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He gestured her over with his fingertip. Em walked up to him and Vidar offered his throat. She took it, sinking her fangs into his skin. Vidar wrapped his arms around her, pulling her tight to his muscular chest. He felt just as he imagined a Viking would, taut and perfectly formed. She couldn’t help but wonder what was under his satin shirt and suede pants. As if to answer her question, she felt the bulk of his cock growing hard against her thigh. She tried to pull away, but he held her tightly. “Drink. It is the only way that you are going to get better. I will tell you when to stop.”

Em could feel his blood coursing through her veins. It was warming her, making her normal again. It was euphoric, the power in his life fluid like a viable force. It was making her stronger, faster with every drop she consumed. Why did he want her to wear a chastity belt? Why was she avoiding being with him in a more intimate way? She had Rory’s permission. What things could this ancient being teach her? Did he know things that a younger vampire didn’t? Of course he did. Did he know techniques to make sex better? Em had to wonder.

Chapter 9


Her chastity belt had been fitted and sealed on by two older women. They were very nice to her and it was far less bulky and uncomfortable than she figured it would be. Vidar had the only key that would unlock it, but Em figured she would have no problem getting it off if she wanted to. Vidar had requested that she sleep in his chamber, but he had a full-size bed brought in for her to sleep in. It was actually a very comfortable bed. As the sun rose into the sky, she climbed into it and promptly dropped into sleep.


* * * *


Her head was back, lulled against the collar around her throat. Her hands were captured in the two openings to either side of her head, her fingers able to wiggle in the breeze that blew against her naked body. Em jumped, the crack of a whip startling her from thought. The sound was intriguing, Salt was so good with his toy. The noise came again, sharper, hitting the ground by her foot and sending a spray of dirt into the air. Salt’s cattail wasn’t that long. Why was he bending down to hit the soil with it?

The answer licked across the cheek of her ass. It was not a cattail. It was a single strand bullwhip, the intensity of the burn coming from a single edged strike. It hit the right side of her back, just shy of her spine. Rory and Salt both knew that she didn’t like to be struck near her spine. Pain to the left side her of her back and then across the backs of her tights. What kind of a dream was this? It had always been her fantasy to be shackled in a pillory, but… Her skin was healing as it always did, each agonizing touch of the whip creating searing hot pain that faded within seconds. The whip was licking her skin, her ass, her thighs, her stomach, her breasts. The strikes came hot and fast, the previous one barely starting to heal before the next one came.

Em couldn’t see. She wanted to see. Was it Rory or Salt, maybe it was Russell. Maybe Russell had learned a new trick while she was away. Em would know the minute he started to fuck her. Russell’s dick was so amazingly hot. “Are you going to talk to me?” A gag was wrapped around her face. Em thought it was a horse bit that was digging into her cheeks as the leather was pulled tight between her teeth. This was a new one. She had never been gagged before. Where the hell had they gotten a horse bit?

Hands on her ass, rubbing the skin softly. The hands felt oddly different in a way she couldn’t exactly put her finger one. They parted the folds of her pussy, an oiled finger rubbing briskly at her clit and then it was gone. The whip again. Her pussy throbbing with desire. He was tormenting her, and she was helpless. The leather cut deeply into her ass and Em cried out. The pain receded slowly, leaving her skin searing in aftermath. Why was Russell hitting her so hard? Yes, she healed insanely fast, but to draw blood?

A flat band hit her square on the ass in the same spot the whip had been. It wasn’t a paddle, but wasn’t thin like a whip either. If Em had to guess, she had to say a wide belt. He flipped it to the left and right, hitting her over and over from different angles. It was infuriating, her ass burning harshly. The soft touch of his palm, he had gloves on. Something made of silk or maybe satin.

Something scraped against the inside of her calves and he pushed her lower body down onto his lap. The man was wearing leather pants, the cool fabric feeling slippery. He stroked her ass cheeks with his finger and then reached around, again caressing her clit. It was a short gesture that left her whimpering and biting into the bit. This was taking things to the extreme, and she hated it when they did this to her.

Smack. She was being spanked, the gloved hand burning her ass cheeks. The muscles of her cunt were pulsing wildly, her body starting to shiver as he spanked her. It was such a personal gesture, the pain coming directly from his palm. Em wanted to scream. She needed to come, to release the ever growing quiver in her cunt. It was a torture worse than any whip could inflict, her pussy screaming at her.

The spanking stopped and the man got up. He removed what Em had to assume was a chair that he had been sitting on. Then there was nothing. She was left bound in the pillory with the horse bit in her mouth.

Em tried to cry out, but the gag limited her speech to a garble of sound. Where had they gone? Why had they left her? She squirmed against the irritation in her cunt, trying to build up enough friction to bring on release. It did not come.

Her body was jarred awake, her fingers clawing at the chastity belt. Em knew with complete certainty who had been in her dreams.


* * * *


“Did you sleep well?” asked Vidar.

Em had barely slept at all. “Fine, and you?”

“I slept very well, thank you.”

Em tried to think of an excuse to take the chastity belt off. It wasn’t as if she had to urinate or anything. “Do I have to wear this thing every second? It wasn’t exactly comfortable to sleep in.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. I’m the only one who can take it off and I won’t. Are you ready to get started? I have sent word to the first couple who you will feed from.”

“I guess. Let me just run a brush through my hair. I thought Nelson said that I was going to be made presentable. I need my hair cut and I could use a bath.”

“Your hair is perfect. It grew back in while you slept. I can arrange for a bath, but I will be overseeing it.”

Em wanted to jump up and choke him. Her pussy was softly pulsing as a reminder that it had been denied climax, the sensation truly irritating. Vidar rose and she hoped he would leave the room. Maybe with enough grinding in the right position, she could do something about the ache in her cunt. He walked over to the dresser and pulled open the top drawer. Vidar came back with a brush. Em put out her hand, but he simply smiled at her before he sat down behind her. He was so obviously trying to seduce her that she almost had to laugh. Vidar was going to push her from every angle until she gave in or lost her mind.

The brush touched her hair softly. Vidar worked from the bottom, taking out the tiny knots without once tugging on her scalp hard enough to pinch. When he hit her part, he worked back downward in long, luxurious strokes. “My mother used to brush her hair one hundred strokes at night and one hundred strokes in the morning. She had beautiful hair, just like you.”

“Thank you.”

“You are very welcome. I give compliments where they are due. A beautiful woman like yourself deserves compliments.”

Last night she had deserved a slap across the face. Now she was worthy of praise. Amazing. “Thank you again. Is there any way that I can contact my fortress? I would like to tell them that I’m okay. I don’t want anyone to be worried that I’m lying here dying.” She expected him to say no, but he didn’t.

“I will call a radio operator for you. I think it prudent to notify Joel and Gaelic, also. I know they are worried.”

“I really appreciate that.”

“I will take care of it later. Your hair is presentable. Would you like to go?”

Em nodded and got to her feet. She had been given a long shirt to sleep in and she changed back into her jeans and sweater. When she turned to find Vidar, he was dressed in a pair of very nicely fitted jeans and a stunning black shirt with pirate sleeves. The front was laced loosely, displaying a light coating of blond hair over his obviously muscled chest. She gave him a smile. He liked to give compliments, so why not return one. “That shirt is very nice. It looks good on you.”

“Thank you. I have always liked the style and fit of this shirt. I have a few others in different colors. What is your favorite color, Emerald?”

“I don’t know. I like black, but it isn’t exactly a color. I like royal blue, purple, magenta. What is yours?”

Vidar chuckled. “I like red.”

“Specifically bloodred?”

He shook his head. “Not necessarily. I like the red of a woman’s skin when she has been whipped and brought up to heat. I like the red of a woman’s ass that has been spanked or belted. I like the red of a woman’s lips.”

His sultry voice brought her pussy back up to a low throb. “Interesting choice of shades.”

“Isn’t it?”

Vidar walked over and offered his elbow. Em took it graciously, and he led her down the hall. They walked down a flight of stairs to a lower level. Em immediately smelled the scent of blood. She hadn’t realized how hungry she was until the aroma assaulted her mind. In her ears, she could hear the beating of their hearts, the sound intoxicating. Her fangs came out, and Em rolled her tongue over them.

“Interesting, isn’t it?”

“What is?”

“The rock down here collects the odors of the humans. They don’t smell it, but to walk down here is like strolling through a river of scents and sounds.”

“So I’ve noticed. Em forced her fangs back into place, her mind demanding food.” Her sexual appetite was colliding with her vampire desires. One could not be satisfied, but the other certainly could.

Vidar knocked on a wooden door. A young man opened it. He looked about twenty-two or three. “Vidar.”

“Mitchell. I believe you were told that we were coming. This is Queen Emerald. She would enjoy the honor of feeding from you and your wife Becky.”

Mitchell stepped back and Vidar ushered her into the room. The inside was far nicer than Em had figured. It was a well-furnished cave with a small eating area and a large sofa that was currently laid out as a bed. They were obviously expecting her. It was far too early for humans to go to bed. Of course, Em didn’t know enough about the schedules here. There was no real day and night to the naked eye, so most humans wouldn’t know what time it was. The woman stood, slinky, dressed in a light fabric gown that revealed far more flesh than Em cared to see. Becky strolled over, pushing back her hair and leaning her head to the side. “I’ve heard your fangs are magic. Please?”

Em was having trouble keeping her fangs in her jaw. The moment the woman offered, she was ready. She slowly sank them into the woman’s throat, feeding leisurely so as not to lose control. Her body was demanding, her pussy throbbing, it was all too easy to get lost in the sensation of the warm blood flowing into her flesh. She pulled back quickly. The woman stared at her with starry eyes and smiled. “Holy shit. Do Mitchell. Please!”

Mitchell looked at her face and chuckled. He obviously caught the same glow of anticipation that Em had. He walked over quickly, drawing his hair back and stepping into Em’s body. Em was happy to oblige. She lingered a bit longer, inhaling the intoxicatingly male scent of him, the sweet taste of his blood. Mitchell tasted like roasted potatoes smothered in butter and perfectly spiced. Em pulled away reluctantly.

Mitchell shook his head as if pulling himself from a fog. Without a thought to Em or Vidar, he walked over to Becky and tore off her gown. Em turned to walk from the room, but Vidar stopped her. He stepped behind her, putting his hands around her body as he leaned back into the wall. “I like to watch.”

It was one more external stimulant that Em really didn’t need. The blood had curbed her hunger, but her sexual appetite was still starving. Every time the throbbing itch in her cunt started to wane, Vidar found a new way to renew it.

Mitchell pushed Becky’s legs up to either side of his chest. She was kissing him rampantly as his cock slid into her pussy. The flex of his hips was the perfection she had experienced with her own men. Each one of them had a different rhythm, but Em had never actually figured out which was the best in bed. Rory tended to thrust more steadily. He combined his movements with a peculiar twist of his hips that felt amazing. Salt liked things harder. He had a real fetish for flashing when they were fucking. To have that kind of inhuman speed combined with deep penetrating strokes was glorious. Russell on the other hand had a thicker cock and preferred to alternate his movements. With him, the joy was in his warmth combined with his unpredictable motions.

She wanted them, needed them. Em could only imagine how she was going to feel when she finally got home. She had no intention of allowing Vidar the success of knowing how crazy he was making her. There had to be a way to sate her sexual desires. If there wasn’t, she was probably going to give into Vidar’s advances. Eventually.

Chapter 10


Em got through the first four days of constant sexual taunts. She fed three times a day, once at rising, once halfway through the night, and once before bed. On the fourth day, she put her foot down. “Vidar. I am not hungry in the least. I have already fed from eleven couples and I’ve had enough. How long do I have to wait to see if ten of them are pregnant?”

He chuckled. “I really can’t say. That is up to a pregnancy test and a missed woman’s cycle. I figured that you were better to keep feeding until all twenty-one couples who were interested in having a child have been sated. That would take you seven days. Then you would still have to wait a week or two to get the results. I would figure on being here at least a month.”

She was going to lose her damn mind. The constant irritated input from her pussy was very distracting. Having Vidar comb her hair twice a night was worse. Watching for half an hour or more as different couples engaged in sex was getting intolerable. Then there were the dreams. “If I have to stay that long then let me take a break. I’m not hungry, Vidar. I could also use another shower. It has been three days.”

BOOK: Claiming Emerald
11.97Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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