in love. Remember that. You make a choice, then live with it.”

Sean raised a brow. “Speaking from experience?”

“Yeah.” Noah spun on his heel and walked toward the door. “Call if you need me. It’s not like I have anything better to do with my life.”

The front door banged shut behind him. Sean stared at it for a minute, then grabbed his wallet. “Well, I do, and it involves me, some whiskey and maybe a few beers.”

And a bar where he’d be sure not to stumble across any shifter females.

Chapter Two

Every female in the bar either sneaked coveted glances at him or openly ogled him. At over six foot with a muscular build, sandy blond hair and gray eyes, Sean was used to the attention. The full moon’s influence doubled his appeal. Whether the humans realized it or not, they were swayed by the pheromones he gave off. Luckily for him and the women around him, his only goal for the night was to get shit-faced drunk. The spinning room proved he was well on his way to achieving it.

He drained the last of his whiskey, then slammed the glass down. A fiery burn mapped a path to his gut, numbing him and quieting his wolf. There was a reason some shifters turned into alcoholics. Other than finding one’s true mate—an almost impossible feat—booze was the only thing that gave them peace. Of course, once the buzz wore off, they were back in the same boat—fighting their instincts and hiding their hungers.

The waiter who’d been making regular stops at his table paused in his loop around the bar. “Another?”

“No. A lager.” He held up his hand. “Make that two. It’ll save you a trip.”

The human glanced from the empty glass, Sean’s seventh, to his face but didn’t comment. Sean had become a regular over the past month, and his tolerance was well known. The waiter nodded, then slipped into the crowd with his tray held high.

Eyes closed, Sean rested his head against the worn vinyl seat and ticked off the minutes until the full moon’s peak faded. The one-hour window every month marked the time when destinies could be altered—from changes in alphas to conceptions. Once it passed, the pack’s future was locked in place for another month. Only matings could happen anytime; a good thing, according to their elders. A male never knew when he’d meet his mate.

“Here you go.” The waiter delivered his bottles.


Sean grabbed one and drank half before turning his attention to peeling off the label, but paused with the soggy paper between his thumb and forefinger. A sweet scent carried over the stench of sweat and stale beer. Unable to resist, he inhaled. The unmistakable fragrance of an unmated, fertile female filled his lungs.

He cursed, even while his dick twitched and his wolf stirred. Just his damn luck. He’d escaped the lure of his pack’s women by surrounding himself with humans but hadn’t counted on a Tanner female showing up. Why had she? Their lands were thirty minutes away by car, longer in wolf form. He dragged in another lungful. No other shifters accompanied her either.

A surge of protectiveness tensed his muscles. By herself, she’d draw the attention of all the males in the bar, just as she’d caught his. The humans would hit on her. Touch her.

Seduce her.

Then again, that might be what she wanted. Males weren’t the only ones who suffered the effects of the full moon. She probably came shopping for a lover, maybe two. They’d spread her legs and lick her clit before pounding into her, making her orgasm over and over. She’d be sensitive, responsive, insatiable. She’d use them all night long until they were too tired to move.

His cock thickened, and a low growl rumbled in his chest. No. He wouldn’t go there. It was none of his business. She had a right to see her needs met any way she wanted.

He chugged his beer, then grabbed the second, but froze with the bottle at his lips. Her gaze bored into him, demanding he acknowledge her. He didn’t want a visual to feed his erotic thoughts, but couldn’t ignore her pointed gaze.

He glanced at where she stood near the edge of the dance floor. He noted the short skirt she wore and the halter top that barely contained her plump breasts, but didn’t let his gaze linger on her lush body. He focused on her face and the clues it offered of her personality. Platinum-blonde hair caressed her shoulders, and gray shadow drew attention to her icy-blue eyes.

His heart stopped.

The strength emanating from her mesmerized him. Part came from the fact that she housed an arctic wolf, one of the rarer varieties. The rest stemmed from her force of will. It burned strongly in her direct stare. She had dominant written all over her. Hell, she could’ve worn a button that said ALPHA FEMALE IN TRAINING. He could see her ruling a pack at her mate’s side…at his side.

He ground his teeth, irritated by his thoughts. It was the same shit he’d been dealing with for months. He wanted to hate Nic for putting him in the position, but Sean couldn’t. He understood his friend’s dilemma and his pain. Walking away from Riley had broken Nic. Sean only hoped Nic got his shit together soon. The only responsibility Sean wanted was what being the public face of Kagan Industries brought.

The Tanner female licked her lips, a slow swipe of her tongue Sean followed with his gaze. It was hard not to fall under her spell. He couldn’t let it happen, though. He tipped his bottle toward her, then looked away. The dismissal would come off as a slap in the face. It bothered him, but not enough to invite her closer. Sex didn’t fit into his schedule for the night, and that was what would happen if he got his hands on her.

He finished his beer, then set to work peeling the label, a habit he’d developed over the past month of drinking alone. She watched him. He didn’t need to see her blue eyes to know. His skin tingled, and his body tightened. He shifted in his seat, but his jeans didn’t offer much room in his aroused state.

The music pumping from the speakers changed from some fast song to a sultry one that encouraged couples to grind against each other. After a moment, the sensation of her gaze faded. Had she accepted an offer to dance? He shouldn’t care, but he found himself scanning the dance floor for her. Her blonde hair caught his eye.

The humans near her moved, giving him an unobstructed view. She danced alone, swaying with the music and looking unbelievably hot. He leaned forward and enjoyed the show. It didn’t hurt to watch her. The humans around her stopped dancing and focused on her too. If the smile on her face was any indication, she enjoyed their attention.

A human slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her against him. She laughed, and Sean fought the growl threatening to erupt. Intentional or not, she triggered his instincts. He wanted to go to her and rip her away from the human. If the female craved a lover’s touch, Sean would be the one to satisfy her, not a man who wouldn’t understand the hungers plaguing her.

Sean knew what she craved—a rough fuck that left her begging for more. He’d give it to her. He’d take her out back, push her against the wall and ram his…

He cursed a second time and shoved from his seat. Gaze locked on the hall leading to the bathrooms, he strode forward. He needed to get himself under control. With twenty minutes left of the full moon’s peak, he was too revved to think clearly.

The door smacked closed behind him, and the music cut off. He planted his hands on the counter and hung his head. Deep breaths cleared his lungs of her lingering scent, but the image of her undulating body burned in his mind.

Had he ever seen a more beautiful female? Or met one who so boldly held his gaze, demanding he treat her as his equal?

Sure, there were gorgeous and strong females in his pack. He’d also crossed paths with some humans who fit the description. So what was it about the Tanner female that left him with a hard dick and shaky hands?

“You’re not getting edgy? Irritable? Or feel like you’re going to come out of your skin?”
Noah’s words repeated in Sean’s head.

His pent-up breath escaped in a rush. His stubbornness was the reason behind his fascination, nothing more. The rationalization strengthened him. He’d have to take Noah’s advice and trust himself. What better time than the present? He would sit his ass back at his table, finish off his tab and go home. Tomorrow, he’d lock himself in his room and shift. Depending on how easy it was to wrangle control from his wolf, he’d repeat it outside.

With his plan set, he left the men’s room. A few feet into the bar, his wolf stirred. Its unease matched Sean’s. Something was wrong. A survey of the crowded dance floor told him what—the female was gone. So was the guy who’d had his hands all over her. The obvious assumption was that they’d left together. Sean’s gut warned him she was in trouble. He pushed his way through the crowd and bolted out the door.

A man’s vehement curse rang out.

Sean followed the sound to the alley. The human from the bar held the Tanner female’s hand in a rough grip. Anger thinned his lips. The red splotch on his cheek served as a good indicator of why.

Sean ran forward and grabbed the man’s forearm, squeezing hard enough to tear a squeak from him. The moment he released the female, Sean slammed him into the wall. “I don’t think the lady wants to leave with you.”

“That’s none of your fucking business.”

Sean raised a brow. “Isn’t it?”

“No. It’s not.”

“Think again. She’s mine.” The second the words left his mouth, Sean regretted them. Too late. That was the problem with speaking while his emotions were running high. Shit got past his internal filter.

“What? Are you her boyfriend or something?”

Sean snorted. “Or something.”

“Then you must not be satisfying her. ’Cause she wouldn’t be fisting my dick if you were.”

Sean’s fangs slid into place, and the tips of his claws pushed against his skin. He closed his eyes in case they started glowing. With his wolf close, Sean didn’t trust himself not to lose control. Shifters not only had to remember they were stronger than humans, but they had to maintain a low profile. Only a select few humans in the higher levels of government knew about them, not the general public. For their species’ sake, it had to stay that way.

He tightened his control over his wolf, reminding it of where they were, then leaned close to the human. “If you want to wake up tomorrow without any broken bones, you best walk away now.”

“I should be saying that to you.”

“You wouldn’t last thirty seconds against me, buddy.”

“I hate cocky bastards. I can—”

“Tell you what. If you want to fight, let’s fight. All you have to do is push me away and throw the first punch.” Sean shifted his hands to the wall on either side of the guy’s torso.

The human planted his palms against Sean’s chest and shoved, then pushed again and again in a failed attempt to move him. The guy cursed before slipping under Sean’s arm. “That doesn’t prove anything. I can lock my knees too. If I had a better angle, you’d be on your ass.”

Sean stood, arms loose at his side. “Well, you’re free now. Hit me.”

The guy swung. Sean intercepted his fist a moment before the blow connected. He tightened his grip on the guy’s knuckles until the human’s eyes widened. “You lose. Get out of here, and the next time a woman doesn’t like something you say or do, listen to her. Got it?”

“Sure. Whatever.”

Sean released him and followed his retreating back with his gaze until the human disappeared around the corner. “Now that he’s gone, tell me why you came out alone. That’s asking for trouble.”

Silence answered him.

Sean pivoted and scanned the empty alley for the Tanner female. She was gone. He jogged to the main road and swept his gaze over the area. Only a few humans lingered on the street. He stood there a moment and debated what to do, then shook his head.

“Not my problem. She’s a big girl. If she doesn’t want me to protect her, that’s her decision.” It was also the best one for him. He wanted to wake up alone tomorrow.

BOOK: Chance on Love (Kagan Wolves)
6.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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