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Chapter Six



Jada was more willing than he ever imagined. A slight smile pulled at his mouth as he reached his hands to her breasts.
rolled her nipples between his forefingers and thumbs, then slid his hands to her waist. He lifted her, turning her body so her breasts pressed into his chest. He slid one arm beneath her knees and rose from the couch.

She wound her arms around his neck and pulled his head down so she could kiss his mouth. He groaned at the show of arousal. His cock was so hard it strained against the front of his pants, needing release. He saw the bed through the open door and headed toward it, his mouth devouring Jada’s lips. He entered the room and crossed to the wide bed, then lay her down.

Jada scooted to the middle of the mattress, shedding her shorts in one quick action. She rolled to her side and pulled open a drawer on a small nightstand. “I have a rubber.”

He heard her but was too busy hurrying to get his jeans off to pay much attention. The small packet landed on the bed near his knee as he pushed his pants down. In the next second, he was joining her on the bed, sliding her body beneath his and wrapping his arms around her waist. He resumed their kissing, delving his tongue between her lips and slicking along her gum. He closed his eyes and, for a fleeting moment, found his senses reeling as though he were mortal.

Her arms were warm wrapped around his shoulders. She snarled her fingers in his hair and nipped playfully at his lower lip.

Honey, if you want to bite…

“Fuck me,
. I want you.”

Jada’s voice was a husky whisper as she tangled a fist at his nape.
reveled in the forcefulness of her sex play. One second she was yanking his hair and the next, she was raking her nails along his sides. She splayed her legs open, urging him to obey her orders.

He fitted the smooth round head of his cock against her hot body.

She sucked in an audible breath and grasped his buttocks in either hand. “Now, dammit! Fuck me now!”

lunged into her body, paused, savored the intense heat and lunged deeper. Jada bucked her hips and raised her legs to wrap around his hips. He braced his knees on the bed and began to thrust.

“That feels…good. You’re big. I like…big men.”

Her speaking served to arouse him even more. Usually a woman didn’t talk when he fucked her, just lay there and let him hammer away at her body until he reached orgasm. He tried to push thoughts of the others he had laid with from his mind.
put them all to shame. She had the body of a goddess, strangely alluring to look upon and intensely arousing to his male senses.

Her body heat warmed his cold body and, the further along the sex act progressed, the hotter she felt. A fine sheen of sweat blanketed her face and throat. He gazed at her long lashes as they lay against her cheek when she closed her eyes, savoring the rapid bout of thrusting.

Jada arched her back suddenly, digging her nails into his buttocks and biting her bottom lip. “It feels so…good.”

leaned down and kissed her mouth, finding her lips moist and inviting. He settled his chest against her breasts, flattening the mounds against his muscled body. She clung to his back, increasing her bucking.

He knew she was nearing a climax and lunged deeper into her body, listening to her rapid breathing as he brought her to the apex of enjoyment. He gazed down into her face, wanting to see her pleasure when she crashed over the edge.

The orgasm began in his belly. The first tingling sensations quickly spiraled throughout his balls and knotted the muscles in his buttocks. The pressure of her hands on his ass increased, pressing his body tighter against her crotch.

Jada came suddenly, lunging upward and releasing a loud breath, then arched her back and rolled her head on the pillow. “Oh my God! Oh my God!”

The sensations came full force against his senses, filling his insides with untold waves of tingling feelings that overrode his thinking and lessened his actions to the mere act of thrusting as hard and fast as he could. He drove her body against the bed, pinning her beneath his big body as he sought to prolong the feelings racing through him.

She bucked beneath him, clawing at his back and buttocks with her nails as she raised her legs and wrapped them around his hips, further opening herself up so his long cock could reach deeper inside her body. A soft little mew slipped from her lips.

It was minutes before the orgasm began to wane.
milked his cock inside Jada’s body, reluctant to withdraw and lose the final delicious sensations. He lowered his head and kissed her mouth, poking his tongue between her lips. Surprise shot through him when she sucked on his tongue, drawing it deeper into her mouth. He looked down at her as she opened her eyes and locked gazes with him. Sensuality shown in the pale depths.

This woman is after my heart.
The thought ricocheted through his insides. For a fleeting second he reminded himself he could never fall in love. His vampire state was a disadvantage for any future romance. A shard of remorse settled in his gut.

Curses to the master who forever changed my life!
He fought the sudden rise of anger that sprang forth inside him. He couldn’t go back—couldn’t undo—anything in his existence. He thought about the woman lying beneath his body. Her warmth seeped into his cold flesh, gave him a moment of pleasure that he wouldn’t ordinarily have. He moved against her again, then slid his arms around her waist and rolled to one side, dragging her body atop his as he stretched out on his back.

Her long hair spilled across his face and shoulder as she raised her head and stared down at him. Her eyes were half-closed, a slight smile on her lush lips. Jada raised one hand and drew a red tipped nail down the crest of his cheek, sliding it over to his lips. She traced his upper lip, then slid her fingertip down to his chin. She lowered her head and pressed her lips to his, kissing him lightly.

She raised her body suddenly, splaying her legs and bending her knees on either side of his hips. Her hair covered her face until she swung her head and sent the blonde mass tumbling around her shoulders. “You’re still hard.” She smiled. “Let’s not waste a good firm cock.”

Jada began to move, slowly, working her hips up and down as she sat on his cock.
grasped her hips, held them in his big hands and watched her face as his cock pushed upward into her warm body. He lowered his gaze to her breasts. They bounced playfully. He reached for them, drawing in a deep breath as the notion of fondling them appeared in his mind.

Her breasts were firm and her nipples taut little buds. When
covered them with his palms, Jada heaved a sigh and thrust them into his grasp. She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip as she rode his body, hunching her hips to move herself up and down on his cock. She raised her hands and lifted her hair from her shoulders, wadding the mass on top of her head. The blonde tresses cascaded down around her shoulders and face, framing her features in a shimmer of gold.

drew in a long breath as he watched the play of fading light glimmer off her hair and satiny skin. She was utter perfection. Her body was exquisite to behold. Arousal increased inside him.

The onset of climax bore down on him. He grasped her hips and lunged his cock up inside her body, bringing the orgasm to the fore.

Jada moaned suddenly and clutched his grasping hands as she climaxed along with him. “What are the…odds…that we would…climax at the…same time?”








Chapter Seven



sat up on the side of the bed. Jada ran a warm hand down his spine. He caught her hand and turned slightly, facing her. She lay on her back, her hair framing her face. Her eyes were limpid pools of blue that beckoned. He leaned toward her, reaching one hand to stroke her breasts. He kissed her lightly, drawing back to stare into her eyes. “You’re beautiful.”

She smiled, then glanced at something on the bed. Surprise congealed on her features as she jerked her gaze back to lock with his. “You didn’t even wear the damn rubber!”

His brows drew together as her statement momentarily puzzled him, but then he saw her pick up the small package she had thrown in his direction moments before they had sex.

“Are you trying to knock me up?” She threw the package on the bed beside his naked thigh and levered herself up. “I like a good fuck as well as the next bitch, but I expect the man servicing me to glove up!”

shook his head, spilling his hair across his shoulders. A careless lock slid onto his forehead, giving him a devil-may-care appearance.

Jada settled her gaze on him, then groaned and stomped across the room to the bathroom. She slammed the door, but he could hear her voice, low and angry, berating herself for having unprotected sex with him.

“I don’t need to wear a rubber.” He yelled the words loud enough to make her halt her tirade in the closed room.

She jerked the door open and glared at him. “Explain that.”

He shrugged. He didn’t fully understand all the words she was using, but assumed she meant for him to open the package she tossed in his direction and put the contents on his cock. He chuckled. The package seemed so small. What could possibly be inside that would cover his enormous hard cock?

“Were you deliberately trying to get me pregnant?” She stood in the doorway, her hands on her hips.

“There’s no need to worry.” He drew in a long breath and chose his words carefully. “I’m unable to father children.”
Vampires are sterile.
Regret settled in his gut. He had been deprived of so many things since losing his mortal state to vampirism.

“Yeah. I’ve heard that one before.” She turned on one heel and slammed the bathroom door.

He rose from the bed and pulled on his clothes. His bloodlust was ravenous. He left without telling Jada goodbye. He needed to feed and she wouldn’t understand that part of him if he bothered to explain. He chuckled slightly and took to the air. For a moment he wished he had not gone to her house or had sex with her, but then he remembered the intense orgasms they shared and realized he was glad he sought her out.

passed over the section of the city where the residential area gave way to the business district. With the falling darkness, glowing yellow lights dotted the area making it easy to differentiate the residential streets from those housing businesses. He gazed below at the small neighborhoods, the two and three story dwellings with tiny yards and wooden fences and wondered if he might find a vacant building he could call home, at least for a temporary time. He had spent the daylight period in the bell tower of a church, in the darkest corner, hanging by his talons. The accommodations had been less than desirable, but given the short time period he had to find it, suitable in a pinch.

He soared lower, passing closer to the rooftops of the buildings until he saw a particularly tall ornate structure. It sat on the corner of a narrow street, flanked by a winding alleyway. There were no lights shining from any windows on any of the numerous floors. He lit on the roof peak and surveyed the surrounding area.

The building was only one of several structures that stood dark and in somewhat of a ruin state. He observed the broken windows and the overgrown lawns. The absence of streetlights in the vicinity told him that the area received little traffic from the mortals dwelling nearby.

I need seclusion.
He leapt from the building roof and glided silently to the dark street in front of the building, shapeshifting into his vampire body. He straightened his clothing and surveyed the area, then stepped up on the porch of the tallest building. Darkness obscured the front door. Tattered curtains hung in the two windows facing the street. A broken shutter was suspended by one bolt holding it at a tilt against the brick façade. He grasped the doorknob and twisted it, then questioned himself for taking the conventional way of appeasing his curiosity. He pushed the door open and stepped inside.

The interior was inky black. He scanned the front room, spied a staircase leading to the upper floors and crossed the space. Gliding silently up the steps, he made his way to the very top room of the building. Dust stirred with his entry into the attic. His keen night vision made out the slanted ceiling and the dormer window facing the front of the house. Further inspection turned up an assortment of furniture the previous owner left behind. In another corner stood an old trunk and a scattering of wooden chairs draped with dusty sheets as though to protect them.

“It’s perfect.” He crossed the floor and lifted one of the covers thrown across a chair. The only means of daylight entering the room was through the single window. He draped the sheet over the glass panes, throwing the area into total darkness, then looked around, pleased.

Having secured himself a place to hide from the daylight, he turned his attentions to feeding. He retraced his steps to the lower floor of his new dwelling and paused on the porch, closing the door behind him. As soon as he was settled in his surroundings, found a means of supporting himself financially, he might inquire as to the owner of the real estate and purchase the property. He liked the notion of being close to Jada’s apartment.

He chided himself for having such a thought.
Do I really think I can establish myself in this place and have a relationship with Jada?

hated what he was—the blood sucking vampire that preyed on mortals for their blood. He combed one hand through his hair, reminded suddenly of Jada’s fingers tangling at his nape. He pushed his hair over his shoulder, forcing his mind to think about hunting a victim to sate his thirst.

Shapeshifting and taking to the air, he winged his way to the nearest section of the city. Sounds of life reached his ears as the bright lights flooded the streets below. He looked for people along the sidewalks, perhaps a single male going about his business, unsuspecting. His need for blood gnawed at his mind. He had put feeding off too long and his appetite was at its apex.

He heard voices and glided noiselessly to the ground. Calling upon his vampire powers, he shapeshifted, then concealed himself deeper in the shadows, waiting, listening. The voices drew nearer. He searched the darkness with his keen eyesight, alert for the first passerby to come near the mouth of the alley.

The sidewalk lying before the alley was faintly lit by the glow of a tall streetlight down the block. He inched closer to the entrance and peered toward the voices. He saw a man and a woman on the street. They came toward him, then suddenly cut across the avenue to a parked car.
watched and considered whether to pursue them.

“Let them go.”

whirled round, the voice sounding as though it was right in his ear. His heart hammered against his ribs as he quickly searched the darkness for someone or
. His swift reaction to the spoken words was but a second, for his speed could rival the fastest animal on earth. His eyes began to glow as rage grew in his big body.
Am I being tricked?
He hissed and opened his mouth, baring his fangs and searching the darkness, identifying a metal dumpster against the building at the alley’s end and a single door stemming off the adjacent building.

Did someone speak to me from that doorway?
He leapt into the air, covering the distance from the mouth of the alley to the darkened doorway at its end in one swift leap. He snarled and grasped the doorknob, jerking it off its hinge. He threw the door aside and peered into the blackened interior of a storeroom belonging to one of the businesses on the street.

Noise from the street drew his attention. He jerked his head around, snarling and baring his fangs in warning, searching the darkness with his keen eyesight, but found nothing. A rat scurried from beneath the dumpster and hurried past his feet. He held his rage and allowed the animal to pass unharmed.

Aware that someone had spoken to him and that he was unable to turn up a single being, be it mortal or otherwise.
Otherwise? Vampire?
He jerked his head quickly from side to side, determined to locate something in the darkness. He hadn’t imagined the voice. He had indeed heard someone speak to him. His hearing was unsurpassed. He combed one hand through his hair, frustrated.
tried to calm himself. He leaned his back against the solid brick wall and tried to steady his breathing, ready at a seconds notice to do battle, to fight to the death if need be.

Hell! I’m already dead!
He shook his head and shapeshifted into a bat, taking quickly to the air. The sooner he got away from that place, the safer he might be.


BOOK: Chandler: Books 4 The Witch and the Vampire
8.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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