C.L. Scholey - Zuri's Zargonnii Warrior (Unearthly World # 2)

BOOK: C.L. Scholey - Zuri's Zargonnii Warrior (Unearthly World # 2)
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This is one married couple whose appetites for each other grow ever stronger with each passing year. They thoroughly enjoy discovering new ways to keep the spark alive and thriving. Allowing another couple to share in their fun only seems to increase the possibilities. Keeping the love alive is certainly not a problem for Mac and Jenney, which makes their escapades deliciously fun to read.
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Abri is a strong female heroine. She didn't let deafness define who she is. Raiden is a likeable guy. Why? Even though Abri is deaf, Raiden picked her for his female.

C.L. Scholey has done a terrific job of creating this futuristic romance series. We have action, romance, adventure & mystery all in 102 pages.
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The Brethren of Tavish is a wonderfully written book. The characters are well rounded and bring you into the story as if you were really there. The story flows smoothly tying one part to the next. The plot is well thought out, giving you plenty of action… ~
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For those of you who can find the beauty in differences.

Chapter 1

“What the hell is that?”

“That, is our next assignment.”

what we’re hunting?”


“Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure, Kobe.”

Citun’s snarling growl made Kobe realize that might not have been the best question to ask his leader. When he had made his way into a small briefing room, he was startled to find Citun staring at a picture above the lit console. It was impossible to decipher Citun’s look when he settled his gaze back onto the depiction. The image of the two-legged, two-armed pink being on the monitor made Kobe skeptical.

“Well shit, Citun.” Kobe gasped. “That thing is female.”

“What was your first clue, genius?”

The basically bald, naked, small creature had hair on its head and a tiny amount on its mound shaped in the oddest pattern, rounded at the top in separate half circles shaped to a point. From her spread-legged position, Kobe could definitely tell she was female. Her folds looked like delicate petals. Her entrance, which her fingers exposed, though tiny, was compatible with a male Zargonnii. The idea was intriguing as well as disturbing, because the female was so small.

Kobe knew what their Zargonnii females felt like in their lower region, but he had never gotten so much as a glance; the females on his planet moved too fast to get a good look. Plus, they were covered from head to toe in a fine layer of fur, unlike male Zargonnii who, like the Earth female, had bald patches. But here was this human Earth creature spread out before his eyes; no one was holding her in place. She was smiling, with tiny, white, even flat teeth. In order to get an image of a Zargonnii female in that position, she would have to be dead. To Kobe’s knowledge, no images of Zargonnii females existed.

Looking closely he could see this being’s long fingernails were purple.
What a weird color.
Two separate blond eyebrows were arched above unusually-colored blue eyes with a black dot in the center.
Birth defect?
Around her eyes were darker colors, greens, blues, black. On her cheeks were pink-red streaks—
war paint?
Kobe knew of cultures who tried to intimidate with intricate designs on their faces. It wasn’t exactly a terrifying sight if that was the image she was trying to portray. If anything it made her look—
Artificial. The entire pose made her seem unreal.

Long shiny things dangled from her earlobes. Someone had stabbed this poor female through her flesh.
How cruel.
That piece of information alone made him realize this creature was vulnerable. The glossy odd pieces of equipment looked like torture devices. Kobe’s people weren’t slavers; he wasn’t certain if the objects were symbolic to the female or placed there by an owner. A fine spray of black spiked hair was growing around her eyes, across the top and along the bottom. Kobe had no such hair there; his eyes could blaze into fire, so any hair there wouldn’t last long. Her little ribs were showing, tapering to a teeny belly which sported a small roundish indent—
puncture mark?
Kobe had never seen such a tiny nose; even baby Zargonnii males had larger noses at a month old.

How the hell can this creature breathe?

Citun called up another two images. Kobe blinked hard. For a moment, he stood openmouthed. He had heard of human Earth females, but realizing he was actually looking at three of them was astounding.

“Where did the images come from?” Kobe asked. There were three in total; each female had different color eyes and hair. He peered closer at the blond Earth female’s lips. They were bright red, not the Zargonnii blue he was used to.
Had she been in a fight, or maybe she was bleeding. The Zargonnii had been told earthlings had red blood, another oddity. Kobe had been told Zargonniis had blue blood. He supposed it must be right; he had never seen his own blood. Being a mercenary warrior, Kobe had seen other species’ blood, blues, black, yellow, but never red.

“A rogue Tonan wanted fuel; we wanted to see these human Earth beings. He didn’t have any live specimens, but he did have pictures,” Citun said.

“The Tonan are known for their lies, maybe the images are doctored.”

“I think they are, in a way. But not by the Tonan. The Tonan said most females he has seen weren’t wearing war paint.”

“Are those breasts?” Kobe asked, incredulous. “Where is its babe? Females only have breasts when they have babes. A female never puts her babe down in the first month while she’s feeding.”

To Kobe’s knowledge his mother had never put him down, until the day he was a month old. It had been terrifying. All Zargonnii males remembered the feeling of abandonment. They remembered the fear of being left alone, being helpless. It’s what made them strive to be powerful, dominant. Kobe had loved his mother, he knew she loved him. In some dark corner of his mind, he could still hear her wail when his father picked him up off the cold jungle floor. She had sounded so forlorn. Kobe had cried for her—for him. He had never seen her again, but to this day, he could smell her scent lingering on him and on his father. It’s what helped a male bond with his new parent, scent.

“Maybe human females aren’t maternal. Maybe she birthed a male babe and gave it up early. She’s small; let’s face it, a Zargonnii male child could kick this being’s ass.” Citun chuckled as he said this.

“But all three? All three have breasts, and the one with red hair has huge ones. Zargonnii females don’t inflate like that. It looks like someone blew into the nipple to expand them. If those things are rock hard, how the hell can a babe latch? Human babies must be born with overlarge mouths. Shit, can you imagine the noise they could make? I bet their screaming could clear a room. And the nipples are pink, not black.”

“Maybe it’s normal for their kind. And their mouths must shrink as they get older; these females have small mouths. I wish we’d had time to pick up a healer. Band might know. I’m sending him the images to study to aid with the human area we’ve prepared. I wasn’t sure of the amount of protection they needed, but from these images, I may need to double security. It’s apparent they’ll need more heat. When the Tonan said they were virtually bald, I was skeptical. Definitely a washing area will have to be provided with slow moving water; their skin is so pink it looks like it might peel off easily. With their flat teeth, we’ll really have to grind their food, like we do our young’s.”

“They’re kinda funny looking, don’t you think?”

“I dunno, I kinda like the breasts,” Citun said.

So did Kobe, but he had meant the entire Earth being itself. The three females were, well, not female Zargonnii. Both mercenaries stared hard at the pictures. Each tilted his head to the left, then the right. They backed up a step, moved closer, then closer. Citun sighed.

“I think we could look at the images standing on our heads and they would still look the same.”

Mentally, Kobe concurred. “This one’s eyes are blue,” Kobe mused. “Maybe it can freeze people.”

“No, they appear to have random eye color that does nothing but see. Although I could be wrong, I doubt I’m wrong.”

“Maybe the green-eyed one can grow foliage.”

Citun made a sarcastic huff. “What about the one with brown eyes, huh? Think they’ll shit on you?”

“Ha ha.” Kobe was equally sarcastic. “Maybe they have other abilities.”

“Such as?” Citun’s eyes were sparkling and Kobe knew he was waiting to make a fool of him.

“Well,” Kobe drawled petulantly. “They look squishy.”


“Maybe with them being bald and small they can squeeze into tiny places.”

BOOK: C.L. Scholey - Zuri's Zargonnii Warrior (Unearthly World # 2)
12.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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