Chandler: Books 4 The Witch and the Vampire

BOOK: Chandler: Books 4 The Witch and the Vampire
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: Book 4

The Witch and the Vampire Series






Fawn Lowery


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: Book 4 The Witch and the Vampire

2008 Fawn Lowery


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Chandler Sutherland leapt from the roof of the building, and glided silently to the ground. Shapeshifting into his vampire self, he stood in the shadow of the dark alley and waited. Two young men were approaching. He could hear their voices.

Arriving only an hour earlier from centuries past, his first task in his new era was to learn the language and style of dress of those he would be mingling with. He slid one hand down the front of his rough tunic, feeling the texture in comparison to the leather jackets he saw the two men wearing.
observed their denim jeans and the leather boots on their feet. Adjustments would be necessary, and the sooner the better if he hoped to establish himself in the city and not draw undue attention from those he encountered.
A vampire can never be too careful.

Hunger gnawed at his senses as the bloodlust that dictated his very existence stirred. He combed one hand through his hair, pushing the long blond mass over his shoulder.
wouldn’t have to change his hairstyle. One of the young men he observed wore long hair clasped at his nape.

He slipped quietly from the cover of night and followed the pair along the sidewalk. Their conversation centered on a woman dancer in a local nightclub.
smiled and shook his head.

“She has tits this big!” One man held his hands out in front of his body.

“They are probably fake.”

“I don’t think so. They jiggle a lot and fake boobs don’t shake like jelly.”

They laughed.

drew nearer, pushed between the pair and clasped each on the shoulder. “Obey me.”

They were immediately under his power, turning their steps into the next dark alleyway and standing before him as though they had no will of their own.

curled his hand around one of the men’s throats, tipping his head so he could find his vein. His fangs bared, he sank them deep into the young man’s neck, starved for the hot blood that suddenly gushed into his mouth. He fed. When he had drunk a good portion from one of the men, he released him and took hold of the other one. Swift and silent, he pierced his vein and drank his fill before releasing him to lie alongside his friend.
swiped one forearm across his mouth, wiping away the traces of blood that clung to his lips.

The curse of being a vampire continued to annoy him. Every time he was forced to take blood from a mortal, he hated the vile act more than the last time. But there was little he could do to change things. A master vampire, a horrid creature as old as time, had tricked him and taken his mortality. Once he had been a carefree man of twenty-four years and, on the morn, had been changed into a blood-sucking leech, forced to attack mortals to further his existence.

Then he had met Drucella, a witch whose coven tormented Morganford, the medieval village of his birth. He foolishly fell for her lies and, once they were in bed, his lust aroused, she cast a spell of enormous proportions over him.
was cursed to sleep for ten thousand years, locked away in a grotesque statue secreted away in a hidden room of her castle. With a sigh, he cringed as the memory flooded his mind.

Had it not been for his older brother,
, and
’s soul mate Ronna, a witch from the present time, he would still be under the curse, his life in limbo for all eternity. The beautiful witch, a descendant of the coven, had released him from the spell, shattered the statue that imprisoned him and set him free. He could still remember the moment he saw her face and pressed his hard cock between her legs.

combed one hand through his hair and grimaced in an attempt to dash those thoughts from his mind. The sweet witch belonged to his brother and he was never to lay a hand on her. He stifled a shiver. She was most delectable. Indeed. His cock had hardened immediately and his lust rose to fever pitch.

turned from the bodies of the young men in the alley. They were rousing, trying to get to their feet. He tried to remember what they had said about the dancer in the nightspot they frequented. Perhaps he would find the place and have a look at the woman. Now that his blood thirst had been sated, his curiosity was aroused. And his male lust was rising.

With a turn, he strode through the mouth of the alley, turning his steps in the direction the pair had been walking when he overpowered them. There were businesses on either side of the wide avenue with bright lights of various colors, some flashing in assorted patterns. Music and the underlying tones of deep male voices reached his ears. Curiosity increased as he tried to decide which doorway to enter.

He heard laughter and glanced across the street. Two women were coming directly toward him, their arms entwined, their heads pressed close together as they giggled in shrill voices. He paused and smiled at the pair as they passed in front of him and went into the nearest business. The scent of the females drifted to his nose and he drew the fragrance into his lungs, held it for a moment, savoring the newness of the aroma, then released a long breath.
I think I’m going to like this era.

He followed the women through the door, stepping to the side, as others appeared to be leaving the nightspot. The noise was intense. Loud drumbeats sent reverberating echoes throughout the long narrow space. He quickly took in the assortment of males and females, the long bar spanning one side of the room and the clusters of tables and chairs gathered about. As he took note of the interior and the patrons, his gaze was drawn to the stage at the back of the room. A long narrow platform spanned a backdrop of black curtains. Three separate platforms stemmed off the main one with silver metal poles at either end.

Puzzled, he had but a moment to wonder before his curiosity was appeased. The tune of the band changed abruptly and from an opening in the curtains, three women appeared. They were scantily dressed, their tits and crotches barely covered. They pranced down the narrow platforms to the metal poles.

stood transfixed as the women began to dance, swinging their bodies around the pole to the thumping beat of the music. He watched the woman nearest him, a tall blonde with waist length hair and tits so big he quickly recalled the conversation of the two men he had fed from then chuckled as he eyed the woman’s chest.
Huge tits!

He chided himself. He had always been a tit man, the bigger, the more he enjoyed fondling and sucking on them. His cock began to rise forcing him to shift his stance in an effort to hide the bulge quickly forming in his pants. He had gone without sex too long. He needed to find a woman and enjoy himself for a time, let his lust run rampant, quench his manly desires for the female body.
turned his eyes to the other two dancers on the stage, but found his gaze mysteriously drawn back to the blonde with the enormous tits. He wanted her.
I love women.

Even the curse of vampirism hadn’t eliminated his love for the opposite sex. He pinned his gaze on the woman as she gyrated and swayed, her hand on the pole, her body bending temptingly toward the audience, a teasing leer on her face.
She has a face?

He laughed out loud.

“Buy me a drink?”

He jerked his head around at the voice so near his ear. For all his keen senses of perception, the woman had slipped up on him unaware.

She stepped back suddenly, her eyes growing wide. “Wow! Where did you come from?”

smiled at her, thinking that perhaps he might sate his lust with her.

“Have you been to a Halloween party or something? Where did you get those clothes?”

Realization suddenly shot through him. He still wore his rough cotton tunic and britches of his time. Quickly, he laid one hand on the woman’s arm and pulled her closer. “You will obey me.”

“Yes, master.”

Her eyes glazed suddenly and
escorted her through the doorway of the club. Once on the street, he took her elbow and steered her toward the alleyway. His cock grew so hard he could barely walk by the time he pushed her into the darkness. He quickly stripped away the little short skirt she wore and released his cock from his britches. As he shoved his cock inside her, he reminded himself that he needed to find a change of clothing before he attempted to enter society.

The woman made no motion to move her body as he thrust into her core.
savored the warmth of her body as his cold shaft pierced her silken tissues. He pushed her against the side of the building and drove into her with a savagery born of need. In a matter of seconds, he was on the brink of climax. He lunged in further, thrusting so fiercely that he lifted the woman’s body off the ground and held her against the unyielding brick wall.

The sensations began in his belly, knotted his balls and made him cry out as they crashed through his body.
shuddered, the onslaught of electrifying vibrations so intense. He closed his eyes, savoring the orgasm. It had been too long. He was too much in need. He had sought to sate his lust and lost sight of the innumerable pleasures making love to a woman’s body held for him.
milked his cock and promised himself that the next time he would take it easy, fondle tits and sink his fingers into hot cunt before he splayed her open and drove his cock home.

withdrew his cock when the sensations began to wane. His chest heaved with the exertion. He had a lot of catching up to do. He grasped the woman he had just fucked around the waist and lowered her feet to the ground. Her head lolled forward as though he had taken her blood. He stared at her through the inky darkness, sensing her display of pretense. “I didn’t hurt you.” Pressing her upper body against the wall and stepping back, he pulled his hands away.

“Most men pay me for what you just took.”

Her voice sounded monotone, as though she were sleepy. He knew she was still under his command, even though she spoke as though she knew her mind. “In my time, the wenches were glad to provide their masters with free cunt.”

He turned and strode further into the alley, concealing himself completely in the darkness. Once he was out of sight of the woman, he shapeshifted into a bat and took to the air. Now that he had had his first fuck in the new era, he needed a place to sleep once the daylight arrived.
And new clothing.


BOOK: Chandler: Books 4 The Witch and the Vampire
9.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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