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“Then,” Rafael said, dragging out the word while scooping up a morsel of strudel and ice-cream and holding it in front of Pitney’s mouth. “What do you say we eat our dessert here and return home for some dessert of another kind?”

Licking some ice-cream off his lips, and noticing the slight hitch in Rafe’s breathing as he did so, Pitney nodded and licked again, slower this time.

Rafael’s reaction was immediate. The man’s pupils dilated and a flush crept up his tanned face. Loving the effect the banter had on the strong man, Pitney gave him a coy smile and another vanilla-flavored kiss. That was so much fun!

“Hmm. Vanilla, blueberries, and cute man,” Rafael mumbled. “Delicious, tiger.”

They fed each other the wonderful dessert, all the while exchanging tender kisses and soft words. The butterflies in Pitney’s stomach somersaulted like crazy at the prospect of spending the night at Rafael’s. He wondered what Rafael had in mind for the rest of their evening.


* * * *


Rafe was in heaven. He shared the steamy confines of his shower with Pitney, his soapy hands gliding all over Pitney’s creamy white and freckled skin. Pitney’s gaze was glued to Rafe’s wet, sudsy body, and his awed expression made him feel ten feet tall. He loved his body’s effect on Pitney.

The pink flush covering Pitney from mid-chest up to the tips of his ears was most likely a result of the hot water cascading down their bodies. Anyway, Pitney’s arousal was more than obvious thanks to the twitching, slender erection jutting from Pitney’s groin. Rafe grinned. Time to play and test Pitney’s control.

Teasingly, he merely let his fingertips graze pale flesh as he moved his hands from Pitney’s collarbones down to his nonexistent pecs. He was so thin. His lover’s breath hitched as Rafe circled his pink nipples again and again, until they hardened to the delicious peaks he loved so much. He pinched both nubs, and Pitney’s deep groan, quickly followed by a colorful curse, echoed through the bathroom.

Next, Rafe let one hand travel down Pitney’s flat stomach. He dipped a fingertip into a tiny bellybutton, longing to explore it with his tongue. Later, he promised himself. Pitney’s belly quivered when Rafe gently ruffled the sparse treasure trail that started right underneath his bellybutton and led him right to his prize.

When Rafe looked up, he found Pitney’s eyes huge, the golden color almost swallowed by black. Watching with rapt attention, not wanting to miss the tiniest emotion flickering across Pitney’s expressive face, Rafe circled his hand around Pitney’s slender, angry red cock. He gave the hard member a couple of slow yet tight strokes and watched as Pitney’s eyes rolled back in his head. Then he let go.

“Aww, hell. You’re an evil bastard.” Pitney panted, his lips a deep red from his constant nibbling. “Gonna pay you back...”

Rafe chuckled and leaned down a tad to suck Pitney’s nipple. When he gently bit down and brushed his knuckles up the underside of Pitney’s bobbing cock, Pitney suddenly lost it. Rafe hadn’t expected it and quickly wrapped his arm around Pitney’s slim waist to hold him upright. His free hand curled around Pitney’s hard length to help him ride his intense orgasm.

Pitney’s mewls and moans, his harsh begging for more, the way he breathed Rafe’s name like a prayer, nearly drove him out of his mind. Pitney was so honest in his passion, so uninhibited. His long fingers clutched Rafe’s shoulders and would probably, hopefully, leave marks on his skin.

Chanting something that sounded like
oh god
again and again—Rafe wasn’t sure because Pitney had buried his face into the crook of his neck—Pitney eventually slumped against him in a boneless heap. Rafe leaned back against the wall to support them both, hissing when his back met the cold tiles. They stood like that, Pitney limp and hunting for breath and Rafe achingly hard.

As time passed and Pitney still hadn’t said anything, Rafe kissed his temple and asked, “Did I kill you?”

Pitney grunted something unintelligible. Rafe fisted the hair at Pitney’s nape and tugged until his gaze met his lover’s glazed one. Oh, wasn’t that sexy as hell?

“That. Was. Fucking. Awesome.” A slow, sensual grin curled Pitney’s wide, kissable mouth, and the heat in his eyes was almost smoldering. Rafe wanted to look into those eyes while Pitney fucked him into oblivion.

Groaning, Rafe squeezed his eyes shut and let his head fall back against the tiles. Pitney, the brat, wriggled in his embrace, rubbing his re-awakening erection against Rafe’s. Of course, he thought. Pitney was twenty-one. He faintly remembered the time of constant hard-ons and getting off by barely-there touches.

“You’re going to be the death of me,” he rasped. Pitney just giggled—fucking giggled, and Rafe found it charming—before kissing his lips sloppily.

“Yup. But what a way to go! You could order a cool headstone in advance. Something like
Here lies Rafael, happily deceased because of multiple orgasms induced by his much younger, hot lover.
Awesome, don’t you think?”

Rafe snorted. “You’re such a little shit.” The little minx had the balls to leer and wink. Crap, Rafe was a goner. He’d fall fast and hard for the stunning man currently cuddling closer, but found himself unable to worry all that much.

Pitney shrugged his boney shoulders. “So? In case you missed it, I’m ready to go again. Given that you’re the more experienced guy here, tell me what comes next.”

He was the cutest thing, bouncing on the balls of his feet and looking at him all puppy-like and eager. Rafe knew without a shadow of a doubt that Pitney would ruin him for any other man.

“You can wash me,” he offered and, after pushing away from the cold wall, placed the body wash in Pitney’s outstretched palm. Snickering, Rafe watched him stick out his lower lip in an adorable pout. Then his lips curled up into a wry grin.

“Only if I can touch your ass. I promise to be careful, but... can I?” Lust gleamed in Pitney’s eyes and his whole body vibrated with the telltale urge to touch and explore foreign territory.

“You can do with me whatever you want.” He meant it, too. Rafe delivered a smacking kiss to Pitney’s lips, then nibbled along his freckled nose.

Pitney scrunched it up in this cute way of his and mumbled, “Cut it out. I hate my nose.”

Giving a gentle nip to the offended organ, Rafe growled. “Coincidentally, I’m fond of your nose, so stop snubbing it. Or your hair. Or any other part of your body. Although you’re stalling horridly and my balls are like two seconds away from turning blue thanks to your evading techniques, you’re otherwise stunning and perfect. At least, from my unbiased view. So, if you don’t want to witness a pitiful attempt of mine to get myself off while sharing a shower with my young hot boyfriend, I suggest you get a move on.”

“Oh.” Pitney blinked his golden eyes. Then he rubbed his hands together until he’d worked up a decent lather, all the while watching Rafe’s face as if waiting for him to cancel the whole adventure. Rafe didn’t even think about it.

Pitney’s slender hands shook as he placed them, palms flat, on Rafe’s ass. Each hand cupped a cheek in only a careful whisper of a touch. To help him along, Rafe pushed back slightly, snuggling his ass into the tender hold. Rafe’s pleased moan finally did the trick, for Pitney’s grip tightened. He squeezed both globes, then rubbed his hands in circles that got wider and wider until his fingertips dipped into Rafe’s crease. Moaning wantonly, Rafe closed his eyes and let his head fall back.

A bold, slippery finger wandered down his crease, searching and finding his pucker. The tentative touch felt so awesome. Rafe was unable to suppress his reaction as his balls pulled tight and his ass clenched. God, it had been so damn long since anybody other than himself had played with his ass.

Suddenly, probably spurred on by Rafe’s never-ending stream of whimpered
Pitney wasn’t so shy anymore. Instead, he chuckled and circled Rafe’s hole with slow torture before pushing in to the first knuckle.

“You like that, do you?” Pitney whispered.

“Ah-huh.” The body wash made everything slippery slick, but Rafe hissed anyway as Pitney wriggled deeper. When he’d said long time, he’d meant it. During the last month, Rafe hadn’t even bothered fucking himself with his toys anymore. There was no joy in pleasuring himself without a lover to watch, whisper dirty encouragements, or guide his hands. Feeling at least a small part of Pitney inside him was heaven, though. Rafe feared he’d embarrass himself by the second fastest orgasm of his life.

“Oh? Tell me about the fastest one.”

Oh, crap.
“Did I say that out loud?” he managed through clenched teeth.

“Oh yes. Tell me,” Pitney demanded, accenting his request by pushing a second finger into his channel. It stung oh so good and ripped another guttural groan from Rafe’s throat.

“I... Peter Wallis, the school jock, cornered me behind the gym after class.” Rafe panted through the burn and loved feeling so stretched. “Grabbed me right through my jeans. Came after maybe five seconds, tops.”

“How old where you?”

Rafe cursed. For a guy who was exploring another’s ass for the first time, Pitney was confusingly chatty and sharp-witted, while Rafe felt two seconds away from either throwing a temper tantrum or turning into a sluttish, begging bottom. Pathetic for a grown-up man of thirty-three, wasn’t it?


“Oh, dammit! I was sixteen.” Rafe shoved back against the digits sawing in and out of his ass. Angling his hips, he tried to get Pitney to graze his prostate, but Pitney made no effort to join in. To be fair, he probably had no idea how to find or deliberately avoid Rafe’s prostate, unless he’d managed to find his own in the past.

“What happened next?”

Rafe shook his head and, despite himself and the desperate position he’d maneuvered himself into, laughed huskily. “I’m so going to make you pay for this, brat. Can we talk about this afterward?” Then he grunted and his eyes rolled back as pure pleasure zinged through his body.

“Oh! Guess I found it after all,” Pitney mused, the little punk, and kept nudging his prostate. Also, he curled his free hand around Rafe’s prick and pumped with slow strokes. It was maddening as hell and so good. However, Rafe needed a little something to tumble over the edge.

“Baby, I need—”

Pitney pressed their chests together, their wet, slippery skin sliding against each other oh so deliciously. Then he nibbled and suckled at Rafe’s earlobe. Damn, he was so close.

“What do you need?” Pitney drew back a bit until their gazes met. He looked confused for a second, his pale blond brows furrowed. Then a light went on and his lips curled into a sly grin. “Oh!”

“Please.” Rafe caught his lover’s lips in a passionate kiss. All the while, he kept pushing into those teasing fingers and thrusting with the fist holding his prick.

Pitney licked his lips, then mumbled, “Come for me, Rafael.” He sounded shy, but it was good enough for Rafe. His hole clenched around Pitney’s digits, and his cock shot ropes of sticky white seed all over Pitney’s hand and flat stomach while his orgasm barreled through him. Maybe he’d have a headache from banging his head against the tiles while in the throes of passion, but that didn’t matter right now.

He heard Pitney’s moan through his fog-like state, and those fingers kept rubbing him right through his orgasm until Rafe was a shivering mess of satisfied, exhausted, happy man.

Breathing hard, Rafe wrapped his arms around his skinny lover and pulled him into a tight embrace. Pitney’s tired chuckle reached his ears.

“Hot damn, you’re tight. Can’t wait to feel that pressure around my cock.”

Well, Rafe couldn’t wait either. Although the pleasure would probably kill him.


Chapter Seven



Saturday, 10th December


“I want them in red,” Pitney said and turned in front of the mirror. He sighed and threw his hands in the air. No matter what jeans he tried, his ass always looked skinny.

“That’s a good choice. Red suits you.”

Turning around, Pitney looked at his sexy, beefy boyfriend questioningly. “Are you sure it’s not too... scandalous?”

Although he longed to spice up his wardrobe with some colorful clothes, anything that wasn’t black, white or gray, Pitney still felt a bit queasy. His new clothes would surprise his family and they’d ask questions. After all, he’d already bought a purple sweater and two pink button-down shirts. Oh, and a couple of boxers with the words
May contain traces of nuts
printed on them.

Rafael closed the distance and brushed his hand over Pitney’s ass. “You look fabulous in red. If somebody gives you shit, you could always tell them you bought them for Christmas. Everything is fucking red on Christmas, right?”

Pitney laughed and kissed him. “Good point. Rafael?”


He placed his hands on the woolen pullover stretching over Rafael’s impressive pecs. “Thank you for your patience, for not pressuring me. I know I need to tell my family that I’m gay. And I want to tell them how happy I am with you. It’s just—”

“Shh.” Rafael placed one hand over Pitney’s smaller ones. “I understand, it’s all right. A coming out is never easy. Take as much time as you need.”

Pitney grinned, then stepped back and looked at himself in the mirror once again. “I think I want them in red
in teal,” he said, suddenly feeling bold. He thought it had something to do with Rafael’s presence.

“Good idea. Hey, look at this.”

When he gazed over his shoulder, his eyes widened at the shirt Rafael held up for him to see. It was pale yellow with a blue unicorn sketch. Pitney loved it.

“Gay man wearing a unicorn shirt? Hell, that’s such a cliché.”

“Not good?” Rafe asked and looked at the shirt with a frown.

Pitney snatched it out of Rafe’s hands and pressed it against his chest. “Are you kidding me? It’s perfect. Go and look if there are more shirts with weird prints.”

“Aye-aye, sir,” Rafael said and mock saluted. When he turned, Pitney swatted Rafael’s drool-worthy ass. The hot look Rafael shot him over his shoulder had him panting and his new jeans getting tighter. Damn, that man was unique. The need to submit to Pitney sexually, coupled with gentleness, all wrapped in a package of muscled perfection, drove him crazy. Pitney would do anything to keep this man.

BOOK: Christmas And Gingerbread Men
6.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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