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She rolled her eyes. “Not going to happen.”


“Because I’m about to fall over.” She closed her eyes. “I’m tired.”

“Morning sex then?”

She laughed. “One time. I’ll put it on my list one fucking time.”


Chapter Six


Scarlett curled up on her side, groaning when the light from the sun shined in her eyes. She groaned and rolled to the other side, bumping into a warm, hard body beside her. Immediately, she smiled. She laid her cheek on his back and closed her eyes. Last night had been something she hadn’t expected. Her sexuality class didn’t talk about sex being that great and she sure as hell hadn’t experienced anything like that before. It was definitely something she wanted to explore again.

“Do you always make your lovers pillows?” Joker asked, his voice sleep rough and completely sexy.

“The sun is in my eyes and you’re hogging the bed.”

He shifted and she lifted her head up, waiting for him to turn over. Instead of saying anything, he pulled her on top of him and wrapped his arms around her.


She smiled, enjoying his solution too much. “I need to get my car and go to class.”

He groaned. “Or you could stay here with me, just like this.”

She pushed up from him. “I should probably go to class. I’ve missed enough days. It could cost me my grade.”

He stared at her boobs not paying any attention to what she’d said. She rolled her eyes and moved off him. She wasn’t exactly looking forward to going to class. The past few weeks had been horrible and she wasn’t sure that she’d pass with the stupid paper that was due. Ollie left a sour taste in her mouth too. She was fairly sure his text message was meant to scare her but she believed Joker when he said that nothing would happen to her. Not again. She didn’t know what Ollie had thought when he and Eddy drugged her and dropped her off at the club.

Joker grabbed her arm before she could leave the bed. “I need you, baby.”

She glanced toward the tented sheets. “I guess morning sex wasn’t a joke?”

“Nope.” He linked his fingers with hers. “I want my cock in your mouth.”

She withdrew her hand from his and stood, holding out a finger. She dug through her pile of books, finding the one she wanted, and escaped to the bathroom before locking the door behind her. She knew it wouldn’t take him very long to follow her and she was right. His heavy fist banged against the door right as she was flipping through the table of contents. What the hell was she going to do?

“If you think I won’t rip the door off the hinges, you don’t know me very well.”

Scarlett rolled her eyes and unlocked it. “Before you go all he-man on me, just let me read this chapter.”

He watched her while she read the book in frustration.

“What are you reading?”

Annoyed, she held it up.

How to Give Great Fellatio
.” He snorted. “Honey, you don’t need a book for that.”

She frowned at him. “I need books for everything.”

He took it from her and turned her to face him. “I promise you don’t need a book for that.”

“I don’t know what I’m doing.”

He smoothed his big hands along her arms. “Let me be your book.” He met her eyes. “Let me teach you.”

“I thought I would learn the basics before we practiced it.” Scarlett stared at him. “It would save the discomfort.”

“You know the basics.” He glanced down at her body. “Sex is about feeling, Scarlett. It’s not necessarily about procedure. Do what feels natural. Do what you want to do.”

With her, nothing felt natural. She overthought everything and the results were horrendous. Except with Joker in the club’s playroom. She didn’t have to think in there. He made her come alive and she felt so much pleasure without thinking about it.

“You could start off by kissing me.” She moved slightly so that her lips could press against his. She felt about as sexy as a buffalo. The last time she ventured there with a man, it didn’t end so well. Teeth came into play and it was simply bad all around. She vowed that she’d never do it again.

And here she was.

Things were different with Joker though. Even if it was bad, she didn’t think he’d embarrass her. She didn’t feel that unease with him anyway. She simply couldn’t shake the uncertainty of the awkwardness that came with her every time she tried anything.

“Don’t think,” he whispered against her lips. “Just feel.”

“What if I bite you?”

He pulled her lower lip between his teeth as he kissed her. “I’ll bite you back. You’re forgetting that I like it rough.”

She pulled away from him. “Bedroom. The tile floor will just hurt my knees.”

She had no idea how this was going to turn out, but she hoped that it was good for the both of them.


He followed her to the bed and laid back, watching her with one hand propped behind his head. She moved over him, smoothing her hands down his body as she pressed a trail of kisses along his chest and abdomen. She settled between his legs and kissed the area of skin right above his cock. Joker watched her, waiting. She glanced up at him and he nodded for encouragement.

When she didn’t do anything, he said, “Touch me.”

Timidly, she reached for his cock, wrapping her fingers around it. Joker gripped her hand beneath his and guided her to stroke. Her other hand came up to cup his balls, a pleasant surprise he hadn’t been expecting. Joker was fairly certain he could get off by just the thought of her touching him. It was even better when she actually did.

Then she took him into her mouth. Stars danced before his eyes when her tongue swirled around the tip of his cock. He held his cock for her while she moved over him, sinking down a bit before pulling back. She sucked him while her fingers played with a spot beneath his balls.

“Ah, baby,” Joker resisted the urge to clutch her head to him. Instead, he gripped her hand around his cock.

She moved lower until her tongue lapped at his sac. His balls ached all fucking night for some attention and she damn well knew how to give him the attention he craved. Joker let his head drop back against the bed while Scarlett continued to fuck him with her mouth. Moving even lower, she flicked her tongue along his ass. Nerve endings that he didn’t know existed sparked to life and had him moaning in pleasure. Her finger pressed against the tight hole and pushed its way inside while she drew the tip of his cock back into her mouth. She rubbed against his gland while she sucked him. White hot pleasure coursed through him and he was helpless to stop it. He clutched the sheets beneath him with a strangled cry.

When he could finally catch his breath, he glanced down at her watching him. It was in his nature to pull her to him, hold her and kiss her. At the risk of doing something wrong, he lifted her to him and wrapped his arms around her.

“You’re amazing.” Joker kissed her forehead. “Everything about you.”

She moved off him. “I don’t know about that.”

“Hey.” He smoothed his hand along her back. “What’s wrong?”

She glanced down his body. “I didn’t do everything in the book.”

He laughed. “Baby, there’s always a next time. And a time after that. You don’t have to do everything at once.”

He nuzzled her neck. Scarlett made him giddy and he never got giddy. She made him happy. Scarlett smiled at him. She was so beautiful it took his breath away. Her long red hair was pulled back and a few strands fell down into her face.

Joker rubbed her arms. “Now it’s your turn.”

She swallowed, staring down at him. “Bondage?”

He smiled. She looked so timid even though they’d done just about everything two people can do intimately to one other. It was different. Cute. He wasn’t used to women needing him to lead in the bedroom, but damn it he liked it. All the women he bedded liked to defy him and he got off on that, but Scarlett needing him brought about a whole different dominate desire that he liked better. “We can do that. I didn’t think you’d be into before breakfast though.”

“I think too much without it. I don’t know what to do. Things just get awkward.”

He shifted her slightly so that she lay beside him. “Why is that?”

She shook her head. “I didn’t have the greatest experiences and some things I vowed to never do again. Oral for one.”

“But you did oral.” He thought it was weird that she needed to read a book about it, but he saw the insecurity. She was highly intelligent and full of self-doubt. “Pretty fucking good oral.” He leaned down to kiss her. “You’re who I want to be with, Scarlett. If I didn’t want to be with you, I wouldn’t be here. You wouldn’t be here. Stop doubting yourself. Stop doubting me. I like you just like this.”

He smoothed his hand down the length of her torso. “Naked and wanton. Soft and warm.” He moved in to kiss the side of her breast. “I’m going to make you desperate and needy, screaming my name at the top of your lungs.”

His lips surrounded her nipple. The orgasm she gave him did little to temper his lust. She had him riled up with that naughty little smile and her complete innocence. He circled his tongue around her stiff nipple before sucking it deeper into his mouth. He’d been such a bastard for most of his adult life. He went through each day not giving one shit about anyone but himself and his club. God, that changed where Scarlett was concerned. He wanted to see her smile. He wanted to know what went on in that intriguing mind of hers. She was soft and perfect against him.

He moved over her, meeting her eyes as she lay there watching him. “What are you thinking about?”

He cupped her, sliding his fingers into her warmth. Hot wetness greeted him and he groaned. He loved having her sweet lips wrapped around his cock but he loved her cunt even better. Her eyes drifted closed as he stroked her, his fingers sliding along her slit before slipping inside her. A soft sigh left her parted lips.

“You have got such a great pussy.” His thumb lazily swiped her clit. “A sweet, juicy pussy. I can’t get enough of it. I dream about being inside you. It fucking keeps my balls in agony.”

He leaned in to lick her clit. Everything about her made him want to be a better person. A better man. The thought alone scared the shit out of him. Scarlett slid her fingers through his hair and held him to her.

“You have such a way with words.”

He grinned against her and withdrew his fingers. “You feel so fucking good I can’t help but ramble.”

He pushed up from her and went to his dresser. Very few implements were in his room since he considered it a temporary housing situation. He’d always used the playroom if he wanted something kinkier than a woman sucking his dick or simply filling her cunt with his cock. But Scarlett requested bondage and he’d give it to her.

“So you’re awkward like me.” She smiled at him. God, it nearly did him in. “I’m awkward about sex. You’re awkward about intimacy. We go together.”

He snorted and went back to searching through the dresser drawer. “Oh, we definitely go together. There’s no denying that.”

He gathered what he wanted and came back to her. “Stand up.”

Intrigue filled her face. She stood and waited for his next order and he couldn’t help the excitement he got from giving it to her.

“Stand at the end of the bed, feet apart and bend over so that your hands are stretched toward the headboard.”

Scarlett did as he asked and he restrained her using the cuffs that were already attached to the bed. He dappled in bondage with a few willing participants but nothing like the other guys in the club. There was a closeness that came with restraining someone. A trust that was unlike any other. Maybe he did have intimacy issues before, but with Scarlett, everything seemed to disappear. He wanted her to trust him. He wanted her to feel pleasure unlike anything else. Damn it he was greedy because he loved the idea of knowing he put that smile on her face. He made her scream his name in ecstasy and kept her begging for more. He loved it.

“Both your little holes are ripe for the taking.” He smoothed his hand over the curve of her ass. “You’re gorgeous like this. Sexy and so fuckable.”

“Fuck me then.”

He smiled and smacked her ass. “Oh, sweetheart, I am. I will. I’m just enjoying the view.”

He’d selected a paddle from his dresser that he thought she’d like. She’d admired the wall of implements in the playroom and he managed to take the paddle she favored when she hadn’t been around. He wanted to use it on her. To see how she responded to the touch of the wood against her bare bottom. Scarlett had shown interest when she’d been sniffing around the playroom and he thought her curious mind would enjoy it.

He brushed the paddle against her ass, letting her get a feel for its touch, its weight. A soft little moan came from her lips with each passing. She struggled to stand still while he continued to tease her, moving the paddle along the backs of her thighs. Her pussy glistened with her moisture and he was fairly certain the thought of an impending spanking amped it up a notch. Just for kicks, he smacked the mattress beside her, gauging her surprise and how much she really wanted the paddle against her behind.

She gasped and turned her head so that she could see him. “What was that for?”

He smoothed his hand over her ass. “Just making sure you’re paying attention.”

“I want you to fuck—”

Before she’d finished her sentence, he smacked her right ass cheek hard enough to draw her to her toes. She tugged at the restrains, the groan of pleasure doing anything but hiding her pleasure from it. Joker liked her loose and carefree. She damn near blew the top off his head when she didn’t over think what she was doing.

BOOK: Coveted (Charming Bastards #2)
7.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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