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orgasmed, raking her nails across his shoulders and down his She captured her bottom lip between her teeth, concentrating as arms. He held onto her tight then let go himself, groaning as he if she were holding back her own orgasm as she held tight onto jettisoned hot spurts of come into her. He pulled her upright, his shoulders and leaned back. Now he could watch the burying his face in her neck as he shuddered through the force movement of her breasts, see her clit each time she lifted off of his climax.

him. Her pussy was swollen, wet, the aroma of her arousal Seth opened his eyes. Mike stood in the doorway, his permeating the air around them. Her body was bathed in the cock in his hand, stroking it as he watched them.

soft light of the room, flushed pink with the heat of her

“Nice show.”

movements. Her hair was tousled around her face, her lips Seth withdrew and turned Abby around to face Mike.

swollen from sucking and kissing him. She was panting, little

“Sorry,” he said, though there was no sincerity in the word. “I couldn’t wait.”


Jaci Burton/
Wild, Wicked & Wanton
/Unedited Advance Reading Copy Berkley Heat/May, 2007

Mike shrugged and pushed off from the doorway.

Grateful for a moment to gather her composure, she

“Don’t blame you. If I had Abby to myself for a few minutes, I nodded. “That sounds wonderful.” She craned her neck around wouldn’t have waited for you, either. Besides, I enjoy to see if Seth was following.


“I’ll be there in a minute,” he said, but stood at the Still shaking from the aftereffects of the stunning doorway and watched as she and Mike stepped outside.

orgasm she’d had with Seth, Abby stared warily at Mike, A high wooden fence surrounded Mike’s yard and there wondering if he was angry that he hadn’t been included. She’d were no nearby neighbors, so it wasn’t like anyone could see been so focused on Seth she hadn’t even noticed he’d left the them. Yet, it was odd to be stepping outside stark naked. How room.

incredibly liberating.

But he didn’t look upset, his mouth crooked in a half-The night air still very warm, and he lived far enough smile. His cock certainly didn’t look offended as he walked out of town that the lights of the city didn’t obscure the view of toward her unashamedly naked and erect. He stopped in front the stars overhead. It was truly a magical evening. The hot tub of her, slipped his hand behind her neck and pulled her face to was built up on a ledge overlooking the pool, a cascading his, slipping his tongue inside her mouth.

waterfall spilling over the top of the various oversized rocks Warm, wet, possessive, as if he were claiming her away into the pool below. Rather than just a basic pool/tub combo, it from Seth. He devoured her lips in a tantalizing kiss that made looked like an oasis, with palm trees, bushes and birds of her pussy pulse with desire again. She didn’t think it was paradise adjacent to the water. A canopy of white latticed possible to feel desire again so soon after the climax she’d just arbors filled the rest of the yard behind the pool, with dark pink had, but just like that, she was ready to go. When Mike pulled bougainvillea highlighted by in-ground spotlights.

back, she was breathing heavily, her nipples pebbled into tight

“It’s beautiful out here.”

points. He caressed her cheek with the back of his hand, his

“Thanks,” he said, leading her up a smooth path toward blue eyes dark like an approaching storm, yet his voice was the tub. “I tend to do a lot of activities outside, since most of soft, as if he were keeping a tight rein on his own need.

my days are spent inside at the clinic. Took me awhile to put

“There’s plenty of time for us to come together tonight, all this in.”

Abby. No jealousy here, so don’t sweat it, okay?”

“You built all this yourself?”

“Okay.” She relaxed the tension in her shoulders and He shrugged as he stepped into the tub and held both grasped the hand he offered.

her hands while she maneuvered over the edge and slipped her

“Let’s take a little break. How about a soak in the hot feet in. The water was perfect.


“Contractors helped out with the pool and tub, but I designed it all. Did all the landscaping and arbor myself.”


Jaci Burton/
Wild, Wicked & Wanton
/Unedited Advance Reading Copy Berkley Heat/May, 2007

As she settled into the water up to her neck, she kept him beyond the physical, knew he was smart and kind and her gaze focused on him. “I’m…surprised.”



And still, she knew very little about him.

“You just don’t seem the type.”

Or about Seth, for that matter.

He laughed. “To do what? Build anything with my Yet she’d already fucked both of them.

hands? Do landscaping? What?”

Then again, did she really need to have an extensive bio

“I don’t know. I didn’t mean it like that.” She realized on them to have sex them? Men never cared about a woman’s then that she’d probably just insulted him.
What I meant was
background before they took her to bed. Why did she care? She
you’re rich, successful and gorgeous. Surely you just work at
knew they were both responsible and successful. She knew
the clinic during the day and go out at night, pick up women
they were honorable and trustworthy. At least so far.

and fuck your brains out. It’s not like you’d do anything useful
The sex had been phenomenal to this point. She had
with your off time
. Ugh. Sometimes she wondered where she nothing to complain about.

stored all her supposed brains.

“You’re smiling.”

“Oh, you just thought I was pretty and useless.”

She looked up at Seth, who had managed to sneak up Her eyes widened and she was about to launch into an on her while she was lost in thought. “I am?”

apology when she realized he was laughing.

“Yeah, you are. A contented smile.” He slipped into the

“I really didn’t mean it as an insult. Honestly.”

hot tub next to her. “I hope that’s a sign you’re having a good He stretched his arms out on the ledge outside the hot time.”

tub. “I know you didn’t. Because of my looks, most people

“I am. A very good time.”

think all I do is go out and party and fuck. Hey, guys get

“Relaxed now that you’ve had a little breather?” Mike stereotyped just as much as women do.”


She’d never thought of that. People probably assumed a She glanced over at him. “Yes. Very. Thank you both lot about Mike Nottingham. She knew she had. Then again she for tonight. It’s been…beyond my wildest expectations.”

still felt there was much she didn’t know about him, that he Mike arched a brow. “And what are your expectations, held back parts of himself. It wasn’t like he was an open book.


Maybe that was part of his appeal. Women loved to uncover a

“I don’t have any,” she blurted.

mystery, and an enigmatic man was intriguing as hell. Then

“You mean you don’t have fantasies? Come on.

again, most women probably didn’t get past his gorgeous Everyone has them.”

looks, mesmerizing eyes and killer body. She was probably She shrugged, feeling heat suffuse her face and guilty of the same, though she’d been lucky enough to work knowing it didn’t come from the warm water. She looked down beside him for almost a year. At least she knew a little about at the frothy bubbles skimming the surface. “Maybe.”


Jaci Burton/
Wild, Wicked & Wanton
/Unedited Advance Reading Copy Berkley Heat/May, 2007

Mike tipped her chin and forced her gaze to his. “I God, he was insistent. And his voice—so sexy, hardly think you’d be shy with us now. I fantasize all the time.”

demanding, so incredibly arousing. She looked up at him and it

“You do?”

was almost painful the way he seemed to probe the inner

“Hell yeah. Gets me through an otherwise routine day.

recesses of her mind. He was too much for her. Way too much.

And I know Seth has them too, don’t you?”


She looked to Seth, who nodded.

She turned her head at the sound of Seth’s voice,

“What normal guy doesn’t think about sex every free grateful to be pulled away from the intensity of Mike’s probing moment he has?” Seth admitted.


She laughed. “I suppose that’s true. Women do too. My

“Don’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with. But friends and I talk about sex a lot.” If Mike and Seth only knew honestly, I’d love to know what turns you on, what gets you about the reason she was here…about the bet she and Blair and hot and wet. We both would.”

Callie had made…

Something about Seth—she didn’t know if it was the

“Tell us what you’ve fantasized about when you think way he put things into words, or just the way he talked to her—

about having two men, Abby.” Seth reached behind him and made her feel more comfortable about revealing parts of pulled down a fresh glass of champagne, handing it to her. She herself. Even her fantasies.

took a sip, the cool liquid a sharp contrast to the heat within the But not all the questions had to be answered by her, Jacuzzi.

either. It was time to turn the tables a little.

“Oh, I don’t think I can do that.” A sudden attack of

“What turns you on, Seth?” She scooted to the other shyness constricted her throat. Discussing fantasies with her side of the hot tub so she now faced them both. “And you, girlfriends was one thing. Telling her deepest, darkest Mike? I’d like to know what the two of you fantasize about.

nighttime desires to two men was another. She couldn’t do it.

Tell me about the ménages you’ve experienced together.”

No way.

Mike’s lip curled as if he knew what she was doing. “I

“How can we make all your dreams come true if we get turned on watching a woman’s excitement. Watching you don’t know what they are?” Mike reached for one of the come, for example. When you were with Seth in there, riding glasses of champagne, his gaze intent as he took a long, slow, his cock. The way you threw your head back, abandoning sip.

yourself to the sensation. When you let go like that and

“I…can’t.” She stared down into her glass, rimming the came…now that was hot. That’s what I fantasized about you.

edge with her fingertip.

That the all business, prim and proper Abby Lawson would just

“Because you touch yourself when you think about let loose and go wild when she was fucked.” He tipped the them? Because you think no one’s supposed to know about glass and took another long swallow of his champagne, as if them but you?” Mike asked.

talking about the things that excited him were so easy for him.


Jaci Burton/
Wild, Wicked & Wanton
/Unedited Advance Reading Copy Berkley Heat/May, 2007

She wished it were as easy for her.

despite the lateness of the evening, and the matching white

“Mike and I have only done a few three-ways, mostly slatted bed and wardrobe made the room appear even lighter.

they just happened because we were all drunk and ended up in

“How many people sleep in that thing?” she asked, bed together. Nothing really planned out. Nothing like this, staring in awe at the bed, then realized what she’d just said.

with you,” Seth said.


Lifting a brow, she asked, “You two have a plan with But Mike laughed. “No sleepovers. Just me. I sprawl.”


Thank God he wasn’t easily offended.

Seth laughed lightly. “Not really a plan. Just a desire to

“Sorry. It’s so big.”

please you.”

“Most women only say that about my dick,” Mike

“Well, you’ve done that.”


“Oh, we’ve just started, Abby,” Mike added, moving to Abby burst out laughing.

the center of the tub and standing. “Have you ever had your

“Plenty of room for all three of us, then,” Seth said, pussy licked by two men at the same time?”

coming up behind her and moving the collar of the robe aside Again, her throat went dry and she fought to swallow to plant a kiss between her neck and shoulder. She shivered, past the giant boulder that had suddenly appeared there. She her nipples tightening.

shook her head.

Mike came toward her, untying the robe and opening it

“Let’s dry off and go inside.” Mike turned and stepped to slide his hands around her waist. “You warm enough?”

out, grabbing robes off a hook on the wall right behind the hot She nodded and he pushed the robe all the way off, then tub. He reached for her hand and hauled her out of the tub, took her hands in his and led her to the bed, turning her around slipping one of the long cotton robes over her. Seth stepped out so the back of her knees were pressed against the edge of the behind her and grabbed the champagne bottle, Mike took their mattress.

glasses and they headed into the house.

“Right here. I want you to be able to watch.”

Mutely, Abby followed, wondering what new

Watch what?

adventures they had in store for her. Anticipation doubled the Seth stepped up next to Mike and then she didn’t think warmth of her body, heightening the sensation of her nipples about questions as they both dropped their robes, allowing her rubbing against the soft cotton robe.

to drink her fill of their bodies.

Mike led her down a dimly lit long hallway toward a set Side by side, they were a study in contrasts. Mike was of double doors that opened into a spacious master bedroom taller, and leaner. Seth was more muscular. Mike’s cock was with a monumentally large king-sized bed as the focal point of longer, Seth’s was thicker. Mike’s entire aura was one of the room. White plantation shutters made the room seem bright dangerous excitement, whereas Seth had a sensual allure she found incredibly appealing.


Jaci Burton/
Wild, Wicked & Wanton
/Unedited Advance Reading Copy Berkley Heat/May, 2007

BOOK: Chapter One
12.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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