Cin's Secret [Club Libertine 4] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

BOOK: Cin's Secret [Club Libertine 4] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
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Club Libertine 4

Cin's Secret

Cindy McNeil has always run away from her problems. But she's grown up a lot in the last few years. Now she's ready to stop running and she's back in Seattle to reconcile with her sister and confess the terrible thing she did. She will take whatever consequences that Lindy decides are fair, even if it means that she wants Cindy to leave Seattle forever.

But Cindy didn't expect to meet Connor and Liam O'Hara, twin Doms who've been looking for love. She's immediately attracted to the blond hotties, but she knows her secret may tear them apart if Lindy sends her away. So she decides to have one night of passion with the brothers before she runs from them too.

But Lindy's terms of forgiveness aren't what she expected. Cindy's got to stay and face the people she hurt. No more running away. Can she do it? Or will she run out on love again?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

BDSM, Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre

28,114 words



Club Libertine 4






Diane Leyne










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Club Libertine 4



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Chapter One


Cindy knocked on the door. She had almost backed out a hundred times, turned, and headed back to the airport. She hadn’t seen her sister in almost three years and wasn’t sure about her reception. She’d been almost disappointed when she saw the lights on. Lindy was a librarian and sometimes had to work evenings, but no, she was home, and Cindy was going to do this.

She had been an entitled bitch growing up, the beloved baby of the family, and she had been a terrible sister. But now she had finally grown up, and she wanted to reconnect with her sister.

The door was flung open, but the woman standing there definitely wasn’t her sister.

“Oh, I thought you were Zack.” The woman was young, early twenties, probably, with lush red hair and an infectious grin, wearing a stunning teal minidress with high heels. Cindy found herself smiling back almost involuntarily.

“And I thought you were my sister Lindy.”

“Oh my god, you must be Cindy. There’s a picture of you two on the wall. You’ve changed, of course. Your hair is shorter and darker, but I should have recognized you.” She looked down at the bags. “Oh, have you come for the party? I guess someone’s wires got crossed because no one told me you were staying here. But not a problem. I’ve moved my stuff into the master, but there’s a nice single bed in the guest room. I hope that’s okay. And you are going to have to get a move on to get ready. Zack should be here any minute, and he’s definitely not the patient type. But he’s trying to learn. He’s going to be training at the family business starting next week. Or he’ll be doing it part time, anyway, while he’s in school. And I’m in school, too, grad school and U of W. And I needed a place to stay, and with Lindy moving in with Jake, she offered me this place at a really reasonable rate.” She finally paused for breath.

“Zack. Can you help Cindy with her bags? Cindy, your room is back there. Hurry up and change.”

Cindy let herself be swept along. So Lindy was living with someone named Jake and everyone was going to be at a party so special that Serena automatically assumed that Cindy had flown in just to be there. Zack dropped her bags in the bedroom and pointedly looked at his watch when he left. He really was super cute, although a bit on the young side for her. He was like a young Thor, all blond hair and bulging biceps. And he only had eyes for Serena, even if she hadn’t realized it yet.

Cindy looked into the mirror. She’d always been thin, although contrary to what she let everyone believe, she worked damned hard to maintain her size two figure. But now she was probably closer to a size zero, if not a bit below. She had huge dark circles under her eyes that she had to hide, and her cheekbones were sharp enough to cut glass. And her new pixie cut did nothing to soften them. She’d have to color her hair again soon. When she was young, she’d had hair the color of young Zack, but it had darkened as she aged, and she’d started coloring her hair in her late teens. But there hadn’t been any salons where she had been, so she let it grow out and then hacked it off with some nail scissors.

She didn’t have many clothes to choose from. Most of her stuff was still in storage, but the classic “little black dress” never went out of style. She had a jersey one that was virtually indestructible. It hung a little loose, and the low-cut neckline showed off her boney clavicles, but she’d dress it up with some earrings, and it would have to do.


* * * *


Liam O’Hara stood with his brother Connor, sipping a beer and watching from a corner of the living room where he could see but not easily be seen as the guests started to arrive. The thirty-year-old identical twins were both dressed in black jeans with blue shirts and black jackets. Their shirts brought out color in their eyes and the black set off the startling blond of their hair. They were just under six feet tall with broad shoulders and impressive six-packs that they showed off at work, but tonight they were dressed for a party.

And speaking of parties, this one was supposed to be thrown by five of the six partners in Club Libertine for the sixth, Jake, to celebrate his engagement, but other than the twins, the others, including the guest of honor, were nowhere around.

Jake and Lindy had sloped off to a bedroom somewhere, as had Duncan and Andie. Of course, the house, or rather, mansion was owned by Mac Whelan, so there were dozens of bedrooms to choose from. And speaking of Mac, he and Sean were upstairs as well, waiting for Michelle to get off her conference call with China and fool around with them.

There was some motion, and in rushed Michelle with Mac and Sean trailing behind her, tucking their shirts in, and they hurried to keep up with her. She immediately went into hostess mode, sending her dominant men scurrying to follow her hastily thrown-out instructions. A few minute later, Duncan and Andie, her cheeks pink with embarrassment, came down the stairs at a more leisurely pace. They could see that Andie wanted to hurry, but Duncan kept her firmly at his side. Duncan and Andie had only been together a few weeks, and Andie was still slightly uncomfortable with everyone knowing they snuck out of a party they were co-hosting in order to have sex. It was kind of sweet really.

“You ever think we’d be the last two single Doms standing?”

“Are you kidding, Con? This time last year, the six of us were carefree bachelors. And now four are taken. I’m almost ready to give up on finding a woman who’ll take us both on. I mean when Mac and Sean met Michelle, I had hope. Now, sometimes I think I’d be happy just to find a woman who can tell us apart.”

“Seriously, Connor?” asked Sean, coming up from behind them, joining the brothers. He grinned as Connor jumped, too intent on his thoughts to notice Sean’s quiet approach. “I mean, once we start talking, I can tell you apart.”

“Yeah, but you’ve known us since we were kids. And even you have to use verbal clues.” He sighed. “Even our parents can have trouble telling me and Liam apart.”

“So, no one at all?”

“Well.” Liam laughed. “There is one person who has never ever had a problem, not even when we deliberately try to switch.”

“What’s the problem?”

“Well,” responded Connor, dryly, “Jake’s a six-foot-five-inch Dom. And he’s got a dick. Not really our type.”

“Besides, Lindy would castrate you both,” Sean said with a chuckle.

“You are not kidding,” replied Liam and Sean simultaneously.

They all laughed, but the brothers turned serious once Sean walked away.

“I’m not kidding, Liam. If we ever find a woman between the age of twenty-one and forty who can tell us apart, I think we have to go for it.”

“What if she’s not interested in taking on two Doms?”

BOOK: Cin's Secret [Club Libertine 4] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
2.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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