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suck, and fuck her until she passed out from oblivious, satiated Damn Blair and her bets.


She shook her head, flipped off the kitchen light, and Something, she might add, that had never happened grabbed her glass of water, heading down the dark hallway into with Chad, she thought with a loud snort. Which was why her bedroom. Her margarita buzz from earlier had mellowed, she’d accumulated a drawer full of toys over the years. Her sex leaving behind a nice, relaxed state that was perfect for sleep.

companions. And she had a pretty vivid imagination, too. Her She stripped and slid under the cool sheets, the night was too fantasies had been her lifesavers, because Chad had been all warm for the quilt.

talk and no action.

But instead of falling into an immediate sleep, she Well, that wasn’t exactly true. He’d seen action all stared out the window at the three-quarter moon which, seemed right. But all his action had been with other women. He’d had a to be perched on top of a tall oak tree, its silvery glow nearly wild woman at home all the years they’d been married, only blinding her.

he’d never known it. He’d never once tapped into her sexuality, Shit.

never once took the time to discover what she was about.


Jaci Burton/
Wild, Wicked & Wanton
/Unedited Advance Reading Copy Berkley Heat/May, 2007

Dumb ass. She hoped he ended up with a severe case of She panted, anticipation making her throat go dry. Wanting her dick rot.

dildo in her pussy, her fingers in her ass. Oh yes, she needed to Oh, fuck Chad. No, not Chad. Mike and Seth. She be fucked hard and deep, needed it rough tonight.

leaned over and reached into her nightstand, fumbling around Reaching for the dildo, she lubed the thick, jellied shaft, until she found what she wanted. Her favorite lube and the loving the feel of every ridge and vein, closing her eyes and thick jelly dildo. Her pussy clenched in anticipation.

imagining Mike standing next to her bed, his naked body Yeah, one way or the other she was going to get fucked showcased in the moonlight. As she rubbed the dildo, she tonight. Jamming the covers to the end of the bed with her feet, fantasized it was Mike’s cock, imagined him looking down at she breathed a sigh of relief, the night air cooling her heated her, bending over her to run his hands over her breasts, to pluck body. But she was about to bring up the temperature a notch.

at her nipples until they stood upright and tingly, just waiting She planted her feet flat on the bed and spread her legs, then for Seth to crawl onto the bed and take them in his mouth.

poured some cherry lube on her hand, loving how slick it felt

“Yes,” she hissed in a whisper. “Suck my nipples, as it dribbled between her fingers.


Her hips lifted of their own volition, searching for her And there was Seth, naked and crawling toward her, his hand.

thick, muscled body pressing down on her as leaned in to kiss

“Yeah, you want it, don’t you?” she whispered in the her, his hands claiming her breasts, cupping them, then darkness. “You need a cock in that pussy.”

removing his mouth to kiss her neck, drawing his tongue along But first she wanted to warm it up a little. She pressed the column of her throat and lower, until he reached her her hand to her sex, letting the lube slide over her naked sensitive nipples. She arched her back, offering them to his mound, shivering as it dripped from her fingertips and slid eager lips.

down her slit to coat the crack of her ass. Deep in arousal, she She squeezed the cock in her hands as Seth took one didn’t care. She’d been primed since yesterday, and between bud between his teeth and tugged, just hard enough that she the conversations with Mike and Seth and the upcoming bet, cried out. She heard Mike hiss as she rolled the shaft up, then she needed a hard ride tonight. She felt hot, wild, and nasty, down, slamming hard against his balls as the fevered frenzy of and she needed more than just a quick strumming of her clit to her arousal took over.

get her off.

“Fuck me,” she whimpered, spreading her legs wide.

She swept her fingers around the knot, teasing it, not Mike crawled onto the bed and took her ankles in his touching her magical spot that craved attention. Instead, she hands, spreading her legs apart. Abby placed the dildo at the roamed outside her pleasure center, skimming her labia, her entrance to her pussy lips. It was hard and hot, like his cock thighs, tormenting herself with whisper light caresses until her would be. Thick at the head, almost too big for her to take.

nipples stood erect and she clenched her butt cheeks together.


Jaci Burton/
Wild, Wicked & Wanton
/Unedited Advance Reading Copy Berkley Heat/May, 2007

“But you’ll take it baby, won’t you?” he asked. “All of Mike lifted her and slid underneath. His thick cock it.”

stroked her clit as he positioned himself against her pussy lips.


His face was tight as he grabbed a fistful of her hair and made

“You want me to pound it hard in your pussy, don’t her focus on him. “Me first, Abby. I’m going to pound that you?”

sweet pussy of yours while Seth fucks your ass.”

“Oh, God, yes. Hard and deep, Mike. Make it hurt.”

She loved his look of intense concentration, the way he

“She likes it hard, Seth. You ready to give it to her?”

needed her. Only her.

“You know it.”

“Yes. Oh, yes.” This is what she wanted. Both of them

“On your belly, Abby.”

fucking her at the same time. She reached down and slid the Sweet Jesus, yes. Just the way she liked it. She flipped thick dildo between her pussy lips and drove it deep. Her pussy over, using her hand to massage the sweet spot of her clit as squeezed the dildo, pulsing around it. God, she could come she dragged a pillow under her and fell on top of it. She right now.

reached into the drawer for another dildo, this one slimmer Not yet. Not yet. She wanted more. She paused, letting with a thick base. With shaky hands she greased it up with the the contractions subside. She couldn’t climax now. The fantasy lube, then slipped it behind her.

wasn’t over.

“Who do you want in your ass, baby?” Mike’s voice

“You ready, Abby?”

was taut with tension.

Seth’s voice, the dildo probing her ass. She pushed past

“Seth. I want Seth to fuck my ass.”

the tight muscled barrier, driving the smaller shaft into her Her fingers worked diligently on her clit now, fantasy anus, screaming as she was utterly filled with cock.

mixing with reality as she spread apart the cheeks of her

“Oh, yes! Fuck me!”

buttocks. She poured lube on her anus and probed there with She double fucked herself, rubbing her clit against the the smaller dildo, pushing just inside with the tip. She panted at pillow, the sensations driving her wild as she pulled one dildo the exquisite sensations.

out while she powered the other deep. The quiet of the room

“It’s going to hurt,” Seth said. “You want it to hurt or allowed her to hear the sucking sounds of the dildos as they do you want me to take it slow and easy?”

moved in and out of her. The sounds were wildly erotic, and

“Hurt me,” she commanded, passion taking her to a she could well imagine what the reality would be like.

frenzied pitch of near insanity. “I want it hard, Seth.”

“You’re a nasty wild thing, Abby,” Mike groaned,

“I knew you would,” he said, leaning over to lick her lifting his hips to power his cock upward.

spine from her lower back to her neck. When he bit down on

“Fucking hot, tight ass,” Seth said behind her, digging the nape of her neck, she shuddered and cried out, her fluids his fingers into the globes of her ass. “Sweet, hot ass, Abby.”

pouring onto the mattress.


Jaci Burton/
Wild, Wicked & Wanton
/Unedited Advance Reading Copy Berkley Heat/May, 2007

She hunched against the pillow, rubbing her clit as she More determined than ever to make this weekend work, felt her climax approach.

she finally let the stress drain away. She was entitled to a little

“Ohhhh, oh, God,” she moaned, pushing the dildos in fun. No, she was entitled to a hell of a lot of fun. There were as far as they would go. Faster, now, even faster. Then her years of sexual neglect to make up for, and starting this world shattered as she came and screamed, fluids gushing past weekend, it was her turn to party.

the dildo in her pussy, pouring onto her hand as she held it in She turned out the bathroom light and climbed into bed, place while strong contractions shuddered through her. Sweet, closed her eyes, and promptly passed out.

unbearable pleasure crashed inside her and she rode every sensation, held onto them and never wanted to stop.

She collapsed, exhausted, soaked, sweating, and utterly satisfied. She panted for awhile, keeping her eyes closed and letting the fantasy play out. They’d kiss her, stroke her hair, murmur how much she meant to them, what pleasure she gave them.

God, it was fantastic.

When she could move, she got out of bed and went into the bathroom to clean herself and her toys.

Staring at the woman in the mirror, Abby couldn’t believe the woman who stared back. Her hair disheveled, her eyes glassy, breathing still irregular, nipples like tight points, she looked like a total wild thing. And damn sexy, too.

Why hadn’t Chad seen that in her? She had one seriously sparky libido. But he’d never even tried to discover what turned her on. Just jumped on, pounded away for a minute or two, shot his load, and promptly fell asleep. He’d never once made her come. She’d been so young, so inexperienced, she’d never thought to talk to him about what pleased her. Not that it would have made a difference. He didn’t care. Never had.

“Fuck you, Chad. You missed out. But Mike and Seth won’t.”


Jaci Burton/
Wild, Wicked & Wanton
/Unedited Advance Reading Copy Berkley Heat/May, 2007

“We should go into business doing this,” Blair said, offering up a smug smile.

“I agree,” Callie replied. “Look, Abby.”

Abby turned and faced the mirror. Clearly, her friends were geniuses. Callie had pulled her hair back and up, leaving pieces falling over her neck and against her cheek. Kind of a Chapter Four

messy, incredibly seductive look. Blair had done her makeup in a smoky, sultry way that wasn’t at all overdone but definitely

“I’m going to throw up.”

brought out her eyes. They sparkled like sapphires.

Blair glared at Abby. “You are not. I just did your The dress hugged her breasts, the bra doing the trick of makeup and you’re about to slip on this sinful dress. If you pushing them nearly over the top of the bodice, which held puke on it, I’m going to slap you.”

onto them securely enough she didn’t feel like they’d pop out Abby choked out a laugh. “Okay, now that was funny.”

the top. Tiny little straps of rhinestones were for show alone, God, she needed that. Leave it to Blair to snap her out of her since the bodice was snug enough to hold the dress in place.


The waist crisscrossed and then flared out at the hips, the fabric

“You look beautiful,” Callie said, picking up the dress swishing around her as she twirled from side to side.

they’d helped her shop for. “You’re going to have those guys She felt alluring as hell. Looked it, too. And she was as hard as rock the minute you walk through the door.”

never one to dress up or feel seductive. But she did tonight.

“Oh, God.” Her stomach flipped, and she cast a look of

“Thank you. You are both incredible.”

desperation at her friends. “Can I really do this?”

“We know,” Blair quipped with a wink. “Now, we’d

“’Course you can. You’re hot stuff, babe,” Blair said.

better get dressed. You go find earrings. Oh, and one bracelet.

“Now get into this dress, and let’s see how you look.”

No more. And those shoes that make your legs look a mile She slipped off the robe, catching a glimpse of herself long. I’m jealous as hell and wish I was taller. I’m going to in the doorway mirror as she did. Lord. The lingerie alone have to wear stilettos tonight just to compete.”

made her pussy wet. A wisp of black silk thong, garter and Abby laughed and went to her jewelry box after Blair stockings, a matching black bra that was designed only to and Callie left to get dressed.

thrust her breasts upward but didn’t cover them at all. Her This was like high school again, all of them gathered nipples pebbled to hard little points.

together to get dressed before a dance. Only this was her house, The spandex dress was black, tight, and it molded to her and they were long past high school, though it was a big night.

body like liquid pouring over her. Callie zipped her up. She She was just glad they’d both agreed to go with her. Of couldn’t breathe, but she knew it was nerves, not the clothes.

course when she’d told them that Mike and Seth had invited 19

Jaci Burton/
Wild, Wicked & Wanton
/Unedited Advance Reading Copy Berkley Heat/May, 2007

them, too, Blair said she wouldn’t miss this night for all the

“We all do,” Callie added, stepping up on the other side money in Bill Gates’s bank account. And Callie was giddy of Abby. Abby glanced over at Callie, her one calming with excitement.

presence. Blair was flash and fire. Callie was serenity and Abby still wanted to throw up.

common sense. Just looking at her made her feel better.

“Maybe I read the whole conversation wrong,” she said

“I’m going to lose you as soon as we walk in the door to Blair and Callie in the car a little while later. “It’s possible tonight,” Abby said, eyeing Callie’s cream silk dress that clung they just wanted to throw this shindig because they’re nice and to her generous curves like a second skin. “You look so damn wanted to congratulate me. They probably aren’t even beautiful.”

interested in me. . .that way.”

Callie grinned. “I’m so excited to be here. Hell, honey, Blair turned around in her seat and arched a brow.

BOOK: Chapter One
8.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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