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Stopping right in front of his date, he rose to his tiptoes and kissed Rafael’s smooth cheek. The man’s natural scent and cologne hit Pitney’s nostrils and he couldn’t hold back a little moan.

Rafael let out a deep, rumbling sound, like a purr, and wrapped an arm around Pitney’s waist. He liked being so close to this man, the press of his hard body against his own, the play of muscles under his hands, as well as their combined scents.

“Thanks for coming. Come on in, it’s freezing cold today.” Rafael’s whispered words fanned across his skin before the man brushed a kiss to Pitney’s neck. He shivered, though not from the cold, but could only agree. Even though he was huddled in his jacket, scarf and beanie, the December air had a sharp bite to it.

When Rafael led him into the house and helped him peel out of his clothes, the style surprised him. For someone who probably had money, Rafael liked to live the cozy life. Where Pitney had expected chrome, leather, and unrecognizable expensive art, he found a shaggy rug covering the scratched hardwood floor in the living room, and comfy looking, cream sofas with plush cushions. A low coffee table that looked like the cleaned and smoothed root of a tree stood in the middle. Cool.

Attached to the living room was an open, modern kitchen in green hues. A dining table rested in front of the counter separating both areas.

“Take a seat if you like,” Rafael offered, motioning toward the table. “Can I get you something to drink?”

Unsure of how to respond, Pitney took another look around to buy some time. His host paused at the kitchen counter and gave him one of those tender smiles that turned Pitney’s knees to jelly. Pitney dragged one hand through his tangled curls and returned the smile.

“A tea would be wonderful, thank you. Herbal, if you have it.”

“Of course, herbal is my favorite. Did you have a good day at work? Or should I say a good morning? You had the early shift at the warehouse, right?”

Pitney had told Rafael last night that he worked as an order picker at a warehouse for a few hours a week. It surprised him the man remembered that fact though and even asked about his day. Was he for real? Why the fuck was he still single? Come to think of it...

“It was okay.” Pitney watched the muscles of Rafael’s back and arms flex while he stretched and bent, preparing the tea. “Are you single?” Pitney blurted and felt his excessively freckled face blush immediately. Rafael stopped on his way to the sink, kettle poised, and stared at him with wide eyes. Unable to look at the man any longer, Pitney hid his face behind his hands and groaned. “Sorry! Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply you’d ask me out on a date while being in a relationship already. It’s just... you’re so great! I don’t understand why you’re single.”

Pitney lowered his hands and nervously pressed his fists together in front of his thin chest, waiting for Rafael’s reaction. Instead of getting angry or annoyed with Pitney’s stammering, Rafael smiled widely.

“I’m single. You’re right, though. I’d never date men if I were in a relationship with someone else. To answer your other question, I’m single because I haven’t found the right man till now.”

Pitney longed to ask what being the right man for Rafael entailed, but didn’t have the guts to do so. Damn shyness! It always got in the way whenever Pitney wanted to have some fun. He was sure Rafael’s hard, big body could deliver hours of fun.

The man’s next words dragged Pitney’s filthy mind out of the gutter, but couldn’t keep his cock from perking up. On the other hand, he was twenty-one. Only an icy cold shower would be able to keep him from perking up.

Rafael placed a book on the table. “Those are my recipes. Browse through them and pick something you like. I didn’t prepare dough because I wanted to do it with you.” With that, the man turned and placed bowls, spoons, cutters and other baking clutter on the counter.

Grateful for the change of topic, Pitney opened the book and skimmed. The handwritten pages, complete with cut out pictures, surprised him. Had Rafael done that? When he came across a recipe for gingerbread men, he stopped and stared at the page. He didn’t even notice Rafael bending over his shoulder and placing the cup on the table.

“Pitney? Did you find something?” Rafael kissed his hair.

Pitney pointed at the gingerbread men. “Those. My... my mom always made those for me when I was a kid and...” God, he missed his mom.

Rafael’s big hands kneaded his shoulders, then moved down his chest and pulled him against Rafael’s hard chest. The other man’s heartbeat against his back felt oddly soothing. “You said you live with your uncle,” he whispered. “So I guess—”

“I was eleven when she died of cancer. After that, my uncle and aunt took me in. My father was some guy who left my mom pregnant after a one-night-stand.”

“I’m so sorry for your loss,” Rafael said after some quiet seconds, tightened the embrace and brushed a kiss to his cheek. A warm feeling immediately spread through Pitney’s chest, wrapping around his heart as he dipped his head back and peered up at Rafael. Heavily blinking to keep the tears at bay, he sniffed and gave Rafael a wobbly smile.

“Thank you.” Damn emotions made his voice raspy. He lowered his lashes when he noticed Rafael’s concerned expression.

“Oh, Pitney.”

Rafael’s hand cupped his cheek, then lifted his face a bit more before silky yet strong lips kissed the corner of his mouth. Rafael’s hot breath caused Pitney’s skin to goose bump. It was a wonderful, new feeling and Pitney closed his eyes and chased those lips, eager for more. After a moment of hesitation, Rafael trailed his lips over his cheekbone, then his nose and closed eyes. Pitney whimpered and tipped his head in a silent plea. He wanted a real kiss.

“Pitney.” Rafael sounded choked—the hand holding his face trembled lightly. Pitney opened his eyes and nervously licked his lips. Blood rushed through his veins and his heart pounded in his chest so loud that he was sure Rafael must hear it.

Then the other man turned him and closed the distance.

Although they’d fucked, Chris had never kissed him, and the sudden press of another man’s mouth against his own overwhelmed him. Rafael’s lips felt a bit moist, and softer than he’d expected. He’d always thought men’s lips were firm, or rough. Pitney had nothing to compare it to, and it was only a fleeting touch, but he thought Rafael was a wonderful kisser.

The butterflies living in his stomach since the evening before went crazy as Rafael nibbled and licked his bottom lip. Pitney gasped for air and Rafael—could he call him his lover already?—took advantage and swept his hot tongue into Pitney’s mouth.

Holy fucking shit.

When their tongues touched for the first time in a slippery wet rub, Pitney felt like his head would explode—with his achingly hard cock quickly following. He groaned deep in his throat and grabbed Rafael’s shirt as their tongues tangled and played. Too bad the man had stood and merely leaned down to kiss Pitney, otherwise he would’ve climbed into his lap and humped him.

After minutes of spine-melting kisses, Rafael gently eased their make-out session to an end. Pitney knew he sported a sappy grin, but he couldn’t care less. He opened his eyes and gasped at the predatory look on Rafael’s face and his blown pupils. Wow. Boring, skinny Pitney obviously turned him on. What a boost for his battered ego.

Just like Pitney, Rafael sucked in breath after harsh breath and, after he’d squeezed his eyes shut, muttered, “Damn, Pitney, you’re so lovely. And highly addicting.” Then he placed a kiss on Pitney’s freckled nose. “I think we should prepare the dough now, though. We don’t want to rush.”

To hell with waiting, rush me!
Pitney was so horny, and about ready to plead and beg. If one kiss and Rafael’s compliments had him on the edge so fast, he’d only need more kisses, and maybe some groping, to come.

Before he could complain, Rafael stood and held out his hand. Pitney’s stuck out lip and petulant pout only gained him a quiet chuckle.

“Come on.”

Pitney sighed but complied. Together, they prepared the dough for the gingerbread men while drinking their tea. Pitney found himself enchanted with Rafael’s nutty humor and bright smiles. For a man that big and intimidating, he was a laid-back guy who laughed and smiled a lot.

When Pitney sat on the kitchen counter, legs dangling and his fingers busy scraping left-over dough out of a bowl, Rafael stepped between his legs and rested his hands on the counter.

“You’re so cute like that,” he whispered, then licked at Pitney’s lips. “And sweet.”

“That’s the dough, not me,” Pitney mumbled.

“Nah, impossible. It’s you. So, tell me why you’re so good at baking. I had no idea!” At Rafael’s irritated frown, Pitney giggled and stuck his finger into his mouth to suck on it. Gaze pinned to Pitney’s suckling lips, Rafael’s eyes dilated and his nostrils flared. Pitney couldn’t help but preen at that reaction.

“Well, my aunt taught me some stuff, and I learned at the restaurant, too. We serve dessert, but it’s not her favorite task. She hired a pastry chef a couple of years back, then had to let her go again.”

“And you enjoy baking?” Rafael asked, stroking his big hands up and down Pitney’s legs.

“Oh, I love it!”

Rafe grinned and squeezed his skinny knees. “Me stroking your legs or baking?”

“Both, you dork.” Pitney giggled and scooped his finger through the bowl once again, then offered the morsel to Rafe.

“Why don’t you apply for an apprenticeship, then? You could still work at your uncle’s restaurant once you’ve finished. You’d do something you love and earn more money.”

Rafe curled his agile tongue around Pitney’s finger, then sucked it into his mouth. The sensation transferred right to Pitney’s cock. He moaned and wriggled, trying to press the bulge in his jeans against Rafael’s surely ripped stomach. A man with arms like trees and pecs like dinner plates surely had a wonderful six pack. Maybe even an eight-pack.

“Want to answer my question?” Rafe asked after he let Pitney’s finger slip from between his lips. Wondering what they’d feel like around his cock didn’t help Pitney to calm his raging libido.

“Stop sucking parts of me and I’ll be able to give you an answer.” When Rafe only chuckled and waggled his brows, Pitney snickered. He punched the man’s beefy shoulder, then rested his head against it. “You think I’m clever enough for an apprenticeship? My school grades weren’t impressive.”

Rafe kissed his temple. “I think you can do anything you want, Pitney. You’re way smarter than you give yourself credit for. Above all, if baking is your passion, the rest will be a piece of cake. Pun intended.”

Pitney snickered against the bigger man’s neck. “You’re horrible.”

“Nah, you love it.”

“I love being here with you,” he whispered, cursing himself and hoping the other man hadn’t heard him. The kiss to his neck and the quick squeeze to his waist told him otherwise. “The dough should be okay now. Let’s roll and cut it.”

Rafael gave him another kiss and a tender, understanding smile before he stepped back and lifted him off the counter. “All right. I’m curious how you’ll decorate your gingerbread men. I bought different colors of frosting.”

Pitney laughed. “Oh? Why’s that? Do you think they’ll picture my dream man and you can dress alike?”

“Exactly,” Rafe said and slapped Pitney’s ass. When Pitney returned the swat, Rafe sucked a harsh breath.

“Don’t start what you’re not willing to finish, Pitney,” he warned, his eyes dark and glittering dangerously.

Pitney gulped as his mouth went dry. He didn’t know what to make of Rafael’s reaction. Did he want to spank Pitney? Or... did he want Pitney to spank him?
Holy shit.
Just the thought of having the stronger man on his hands and knees and reddening Rafael’s surely sculptured ass with his hand had him panting. His cock filled so quickly the blood loss in his brain made him dizzy.


Rafael chuckled, then pressed the rolling pin against Pitney’s chest. “Let’s take care of the cookies, before our date gets out of hand. I’d rather you tell me more about yourself.”

Pitney took a deep, cleansing breath. Of course, no number of deep breaths could help him get rid of his boner as long as Rafael was so close. So he did the only reasonable thing and attacked the lump of dough with all the pent-up energy buzzing through his body.

Damn Rafael and his getting to know each other policy. Pitney thought if they were a bit more naked, and maybe tangled and sweaty, they could get to know each other, too. But no, Pitney had met a gentleman.

To be fair, he liked that about Rafael. Although his starved, hormone-ridden body protested fiercely against the slow pace, Pitney felt safe with Rafael. Where Chris had merely wanted to fuck him, Rafael’s interest went much deeper. That knowledge made his belly all fuzzy and warm.

“Well, you already know about my parents. I lived in a shared apartment with a couple of friends for a while after I’d turned eighteen, but then I moved back to my uncle’s.”

“Why?” Rafael stood beside him and pressed the gingerbread men shaped cutters into the flat dough. Then he peeled the cookies off the countertop and placed them carefully on a baking tray.

“Because of Chris. I thought he wanted to be my boyfriend, but it was only sex for him. Also, he’s so deep in the closet that his ass’ address is Narnia. He didn’t tell our friends I was gay, but he treated me like crap, made fun of me and my looks,” Pitney murmured.

Rafael turned and frowned at him. “Your looks?”

“Yeah.” Pitney shrugged. “Because I’m ugly. Anyway,” he said quickly when the other man’s face darkened. “I realized my friends are not the best bunch of guys and I didn’t want to live with them any longer. I don’t have enough money to live on my own, though, so I asked my uncle if I could move back home. He and my aunt welcomed me back without asking questions.”

Rafael looked pensive, and Pitney knew the man wanted to object the
comment. “That’s great. I’m glad you have such a supportive family, but—”

“Since my cousin, Zoe, went to college and moved into the dorm, my aunt thinks the house is too empty. She loves that I’m back home, but sometimes she coddles me a bit too much.” Pitney attacked the dough again, his gaze pinned to the rolling pin so he wouldn’t have to meet Rafael’s gaze. He should’ve known his date wouldn’t let it slip.

BOOK: Christmas And Gingerbread Men
3.54Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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