Chrome: With a Heart Forged in Steele (Carolina Bad #4) (11 page)

BOOK: Chrome: With a Heart Forged in Steele (Carolina Bad #4)

“Love your ass, Boomer.”

I could only swear in response.

One of her hands snuck underneath me, landing on my cock that was about to rip through my jeans.

Humping into her gripping palm, I barked a deep cry.

“Flip over so I can get at this.” Her smoky voice collided with my ear.

As soon as she was off me, I rolled around. Her gaze lowered to my cock, the solid ridge in my jeans.

Rayce dropped her hand, but I caught her wrist. “You don’t have to.”

“You look like you’re hurtin’.”

“Been hurtin’ all day.”

She kneeled beside me and pressed me down to my back. “I want to, Boomer.”

Her fingers explored my hard-as-hell shaft inside the stifling cloth. A drop of precome burbled from the head. It slid down my length, and I groaned.

When she unbuttoned my jeans and dragged them off along with the briefs, I rose to my elbows.

“Oh my God. I can see why they call you Boom.” Rayce licked her lips, hovering so close to my cock.

“Not that big.”

“Bullshit.” She took me in her hand, a hot velvet grasp. “Jesus Christ!” she shouted, staring at my shaft and the broad reddish head that throbbed. “You’re pierced?”

Her thumb rolled across the twin dydoe piercings on either side of the ridge of my cock.

“Looks like it.” I bucked into her hand.

My length more than one handful, Rayce started stroking me, twisting her hands, forming a tight tunnel between two fists.

“Stand up,” she ordered.

My legs were loosey-goosey, my heart pounding, my vision red hot, but I got to my feet as she kneeled in front of me.

Her ass—heart-shaped and perfect—waved behind her.

“So hot.” She licked at me.

Jizz dribbled over the barbells.

“I bet you’ve thought about fucking my tits.”

Her dirty mouth, I loved it.

She stroked me against her pillowy breasts.

Fuck. I regretted my earlier decision to not jack off. I was in danger of looking like a two-pump-chump.

Her black hair shined. The fire threw off heat. She held up her tits for me.

Straining forward, I settled my cock into the warm clasp she provided.

She spit down on me and stroked my shaft before swaddling it back into her cleavage.

“Damn, that’s so obscene. You’re meaty.” She pushed her breasts against me and played with her nipples, licking her lips.

After a series of long pulsing strokes inside that plush embrace, I ran my shaking fingers into her hair. “Rayce, please.”

“Please what?” She released my cock from her tits and slapped the rod against her chin.

“Need to be in your mouth.”

“C’mon, bad boy. Do it.” Falling back to her heels, Rayce smiled up at me.

I slathered my cock across her lips, dripping all over. On the next pass, she captured me inside her mouth. Her tongue wrapped around my shaft, drawing me in.

Standing above her, I drilled into her. Her shockingly hot mouth accepted most of me. I held her hand against the last few inches, and she gurgled when she released me.

“Again.” Rayce parted her lips.

My thighs shook. I spread them wide and lowered my cock to her mouth. Her tongue spread around me. Coaxed me close to coming. Speared the tip of my dick when I pulled back.

She nuzzled the base of my shaft. “You taste so good.” She licked at me. “Smell so good. Like man and pure sex.”

Sliding my hands into her hair, I held her still beneath me as my cock throbbed in front of her face.

“Suck me, princess.”

“Hell yes.” She engulfed me with abandon, the wet cave of her mouth, the wide stretch of her lips, the wild swirls of her tongue forcing inhuman sounds from me.

With each pass she took me deeper and deeper. I could not believe she was gonna attempt to deep throat my cock.

Holding just the tip of my dick in her mouth, she mumbled, “Do it. Hold my head and give me all of it.”

Sweat dripped down my chest. My cock was coated with saliva and pre-ejaculate. The head, swelling inside the ring of her lips, throbbed. My knees buckling, my balls tightening, I pulled her onto me. She went willingly, staring up at me, using her tongue to massage me as I disappeared down throat.

With her face pressed against my groin, I almost blacked out. My shaft swelled thicker when her tongue lashed low against my balls.

I let her up, my abs clenching, my thighs quaking.

“Again,” she gasped.


She bored back down, and I shouted, “FUCK!”

Every muscle in my body bunched.

With wet slow pressure, she slid me from her throat and then her mouth.

“Wanna come on my face?” she gasped.

Her words flipped my switch. Placing my cock back inside, I shot a hot load into her mouth, my legs turning to Jell-O, my voice growing more and more hoarse. With every pump of my fist, I fed her more come. My eyes flipped back in my head when she suckled the last drops out of me.

Even after I’d come so goddamn hard I was still
fucking hard
for Rayce.

She swiped my cock against her cheek then plopped to her back.

“Fuck, woman.” I collapsed beside her.

“I think I should go.” She suddenly sat up.

“Huh?” I had after-fuck-brain.

Climbing to her feet, she started pulling on her clothes.

I was still more than half out of it by the time she grabbed her boots from the floor. She all but ran from the room.

“Jesus Christ, Rayce. What the hell?” Yanking my jeans up my legs, I went after her.

I slammed the front door shut just as she was about to make a dash for it. “Fuck, Rayce. Where do you think you’re going?” I stared down at her.

She kept her gaze pinned to the floor. “I don’t want you to think—”


“That I’m easy. You heard what
said,” she whispered in a small voice.

“Who? Your dad?” I bent my knees so I could look into her eyes. Everything I saw confirmed my worst fears. The man was an outright bastard. “Don’t give a fuck what he said. Still want to turn his entrails into stew meat.”

I didn’t even want to think about the abuse she’d suffered.

I kissed her forehead. “Don’t go home. Stay with me.”

“Boomer . . .”

“You’re not easy. Trust me.” I wrapped her in my arms and brushed my lips against hers. “Don’t fight this, Rayce. I know you don’t want to be taken care of. But I want to be here for you.”

She agreed with a nod of her head.

“Besides”—I tucked my hand around hers, leading her away from the door—“did you forget you don’t have a ride? That makes you mine for the night.”

Hopefully for many more nights to come.

“Oh, really?” Raising a slim eyebrow, she
herself to be steered upstairs.

In the bathroom, I handed her a new toothbrush and one of my flannel shirts. I ducked out while she got ready for bed, the temptation too strong.

We weren’t going to bed, though. She just didn’t know that yet. Instead I rolled out blankets and pillows in front of the crackling hot fireplace beside the Christmas tree.

Several minutes later, Rayce called out from upstairs, “Boomer?”

“Down here, princess.”

She walked into the room, my shirt skimming across her curves.

I held out my hand and she fell against me. “Just gonna hold you.”

Helping her down to the padded blankets, I stood over her for a few moments before shedding my jeans and crawling next to her.

“You’re naked.”

I pulled the covers over us. “Not sorry about that. But don’t you think about it.” I needed to give that warning to myself as I enveloped her in my arms. “Gonna be your man in so many ways. This is just one of them.”

When her lips hit mine, her arms coiled around me, I knew this was a lost cause.

She fell asleep with her head resting on my chest, her leg tossed over my thigh, her hand clutching mine.

Pure woman. Bad girl mechanic. Dirt biker. With a nasty scumbag dad who needed taking down.

I was already falling in love with all of her.

In the morning, I woke late. The covers were cold. The fire burned to ashes. The house echoey. Shitlock purred like a freakin’ freight train right beside me.

No Rayce.

She’d done a runner.

But she’d taken my flannel shirt she’d slept in.

I could work with that.

Chapter Ten

A Cock Blocking NYE




AFTER CHRISTMAS, THE DAYS seemed to crawl by. We closed Chrome and Steele for the week, set to reopen after New Year’s Eve. That left me little outlet for the prowling energy I couldn’t shake.

I had a feeling the only activity that would adequately take the edge off would be a good long sex session with Rayce. That idea always made me instantly hard. I was giving her a little bit of space, though. I didn’t want to push her, didn’t want to scare her away. What we’d had on Christmas was too perfect to fuck up, so I messed with other shit instead, starting with some major demolition and DIY on the homestead.

Why not? My dick was almost always hard as a sledgehammer anyway. I checked with Brodie and Cat first, and they were one hundred percent on board. What started as a simple clean out of the rest of the furniture in our folks’ bedroom—all donated for a good cause—became a huge construction job.

I enlisted Tail’s help. I supplied him with beer, he supplied me with an extra pair of hands and double the muscle. Despite his manwhore tendencies, and the fact he did little more than play pool and talk shit at the MC, he turned out to be a hard worker who knew his way around a nail gun.

Man, I thought it’d be heartbreaking to finally say goodbye to the last of our parents’ belongings. Turned out I breathed easier in the house when I finally let their ghosts go.

I transformed their bedroom into an office, keeping one framed photo of them on my desk. With Tail and me working double-time, we updated my bedroom, gave it a fresh coat of paint, and knocked out the wall separating it from Cat’s room. Plumbing installed—that was a bitch of a day during which many beers were slung down our throats—we set about converting the extra square feet into a sweet-ass en suite bathroom.

In the meantime, when I couldn’t sleep at night, I began to redo Brodie’s old room. That was a job for me and me alone.

By the time New Year’s Eve rolled around, we were close to finishing the massive reno project.

And I’d only called Rayce four times, thought about her at least a million times a day, fell asleep with her all over my mind. But at least my hands were busy with something other than yanking my cock.

New Year’s Eve at Retribution was the usual rip-roaring drunk fest. With our growing numbers, it was even wilder than ever. Hunter and JB made their first post-honeymoon appearance, to be treated like MC royalty. They’d vacationed in Vale, and since Hunter didn’t ski it was obvious to all what they’d gotten up to during their winter wonderland honeymoon.

Hunter didn’t even bother denying it. Neither would I, given half the chance with Rayce.

As the night wore on, some dude conked his head on one of the low hanging, graffitied beer lights, and promptly passed out. His buddies were fast thinkers for such heavy drinkers. One of them splashed a full glass of alcohol in his face. The dude popped up like a friggin’ zombie waking from the dead and immediately went back to partying. No harm, no foul.

The crowd grew more boisterous as the hours drew closer to the big midnight countdown.

I barely got a chance to say hi to Rayce and openly stake my possession of her with a very long, very public kiss that drove a hot spike of need straight into my groin. The high party atmosphere and the sheer volume of people jammed into Retribution made it impossible for me to remain by her side for more than a few minutes.

Things turned ugly when Kinkaid lost his shit in a major way, completely out of the blue and totally out of character for him. One minute he was behind the bar like a good little Probie, the next he’d vaulted right across the steel top and jumped a Nomad biker who’d been talking to . . . Sadie.

Before I could get over there to break up the fight, Kinkaid laid the dude out flat on the floor. Cole dragged him off the prone body. Hunter walked him away. Sadie looked just about ready to commit murder while Brodie and Tail did the honors of taking care of the guy Kaid had gone all punching bag on.

Jesus Christ.

After that debacle, I kept my drinks to a minimum, kept a close eye on Rayce, and felt the heat of her stare on me every so often. Man, I couldn’t wait for my New Year’s Eve kiss. Somehow, and soon, I needed to make this thing between us official.

And I really wanted to get her the hell out of her dad’s house once and for all.

I did not know what the fuck was up with Kinkaid tonight, but he seriously lacked something in the anger management department. Not long later I witnessed him and Sadie talking heatedly in the corner by the bar.

I was just about to intervene when Sadie hauled back and slapped him across the face.

“You can take your present and shove it up that ass you like to shake so much,
.” There was no mistaking just how pissed off Sadie was.

Maybe Kinkaid was just plain stupid, because as she marched toward the door he shouted after her,
“So I take it I’m not gonna get a countdown kiss after all?”

Double middle fingers flew up in his direction sent from Sadie.


I watched Cole talking to him, probably giving him the bro-pep-talk.
Also known as, don’t be such a fucking dick
. JB came at him claws bared because Sadie was one of her girls. Brodie mentioned something to the hurtin’ Probie, a smirk on his face.

What the hell? I decided to add my own two cents to the train wreck of a situation.
“Don’t know what the motherfuck you did, hoss, but probably a good time to figure out how to make it right.”

Meanwhile Kinkaid continued to look alternately angrier than I’d ever seen him and completely crestfallen.

His relationship therapy was put on hold as midnight approached. The mass of biker honeys and roadhog dudes filtered outside to the parking lot as fireworks began to light the sky in pops and crackles and big booms of bright colors.

Standing taller than most, I spied my woman and cut easily through the crowd.

I pulled her into my arms where she felt so damn good.

All around us, the black night exploded and sizzled—reds, oranges, golds, and greens. Every firework was reflected in the wide oval eyes Rayce turned up to me.

“Well.” She pouted. “What are you waiting for?”

“The countdown.”

Her fingertips coasted over my lips and her other hand clasped around my neck. “
. A traditionalist. Should’ve known, old man.”

I hitched her against me with my hands planted firmly on her luscious ass. “You know it.”


Everyone joined in, shouting.


Another burst of fireworks dazzled in the sky.


Rayce freakin’ dazzled me with her contagious smile.


Whistles screamed around us. Folks laughed and bellowed.


One of my hands moved up Rayce’s back, folding her more forcefully against me.


I guided back her head, absolutely captivated by her.


2015. A whole new year. A better year.

My lips pressed against Rayce’s, and through the commotion I heard her moan. With that one sound, my kiss became greedy, hungry. Reckless. Relentless.

Her short nails dug into my shoulders, and I drew her up to me, between my thighs where my cock throbbed, hard and heavy.

“Fuck yes.” She pulled my bottom lips between hers. “Been waiting all night for this.”

My fingers slid into her hair—so soft, short, and sexy. My lips curled up. “Why don’t you come give me more of your mouth then?”

A blast of heat just about took my balls to full capacity when Rayce slid her lips against mine. Her passionate fire ratcheted my temperature as we coiled around one another.

Fireworks weren’t just exploding in the sky. They were lighting off between us.

“Goddamn, princess.” I ducked down to kiss her one . . . more . . . time. “You know what you’re doing.”

She nuzzled against my lips. “So do you.”

“I want to be inside you.” I slid my mouth to her sweet earlobe, toying with the multiple piercings. “Want to fuck every single inch of my cock into you.”

She gasped. “Boomer, I—”

Then she was pulled from my arms by JB grasping her hand.

I watched her retreat all the way into the clubhouse, my head tilted to better view the hippy glide of her walk.

“Hey!” I shouted. “
Boomer, I

She turned only to purse her lips and blow me a kiss.

“I think that was
Boomer, I give you the big kiss off
.” Handsome clapped me on the shoulder.

I grinned. “Bet you’d know all about getting the big kiss off, braw.”

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