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Authors: Kaje Harper

Tags: #M/M Romance, Love is an Open Road, gay romance, contemporary, musicians/rock stars, visual arts, in the closet, F2M transgender, family, men with pets, tattoos

Chasing Death Metal Dreams (8 page)

“I’ll tell him.”

Eli hesitated, looking at him. “He’s kind of a tough guy, from what I’ve heard. I wouldn’t have thought he was your type.”

“Me neither.” Nate shrugged.

“You’re sure this is a good idea then? He’s got to be deep in the closet.”

“You fuck your way, I’ll fuck mine.”

“Too true. All right, so, I should go.” The shadow in Eli’s eyes was an unwelcome reminder of how often Nate’s impulse to get close to a guy had gone wrong. “You know where to find me.”

“If he wants to sell the song.”

“Yeah. That.” Eli hovered another second before smacking his arm. “Be careful.”

Nate watched him head back into the lighted interior. “No chance,” he said, too softly to be heard. He was tired of safe, tired of holding back just because he’d dated too many bastards to trust a sexy voice and hot body. This once, he was going to pretend his past never happened, and start new.

It took more like ten minutes to get everyone out of the garage and into their assorted vehicles. Nate heaved a sigh of relief as the last held-together-with-string beater vanished down the street. He turned toward the lawn, to see Carlos already strolling toward him.

“So.” Carlos’s grin was a flash of white teeth. “You think we can fuck now?”

Just like that, Nate was hard and out of breath again. “Yeah. For sure. Come on.”

The stairs to his place went up the south side of the garage. He led the way, vividly aware of Carlos following close behind him. The lock on the door stuck, but he gave it a practiced jiggle and it opened for him. He led the way in, and fumbled over to the floor lamp rather than hit the bright ceiling fixture. He took a quick glance up, but Ghost was hiding somewhere, silent and out of sight.

When the light came on, Carlos took a step inside and shut the door behind them, flipping the bolt over. Nate’s breathing hitched in anticipation.

Carlos took another slow, controlled step forward, looking around. “Nice place. Weird overhead sculpture.”

Nate swallowed against the dryness in his mouth. “Thanks. And it’s cat furniture. Walkways, perches.”

“You have a cat?”

“Yeah.” He waved vaguely upward and hoped Ghost wasn’t lurking up there thinking about dropping down on Carlos’s head. She’d done it to Eli once.

Carlos glanced up and around but then shrugged. “Got a bed?”

“Um. Through there.” He gestured to the bedroom door, still trying to spot the half-grown cat in the shadows overhead.

Carlos raised a dark brow. “Second thoughts?”

“No.” Nate turned and led the way, already hard and eager, with Carlos close behind him. He shut the bedroom door behind Carlos, but didn’t turn on the light. Enough moonlight filtered through the blinds to see the outlines of the desk and bed. Carlos brushed past him and without asking, reached for the bedside lamp. It came on in a wash of warm light that picked up the fine dark hair of Carlos’s forearms, the colorful tattoos, and the lean smoothness of his hands. Nate shivered and sat on the edge of the bed.

“So.” Carlos reached out to touch Nate’s neck, resting a hot palm against the angle of his shoulder. “You can tell me what you like. Or I can tell you what I want.”

“You.” Nate couldn’t remember being this turned on, or this unsure, in a long time. “Tell me.”

Carlos’s grin held a touch of feral pleasure. “Oh, yeah. I want you naked first, then.”

“What about you?” Nate asked, even as he obediently tugged up the hem of his shirt.

“Maybe. Later.”

Nate pulled off his shirt, kicked away his sneakers, and reached for the button of his jeans. “I liked what I saw of you so far. I want more.”

“Mm. Okay.” Carlos mirrored his move, yanking his cotton tank off quickly. The long hair on top of his head came out mussed and disheveled, and the bedhead look matched the heat in his eyes.

Nate let his gaze trail up and down, from the edge of battered jeans up the toned stomach with a dark treasure trail, to Carlos’s flat brown nipples and the black elegance of the tattoo across his collarbones, looking at the scars, but not lingering there. “Love the ink. Can I see closer?”

Carlos crossed his arms. “Get naked first.”

“Such a romantic.” Nate lifted his ass off the bed to drag his jeans down. His dick sprang free, bouncing happily.

“If you want romance you’ve come to the wrong guy.” Carlos stared at Nate’s erection and licked his lips.

Nate kicked his jeans across the room, toed off his socks and leaned back. “I’m not looking for that. Come here.”

“I’m calling the shots, remember?”

Nate didn’t remember exactly agreeing to that, but at this point, if it got some of Carlos’s skin touching his, he didn’t care. “Lube and condoms in the top drawer.” He swung his feet up on the bed and leaned back on his elbows. He spread his legs enough to show his balls, and his dick bounced eagerly, leaving a smear of liquid on his stomach.

Carlos took a loud breath and swayed forward. “Looking good.”

“Planning to do something about it?”

“Maybe.” Carlos came over and got onto the bed, swinging a leg over to straddle Nate’s thighs. He set both hands on Nate’s chest and pushed him down flat.

Nate went with it, letting his shoulder blades hit the mattress. He raised his hands to trace the black lines across Carlos’s skin, following the swirls with a fingertip, then the word at the end. “Boy?”

“I was young and dumb.”

“No, it looks great. It suits you.”

Carlos shrugged and leaned over to kiss him, hard and wet, with a clash of lips and teeth. Nate slid his fingers up to tangle in Carlos’s coarse hair and focused on giving as good as he got. God, he’d missed this, naked in a bed with the weight and heat of a man over him, the sloppy, breathless tangle of tongues and mouths. He bucked up under Carlos, his dick brushing against rough denim. He moved his hands to Carlos’s arms, digging his fingers into the lean muscles. Carlos sat down harder, pinning his thighs to the mattress.

Nate turned his head, freeing his mouth to say, “Gonna get undressed?”


He reached to tug at Carlos’s waistband. “Sooner.”

Carlos grabbed his wrists and pinned them against the pillow beside his head. “Later.” He nipped at Nate’s jaw, then sucked on his throat. “Rules? Are marks okay?”

Nate couldn’t hold back a moan. “Some. Yeah. I don’t want to look chewed by weasels.”

Carlos bit him, harder, right above his collarbone. “Bears, maybe.”

“Ooh. Big talk. Ow!” He twisted as Carlos put a matching bite on the other side. “Bastard.”

“Nope. My folks were very, very married.” Carlos bent and took Nate’s mouth again, and he quit squirming and focused on driving Carlos’s tongue back with his own, pushing between those soft full lips. Carlos hummed and let him do it, opening to be explored. Nate took the pouty lower lip between his teeth and pulled, then let go.

Carlos groaned and sat up, still pinning Nate’s wrists. His face and neck were flushed, and his chest rose and fell fast. A sheen of sweat glistened on his shoulders in the soft light. “Stay put. Okay? Right back.” He let go of Nate and climbed off the bed.

“Bathroom’s to the right,” Nate said. Carlos nodded and ducked out of the room.

Nate took a slow breath and reached down to palm himself, keeping a slow simmer going. He was going to do it. He rarely went for anal with a guy on a first time, or even a second time, despite liking to top. There was something more intimate, more committed, about being inside someone. He liked to keep that back for a while. But for Carlos, he was strangely willing to let another man call the shots. If Carlos wanted to fuck, Nate wasn’t going to say no. He heard the water running, and had to change his stroking to a firm grip around his base.
Not yet!
He was closer than he’d realized.

Carlos came back in the room, dressed only in his boxers. Nate couldn’t help a little curious dip of his eyes in that direction. Then he flushed, but it was natural, right? Wondering what the other guy was bringing to the table, or the bed. Not some kind of freaky curiosity because Carlos was trans.

Carlos bent over him and kissed him, harder than ever, his mouth tasting of mint. Then he turned away, yanked off his boxers and swung onto the bed, straddling Nate’s hips, facing away from him. It was a graceful, powerful move, that completely hid Carlos’s groin from view. Nate tried not to wonder, laying his palms in the divots above Carlos’s bubble butt.

Carlos bounced once or twice, pushing Nate’s dick down between his thighs. His hands clamped on Nate’s legs.

“Mmph. Yeah.” Nate slid his fingers lower to cup Carlos’s ass cheeks and push them apart. A faint dusting of hair lined his cleft. Nate wondered for a moment about the width of Carlos’s hips, the roundness of his ass, and then got angry at himself. Hell, he’d fucked a hockey player and no one had bigger asses than those guys. He slid his hands up the hard masculine planes of Carlos’s lower back, and along the hairy sides of his thighs. “Come on, Carlos!”

Carlos smacked Nate’s thigh loudly. “When I say.”

“Ow!” Nate froze for an instant. “Listen. One smack is okay. I’m not into spanking, and I’m not into pain.”

“Good to know.” Carlos rubbed the slapped spot firmly, his voice quieter. “Me neither.”

Nate wiggled under him, rebuilding the heat. “I
into fucking, though. Are you going to sit there and count my toes?”

Carlos’s chuckle was deep and lush. “Eleven.”

“What the hell?”

“Toes. Must be a mutant. This one’s bigger.” Carlos reached down between his thighs and tweaked the head of Nate’s dick.

“Quit that.”

“Nope.” Carlos used his ass to keep Nate pinned down, while he rubbed Nate’s cockhead and fingered his slit. His hands might look smooth, but he had guitar calluses that caught Nate’s sensitive skin with perfect roughness.

Nate groaned, his straining erection clamped down under Carlos’s weight. “Jerk!”

“Me? Nah. Grab those supplies.”

Nate reached sideways and grunted. “Can’t.”


“I’m taller than you. Lift your fat ass.”

Carlos flicked the head of Nate’s dick lightly.

Nate yipped, even though it had barely stung. “Lift your perfect ass then, so I can get a fucking condom.”

Carlos rose up, strong legs braced, still holding Nate’s thighs lightly. Nate’s cock sprang upward from under Carlos, as Nate twisted sideways, dragged open the drawer and retrieved the supplies. Carlos reached a hand back. “Give ’em here.”

Nate did as he was ordered. Carlos scooted backward up the bed until he was straddling Nate’s chest, and Nate felt both calloused hands going to his dick. Nate wanted to put a bite on that fat curve of ass in front of him but the angle was wrong. He dug his fingers in instead, and Carlos gasped. Nate slid a finger awkwardly to rub over his hole. “Gonna let me in?”

“That’s the fucking obvious plan.” Carlos dripped a little lube into the tip of the condom, then steadied Nate’s dick and rolled the sheath over him. Nate shivered, the touch almost enough to make him come.

He rubbed that waiting hole again. “Want prep?”

“Nope.” Carlos smoothed the condom down all the way, then rose up again, on his knees above Nate’s straining dick, and reached his own lube-slick fingers behind him. Nate watched, his lip caught between his teeth, as Carlos attacked his own ass like he seemed to do everything, hard, two fingers together, insistent, pushing, demanding entry. Carlos groaned as his own fingers sank in, and Nate echoed him.

“God, that’s hot.”

Carlos grunted, sliding his hand in and out in a punishingly fast rhythm until he sank deep, then pulled his fingers away. “Ready?”

“Fuck, yeah.”

Carlos reached down to grip Nate’s erection in his fist, and lowered himself into place. Nate pulled at the covers with both hands, as the head of his cock pressed against Carlos, and stopped there, touching. He arched his back without thinking, pushing upward.

“Hold still,” Carlos snapped. “Let me.”

“Get into fucking gear then.” Nate grabbed Carlos’s hips instead of the sheets, going for leverage, but he managed not to yank downward.

Carlos lowered himself, his hips making little circles, until Nate suddenly sank in one hot, tight inch. They both gasped, and Carlos sat down harder. His ass gripped Nate like a fist, tight and clenching and heated, slowly opening just enough for Nate to go deeper, and deeper, and deeper, until Carlos was seated on Nate’s hips, impaled and stretched and full. Carlos rocked back and forth, the motion snubbing gently on Nate’s cock.

“Gnh!” Nate tightened his fingers on Carlos’s hips. “Stop. Wait a sec. Gonna come if you do that.”

Carlos chuckled darkly, but sat still. Nate panted a breath, thinking about icebergs and math problems and cleaning litter boxes. He closed his eyes, but opened them again fast. He didn’t want to miss a moment of this, the sight of Carlos’s strong back and the flare of his ass and the way he was stretched around Nate’s dick. It had been way, way too long. This was perfect. Except… “Okay, move now. More.”

Carlos took up a rhythm again, small rocking moves that turned into a little lift and grind. Then when Nate grunted, “More,” Carlos shifted gears into long slow rises and hard fast drops. Nate let his hands rest on those lean hips but didn’t try to control things. He didn’t even thrust back, just lay still and let Carlos work him, work them both.

Carlos began to breathe with his motions, fucking himself on Nate like it was a race, faster, harder, pulling up fast, almost coming off, before dropping himself hard enough to shove them both into the bed. The mattress creaked and rocked under them. All Nate could feel was the blazing, steel-melting heat clamping around his cock and the rising tightness of his balls.

He needed to move. He bucked up to meet Carlos, matching his rhythm, thrusting up as Carlos came down. They slammed together, hard enough to draw gasps from both of them, not hard enough to stop. Carlos said, “Yeah. Like that.” Nate braced his heels and did it again and again. He wished he could see Carlos’s face. The back view was hot, that long, sweaty, strong back flexing and arching, driving that ass over him, but he wished he could see more.

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