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A Night Fire Novel

By TM Watkins

Copyright 2015 TM Watkins

Copyright © 2015 TM WATKINS

This book is a work of fiction. The names of characters, places and incidents are products of the writers imagination and are not to be interpreted as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events,  locals or organizations is entirely coincidental. With the exception of quotes used in reviews, this book may not be reproduced or used in whole or in part by any means existing without the written permission from the author.

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Night Fire Series

in order




Chapter One


Spring break, the one time of the year where I could actually wake on a Monday morning and be happy about it. No wishing for Friday to hurry along, I could happily allow the week to drag on as long as it liked. 
The longer the better.
 The thought of the hot golden sand between my toes was making me anxious, eager to get through the long check in line at the taxi service. A chance to leave the bleak city behind. The monotony of school life and the weight of study was a speck in the past now, I didn't care if there was a thousand papers due, I was officially on holidays.

I was hidden behind large glasses, last night I had foolishly gone out and celebrated the beginning of spring break and now I was suffering an almighty hangover. I wasn't the only one, my friend and cohort for this little island escape was also suffering a mighty thumper headache.

My best friend Monique looked at me with a wry smile as we shuffled closer to the counter. 

“I am not ever drinking again, Ab.”

I nodded with a pained smile, one that begged for more medication. As I looked at my watch I realised that only half an hour had passed since I had taken the last lot, there was no more for quite some time. I sighed and looked up the queue, it wasn't moving fast which I suppose I could be grateful for. The water taxi service was a trying experience at the best of times, to get on the wretched thing with a hangover wasn't ideal. I watched out the window as the doors closed and inwardly sighed. We were almost there, we had gotten through the internal flight without issue. Now all we had to do was get to the island without me hurling over the side of the boat.

“I guess there's no chance to get on that one.” Monique grumbled.

“At least we will have a good pick of the seats in the next one.” I offered enthusiastically.

She shrugged, flicking her long brown hair off her shoulder. The line moved again and we were now the next to be served. Hallelujah. As the boat rocked in the water, spray flicked up and hit against the glass. A jet ski raced past the water taxi, sending waves of water towards it that pushed it back towards the building. Everyone gasped as the cumbersome metal fiend slowly drifted towards the platform and the large glass windows. The engine rumbled and roared so loudly that it shuddered the vibrations through the ground we stood on.

“God I love traveling.” Monique joked.


The man in front of us grabbed his ticket off the counter and walked through the doors to wait in line for the next service. We had pre-booked our taxi tickets instead of risking not getting a place on the boat but I was beginning to doubt that idea, it seemed that the people who were walking on without pre-booked tickets were getting served more quickly.

Monique was too busy checking the guy that had been in front of us out so I handed my ticket over to the woman behind the counter.

“Okay.” She smiled brightly at me. “Abigail Marshall.”

The woman smiled and with a flurry of typing and printing, I was ready to go. I stepped out of the frosty air conditioned departure lounge and into the heat of the morning. The platform for the queue was barely a shoulder width from the wall of the building, beyond the glass balustrade was nothing but water.

The man that was ahead of me was leaning on the glass, looking into the water. He turned and looked at me with a broad, gleaming smile as I shimmied along the wall, fearing the view below. The nausea I had was bad enough, I did not need to make it worse.

“Which resort are you going to?”

“Paradiso Cove.”

His eyes widened with cheekiness as he turned his body to me.

“Me too. I'm Brody Logan.”

“Abigail Marshall.”

“Nice to meet you. We should catch up and have a drink when we get there.”

A drink. Yep, I had heard that hair of the dog was good to help with a hangover. 

“Sure.” I smiled politely.

Brody was a fine specimen for the male species, already tanned and a few choice muscles could be seen through the thin shirt he was wearing. It was likely that he spent a lot of time at the beach, his hair was the kind of blonde that looked like it had been kissed by the sun.

The glass doors slid open and Monique walked out, looking at the two of us. She pressed her lips together with a dirty smile and said nothing. The next water taxi rumbled its way forward as a wiry and seemingly bored man stepped out of his little office, pushing the gate open.

“Islander Express.”

Monique squealed with delight, pulling her trolley bag behind her. Brody turned to the man and handed over his ticket, passing through the gate. Monique was trying to wordlessly gesture about Brody, trying to figure out what had happened in the few minutes she missed out on. She would be a hopeless mime artist, all I could do was grin at her as she jutted her head.

“You are going to break your neck if you keep going.”

She looked at the water taxi as Brody got onto it, passing her ticket to the man at the gate.

“What did I miss out on?”

I passed my ticket over and walked through to the taxi with her.

“He just introduced himself and you know...” I looked at the windows, Brody was smiling at me. “Asked if I wanted to get a drink with him.”

“Oh my gawd.” She grinned wickedly. “Please tell me you said yes, he is a total hottie.”

“Yes.” I groaned.

“Awesome. Shame he doesn't have a friend.”

I quietly nodded and stepped onto the taxi. Best friend to go shopping with and lay on the beach while sipping cocktails? Check. Lots of money to do said shopping and drinking? Not really but check anyway. Romantic interest acquired for the week? Check. This was going to be an interesting holiday.

We had arrived at Paradiso Cove, the journey here had been uneventful in the way of water travel but in the way of stolen glances and smiles and smirks, it was extremely eventful. Monique had managed to position herself so that she could see Brody but make it look like she was talking to me. She was filling me in on every single time he looked over, every hidden smirk and how often he played with his phone. Apparently it was a lot.

Now we were walking along the edge of the road, there was no proper edge it just tapered away to the gravel and grass. It looked like no one cared about the roads, there were pot holes everywhere. The weather here was steamy hot, perfect for a dip in the pool. Paradiso Cove was a tropical island resort that had a center that was a jungle that looked far too thick to venture through.

Palm trees lined the exterior of the island, leading out to the golden sand and crystal blue water. It looked like every postcard that had ever been made, likely used as a reference when they created this place.

Monique fanned herself with the map of the island, muttering about the lack of transportation. It was only a short walk up the road but considering the heat, I was inclined to agree with her.

“Are you going to hook up with mister hunk?”

I looked at Brody who was a few steps ahead of us, he had found a friend and was chatting and laughing with the guy.

“Because I think his friend might be making me breakfast tomorrow.”

As I laughed I shook my head.

“He's cute but you know I just don't think he's right.”

Monique rolled her eyes.

“Who cares about right? You aren't here to find a husband Ab, just get down and dirty with him. Someone.” She groaned. “Anyone.”

She sighed and continued to fan herself.

“Damn this heat. There must be one hell of a storm brewing.”

Our path to the hotel had been a slow one, Monique moved at a snail's pace. She might have spent the whole distance complaining about the heat but she was also checking out Brody and his friend. We were now checked into the hotel, in our rooms with the air conditioning cranked up as cold as we could get it and we were unpacking our things.

I hadn't brought much considering that I was living on a student's income and saving for this holiday. It had taken me a year to get this paid for, Monique's grand plans for a holiday had cost me a lot of money. I also had to go and buy swimwear because I hadn't bought anything since I was sixteen. Not only did it no longer fit me but it was looking like it was ready to disintegrate. That, I did not want to happen, especially if I was wearing them. So I splashed out and bought a little black set that looked pretty damned good.

When my mother got wind of the holiday, she insisted on taking me out to get other things. I now had a sarong that I would likely never wear again, several pairs of shorts that barely covered my butt cheeks and a towel. Because apparently, it was wrong to take the towel that I used at home and it was seriously wrong to use the towels the hotel provided.

Once I had unpacked my bag, I made my way into Monique's room. She was sitting on the floor organizing her things into the draws. I looked down into her bag and almost died with shock. Okay, so I knew the expectancy of this holiday, I knew that there would be some serious bed shenanigans going on. But the bottom of her case was lined with packets of condoms. I'm not talking the actual individual packets, I'm talking the entire box. Many boxes. It was like she was planning on spending the entire week on her back. She looked up at me and giggled at my shock.

“Did you just remember that you forgot them?”

“Uh yeah sure.”

“Lucky I planned for you too, huh?”

She picked through them and held out several boxes, varying in what they were. Did I really need ribbed or flavored? Just ones that did the job properly will be fine, thank you very much. I held the packets in my arms, several falling out as I walked back to my room. Did she really think I would need this many? I opened one of the packets, it was crammed tight with more than just the standard amount issued by the company.

Monique was crazy if she thought I would be having this much sex. No doubt she would insist I give it a fair go, she'd probably have half the male population on this island queuing at the door just for little old me to have fun with. It was a tempting thought, the fun not the amount of men. I'd be satisfied with one that knew his ass from his elbow. 
Good luck with that one
 my mind snorted with laughter.

I stuffed the boxes into the top draw, glancing at my watch in the process. Two hours had passed since I had the tablets, my headache had dulled but not enough for my liking. I rummaged through my toiletries and found my tablets, sinking them back and then flopped onto the bed. Lethargy was trying to kill me.

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