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Chaos Mortalitus




This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


Published by Mortalitus Art©.
3rd Edition


Copyright © 2009 by Mark S. LaMaster


All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form whatsoever.


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Cover Layout by: Michelle Koontz



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Live Liberated Friends




Mortalitus Prologue


Chapter: 1- 3/10/2025


Chapter: 2- The Pyramid


Chapter: 3- Mortalitus


Chapter: 4- Revolution


Chapter: 5- Nightmares of the Cosmos


Chapter: 6- The Artifact


Chapter: 7- Deja Vu


Chapter: 8- The Evolution of Liberation


Chapter: 9- Vexicus


Chapter: 10- U.S.S. Solitude


Chapter: 11- Unification


Chapter: 12- Requiem


Chapter: 13- Dreams


Chapter: 14- Diplomacy


Chapter: 15- War


Chapter: 16- And Freedom That Follows


Chapter: 17- The Monarchy of Chaos


Chapter: 18- Avothina


Chapter: 19- Departure


Chapter: 20- Hope


Chapter: 21- 2035


Chapter: 22- Lost Within Tides of Destiny


Chapter: 23- Preparations


Chapter: 24- Resurrection


Chapter: 25- Blood Omen


Chapter: 26- Chaos Mortalitus


This battle will find you, regardless of avenue...







It begins with an idea, a vision of the life we see and feel, the chaos that follows ever so close. I struggle onward to tell this story, maybe the truth and the test that defines it. Silently the universe moves to the sounds of chaos as desperate hearts cry out for a new day. Dreams wave amongst the beams of light that cut furiously through the darkest of black, telling a tale of the universe in all its majesty and of the manifestations it creates. Designed with the best of intentions, paving the way to a place known all to well.


Time is running short as only the empty abyss might know the secret truths, every dream, every tragedy and every idea that changed a generalized consensus into something the universe has never seen. These are the origins of a legend, a dreamer crossed with an entity trying to find a home within this madness, friends balanced across the fine lines of eternity
. I am all things; you will always be everything I can never be.
Painting an image of a dream and a promise, one locked deep within these tattered pages as ink is pressed to them.


Awaken this day to the call of destiny; see the dreams that dance ever so gently through a universe you can only begin to fathom. A freedom to all wonders in all places as a voice from the stretch of infinity reminds us of our purpose. We go to see they have their freedom, standing alone in these darkest of times, brothers and sisters of the revolution, we go to see you have your freedom. Humankind, the dreamers of the cosmos, the painters of legends of old, the symphony makers desperately searching for their meaning within the stars.


13.85 billion years from the moment they were never designed to understand they search for motive, causality of it all. The universe, the grandest scale of all things known holds its secrets well as isolation sets in and these beautiful dreams become haunting nightmares. I've seen this long before the humans that live on the silent blue pearl known as Earth, long before many things lost to the abyss of space. Galactic nations, cosmic beings separated by vast distances and equally varying biology's, grouped within the chaos that drives destiny forward.


Wars waged for the birthright of the universe we all share as home, justice falling short of the extinct worlds that time has all but forgotten. Where freedom for all is lost, tears reflect the universe and most dream of a day of peace, a unified cosmos where no being is ever alone. It was in the first years of the 21
human century, on the planet Earth that destiny finally came calling and the wheels of fate began to slowly turn. Humanity continued struggling to make good on the sacrifices from their ancestors, with resources depleting and a general state of anxiety spreading through the masses.


Governments controlling citizens in a cost efficient direction, completely unaware of the epic sagas being waged across a vast universe and their importance in the
to come. The humans of Earth are a race that has gone relatively unnoticed to the rest of this universe, but for how long and to what end? Billions of concepts of life call this blue pearl home as it falls silently with its dark mistress. At 4.7 billion years old, the Earth has become the staging point for a new day, delivering one brave soul to stand against the dark forces clouding our universe. We will stay this course no matter the odds, on the brink of madness, through the ramblings of the forgotten peer into this truth to reveal the diary of a madman.


2025 A.D. is the human year on the planet Earth, a celestial body part of a small system existing within the Milky Way Galaxy. Within human history it is common knowledge that there is no evidence of life elsewhere in the universe other than Earth. It was in the human lunar month of March, on the 10
day, that a legend was born. This date shall be echoed through every age hence forth, for all beings shall bear witness to the birth of a warrior of truth, a servant of peace and a child of
. It was in this year that I met the human Ashton Seth Mortal, and this is our story.




The buzzer to my cellular phone repeats the same annoying tone as dreamscapes fade and reality sets in. Rubbing my face, I continue to ask myself why I haven't changed that alarm, but it does the trick. My feet fall to the side of the bed as I reach over and click the touch screen device and simultaneously my bedroom lights up like a room prepped for surgery. "Damn it, what time is it?" I mumble, rubbing my eyes wishing I were still sleeping. "Angela I wish you would stop syncing the entire room with Omega, you touch one thing and the whole place lights up. Do you hear me?" I ask as my wife's eyes remain shut, her face resting against her pillow.


Quickly, I roll over to get some reassurance that I'm not having a conversation with myself as I poke at the body next to me. "Hey! Angela! Wake up already, it's a big day."


Up comes the comforter as my beautiful wife lifts her head with hair stuck to the right side of her face. Along the side of her cheekbone are light impressions of the floral pattern on the comforter she bought recently. "What time is it Ash?" She asks stretching her arms and curling her toes.


"7:37 A.M. We gotta' get going, got a thousand things to do today." I remind her as I stand stretching myself.


"What time does the show start tonight?" She asks with a soft voice not quite awake.


Scanning through my thoughts, I sort through the list of things in today's agenda. "I'm pretty sure it starts at 7:30 P.M. I guess they're doing an interview with me. They need me there at 3:30 P.M. so they can put some sort of bio together for my work."


Angela stares at me and in this moment I feel truly lost as I lay back on the bed she leans over and kisses me, so I kiss her right back ignoring the morning breath. "I'm so proud of you, I can't believe the entire gallery sold before opening night. Everything will change now, we don't have to worry about anything!" She says staring into my eyes.


Suddenly a realization sets in and I instantly feel something different, something new as I become aware of the fact that I didn't have a nightmare last night and for me that is a rare occasion. "I didn't have a nightmare Angela." The worlds slip out of my mouth carefully as if not to spoil a surprise.


"Really?" She says taken back a bit. "You've got to be kidding?" Her beautiful green eyes stare back at me as her skin has a light olive tone to it, an exotic beauty. We've been married for three years, having been together a total of six. Every night since I can remember I've had a nightmare, vivid on a level I've never fully disclosed. "This is amazing Ash! I knew there was something special about today."


If only we both knew, if only I could have grasped what the future held for me that day, maybe it could have been different. If only I would have done all I could to keep us in our bedroom, in our beautiful home on 4983 Utopia Drive, safe from the fingertips of destiny.
Anxiety creeps down my spine for something is very weird about today, I can sense it. "I can't remember not having a nightmare babe, I mean not ever. Why do they suddenly stop today?"


Angela waves her hand in front of my face as I stare off into space. "Hey don't read into things so much, loosen up already. Stop living under the control of these nightmares! You just have a vivid imagination, that's all."


My wife throws off the covers and heads for our bathroom to turn the shower on. Wearing a small gown, black lace, she knows it's my favorite but always plays it off to coincidence. Pulling her hair back it gently lies upon her shoulders, with a dark shimmer for I've always had a thing for brunettes. Sometimes, I often wish she could see my view of her, a timeless beauty with a cute small frame. Angela is a year younger than me and I use that often to one up her in good fun. "I think I'm just gonna' lay here a sec and rest my eyes babe." I call out to her as I lay down again.


"Ashton Seth Mortal! Get your ass out of bed, the shower's going!" She scolds. "Get moving!"


Sitting back up I reach into the pewter nightstand next to my bed to get a cigarette from the stash spot I'm pretty sure she doesn't know about. Pulling a cigarette from the hidden pack I yell back to Angela over the sound of the running water. "I'll be there in a sec babe, I promise."


"Hurry up baby, I'm lonely." She calls back to me having already got in the shower.


Lighting my cigarette, I use these solitary times to reflect on life in general. Today is quite different though as I inhale deeply, for my dreams are my concern at the moment and something feels terribly wrong. With every convenience at my fingertips, I exhale slowly wondering why this feeling consumes me. Sitting in our room, I notice it has become very different from the rest of the house. Angela is usually very meticulous with the house, but our room is a completely different story. Clothes pile high in what was once the right corner of our room, a typical woman with nothing to wear.


My thoughts run wild as I decide to catch the morning news for a bit. "News and mail Omega, two screens."


"Yes Mr. Mortal." Omega responds.


Two screens free flowing appear, one showing the daily news and current events, the other with my mail. Everything today is voice activated, the modern computer is not what it once was. Most homes are hardwired with a central processor unit that turns your entire home into your desktop. Any amount of knowledge, entertainment and life in general is but a voice command away. Today as always the tone of the news is the same, save one particular event I've been waiting for.

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